Current Affairs with PT - Testimonials

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Avatar Gaurav Suman, Ottawa, Canada, December 2018
Dear Sandeep Sir, This is my second testimonial and this time I am writing to more than just thank you. I have a request for you this time. Like me, many in the Indian diaspora follow your work regularly and are benefitting immensely from your insights about India and the world. The international testimonials you receive are a testament to that. I also see many testimonials where students have expressed financial constraints as an issue and CA with PT (and your other programs) are life savers for them. I want to propose something for these students. With your permission and support, I want to request that your team create a donation page on PT education portal, where NRIs can contribute money. This program can hopefully fund such students and also support the admin overhead for your team to manage this page and payments. I have a vested interest in making this suggestion. Whenever you pick up sensitive and at times very emotional topics like abuse in orphanages, HIV susceptibility in migrant labour population, avoidable mob lynching etc. I can sense your disappointment and the slight quiver in your voice. Time and again you have pointed out to your students that “these are the kinds of problems you have to prepare to solve as an IAS or an MBA. Don’t just think of this as an exam preparation”. You are doing what you humanly can to educate, motivate and direct. Rest – rightly so- is on the students. I want to support your call-to-action, and perhaps some of these needy students will be most motivated to heed your call. I want to do what I can to support and am sure there are many others like me, who would want to support the growth of able administrators in India. This will probably be among the most valuable ways that the diaspora can contribute to the long-term and sustainable growth of our motherland. Looking forward to your support. Jai Hind and much gratitude to you and your team.

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Mumbai, December 2018
Dear Sir, Charan Sparsh! I am not preparing for any examination par apke dwara pradan ki gai gyan ganga mein dubki lagaye bina reh bhi nahi sakta. Apke aaj ke Prabodhan mastercourse gift ke liye koti koti dhanyawad maine 2019-20 mein immediate enrol kiya. Infact Hum Sabhi middle class Indians ko cable TV unsubscribe kar Prabodhan Mastercourse Join karna chahiye kyounki ye khud ke liye best gift hai jo aap swyam ko de sakte hain Maine PT Gurukul ke takriban sabhi courses mein enrol karke dekha hai. Sandeh sirf ishi baat par hai ki shayad maine shikhne mein hi galti ki hogi, Shikhane wale ko to Mahakal Ka Aashirwad prapt hai. Sir, main ek established professional hoon. Apke good deed of the day ne mujhe kaphi motivate kiya hai. Aaj apke notice mein ye lana chahunga ki Jo bacche 18 saal ke baad orphanage se nikal diye jate hain or agar wo bimar ho jate hain to oonki halat ati dayniya ho jati hai. oonhe koi suvidha nahi milti. oonke liye kuch karne ka prayas hai. Charno Mein Naman.

Avatar Dr Khursheed, Srinagar, December 2018
Hello sir. Thankyou so much for continious nurture. People likè you force people like me to never give up. I was dropped in last years state PSC exam and it hurt me to the extent that i left beleiving in myself. I felt i m deride of everything. I was dropped as due to paper leakage the selection list went to court 5,6 times which snatched my constancy. It has been a year since then and i had completely given off. Yesterday evening i randomly saw you and that was the point i came back. I have again started the preperation and this time i have started for UPSC. watching you turns me to kind of possessive. I am scared if you ever stopped this series.please sir do not ever stop this. I wish and pray you live a thousand young years more. I am a doctor by profession and i am preparing for UPSC. please keep guiding us like this always. Lots of love from kashmir

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, December 2018
My Experience about Examinations- Dear Sir, school to me was a kind of MENTAL ASYLUM. Never have I found any consistency in what they teach in texts and what they make us do. The whole education system works on REWARD and PUNISHMENT. Reward is bound to create Greed, Punishment is bound to create Fear. All Texts and moral values are against Greed and Fear.. Right from the prayer, “Sare Jahan se Achcha Hindustan Humara”, they teach comparision and that too, a lie, false consolation to students. Sanskrit texts talk about living in “Vartaman”, Exams they take are Goal-Oriented, at the end of the year, means Future. They would preach about Mahavir, follow Machiavelli and Chanakya.. These things have split the students and youth. We need to do away with this Reward and Punishment saga.

Avatar Abhishek Pandey, Gujarat, December 2018
hi sir. i just want u to express ur views on some of my qstns - 1)as of today..all mulitlateral meetings r overshadowed by the sideline events in which two world leaders with strained rltnshp discuss their issues..n intrntl media too is much excited about them rather than what r the final outcomes of the meeting for the welfare of dvlping countries. 2)do you think if president of usa russia china iran syria saudi arabia were female leaders...we wld hv better scenario than present times...where all these head of states r fighting like anythng..with no control over their words and actions.thus can we conclude that female heads will surely lead to interntl peace? 3)since ,all wrld leaders are busy in fighting with their revials by their personality politics..which is a serious threat to all interntnl instituions.,,there is a GEOPOLITICAL NICHE,which has been created for a country to show wrld concern and strengthen instituions and world peace india can occupy this niche.?

Avatar Akshay, Delhi, December 2018
Namaste Sir!! A grand salute to you and PT Education team for providing such a top quality insights on the recent happenings. This series along with other excellent services not only give us current affairs update but provides us a 360 degree picture of every major and important news. Sir but my heart goes out for those sincere students who study diligently and prepares with all their resources they have and at the end the exam gets cancelled due to cheating/ leakage/ solvers etc. There are numerous incidents, we all know what is happening in SSC, the court has scrapped the entire 2017 exam there has been no rect in SSC after 2016. Even in low group exam leakage is endemic Eg. in Tubewell operator exam in UP, solvers were caught which took 10 lakhs from people to solve. Recently in Gujarat constable exam got cancelled. Sir even after so much toil from students if the exam cancels it breaks the heart of students and adds more delay. Your views on this sir and how can it be curbed.

Avatar Vivek Kumar, Jamshedpur, November 2018
I like your each and every sessions . you are the person who motivate us through teaching . you are my ideal . the way you teach sir is superb.. thanking you.

Avatar Chandan KR Singh, Bolpur, West Bengal, November 2018
Har HAr Mahedev Gurujee ! Great to follow u everywhere ! Congratulations sir for the black jacket which u started wearing recently ..I think its from QUORA ! Sir please share about it. SECONDLY sir on 22nd sept current affairs session u promised to give a session on ENTREPRENEURSHIP. .I am still waiting for it sir ..I am sure many would love to watch it and please do link it with your own venture PT. THIRDLY SIR, 1 small question - Sometime Trump says that he will do governement shutdown#what does this mean sir , because in India we dont get to hear all this !! Thanks sir for your insights ! LOVED YOUR EXPLAINER SESSON ON SENTINELESE !

Avatar Nivedita Patel, Rewa, November 2018
Good evening sir. I am an ardent follower of your sessions which are full of details on every topic. I really appreciate your efforts towards providing us such a knowledge packed content.Your sessions as well as all news content has not only helped us with our GK but has also aided us in developing better insights, free of any social or political influence.I try to recommend your sessions to all my friends and i'm sure that anyone who watches your content will be benefitted with it. I, once again thank you for your arduous efforts towards making our future bright.

Avatar Harsh Maheshwari, Bhilwara, Rajasthan, November 2018
A good teacher is like a candle. A teacher But you are the great. Sir I feel very lucky that I got you as a teacher. Your explaining style of hard and hard topic to very easy. I M an average student but you made me above average. And your Donald Trump 's mimicries I like the best and Trump like too so he send salute for you. Thank you

Avatar Kshitiz Verma, Nainital, November 2018
It plumes my heart with extreme pleasure to present you and your team tons of gratitude and love. The most flummox topics are divulge with a cinch. Its ur persona and wisdom which garnishes the session with everlasting interest. I'm a regular follower of the CA session and indubitably enjoys each one. The biased and inauthentic media has always bewildered me, listening to you has provided me a balanced approach to see the issues, which are neither left leaning nor right. Also I'm loving your sessions on Chinese scholars. I wish I could see one or few demonstrations of the prabodhan master course, so that I can fix my perturbed self to enroll for it. Keep loving us and please don't stop giving such terrific sessions...

Avatar Krishna Kumar, Patna, Bihar, November 2018
Hello sir, namaste, apki current affair ka session bahut excellent hai. Phle main Current affair ke liye news dekhta tha, but mujhe deep insight nhi mil pata tha, jisse ki knowledge adhuri rah jati thi, but apke session se ab mujhe prui deep insight mil pata hai, iskeliye main apka aur apke pure team Ko dhyanbad krna chahata hu. Thanku

Avatar Sumit Kumar, Madhubani, Bihar, November 2018
आदरणीय गुरूजी चरणस्पर्श !सबसे पहले मैं आपको ,आपकी पूरी टीम सहित पूरे pt परिवार को पावन पर्व छठ पूजा की हार्दिक सुभकामनाएँ देता हूँ ,हमारा pt परिवार सूर्य देव की कृपा से ये यूँ ही फलता फूलता और आगे बढ़ता रहे !गुरूजी आपके शिक्षण शैली और बोलने के अंदाज़ के तो सभी कायल हैं लेकिन मुझे आपकी सबसे अच्छी बात उत्कृष्टता में साधरनपना लगती है ,आज कल ये बहुत कम देखने को मिलती है!मैं आपका अनुशरण लगभग तीन सालों से कर रहा हूँ सर और इस दौरान कई साथियों को भी आपसे जोड़ा है और अब मेरी तरह उन्हें भी वीडियोस का बेसब्री से इंतज़ार रहता है !आप हमारे पूरे ग्रुप का मार्गदर्शक हैं !बस एक करबद्ध प्रार्थना है की CA WITH pt की तरह एक सीरीज़ English Improvement की भी चलाएं ताकी ग्रामीण सूदूर इलाकों में रहने वाले हमारे तरह के लाखों बच्चों का गले का काँटा जिसकी वजह से कई प्रतियोगी परीक्षाएं ज़रा से अंकों से छूट जाती है वो निकल पाए !

Avatar Siddharth Dave, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, November 2018
Pranam sir,aap sadi ke mahaguru ho mere pass apki tarif ke liye sabd nahi hai.sir is par apke vichar Janna chahunga.apko nahi lagta ki hum insaan Jo utkranti ke baad yaha tak pahuche hai ,sab ek najuk mod pr khade hai ,jaha hum religion vs science me talmel bitha nahi paa rahe hai.jaha hamara Constitution scientific temperament ki baat karta hai Bharat jese ati dharmik desh me aksar ek vaicharik sangharsh rehta hai.hum ye Janna chahiye kya ye dono vigyan aur dharm ek hi satya ki baat alag tarikee se kar rahe hai? In dono vicharo ke Saath hum kese age badh sakte hai.yahi vaicharik yuddh ke karan sayad hum apne buddhimata ke sabse bahetarin dor me nahi hai,sayad hame abhi aur viksit hona hai. Jeevan me satya tak pahuchne ke 2 raste hote hai.1)dharma aur dhyan 2)karma aur gyan.aur me to sir 2 raste pr apke Saath chal pada Hu.jai hind.

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, November 2018
About your lecture on Hinduism that I recently watched: A very sincere request is, for completing 360 Degree on Hinduism, “Tantra” should be covered as well.Tantra rose as a rebellion against Hinduism and all the then religions preaching Celibacy. I find Tantra as a far more natural way to be in harmony with Existence.That is by going perfectly instinctual. Tantra is not a religion in that sense..They have tried everything to suppress it. Same thing Christians did with the “Essenes”. Fame is indeed a political game. ZEN is a rare variety in Japan. It has a beautiful tradition of story-telling. Basically a blend of Taoism and Buddhism. I Thank You for covering Chinese Darshan.I believe instead of Western Philosophy,Chinese Darshan should have been included in UPSC syllabus. East had Darshaniks, because East had meditation. West has thinkers. Thinking is basically a disease. Unnecessarily philosophising to manipulate Truth. East is anti-philosophical.Because Darshan means witnessing.

Avatar Rahul Amesar, Nashik, November 2018
Hello sir, Your seesion is mind blowing like your. We jot only learn but also have fun with you. Earlier i was not interested in current affairs because there was not good source, but now i love to read all your resources and is eager to learn read more. I also tell my friends to take the same benefits. Thank you your team for such hard work. May god bless all such people to carry on. धन्यवाद Jai hind Jai bharat

Avatar G.Rajeswar Rao, Secunderabad, November 2018
GNANA DEEP! VIGNANA DHANE! PRANAM. WE ARE GETTING EFFORTLESS/PRICELESS KNOWLEDGE THROUGH PT SERIES. IN MY VIEW PT means Perfect Teaching/Training.How can I express my Gratitude/Guru dakshina? In my office I introduced PT to all my colleagues and to their children.In all my whats app groups M.Com/B.Com friends I connected nearly 60 to 70 to PT. My auto driver n his family ,my bank manager (young), my auditor and to all my friends and their family members inculcate PT series. To all of them I am the Sandip MANUDHANE. I will be glad if any one of them fulfill their Dream.Thank you very much to you and to your entire team for making many lives Sharp n Bright selflessly Sir. Hats off to your Commitment n Stamina Sir.

Avatar Brijesh Panwar, Dehradun, November 2018
Sir I have been following you for the last two years. I am a great fan of your teaching style. You give different perspectives of every news. That's the best part of your teaching style. I have gained a lot of confidence after following you. Sir you radiate a lot of positive energy while teaching. It's very delightful to watch you while studying. So I request you to please continue with the old format of CA with PT. Sir you always advocate for listening different perspectives. It increases the depth of knowledge. So I request you to keep giving us articles and news from different newspapers instead of just one news paper in all your sessions. Thank you Sir. Jai Hind.

Avatar Piyush Kumar, Jharsuguda, Odisha, November 2018
प्रणाम गुरुजी। सबसे पहले आपको और आपकी टीम को मेरा धन्यवाद की आप हमलोगों की इतनी सहायता कर रहे है। गुरुजी मेरे मन मे एक विचार हमेशा रहता है कि ये जो हम इंसानी जीवन का कोई महत्व नही करते है, जंगलो को नष्ट करते है, जानवरो को मारते है, हमेशा लड़ने के लिए तैयार रहते है ये हमे कहाँ ले जा रहा है? प्यार इज्जत मदद नाम की कोई चीज नही बची है। एक तरफ ईश्वर का नाम लेते है दूसरी तरफ किसी की मदद करने से कतराते है। हम और दुनिया के सारे नेता बात तो अमन शांति की करते है पर हथियार बनाने में भी आगे रहते है। पर्यावरण को बचाने का संकल्प लेते है और मस्त से उसकी धज्जिया उड़ाते है। गरीबी हटाओ का नारा लगाते है दया दिखाते है पर कुछ होता नही है। गांधी जी, सरदार जी के जन्मदिवस पर प्रण लेते है कि उनके सपनों का भारत बनाएंगे पर वो भी ज्यादा कुछ होता नही है। अच्छी बातें सब करते है पर उसपर अमल चंद लोग ही करते है। क्या इन सब का कोई अंत है? क्या वो दिन हम देख पाएंगे जब धरती माता, जानवर, इंसान सब खुश रहेंगे? या हमारे लालच में ये संसार कुछ बरसों में नर्क बन जाएगा?

Avatar Kailash Mulchandani, Ahmedabad, November 2018
Thank You So Much Sir For Your Commitments To Give Knowledge. Despite Of Not Well.(1st Nov. 2018 Lecture) A Year Ago, I Was Not Able To Talk About Any Topic ( With Confidence), Whether It Is Academics Or Non Academics. But After Following You For One Year, I Can Speak On Any Topic Between Hundreds Of People. Just Because Of " Shri Shri Shri Shri Shri Shri Shri...( Till Infinity ) Sandeep Manudhane Sir And Pt Team " Thank You So Much Sir.

Avatar Chandan kr Singh, Goalpara, November 2018
Har Har Mahadev Gurujee ! Today I am writing this testimonial after a lot of introspection & Frustration with this so called "Education System". I would rather term is "Industry System" where Cogs. not students are produced. Today we are more focusing on purchasing billion dollars of military equipment then whats the use of so called Diplomacy, Foreign visits or DIplomats. I mean we can do it but now in 2018 our focus must be on bringing transition education system. The NDA - 2 govt formed the Kasturi Rangan committee few years back to make a new education policy but yet the report is not submitted. I m personally waiting for this report to see how much changes can be brought. Rafale / S400 missile system - 39,000 crores/ Apache helicopters and what not.. and that too all imported ! I wonder if the investment in education would have been in such crores every year. Please give your views sir !!!

Avatar Amar Jeet Verma, Delhi, November 2018
सादर प्रणाम सर! यह मेरा तीसरा टेस्टीमोनियल है। सर आप से निवेदन है कि तप की सीरीज जारी रखे। आप की जो इंडिया की खुद की गूगल और फेसबुक जैसी कंपनियां हो का प्रबल समर्थक हु। सर मुझे अब पता चला है कि चाइना अब गूगल से भी अच्छी हिंदी का ट्रांसलेशन ला रहा है , सभी को पता है कि चाइना आने वाले दिनों में आक्रमक हो सकता है। क्या ज़ीरो देने वाला हिंदुस्तान की मां हिंदी को दूसरा देश सम्मान देगा। हमें खुद को बुलंद करने की आवश्यकता है । मेरी एक विद्यार्थी कैसा हो कि कुछ पंक्ति 'सच्चा विद्यार्थी वो है जो विद्या को ही अर्थ (पैसा) समझे और अर्थी तक अधययन करे ' असतो मा सदगमय का आप माध्यम बने । सदैव मार्गदर्शन करते रहे सर....... ।

Avatar Ajay Kulkarni, Pune, November 2018
Hello, sir this is my second Testimonial for CA With PT..! I have been an ardent follower of series since last one year.! The reason being Your Session are full of precious teachings and experiences in spheres of life. Hope you keep this going! Regards. Ajay Kulkarni

Avatar Rohan, Patna, Bihar, November 2018
namaste guru ji,Sir I am following your channel from past 2 years when I was studying in class 11th.Sir it's my 2nd testimonial.Sir I had pastly a small Enterprenure but I was studying with handling business and now I have taken admission in B.Sc (AGRI.) in UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES in BENGALURU.Sir your lectures always motivating me and I never miss your any video like CURRENT AFFAIR and VIDEOS PUBLISHED ON SANDDEP MAUDHANE.ORG.Sir I am your fan.Your teaching style is super.Sir I don't know how you understand my problem.One day I was going for writting testimonial to start economics series.But I don't know when I have seen you are started the economic series.Sir I am so happy and full of enthusiasm.Sir please bless me.I give heartiest thanking for your entire pt team who is doing great work.

Avatar Ankit Banka, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, November 2018
Sir , I am following you for last 2 years and i would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reviving my urge to learn new things and develop free/critical thinking. All your session helped me to build my confidence over last 2 years. Insight/information I got from current affair and prabodhan master course helped me a lot in my professional life especially during informal discussion with colleagues and my superior. You are my role model sir. Sir in life we come across failure multiple time, so I would request you to share your ways to handle the failures.

Avatar Ashish Vikram Bodake, Kolhapur, November 2018
Sir my name is Ashish doing mech .engg . I started watching your videos from last 2 years from universe and Hinduism . Sir when I started to read news paper I felt why I should read it and what I get . but now I realize how it relevant for the society and oneself , so my life completely change . I found lot of CA sides and channel but I cannot watch them more than 5 minutes .only your session I watch daily 2 hours . Few years back I was also used to see Hindu Muslim debates . I also called people anti national, anti Hindu. now understand real issues of society . unfortunately I see I was also part of that mob . I have some questions .. 1- sir india has toppers (IIT ,upsc) , educationalists , thinkers, writers , huge population but why we can not make our own technology, defence equipments ..even small countries (10-16 crore)can make . 2- why people always like dictator leader.even my educated relatives, friends says institution should finish .

Avatar Abhishek Ramakrishnan, Kolkata, November 2018
Hello Sir, aaj tak meine testimonials dimag se likhe aur kai sawal puchkar aapko pareshan kiya. Lekin aaj kuch dil se vyakt karna chahta hun. Kai saal pehle se hi meine teh kar liya tha ki main hamesha jab bhi kisi samajik Vishay par anusandhan karunga, toh uske sachchayi tak jaunga. Isi raah par mere mann mein kai sawaal ate the. Main kisi bhi party ka samarthan nhi karta aur isiliye se jab meine logon se social media par Sarkar ke nitiyon ke samband mein kuch prashn kiye, toh woh naraz ho gaye. Kaibar toh shahari naxal kahkar block kar diya ya Sabarimala ke mamle mein toh sexist kehkar dikhkar diya. Main ek antarmukhi hun jiski vajah se apne vichar likhkar logon tak pahunchata hun lekin sachchayi tak jane k firak mein bilkul akela ho gaya hun. Yeh akelapan mujhe andar se khaya jar raha hai. Mujhe kabhi kabhi aesa lagta hai ki main apni sthirta kho dunga. Yeh ek daldal ki tarah hai jisme main dhastha jar raha hun. Isiliye main aapse janna chahta hun ki main is cheez se kaise ladun.

Avatar Abhishek Pandey, Gujarat, November 2018
HELLO SIR.regards to you and your team. I hv been watching ca with pt series since feb..and till now it has been an enriching experience. sir i love following global politics and international relations.n hv recently written an article: obituary of political ideologies. since i beleive dat politics has lost its original colour ...and now world leaderS DONT HV Any regards for political norms and ethoes and ideas.All what that matters is money .DO YOU think capitalism has reached its zenith?or the worst is yet to come? where do u see india POLITICALLY....20 YRS FROM NOW.PLZ SHARE YOUR VIEWS SIR.THANK YOU,

Avatar Rajiv Dixit, Dombivali, Maharashtra, October 2018
Sir aap ekdam shandar padhate ho. Current affairs Padhte padhte padhai se Pyar Ho Jata Hai. But there is something which is more important to share. Mai recently kashmir gaya tha (Srinagar) for a cricket match. When the match ended i saw 100s of kashmiri stone pelters throwing stones on JK police. I was completely shocked. After that incident I talked to one of the stone pelter. I asked him why he threw stones, is it because seperatists are funding you? He clearly said no. He said that whole kashmir sees Burhan wani as a hero and i was completely shocked. All the kashmiri people see India as a devil. I contacted many Kashmiri and asked their opinion regarding India. ALL WERE NEGATIVE. Whole public is against us. I was shocked and depressed. They say that if India really cared about kashmir, then why India didn't allowed UN to come in JK. They even say that Pakistan is not funding the separatist. The public is taking guns. SIR WHAT IS YOUR REACTION ON THIS? I HOPE you will reply us.

Avatar Saurabh, Thane, Maharashtra, October 2018
Greetings To PT Education Team, Your Team and You are Doing some tremendous works by investing your time and money into this, we will be forever in debt for the efforts you guys are putting into this. I Stumbled across this one lecture which was delivered by economic theorist jeremy rifkin on 3 rd industrial revolution: A Radical new sharing economy this is the url where you can see the whole lecture I urge you and my fellow viewers to go and attend that lecture and if possible share your views on what he has just spoke of to make entire countries getting interconncted on grid style and internet of things to make resources utilised and your views on aggregate efficiency. Lastly i want you and my fellow viewers to take note of amazing content based cinema Bollywood is creating Like Stree,Andhadhun,Tumbbad horizon of films is just expanding with this kind of cinemas.I encourage you all to watch such movies if time and situation permits. Thanks

Avatar Shubham Pandey, Indore, October 2018
Pranam Sir, Har Har Mahadev Charan Sparsh, I am watching CA with PT last few days i found it very useful. My Journey starts with you from the lecture on HINDUISM in which you explain the various nuances of Hinduism, sir I also request you make video on Hinduism like about Symbolic Significance etc. I also attended Govt. Exam Cracker Course with you . Sir my writing speed is slow please give me suggestion to improve it . Thank you sir Jai Hind

Avatar Shravasti Jha, New Delhi, October 2018
Namaste sir, I am Shravasti from class 8th and have been following you since 2 years ( too lazy to write a testimonial) I love the way you make your sessions so interesting, my mother was the one to discover your you tube channel 2-3 years ago, our 1st lecture with you was on Hinduism . Me and my mother together attend your sessions and by our dedication and spirit my little 8 year old brother also attends your lectures. At the beginning of the month, due to a small accident we broke the screen of our mobile phone , which was the only source for us to watch your videos, till 2 weeks we weren't able to attend your lectures and we both felt like that something was missing in our life. THANK YOU SIR AND we appreciate TEAM PT's and your great efforts !

Avatar Chandan Kumar Singh, Beltola, October 2018
Hello Guru Jee!! Har Har Mahadev !!! Thanks sir for the knowledge revolution..Nowadays I stay out of all propaganda and only watch U and SADHGURU....It really gives me immense wisdom... Sir what are your views on sadhguru, as he is also preaching for positive things like u!! Please do comment sir...Thank you !!!!

Avatar Kanishk Rawat, Uttar Pradesh, October 2018
Sir this is my 1st testimonial . everybody know that u r a great personality for future of india bcz u care for india . As teacher u guide students abt true facts of IT sectors today i want to say my approch towards AYUSHMANBHARAT . This Scheame budget is abt 10 to 12 thousand cr . I think if govt invest this amnt in less child policy mujhe pata hai india me yeh bht sensitive point hai bt agar govt isse money ko is trha use kre skte jisse india ki popullation control ho sakte hai aur future ke generation ko help bhi mil jayege . My view - jinke bhi abhi 2 child hai unko health insurance + futre ke liye 1 amnt fix deposit kiya jayega jo sirf child 18 year ki age pe nikal sakta hai price value for single child in family 1.5 lakh yeh amnt aaj fix deposit ho to 18 year ke baad bht jo jayega double child in family 75000 for each three child family = 0 sir mai ap ko ppt doonga with statical data ke sath isme improvement krke isse ache se applicable kr sakte hai

Avatar Rishabh Joshi, Noida, October 2018
O'captain! My captain! I'm a big time admirer of you and your team. PtTeam is a collective of beautiful souls who have been relentlessly working towards the wonderful cause of spreading awareness and knowledge throughout the country. I got introduced to your channel via your vocab development video and it got me addicted to all your content( the only addiction I'm proud of :p ) I'm an IT professional and in my spare time, I teach class-8th at an orphanage in Delhi. I have a passion for teaching and your videos have tremendously helped me in imparting miscellaneous knowledge to my students. I hope that Pt Family keeps on growing :)

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, October 2018
गुरुवर, आपकी माताश्री के जीवन के पुनर्नवीकरण पर आपका दुःखी होना हम छात्रों को भी दुःखी करता है । आप इस यात्रा में हमारी आशाओं का केंद्र बिंदु हैं । २ वर्षों से परोक्ष शिष्य होने के नाते मेरी ओर से ये चित्र स्वीकार करें । गीता तो कृष्ण के मंत्रमुग्ध करने वाले वाक्य हैं, जो आपके माध्यम से हमें सुनाई पड़ते हैं । परंतु मेरी दृष्टि में गीता-दर्शन, कृष्ण स्वयं हैं । मेरी ओर से ये दर्शन स्वीकार हो । “As divine as sound of HIS flute, Look, SHE is born anew...” Warm Regards to PT and Family...

Avatar Akshay Saini, Delhi, October 2018
Sir, THANKS a ton for providing your efficacious views on sundry topics in a very pellucid way. Whenever there is a hiatus in the series, I watch your previous sessions starting from December as there are chiliad of topics that you have covered in this CA series. It is not only a CA series but it is a nonpareil series of GS which I am sure has changed the views and perception of many like mine. Sir as you have said in other lectures that people like Panini, Sushruta etc. are not a single person but a series of person who carry forwarded the work. Like this sir you should also pick some people who can deliver lecture if you are busy and train them personally and make them crackerjack like you. This way the coming generation would know that there were a number of Sandeep Manudhane and the CA with PT will go ON and ON..... Thanks PT Education.

Avatar Neeraj Gaur, Vidisha, October 2018
namste guruji,me 3rd year Bsc ka student hoo aur pichle 6th month se aapke sare lectures ko dekh rha hu . aapke videos se mujhe bahut hi motivation mila h aru meri UPSC ki preparation me bahut hi helpfull he. aapke saare changes aur initiative meri bahut help kr rhe h aur aapka question dene ka naya tareeka (typeing question) bhi bahut helpfull he. me english me weak hoo lekin mujhe uska afsos nhi balki happyness iss baat ki hai ki aap vidio bilanguage me bnate ho .in sbke liye aapko aur aapki kee team ko very very thankyou.

Avatar Neelam, Bangalore, October 2018
संदीप सर. प्रणाम. दो दिन CA with PT sessions नहीं आते या delay हो जाते हैं तो आपके स्वास्थ्य की थोड़ी चिंता होती है । Although you are one of those rare people who seem to have their passion, profession and purpose - so well aligned and integrated that any work perhaps doesn't necessarily cause undue stress, but still, शायद छोटा मुंह और बड़ी बात लगे - saying out of concern, अन्यथा मत लीजिएगा - please do not overburn (in case you are...) and continue to stay hale and hearty. Proud to be associated through learning community you have built

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Mumbai, October 2018
Dear Sandeep Sir Saadar Naman. As you educate us to become a free thinker and a better human being, I can't explain in words how much I am benefited out of it. identifying real issues perhaps to bring little changes though may be insignificant. Prabodhan had few sessions on LPA which is very useful. In my opinion: A tragedy is about to unfold. Against the average rainfall of 847.6mm in Marathawada region (eight districts and population 1.87 crores) shows just 493.7 mm (58.24%) The drought of 2015 had 605 mm. A HUGE deficit! This drought might be the worst. I think the govt readings are inflated the rainfall is much less than govt figures. All dams supplying water to these areas are at 0% storage. There is just enough water to drink upto till November end. Can we help the poor farmers, so that they get drinking water till the next monsoon? Can we ensure that suicides are prevented? Can we minimise the misery in their lives? Not just for this year alone, but forever.

Avatar Anup Kumar Jha, Chhatisgarh, October 2018
यदि सातों समुद्रों की स्याही बना डालूँ, सारे बनराजि की लेखनी और सारी पृथ्वी को काग़ज के रूप में ग्रहण करूँ तो भी गुरू के गुणों का वर्णन सम्भव नहीं। - kabir pranam sir aapka aabhar prakat karta hu apke mahatvapurna gyan ke liye dunia me kuch log Polarization me lage hue hai parntu aapke gyan ki suruat hi 'vasudiva kutumbakam' sara jahan hi mera parivar hai se hoti hai aap kahte hai ham sab ek hi jagah africa se aaye huye human being hai jo satya hai apke margdarshan ke vajah se hi hamne criticism ki shakti ko samjha hai narrow minded se wide minded hame keval aap hi bana sakte the aasha karta hu pt institute jo ki immortal hai aage jakar desh ki sabhi yuvaon ko independent thinker banayega gurumata ke bare me sunkar dukh hua ham shabhi student unki shanti ki kamna karte hai personality development me aapka yogdan jivan paryanta upyog hota rahega jai hind jai bharat jai gurudev

Avatar Chandrabhan Silawat, Sagar, October 2018
सर सर्वप्रथम में आपका आभारी हूँ कि आपने इतनी अदभुत सुविधाएं हम तक पहुचायी | इस विडम्बनाओं से भरे जंजाल में आपका मार्गदर्शन सटीक और समुचित है इस बार मेरा सिविल सर्विसेज का चौथा प्रयास होगा |इन वर्षो में मैंने यही सीखा है कभी भी बड़ा पाने कि चाह रखते हो तो कम से संतुष्ट मत हो चाहे फिर रास्ता कितना भी कठिन हो |यह मेरा दूसरा टेस्टीमोनिअल है इससे पहले मेने जो टेस्टीमोनियल लिखा तो उस वक्त में काफी निराश था पर पिछले पंद्रह दिनों से में काफी ऊर्जावान हूँ और अब बना रहूँगा जब तक सफल नहीं हो जाता |आपका यह नया फॉर्मेट बहुत पसंद आ रहा है |में रोजाना करंट अफेयर्स कि साइट विजिट कर रहा हूँ और अपने नोट्स अपडेट कर रहा हूँ मेरे रोज के सेडुल में आपका और sadhguru का एक एक लेक्चर जरूर शामिल है आप दोनों ही मेरे विजडम को बढ़ाने में बहुत मदद कर रहे है | मेरी तरफ से आपको और आपकी टीम को कोटि कोटि नमस्कार

Avatar Satyam Rastogi, Delhi, October 2018
Namastey sir charan sparsh I am Satyam rastogi , persuing graduation.iam writing this testimonial by my hearth.Sorry for being late to write this testimonial .sir many teachers have tought me but you,'re the only one who is my ideal. Sir the way you teach the students very friendly is completely outstanding. Sir I am preparing for cse. I have a problem whenever I try to practise answer writing my mind gets blank and I am unable to recall most of facts, figures etc. I always get stuck there and I get useless thing in my mind like about a boy who has girlfriend but don't have. sorry sir but this is my problem. I hope you don't mind.Please sir guide please please. And one day I will come after being an IAS to touch your feet and take your blessing. Kar ke dikhayenge thank u very much sir and jai hind

Avatar Ijya Tiwari, lucknow, October 2018
Shanadar, Zindabad, Zabardast.:p. Sir the way you teach and the food for thought you give us in the form of daily questions are so useful and the same is very apparent in the recent UPSC mains exam paper questions. Keep guiding us and keep updating all the series TAP, CA, Power of 10 and the ones on your personal channel. They are all so good. Your resource pages are also very helpful. Thankyou is all I can say. Sadar Pranam.

Avatar Manish Jha, Patna, October 2018
namaste sir......main first year ka student hun . sir aapka bahut bda fan hun .maine jb first time the hinduism ki lacture dekhi thi to mujhe bda mza aaya tha tb se main aapko follow krta hun ......guruji aapka bahut bahut dhanyawaad aapko m jb se follow kr rha hun mere andar bahut sari badlaow aai hai . sir fir se ek baar bahut bahut dhanyawaad .JAY HIND ,JAY BHARAT.

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, October 2018
Dear sir, often you discuss about the state of education at present. You talk about how goodness can flourish with change in mindset. As a student in PT, I have seen something contrary to your prospects. I have seen good intentions destroying more children than bad intentions. Families with all their good intentions are sending their children of primary standards for coachings. They are engraining them with ambitions.Children have become lifeless. They are so fragile that before they get into their senses, families stuff them with all conditionings, religious dogmas and sickness that they carry. A child is born so innocent. Good intentions with poor wisdom are lethal evenmore. I think that a bohemian life is worth living. In this context, Buddha was the biggest “Breakthrough” in evolution of human consciousness because he taught nothing but Took Away all the teachings, dogmas, theologies. Rest all have been more or less, Continuities. Painting: Charcoal innocence, elusive yet lyrical.

Avatar Abhishek Ramakrishnan, Kolkata, October 2018
Dear Sir, this is my 3rd testimonial. I would like you to give me your feedback on my views: Striking down section 497 is something I agree with as it discriminated against both men and women. What I object to is the SC leaving divorce as the only legal recourse in this matter. The continuous deterioration of our society has ensured that marriages in our country, more often than not, do not end amicably no matter what the circumstances. No criminal prosecution against adultery clubbed with lack of ability to peacefully end the marriage, will encourage individuals to transgress and at the same time exacerbate crimes within the family (domestic) due to the transgression. Hence, a civil wrong will result in a criminal offense thereby undermining the very justification of not treating adultery as criminal. Due to this, I feel a law needs to be made and effectively enforced as a deterrence to discipline society else left to its own device, marriage, as an institution will seize to exist.

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Mumbai, September 2018
Dear Sandeep Sir, Charan Sparsh! Power of apti, power of 10, CA with pt, live.sandeepmanudhne, day today, 60 seconds, TAP all for free.. I pray to God that these services must reach to all those who are seekers of true knowledge. your guidance and motivation for hindi medium students to bring them at par is worth praising. Post IAS vijay mission I feel students poori tarah apke ऋणी होंगे. Hinduism lecture ko karib1M view mile hain. I urge all your friends and followers to suggest ways in comment thread so that all lectures should have not less than a million views as this is the least we can do and as they say “When I is Replaced by We, Illness Becomes Wellness!” our sincere efforts will certainly bring wellness to all. Referring your lectures on Hinduism and buddism I want to ask your personal opinion on reincarnation as lately I got to see Mr. Deep Kapadia in Mumbai who is a classical case of reincarnation. A little search on google for Mr. Kapadia is thought provoking. Jai Hind!

Avatar Parag Vats, Sehrai, September 2018
charan sparsh sir. My name is Parag vats. And I have been preparing myself for upsc cse. This is my good fortune, that I have been associated with you. After joining you, my attitude of thinking has changed. Seeing your lectures is a kind of addiction, You make the toughest topic easier. they develop a wide and subtle understanding of a subject. They are always a wonderful example of "connecting the dots". Also, I am grateful for Pt education, which is an important part of my preparation. You are the image of wisdom. thank u very much SIR for everything. DANDVAT PRANAAM.

Avatar Arnab Mukherjee, Alabama, September 2018
Pranam Sandeep Ji, While the persistent Gregorian Calendar eggs me to on acknowledge the 34 years of life, I choose to stick to an age of Fx(Sandeep -1); a youthful and enthusiastic learner of 25 years. :). While history as an examination paper was something i scorned upon while in school, i realize now that it wasn't the subject , but the romance for genesis and the realization of the intrinsic value in documented hindsight that was missing. The snippets on the eco-socio-political dynamics you effortlessly cover here, have immensely helped in sharpening my intellect and build a holistic view of the world we live in. The recent developments on this portal has led me to believe that a larger and visionary objective is at play and i wish for you and your team to achieve greater milestones. A student would definitely do more justice than I can, with summarized notes as a gurudakshina, but i pray with humilty , mera charan sparsh sweekar kijiyega. Jai Hind.

Avatar Suraj Narayan, Gaya, September 2018
Namaste sir, First of all thanks for this awesome learning platform which is result of hard work of PT team. I am a PTzen since last 2 years and have cleared Air Force common admission test (Afcat) 2018 and will prepare for the interview round now. Secondly, sorry sir for not being there for last one month (whole September) as I joined Vipasana meditation course for 10days and took parents to Char dham just after the course. But I promise now that I will cover the whole left out current affairs sessions. Your blessings are the reason of my success. Thank you sir for this awesome learning experience. Please provide interview guidance and mock interviews, that I think will give final touch to preperation. (I missed you, PT team , gajraj and gajputri a lot in last 1 month)

Avatar Shobhit Shukla, Kanpur, September 2018
Charan sparsh sir ji sir, I really blessed that I got a chance to exist contemporary to you. I have read a quote 'vidhvan gyan ka jalashay hai srot ni but sir ýou proved it wrong. You are the source of knowledge. Sir, u changed my perception to see the things. Initially, I thought ..... how can a man can understand everything, everyone is not Aristotle then I saw you a living legend...Sir , I'm preparing for the clat in which current has a significant part .....earlier it was a hurdle for me ...but your ca with pt series really helped me a lot and now I can understand better the happenings around me...and sir your new version is awesome ....thank you so much sir for everything. you are great...

Avatar Amarnath Yadav, Dantewada, September 2018
Jai Hind Sir, aapko aur aapke team ko bahut bahut dhanyabad aise mai 2016 se juda hu par kabhi regular nahi rah pata, fir bhi jab kabhi net mil jata hai judne ki koshish karta hu, aapke is effort se jo kuchh hame milta hai unique hai, ek alag hi anubhav hai aapke liye bas itana hi kahunga,"I salute You sir".

Avatar Shubham Parakh, Durg, September 2018
Namaste Sir, Maine1saal pehle apka Hinduism ka lecture dekha, I was surprised to see how effectively & effortlessly you made me see the bigger picture in it. It immediately made me an all time seeker of your contents in youtube. Maine Year 2017 course, Budget 2017 and Prabodhan ko bhi follow kiya, mujhe infinite times multifold return mila :)..Apse mile har insight ne mujhe independent thinker banne me madad ki and your philosophies, Shiva's 14 sutra and Trump's mimicry is just "State of the Art", insabhi ke liye main apka sadev abhaari hoon.. I wonder how Team PT keeps putting such consistent efforts everyday. Its really energising experience to watch and learn from you. Plus, Your 360 degree & transparent coverage to Current Affairs is a true gift to anyone willing to learn..all i know is words are short to describe your contributions.. Introvert and extrovert way of thoughts expression/Lifestyle me apke kya view hai please share :) Gracias, Many Many thanks, Har Har Mahadev.

Avatar Abhishek Ramakrishnan, Kolkata, September 2018
Hello Sir, this is my 2nd testimonial. Your mimicry trumps everyone else’s. I would love to get your feedback regarding this issue: Since independence, there have been attempts to divide the people of our country on the basis of caste, colour or religion primarily to achieve certain electoral outcomes. The current political climate shows the importance given by society to these issues rather than issues which should be the focus of the 21st century. Is this the fault of the people or parties? If it the former, doesn't that indicate that we can no longer achieve unity through diversity and so, diversity is no longer a strength but a weakness that is hindering our prosperity? We had the politics of appeasement of minorities and now the politics of majoritarianism. When can we get a level playing field in terms of opportunity so that reservation in education and jobs becomes a thing of the past? Have the people started voting only keeping caste or religion in mind and not the main issues?

Avatar Monilkumar Patel, Mehsana, September 2018
Namaste sir ji and entire pt team! This is my second testimonial ! Your logical views on every issue are fascinating me! I am happy because my data pack is spending on useful videos! You have made numerous followers by your amazing and funny teaching style! Our combined efforts will make india great again! I will suggest your name for Bharatratna award to the Indian government.sir do not stop to speak sayari in lecture .please restart it.

Avatar Raghav Agarwal, Sultanpur, September 2018
Namaste sir,I am currently pursuing B.Tech(CSE) from KNIT Sultanpur(final year student).Sir,you and the whole PT team are doing an excellent job by imparting us with great amount of news,updates content daily.Thanks a lot sir.Sir,you always tell us to disagree if we think something is better,so I would suggest you to have the Wednesday pattern at least 3 times a week.Its a little more engaging than the rest. Sir,I needed some advice for my career.I am currently placed in TCS and simultaneously i am preparing for CAT.But now I feel like i won't be able to make it.The actual problem is I don't know where my exact interst lies.Its like Jack of all trades master of none.And I have always been among the top three in my 10/12/B.Tech. thats why I feel I can do more and till now I have let down myself.I was not able to make it to the top colleges(JEE)and it still haunts me sir.A piece of advice from your side would be great sir.

Avatar Lalit, Nagpur, September 2018
"it is rare to be born as a human being, it is still more rare to be born without any deformity. Even one is born without any deformity it is rare to acquire knowledge and education. Even if one could acquire knowledge and education it is still rare to do offering and tapas. But for one who does offerings and tapas the door of heavens open to greet him"- Ignited minds While reading i came across these line and it remained me of you and the way you are offering your knowledge to others. Simply unimaginable ! Not just about knowledge but usage of that knowledge for self-transformation - This is what make you and PT GREAT. New format- loving it. honestly phle thodi dil ko chot lagi thi. Change is life

Avatar Madhur Jain, Jabalpur, September 2018
नमस्ते सर जी, यह मेरा तीसरा टेस्टीमोनियल है , में आज आपसे और मेरे सभी दोस्त यह सलाह लेना कहते है आज जिस हिसाब से अधिकतर पेपरो में नक़ल के केस सामने आ रहे हैं जिस कारणों से आज कई मेहनती विधार्थियों का मनोबल गिरता जा रहा है पहले पेपर की सूचना दी जाती है फिर एग्जाम २ माह देरी से होता है फिर एग्जाम होता है तो फिर चीटिंग की सुचना सामने आती है फिर केस होता है तो फिर तारीख पर तारीख दी जाती है फिर डिसिशन आता है तो पेपर कैंसिल कर दिया जाता है फिर छात्रों का पूरा २ साल बर्बाद कर दिया जाता है कुछ लोगो की सजा आज हम सब भुगत रहे है ये पूरे मामले एसएससी एग्जाम के है , एग्जाम की सुचना आने से लेकर जोइनिंग तक पूरा ३ साल का समय लग जाता है , इसमें मेहनती छात्रों का क्या दोष , अब तो यह सभी एग्जाम में होने लगा है पेपर लीक ,आज कितनी भी कठिन परिश्रम कर लिया जाये , सिलेक्शन होता भी है तो एग्जाम में चीटिंग की वजह से सब बर्बाद हो जाता है यही कारन है आज भारत में कोई नोबल अवार्ड नही मिल पर रहा है कितने अच्छे तरीको से youth power का उपयोग हो रहा hai सर हम इस कंडीशन में क्या करे

Avatar Vedant Goutam, Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, September 2018
दण्डवत प्रणाम आचार्य जी , मैं pt current affairs last 6month से देख रहा हूँ। I have done my graduation in mechanical engineering . Presently I am working on thermal hydrolysis as a pilot project. सर मैन आचार्य चाणक्य , स्वामी विवेकानंद, dr सर्वपल्ली राधाकृष्णन को नई देखा पर आपको देखा। सर मैंने वेद, पुराण, उपनिषद, गीता नही पढा पर आपने जो पढ़ाया वो पढ़ा । ये मेरा सैभाग्य है । आपके हिंदुत्व वाले lecture से पहले सोचता था why i am hindu पर अब कह सकता हु yes i am hindu, धन्यवाद सर।

Avatar Chandrabhan Silawat, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, September 2018
respected Sandeep sir a very special thanks to you and your team who has put so much efforts to benefit us .this is my second testimonial ,i am a pt classroom student enrolled in 2015 in IAS course.since then i have been workin hard to make it happen but i did not qualify prelims even thrice.i always follow your every lecture ,every power of have always been my inspiration but for last few days after prelims result came i am in huge distress and depression.everytime in between i recharged myself for few hours by watching your previous lectures but the negativities of my bad performance loomed again. i am writing this testimonial with the hope that you will guide me to overcome this situation as i have always been very close to you by my heart though you dont know it as i have never met you once i left the institute .i have qualified last years UPSC CAPF but failed to qualify in physical eligibility test .this year i am expecting i will make it again to qualify it .thanks sir

Avatar Shreya, Ghaziabd, September 2018
Heartly respect to the most talented and best teacher of the world i have evr come across. You are not only a teacher but a candle that enlight us with lots of food for thought. Earlier i use to hate economics related as i m engineer but since the day i have started following you this economic is what i now love and people started asking me if i m related to economics background. Mt teacher and friends apppreciate my knowledge and all credit goes to u. Sir i have attraction towards girl i dont why but in India its next to impossible to tell anyone that i love girls because people will start seeing me as if i m monster. I wish yoyur wellbeing and we love you sir i wish ap chote hote to i could get a chance to propose you:P Thanks for such a wonderfull knowledge.

Avatar Anmol, Batala, September 2018
Hlo Dear Sir ji Charan Naman I got a little bit lethargic in writing testimonial this is my 6th testimonal but when on 14 sep you asked about tell me about the swachh bharat abhiyan mission working in your city i got so Exasperate over the present situation of my city batala The marriage place of Guru nanak dev ji.. Many street lights are not working.I don't know why they take responsibility to make city well if they are not interested The situation is worse not bad but worse More then half MC's of the city are of bjp.. but no one single is doing anything to make this swachh bharat abhiyan working well i feel so desperate when I Look at these snolygosters kind of politician how my Great india would be able to grow.. If we people stop asking question to these unprincipled politicians.. I take my own responsiblility at my own level and always try to make nature clean because i love my the end i only say only common man can change by becoming responsible ...for country

Avatar Atul, Chandigarh, September 2018
Sir, this is my second testimonial and by this time i have gained so much from your teachings that i can form my opinion on any topics be it National or Int'l. The journey that you are taking with students is working as a light to guide us to our goals. I have always liked your teaching style and your way of doing entertaining bits(especially Mr. Trump). The various initiatives took by the pt group provides a one stop solution to specific topics. GK booster is very helpful platform to learn and analyze the concerned topics, please keep updating more of these awesome topics on this platform. I wish everyone a healthy life considering the fact that rising petrol prices and depreciating rupee is doing their part in giving people hard times.

Avatar Chandan Kumar Singh, Goalpara, Assam, September 2018
Namaste guru Jee ! HAR HAR MAHADEV ! Firstly Happy Belated Teachers Day ! PT means Producing Talent..........Thanks Sir for all your hardwork and it seems that u are unable to bring sessions on somedays may be because of your BUSY schedule...But then too thanks sir for coming up next day..I hope this free series dont stop anytime..... JUST A QUERY -I AM NOT GETTING THE POWER OF 10 SESSION IN SUNDAYS - LAST SUNDAY [9TH SEPT] THIS SUNDAY[16TH SEPT]....PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM SIR....pOWER OF 10 free session IS A GOLD FOR ME....THE NOTES ARE REALLY HELPFUL....THANKS GURU JEE !!

Avatar Mahim Gautam, Detroit, Michigan, September 2018
Respected Sir, Charansparsh I am writing this to you in real after writing numerous testimonials in my head. To me, you are a Gymnosophist who is trying to rewire the brains of many Alexanders like myself (ref Watch ). I am just a normal guy with some curiosity to acquire knowledge of the present and history. I am a regular consumer of PT lectures (since 2015- Hinduism lecture) and I absolutely love it and also, is thankful to the whole Team of PT. I am basically from Indore and currently working in Detroit along with one of the automobile firms as a CAE analyst. When I am not working I like to indulge in activities such as singing and playing guitar or listenining to your lectures. I am sure many more people like me benifit enormously from the work that you and your Team is doing. I would like to meet you & thank you on behalf of all the people like me who have found a role model in you in terms of awareness and analysis. 3 to Gajraj&Gajputri.

Avatar Salman Saleem, New Delhi, September 2018
Dear sir, Greetings ! I have been following you since I had seen the vocabulary session on youtube which actually transcended my vocabulary. I love the way you teach us difficult things in an easy way, a quality which every teacher should possess to be able to prove himself as a good teacher.The YouTube series of Current affairs with PT helps me to track the daily important news as I am preparing for Mass communication (Jamia, IIMC, ACJ etc.), the visual form of news analysis actually provides a great help in remembering the news meticulously. I always pray for your health and May Allah bless you with lots of happiness. Looking forward to meet you in December. Warm Regards

Avatar Rishi Mishra, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, September 2018
Namaste Sandeep Manudhane Sir I am a regular viewer of CA programme of PT Education. I had watched all of your videos such as that Materpiece Video on HINDUISM,Americam Civil War that of INDUS VALLEY CIVILISATION. I had downloaded PT EDUCATION MOBILE APP i am getting regular updates from it. This is my first Testimonial and I am going to attend UPPSC 2018 Examinations on 28 October. I have done Graduation in Commerce due to my keen interest in political social issues i moved towards the field of CSE. I am doing MA in POLITICAL SCIENCE. My dreams are like yours for India i truly support your ideas of providing jobs to all Indians by starting a Low Cost, Low Skill & Low Technology Labour Intensive in manufacturing sector. I am also very much concerned of your stress on the Neo-Colonialism of India in Social Media tools of Facebook,Twitter and Whatsapp from western world. My aim is to become an honest,dedicated officer in my state to serve poorers [DARIDRA NARAYAN KI SEVA]

Avatar Karan Pandey, Nainital, September 2018
Dear Sandeep sir,pranam! aapke liye ek choti si poem likhi h sir....pdiyega jarur...choti hi mn se likhi h... अंधकार में पड़ी चेतना,को तुमने प्रकाश दिया... हम किंचित सतही बगुले थे,तुमने ज्ञान-आकाश दिया... कहा सरल था जीवित होकर जीवित ही रह पाना... पर जीवित हो आनंदित होने,का तुमने विश्वास दिया... sir...aapke un sbhi bde bujurgo teachers ko mera koti koti pranam jinhone aapko itna pda likha kr hmare hawale kr diya....or aapka valuble time hme padane m lg jaata h....tnku so much sir...hum poori koshish krenge sir ki aapki or team pt ki ummedo per khara utre... ek question h sir...jese mains answer writing ke time kis data ko lekar analysis kre hum...census 2011 ke according 8.4 crore children dropout h...MHRD ke mutabik 60 lac or the hindu ke editorial ke mutabik 4.5 crore... sir smjh nhi aata...plz help sir.... and thanku sir....may god bless u and ur entire family with more prosperity....ty team pt

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Mumbai, September 2018
‌गुरुवर, ‌सादर नमन ‌आपके आशीर्वाद और लर्निंग कम्यूनिटी की शुभकामनाओं से 'Nation First' ने मुंबई महानगर में अच्छा काम किया हैl ‌काफी ज़रूरतमंद लोगों तक सेवाएँ पहुँची है l मीडिया का भी सहयोग मिला है l आपका ध्यान अपलोड की गई हेडलाइन की तरफ खींचना चाहूँगा l आपकी जीवन जीने की शैली से प्रेरित हूँ, जानता हूँ कि हर session के पीछे आपके 8-10 घण्टे लगते हैं और सारा ज्ञान आप हमलोगों को अर्पित करते हैं ताकि आपसे सीखे हुए विद्यार्थी स्वतंत्र विचारक बन सके l परीक्षाओं में सफलता और नौकरी तो फिर भी मिल जाती है पर जीवन का सही मकसद पाना अतिआवश्यक है l कुछ अच्छे लोगों के सुविचार यहाँ रखना चाहूँगा: ‌Addressing the students of IIT Delhi yesterday Mr. Mayank Gandhi said: ‌"Do not serve others to get personal satisfaction or happiness. That is selfish. Serve others because it is the right thing to do." ‌ Sandeep Sir looking forward to your guidance and continuous support for our good deeds. We will find out maximum charitable hospitals across Mumbai where poor can be treated free of cost. ‌Jai Hind! ‌

Avatar Archana, New Delhi, September 2018
Namaste Sir, Writing A Testimonial For You Is An Honour For Me.. I Found Your Videos While Going Through Some Upsc Lectures 2 Months Back.. I Am Pursuing Masters In Economics And Preparing For Upsc. Sir The Way You Teach Is Literally Commendable.. You Teach In Such Way That Even A Tough Topic Seems So Simple.. You Give 360 Degree Perspective And Allow Us To Strenghten Our Approach Towars Various Issues And Open Up Mind In Different Directions Which I Personally Feel Is A Very Beautiful Quality Of A Human Being. I Used To Skip World News Page :D Since The Time I Started Watching Your Videos It All Became So Simple.. Ca With Pt Has Become A Habit Now.. It Is Fun To Read World News.. I Really Like When U Keeps Kiss Principle In Your Teaching Style.. :D .. Hoping To Clear Upsc 2019 With Your Blessings.. I Really Appreciate Team Pt's Hardwork, Pt Has Saved So Many Hours Of Our Preparation... Thankyou So Much Sir.. Feels So Blessed To Have A Teacher Like You In My Life.. :)

Avatar Anupam Sharma, Bhind, September 2018
The word mentor is used in many ways. In general it is used to describe someone older, a wise advisor, a trusted person, an expert one might turn to for counsel. I consider you as my mentor.It all started with session on Hinduism, proud to be a part of Prabodhan by Modern Buddha Sandeep Manudhane I have cleared CSE prelims. After writing so many tests and listening to many feedbacks I am still confused whether to take a clear cut stance in answers or not . Resolve these conflicts Guruji :1. Why is our History so biased or is history of nation states biased ? 2.Is there any meaning left in old concept of Left wing /Right wing in modern India?

हेमन्त दुबे, दमोह, September 2018
सादर चरणस्पर्श गुरूजी। साथ ही साथ गजराज और गजपुत्री को नमस्कार और आपके माता-पिता को भी सादर प्रणाम और आपके परिवार को भी नमस्ते। सर्वप्रथम आपको शिक्षक दिवस की बहुत बहुत शुभकामनाएँ। सर मैं आपसे लम्बे समय से जुड़ा हुआ हू और अब तो आपके सत्र का नशा सा लग गया है। इसके बिना दिन का पूर्ण होना लगता ही नही है। मै GOVT. EXAMS CRACKER और TAP का भी पूर्ण लाभ प्राप्त कर रहा हू। कई बार आपके कहने पर मैं जबरदस्ती आपसे असहमत हुआ लेकिन जब जानकरी एकत्रित कर खुद को गलत पाया तो आपके प्रति प्रेम और भी बढता गया। आपके माध्यम से मैं निश्चित ही स्वतंत्र सोच की ओर अग्रसर हुआ हू। सर मेरा एक प्रश्न है जिसका उत्तर मैं जानने के लिए बहुत उत्सुक हू- मेरी upsc मे ज्यादा रूचि नही है किन्तु upsc के जैसे अध्ययन करना बहुत अच्छा लगता है लेकिन मेरी राजनीतिक क्षेत्र मे बहुत रूचि है लेकिन उसमे मुझे कोई मार्ग समझ नही आता है क्योकि शायद परिवार इससे सहमत नही है तो मुझे किस प्रकार अपने आपको भविष्य के लिए तैयार करना चाहिए? और अंत मे आपको शिक्षक दिवस की पुनः हार्दिक बधाई और आशा है कि आपका आशीर्वाद सदैव बना रहेगा। जय हिन्द।

Avatar Divyanshu Chandola, Ghaziabad, September 2018
Dear Sir, Its been almost 2 years since I am following your sessions starting from your vocab session on YouTube when I was preparing for CAT. Currently I am doing my MBA (HRD) from Delhi School of Economics and MCA (Masters in Current Affairs) from CA with PT. :) Finally decided to write a testimonial for you on the occasion of Teacher's day. In a world where education is constantly being commercialised, it is great to see that you are spreading such quality education free of cost, for everyone, forever. PT Education is one of the best learning portals I ever found. CA with PT is like my favourite web-series whose episodes I surely never miss. The best thing about these sessions is the way you keep them so interactive and fun (Trump mimicry is my favourite). Even though I have never met you, you surely are one of my favourite teachers ever. Thank you so much sir. I hope this journey of knowledge never ends. Padhte rahenge, badhte rahenge.

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, September 2018
प्रणाम् गुरुवर । आपके मुख से चिंता के स्वर कई बार मुझे भी दुःखी करते हैं, परंतु अधिकांश प्रेरित किया करते हैं । आपने शिक्षा देते समय अनेको बार नैतिकता एवं धर्म की चर्चा की है, जिसपर मेरी कुछ टिप्पणिया हैं, भारत एवं चीन, जब भौतिक रूप से सम्पन्न थे, तब पूर्व के इन धर्मों का सृजन हुआ, क्यूँकि वे भौतिकता से आगे बढ़ना चाहते थे । बुद्ध राज-पुत्र थे, महावीर , राम, कृष्ण सभी राज-पुत्र थे । पश्चिम के धर्मों का सृजन दरिद्रता में हुआ है, इसीलिए वे अध्यात्म तक जा ना सके ।परंतु आज कथावाचकों को जब भी सुनता हूँ, सभी कथाओं में दरिद्रता को अध्यात्म का चोला पहनाकर प्रक्षेपित किया जा रहा है । गांधी जी ने क्षुद्रों को “हरिजन” तथा ग़रीबों को “दरिद्र-नारायण” बोलना प्रारंभ किया था । समस्त मुनिगण जनता को सुदामा ही बनाने के पक्षधर हैं । कृष्ण कोई कैसे बनना चाहेगा ?? वो तो इनकी दृष्टि में अपराध हो जाएगा । क्या दरिद्रता को जान-बुझ कर जीवित रखने की चेष्ठा है ? यदि हाँ, तो Money-नाश से बचने हेतु मुनि-नाश पहले हो जाय । I think Satan is being kept alive sir, because Priests don’t want to be out of business.

Avatar Pawan Mehta, Bageshwar, September 2018
Hello sir Namaskar to all PT family. I am one of those aalasee (आलसी) who don't write testimonial, as i have been following CA with PT from December. I have seen changes on me from then. Prior to that i used to jump on sports column or to main headings in newspaper and now i try to read it thoroughly and focus has been changed from sports to other also. With the help of these sessions reading habit has been inculcated because these sessions excite to read. With these sessions i get holistic view of world from ecological to economical (i.e. use of bamboo for straw). I have taken an initiative keeping in mind this year's world environment day theme beat plastic pollution. I carry one or two poly bag with me in my bag, which i use to carry short of thing like fruits while coming back to home. With this i can use the same poly multiple times. I choose PT's platform to share in the hope that many of us will like and try this out. Thank you very much.

Avatar Suraj Pandey, Allahabad, September 2018
Namaskar Sir.. This is my second Testimonial I am MCA Student And preparing for Bank SO And PO Exams. CA With PT is simply unique thing because when i read News after the session on website it helps to understand the theme of news & articles in Multidimensional manner.No other news analysis helped me in such a way. Sir I want your blessings as I have to face SBI PO Interview soon. Suggest me some Guru Mantras So that I can Share My Success story with PT soon.. (Sir i would humbly like to give one suggestion from my side If possible please Implement that.There Should Be 1 separate video for THE HINDU news analysis And Top 10 NEWS Analysis. Please create a poll on twitter/social Media to know what others want.) Thanks a lot "GURUJI" for being a part of our life.. Lots of love From Allahabad..

Avatar Sumit Saurav, Patna, September 2018
Namaste sir . I am from Nalanda and a regular visitor of CA with pt. Your every session is so informative and linking with the reason behind that news is so beneficial. Here I need attention of corrupt official who are gathering more wealth of public and simply storing it in waste bucket to meet their selfish greed . Why don't they think to invest that on public through some good means? Also the gap between officials and public is very wide in india. It doesn't soot democracy like india. Also I don't know why some brainy people talk of hindu, muslim . Why don't they fear of sins? Some Humans are changing into a wild animals , it must be stopped . Love and peace should always be promoted.

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Jamshedpur, Tatanagar, September 2018
Dear Sir, Offering my sincere gratitude. I am a working professional settled in Mumbai and was born in Jamshedpur. Mentioning Jamshedpur might encourage some of my friends, who watch your sessions from there but as you call all such followers and friends 'Alsiyon' fail to write beautiful testimonials for you and your team at PT. I have enrolled in Prabodhan Master Course. What a course! Thoroughly enjoying it. :) I get to watch your sessions while travelling, in lunch hours or at night by cutting down sleeping hours. Reading The Hindu Editorials and other editorials from newspaper help but what it can offer us is the text but what you offer us is the context in which the text gets its depth. Your method of teaching is imparting to us the techniques, the subtleties, the nuances of that particular topic. Please guide us as to how working professionals can prosper in their respective fields by diligently following these sessions. You are a rare gem of our nation. Jai Hind !

Avatar Manu Modi, Bangalore, September 2018
Hello Sir. I am a graduate from IIT Guwahati and working as a Software developer in an IT company. I am preparing for CAT and following Current affairs with PT since May to improve my GK. It has been an amazing experience. Your ability to connect the dots and explaining the root cause of things is unparalleled. I started watching this initially just for interview purposes but now I watch this to improve my knowledge. Earlier, I ran away from topics like Politics, International Updates, Economics, etc, But now I engage in healthy discussions with people regarding various topics. Infact, I am sometimes able to connect the dots myself while reading different news articles. All thanks to you. I also believe Science and Technology is the way ahead for India to become world leader. We need to improve our manufacturing and have our own IT giants like Google and Facebook. Knowledge and the right attitude is the only way to do that. TeamPT ROCKS!!!

Avatar Gajendra Kumar, Gurgaon, September 2018
Btech from HBTI kanpur 5 year of successful career in India's Biggest Automobile OEM. This is my 2nd testimonial. I am following PT since 6-7 months. PT education is perfect and most economical source of Mind diet. Now i am more confident, fearless & risk friendly, independent and analytical thinker. I have finished IIM sure shot course & enrolled for Vocab and 2 year civil course. I am using all other free services as well. Biggest long term drawback of not having our own brand is skill development. Foreign run brands make us capable of only doing their job effectively. Core value addition and R&D is done by them. We only do CCI (Copy, Check & Implementation). These foreigner are so smart that they either import equipment or prefer vendor of their own country inside India. Then no scope remains for Indian manufacturers. This was cause of my frustration and i decided to move on. Big thank from by heart to u and ur team for this wonderful initiative. JAI HIND JAI BHARAT.

Avatar Rahul Nagpal, New Delhi, September 2018
Dear Sir, I was a PT student in 2006 and prepared for CAT from West Delhi Center. I was one of the lucky few who attended your GK Lecture live in auditorium .I cleared CAT and am working with Infosys for the last 8 years. Recently I saw your Video on You Tube and started following your Series. I really like it and try and follow it as much as I can. I wanted to thank you for being my teacher. I really feel this world needs many more teachers like you. Off late I have found my passion in teaching and reading too. Wishing you a very happy Teacher's Day. Hope to see you some day . :)

Avatar Anant Chauhan, Dehradun, September 2018
" HAPPY TEACHERS DAY SIR"..... You are the best teacher i ever met. सिखाते तो सब है लेकिन आपने ये मुझे ये सिखाया की सीखते केसे है और कुछ भी सीखने का सही तरीका क्या होना चाहिए |

Avatar Adarsh, Mumbai, September 2018
Hello sir, Absolute fan of your teaching. Though I don't agree with each of your opinion but the way you are open to different thoughts is what this society needs to learn. These days instead of reading newspaper I suggest my friends to watch your video. I doubt if in coming time newspaper sell will decrease. Thank you for all the knowledge you are giving. Hope that we will have more teachers like you.

Avatar Nikhil Kumar Singh, Beltola, Assam, September 2018
Hello sir, REALLY impressed by your teaching. AAPNE MAATHE KA DHAKKAN[CAP] KHOL DIYA ! SIR today the society condition in terms of job is decreasing and i get frustrated with this..there are lakhs of students applying for a few govt posts.....SO I have changed my decision through your series show . i have decided to leave UPSC and go for ENTREPRENEURSHIP,,,,,Being a Job Creator and not seeker. I have taken a very BIG decision but still i need some guidance. Sir your series here is total game changer. Please share some scope related to Job Creation and Entrepreneurship !!!! PRANAM guru Jee.....

Avatar Brij Kishore, Delhi, September 2018
Pradam sir, gajrat aur gajputri Ko pyar bhara namaskar. I am regular follower of CA sessions and also student of vocab development course. This testimonial is based on CA session of 31 Aug 18, I liked this session specially for the study sources links like BIMSTEC, Rivers and Food fortification, you have given along with news, I hope same will be continued in future. Sir new format of CA is surely very helpful and exam oriented but we miss the live energy of Sandeep sir. Hence it is my suggestion that old and new format may be combined.Sir I am facing big problem in choosing the medium(Hindi/English) for preparation and exam as I have completed 10th with hindi medium and then took commerce that is a mix of Hindi and English and now in my profession hindi is far away in daily correspondence. As on today I am neither good at English nor in Hindi. When I read english books I am unable to understand the complete gist and in Hindi also I face problem in difficult words. Please guide me.

Avatar Dinesh D. Bora, Rajasthan, September 2018
Naman sirji aur dher sari shubkamnaye. Mein PT pariwar se pichle saal se juda hua hu.mene TCS me as a system engineer 2 saal kam kiya hai aur ab me job chhodkar civil services ki tyari kar raha hu.2018 Ka exam diya par pathkani kha gaya aur ab fir se lag gaya thodi uncertainty ki or bad to gayi hai par kuch na kuch hoga jarur," harunga nahi". Apke lectures mujme vahi urja bhar dete hai Jo suruvat ke samay thi..... I love your work....thanks and blesses for the future.

Avatar Anurag Bopche, Gandhi Nagar, August 2018
सर्व प्रथम डॉ. सर्ववेपल्ली राधाकृष्णन की वन्शावली के सब से चमकते गुरु को लोह पुरुष की धरती से आने वाले शिक्षक दिवस की हार्दिक हार्दिक शुभकामनाये । अपने जैसे ही दा हिन्दू को फ्री CA में संलग्न किआ तो में लिखने से अपनी कलम को रोक नहीं पाया | Sir as I am Looking around that how a environment is changing day by day makes me more serious to think as upto when human life will sustain on this plant and Definetly one day everything will come to its end. As per my perception One of the most important cause which has lag E-NAM and MSP scheme was very negligible people & farmers connected digitally apart from Social media those who were connected to it they are unskilled. From Past 2-3 years social media done same with citizen as TERMITE do with WOOD. I am 100% agree with you on TV and Print media must talk on science and technology instead debating on unproductive issues.

Avatar Gajendra Kumar, Gurgaon, August 2018
Btech from HBTI kanpur in 2012 and 5 year of successful career in India's Biggest Automobile OEM. During mine last job days, I found smthing missing (confidence, knowledge & skills). Then I decided to resign and work on myself (Gymming, GMAT preparation, spirituality, course on entrepreneurship and public speaking). In between i came to know about PT from my friend Vikas (Avid follower of u & super confident person). Though i m not getting monthly salary, i am getting priceless knowledge. I am more happy than ever and u are best gift after my resignation. Being academic oriented person, first time in life i found my ideal and life coach. You have developed interest in me to study for knowledge.Till now i studied for marks, ranks and job. On Rakshabandhan (at home or among friends), I was speaker for most the time on any topic because of you. I want to become Entrepreneur. Right now along with GMAT preparation, I am following CA and Prabodhan course. You and your team are awesome.

Avatar Nidhi Mishra, Hsinchu, Taiwan, August 2018
Dear Sir, I started watching PTs sample videos on you tube in 2015, when, for the first time, I was full time home to take care my newly born baby. now he is 3.5 years and just started school, and so I started my school with PTs acadamy with online course and other sessions like CA and Prabodhan. All the courses are wonder full, and your way of teaching is so much impressive that I could not resist my self from learning, besides so many other responsibilities of family and kids. I feel blessed being part of such a wonder full course and having a mentor like you. Thank you very much and many congratulations to you and your team for giving me(and other people like me , living abroad and stay-at-home mom ) the opportunity to live my dream of learning again. Thank you again.

Avatar Siddharth Dave, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, August 2018
Namaste sir, kem cho I'm siddharth from Gujarat.gajraj aur gajputri ko namaskar (ab to inme itna gyan aa gaya hoga ki koi bhi exam crack kar le ) mere bade bhaiya naishal ki wajah se me pt se juda aur ab me to apke padhane ke tarikee ka murid ho gaya Hu waqt kaha nikal jata hai pata hi nahi chalta.sir aap sab topics ke pare ho gaye ho,aesa lagta hai koi bhi topic ho aap padhao to mazedar hi lagta hai.sir me kuch apne vichar share karna chahunga.1) sir mere saher ke pas me hi ek gaav hai ,waha jab me jata Hu to mujhe frog aur chidiya dono dikhay dete hai.2)hamari society me baccho ko buri tarah treat kiya jata hai, ex school rikhawale to children not all.3) sir mujhe lagta hai log politics ki andar ki politics nahi samajte hai, jyadatar bhole hote hai aur unko cheeze pata nhi hoti hai.4)kuch muddo pe hamare desh me media,in public charcha hi nhi hoti hai aur logo se baat Karo to aise ghurte hai 'tu bada aya chidiya wala'.i dream to meet you one day and touch your feet sir. jai hind.

Avatar Rrenu singh, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, August 2018
Namaste sir. This new formate is really good .I m enjoying the whole session .I m also your self pre course student .And really I think this is a great course to cover all topics. Sir Ap humesha khte hn ki government school ki Halat khrb h or teacher kbhi Gaye hi Nhi school Sir me bhi government basic school m hu But I go to school daily and teach my little students. Sir apki singing Bahut achi h or me classical music bhi Sikh rhi hu Thnk you so much sir .Aage Bahut kuch krne ka Irada h .Apka ashirvad chahiee ..

Avatar Abhishek Maurya, New Delhi, August 2018
Hello Sir, I start watching you recently and i would like to say Thank you so much for providing us this beautiful session. I love the way you teach the way you speak sometime it is like a funny joke. I heard from somewhere when study is not boring then we start enjoy it. your sessions are full of knowledge i am watching my self improved. Keep blessing us. Students like me needs you. "YOUR VOICE IS LIKE INJECTION FOR US WHICH IS FULL OF KNOWLEDGE SERUM"

Avatar Ajay, Hyderabad, August 2018
Respected Sir, Iam following your work from 2013. your analysis on the topics is very different from what we see in the media which helped me see things in a different manner. sir I really loved the new format of current affairs please DONT CHANGE IT. The new format is helping me to take notes on the topics easily and also it is giving me an idea on how to read the articles. This is my third testimonial I just want to say about the how good the new format is and also I HOPE TO SEE INDIA HOW YOU WANT IT TO BE.

Avatar Ashish Bhandari, Waidhan, Madhya Pradesh, August 2018
Dear Sir Namaste ,gajputri aur gajraj ko bhi hiii....This is my first testimonial and I am motivated by my all CA friends who write testimonial everyday....My English is not good but I am working on it..I am get addicted with CA with PT and I am regular follower of your session.Your way of teaching is fabulous and I am big fan of yours.I am also a Lecturer and try to learn your teaching style.I always told my students always try to develop scientific thinking do not follow anyone blindly. I am fan of Osho because he also talking about scientific thinking.At last Thanks for yours effort and giving all of us deep learning......Sir aap Ka aashiravad chayhe buss Kuch achha Karna hai life Mai...

Avatar Dipankar Dey, Guwahati, August 2018
Pranam Guruji! Gajraj aur gajputri ko bhi naman! This is my sixth testimonal and every time I start writing, I feel that the character limit is less for expressing my gratitude towards you and the great PT team. Sir, I am a teacher by profession and a student by nature. I have been teaching for the past 5 years and the biggest challenge I face is the lack of energy and enthusiasm towards learning among the students especially of class between 8 to 12, whi prefer spending more time in social networking. The major cause I find behind this is the system which slowly mutates them to become useful cogs which would later fit in a certain machinery rather than becoming the machinery itself. Long term goals no longer matter to them since their perspectives are never enhanced. Its a sorry situation. I am trying to do my best on my part, but somehow I feel that this won't be enough. The education system has to be restructured and values must be prioritized over utilities.

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Mumbai, August 2018
गुरुजी, चरण स्पर्श l मुझे खुशी होती है जब मैं अपने भतीजे, जो की अभी नौ वर्ष का है की पढ़ाई में दिलचस्पी बढ़ाने में सकारात्मक भूमिका निभा पा रहा हूँ l पढ़ाई उसका शौक बन चुका है, और वह आनंदित होकर पढ़ता है l मैंने उसे विश्वयुद्ध, साम्यवाद, पूँजीवाद, समाजवाद, औद्योगिक क्रांति जैसे विषयों को कहानियों की तरह सुनाया l अमेरिका, चीन, टर्की, जापान, सिंधु घाटी सभ्यता समझाया और अब उसे मुझसे मिलने की लालसा रहती है l गुरुजी आपके पढ़ाने का तरीका अद्वितीय हैl आपसे बहुत सीखने को मिलता है l बिना नाम लिए मैं कहना चाहूंगा कि मेरा एक मित्र आपसे जुड़ा था और हमलोग उसके तथ्यों से प्रभावित थे परंतु उसने कभी आपके बारे में नहीं बताया पर जबसे मैंने आपके बारे में जाना यही प्रयास किया कि जो भी मेरे ज्ञान से, तथ्यों से सहमत हो, आपसे जुड़ेl ‌ गुरु द्रोण ने तो कौरवों को भी सिखाया पर कोई अर्जुन न बना ‌ अर्जुन अपने अथक प्रयास से अर्जुन बना l मेरी सभी से अपील है कि ज़्यादा से ज़्यादा लोगों को, और खासकर विद्यार्थियों को PT education से जोड़ा जायेl शुरुआत PT App सेl पर अर्जुन तो वही बनेगा जो परिश्रम करेगा l ‌ जय हिंद l

Avatar Manjeet Kumar, Hajipur, Bihar, August 2018
Jai hind sir ,sir mai BSF me hu or sarhad ki rakhwaki ke sath sath CA with PT ka regular student bhi hu. sir app hame sochana ki ek adbhut kala die h iske lie mai dil se aabhari hu .ab mai likhana bhi suru kar dia hu,sir jis tarah aap block chain technology ki bat knowledge booster series me kie h usi tarah sikchha me kia jae to ,jaise har ek student apane se niche bale student ko padhane ki or koi bhi govt employee joining se pahale kuch month sarkari school me seba dena anibar kia jae to sikchha me kuch sudhar aa sakta h. or sir jis tarah Japan ne industrial revolution me piche hone ke bad bhi US or EU ke techonology ko sikh kar apana industry khara kar dia usi tarak bharat ko bhi isase sikh lenni chahie quki aane bale din techology ka hi hoga, JAI HIND jai bharat jai gurudev.

Avatar Tushar Rulyan, Kurukshetra, Haryana, August 2018
Namaste sir. Gajraj aur gajputri ko bhi dher sa pyar. Sir main aapke session Ko 1 mhine se follow kr rha Hun aur bhut laabh ho rha h. Pehle reading krna bhut hi boring kaam lgta tha pr ab interesting lgta h. Apke session mein 360 degree perspective milta h. Sir aap kehte Hain ki aapki age 28 year h aur pteducation ki age 25 saal h. Ye majra kuch samjh nhi aaya sir

Avatar Chandan kumar singh, Santiniketan, August 2018
Hello sir, Har Har Mahadev ! Glad to see you in new format. But sir truly speaking from core of my heart that the earlier format was excellent, because it was not only for the aspirants but knowledge seekers and those aspiring to learn something new everyday. The present format i feel is good but will help only the competitive exam aspirants. Also seeing your GAJRAJ JEE, GAJPUTRI, AND YOUR Cheer leading face was really inspiring. I feel u must take a consensus and change it. ATLEAST U MUST DO LIKE FORMAT OF POWER OF 10 SESSION SO THAT WE GET TO SEE YOU OR ELSE THE SESSION ONLY WITH NOTES BECOMES BORING. THANKS SIR ! Hoping for a change soon

Avatar Labhu Siddh, Churu, Rajasthan, August 2018
Namste sir ji.. sir your sessions are excellent ( supper se upper ) . It gives tremendous knowledge to us and widen our perspective to think upon the ongingo issues whether it is related to politics , economy or international security . I am studying in university of delhi so whenever we talk on an issue , other students talk only about surface knowledge ( BJp, Congress or may be something else ) but when I put my point of view , They watch my face and then told #tujhe kese pta ..Even sometimes they don't belive on facts .. This all is possible because of you sir and now every day I eagerly waitjin for your session to read about current affairs ...Thanks a lot sir ji ...But the old method of CA sessions is very very good than the new because in those session I feel a face to face class with sandeep sir ....Jai hind sir ji .. Kar ke dhikayenge

Avatar Dheeraj Solanki, Gurgaon, August 2018
Namaste sir, In 2016 I watched my first PT lecture on economics and then American civil war,Political philosophies, etc. I have also enrolled in PM,TAP,Po10. I am a graduate in EEE from IIT-BHU and have worked in wipro for 2.5 years.Currently i am preparing for CSE and regularly following the PT's all sessions.I have deep respect and love for the hard work that the whole team is putting in. Session regular follow karne se news and issues yaad rehne lage hai and aap link karke padhate h toh kafi help milti h. TAP programme is my favourite. A great personality development course with superb words of wisdom that are so much helpful in essay writing. With PT, a major transformation that i have seen in myself is that i have started to REVISE & MEMORIZE issues and have also gained confidence while writing answers. Apart from conventional teaching You also advice us to read some good books, watch good movies and you also sing very good motivational songs to us sometimes. keep singing sir !!

Avatar Ravi Raj Chaubey, Delhi, August 2018
Hello sir ,Gajraj and Gajputri. I personally thank you for the knowledge that you and your PT family provide to me and various knowledge seekers. I sometimes feel amazed that' how one can be so hardworking to provide good to the students. You and your team now has special place in my heart....I wish that this good work never stop. "Raat k adhere m , dipak Jaise h app". I want to ask a question sir and other knowledge seekers that " how they see India in coming 10 years as per current situation"? Thank you Ravi Raj Chaubey

Avatar Monil kumar Patel, Visnagar, August 2018
Namaste sandeep sir &pt team ! I am from iconic state gujarat! I am a regular follower of our current affair series ! From my perspective, you are morden chanakya! Independent thinking is need of an hour! Your session on indigenous search engine is really amazing! I have shared pteducation app among my friends! Sir you look like multi telanted actor, when you do mimicry of Donald Trump!

क्षितिज वर्मा, नैनीताल, उत्तराखंड, August 2018
किसी अन्य व्यवसाय में क्रियान्वित होते तो निश्चित रूप से आप विद्यार्थियों का ऐसी सुंदरता से मार्ग दर्शन नहीं कर पाते और शायद आप किसी अन्य क्षेत्र में इतना योगदान नहीं कर पाते। साथ ही, यह हमारा दुर्भाग्य है कि आप की तरह हजारों लोग अपनी प्रतेभा के अनुरूप अपने व्यवसाय का चुनाव कर पाने में असक्षम रहते है। आपका तर्क कि लाखों विद्यार्थियों के इंजीनियरिंग, मेडिसिन इत्यादि में उपाधि ग्रहण करने के बाद भी हम लोग अंतरराष्ट्रीय मंच पर प्रतिष्ठित इनाम जीत पाने में निरंतर असफल रहे है, एक करवा सत्य तो है ही अपितु एक तथ्य भी है जिसपर विचार किया जाना है। भेड़ चाल की परंपरा ने एक भयंकर असंतुलन की स्थिति प्रस्तुत कर दी है, जिसका प्रभाव देश के आर्थिक, सामाजिक, प्रशासनिक, शैक्षिक एवं विकासात्मक ढांचे को क्षतिग्रस्त कर रहा है। युवाओं को अपना श्रम देश को उसी क्षेत्र में देना होगा जहां उनकी प्रतिभा है, अन्यथा युवाओं का यह खुद से भी और देश से भी एक बहुत बड़ा छल होगा।

Avatar Vivek Kumar Yadu, Fiingeshwar, Chhattisgarh, August 2018
Dear Sandeep Sir, charan sparsh, we love you sir, I am following pt since last 1 year, I learn from you,,, 360 degree persepective. Bit by bit piece by piece. Hindusiam. Our dharam-The rightous conduct as per station in our life| Own google and facebook. Not a consumer nation but producer nation. Girls-Reclaim your space. अनेकांतवाद, Not only सतही ज्ञान। Fundamental duty- Scientific Temparament. Always recommend facts and figures. Citizen-State contract. sir your sense of humour is unbelievable your Trump mimicry, bollywood songs, Trump missile, popup, Vitamin-T, Each 1 get 10, UNESCO award for acronym, Gajraj with Environment, PRABODHAN, engineer's mistake of god and IIT'n The real mistake of god, your lovely punchline- इस खबर को सुनकर आपके दिमाग के तार झनझना जायेंगे, बात तो दिल दुखाने वाली है पर यूथ को बताना हमारा धर्म है , अगली खबर दिल दुखाने वाली है और उसके बाद की खबर दिल बैठाने वाली है। बम बम भोले।

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, August 2018
Some observations to share as Sandeep Sir’s Student: On Gandhian Values and Non-Violence- My disagreement with Gandhiji is that he was against the gifts of Science, Railways, Birth Control methods, Industries, nuclear weapons. He was against power as he too believed that power corrupts. Holding the Power(Fire) guilty for the pollution caused by burning Coal?? Same power(Sunlight), bestow upon plant, it gives Oxygen. Power I think is neutral. History bears a testimony to the tale that when all of our religions were preaching “Ahimsa”, we had thousands of invasions, thousands of wars. What learned scholars couldn’t do, a “LittleBoy” in 1945 did by stopping the war and what those ascetic skinny saints couldn’t do, you had a nuclear “FatMan” stopping the further invasions. Problem with Good Intentions and Sermons is you can’t condemn them even if they persist in being ineffective for centuries. You are bound to repeat them because they are really good (may or may not be effective).

Avatar Shashwat Swaroop, Cuttack, Odisha, August 2018
pranam Guruji, presently i am working as Asst.Manager at OHPC ltd.And i am very thankful to you & your Team for this wonderful journey towards revolutionize the world with your knowledge.and every time i read current affairs i see that there is some lacuna in govt attempt towards implementing developmental schemes, but according to my view it is not the govt that can alone bring the change to this nation unless until people show there interest towards these.Our literacy rate very poor for people in village to understand about the developmental projects that govt is planning for and how they will be benefited from that . So if more no of people get educated and understand the things in better way then our country can move in the path of progress.I appreciate the PT's team for choosing the path towards enlighting the world with the knowledge.from my perspective PT's team is contributing towards the growth of nation GDP by sharing the knowledge .wish you all the best sir.

Avatar Chandan Kumar Singh, Goalpara, Assam, August 2018
Namaste sir! i had something serious to share using this discourse and platform of PT. i would want your views on it. Actually sir, on this kerala floods we stand with kerala. I even contributed some money for the cause. But sir i have been observing this since many years that when NE states have floods like ASSAM, we dont get wide coverage. I have a habit of studying 4 newspapers average a day and i was astonished to see that some mainstream newspapers had dedicated full page coverage to kerala. The people of kerala are really lucky for this. In assam too lakhs of people get displaced and hundreds killed but i dont get to see such coverage IN my media. SIr as u have been studying newspapers since 1990s, i would want your views on this. I am a social worker and will try to bridge this gap in future if i get the chance to. Thanks for bringing KNOWLEDGE REVOLUTION!

Avatar Rahul Khambete, Bangalore, August 2018
नमस्ते सर. गजराज और गजपुत्री को भी नमस्कार. ये मेरा दूसरा और हिंदी में पहला टेस्टीमोनियल है. मेने कुछ दिनों पहले ही यूट्यूब पर अपने टेक्नोलॉजी विषयो पर हिंदी में टुटोरिअल सर्च किये और ये पाया की टेक्नोलॉजी को भी मातृभाषा में समझना ज्यादा आसान है. मैंने आपका इंडिआस गूगल्स एंड फेसबुक वाला वीडियो अब तक अगणित बार देख लिया है और करंट अफेयर्स समीक्षा को भी मै नियमित रूप से देख रहा हूँ. आपका सुझाव अपनाते हुए मैंने इकनोमिक टाइम्स रोजाना पढ़ना शुरू कर दिया है और कई बार उसमे लेख पढ़कर अब पता चल जाता है की आप इसे आज करंट अफेयर्स समीक्षा मै जरूर लेंगे. इकनोमिक टाइम्स पढ़ना शुरू करने से मुझे काफी फायदा मिल रहा है. मेरा एक प्रश्न ये है की अगर सरकारें युद्ध स्तर पर कोई गूगल फेसबुक अमेज़न जैसे प्रोजेक्ट लाने मै असमर्थ है तो एक व्यक्तिगत स्तर पर इंजीनियर और बिजनेसमैन इस दिशा में क्या कदम उठा सकते है. इसके अलावा एक और आपसे अपेक्षा है की एक विस्तृत वीडियो इस बात पर भी बनाये जिसमे चीन और अमेरिका का टेक्नोलॉजी विज़न क्या है और भारत की इससे कैसे तुलना की जा सकती है.

Avatar Rohan Jagtap, Nashik, Maharashtra, August 2018
Today's age, is the age of information. So, whoever holds correct information, will see her/his life changed for good. But how do you go about collecting your information with limited time in your hands? And the solution is, 'CA WITH PT'. CA with PT has given me complete awareness of almost all the affairs under the sky coupled with fun and learning. What else do you want in your life? The happiness that is derived from learning is the best happiness you can have. So, for all the first timers who are looking to try out CA with PT. I say go ahead and get addicted to it. Trust me, it's worth it. Thanks Sandeep Sir you're the best. Or should I say bestest. Thanks team PT.

Avatar Vikrant Yadav, Rewari, Haryana, August 2018
hello sir apko or hmare gaz or gaz putri ko mera pyaar bhara namaskar . I am student of BSc Biotech and following your CA with PT sessions since last week which was suggested by my friend. I enjoy watching your sesison and i read that article that 'zombie gene' is found in elephants and which helped me in my class discussion to make a valid point and got appreciated by my teacher . I am hopeful that this session will help me to inculcate reading habit.

Avatar Shailendra singh, New Delhi, August 2018
namskar sir, ap jese log ki is duniya me bahut kami h ham khuskismat h ki hame ap jese guru mile ap ke current padane se bhut help mil rhi h , bs ap ese hi padate rhiye ye des seva ka sabse accha tarika or ap jese guruo ki hame hame sakht jarurat h . lekin meri ek sikayat bhi h me apke current ke vidio lecture ko regural folo krta hu bahut accha lga jb apne mob lynching pr full kabrej dia or ham sb kise ki jan lene ka sakhat birodh karte h or koi bhi iska samrthan nhi krta , lekin kya gokasi ka birodh krne pr kesi ki jan lena sahi h is bat ko bhi hame utna birodh krna chahiye lekin ye bat khi nhi utayi jati mujhe apse asha h ki ap is bat ko jarur utayege . ap apna kam ese hi krte rhiye or desh ke lako ladko ke prerit karne ka kam jo kr rhe uske lia apka bhut bhut thanku guruji

Avatar Shreyas Raut, Mumbai, August 2018
Valar morghulis! I was recently reading a joke of a ghost who knew everything and ghost would make a person ask 3 questions to him. Tab mujhe Sandeep sir ki yaad aagayi☺. The authority with which you speak on any topic is impeccable. Initially i used to think 'sab moh maya hai, isme na pado toh hi behtar hai' but you have helped me in restoring my faith in knowledge seeking. PT app is a gem and it will be the first app i will install on my new phone. I have often heard from you that india should become producer nation, arent u afraid that we may end up screwing mother earth. I wish india should be exporting reneweable energy and electric vehicles. We should become vishwaguru in RE and sustainable development sector. Which is your favorite English song? 1 baar suna dijiye please. Every session gives me better version of myself. Zindagi sawar di aapne bahoton ki. May god bless you and PT team with healthy life and happiness.

Avatar Neetu Dhayal, Churu, Rajasthan, August 2018
Namaste guruji. Sir i am following you since i saw your vocabulary session. Recently i have written ssc cgl tier3. And the topic was, whether demonetization was successful or not, how did it affect economy. Your sessions helped me a lot in writing the same. I don't know how these sessions are helping me but i daren't miss ca with pt and power of 10. Sir i want to study as much as possible. Sir your knowledge ambit influences me thouroughly. You are an inspiration to all. thnku very much sir.

Avatar Amarjeet Pathak, Buxar, Bihar, August 2018
Hello sir, I am a soldier of glorious Indian Navy and also a student aof PT IAS Academy. I have been following CA with PT education since July regularly. You are the best teacher I have ever met. My father is a retired electical engineer and you are like him, a great source of knowledge. Your teaching style has influenced me so much that my view about world and myself has been changed totally. I have learnt a lesson from you that "no matter you will succeed or not. Always try hard and keep trying." Swami Vivekanand says, "Don't afraid to struggle. If u win, u will lead & if u lose, u can guide." After watching you, I realised that success is not the only achievement. The most precious achievement is the knowledge. I m very thankful to you. I m a soldier. I love my country and it is very necessary that if India has to be made VISHWAGURU, each and every Indian should be well educated so that every single Indian can take part in development of the country. Jai Hind Sir.

Avatar Bhawana Mishra, Varanasi, August 2018
I am a follower of PT Education from last 2 years. I am completing graduation from BHU in Ancient Indian History and Archaeology Hons. PT Education is always the best one among others whatever series they launch. This time I am participating for the first time in MUN and the current affair sessions have immensely helped me in shaping my opinion and collecting information and forming argumentative points. Most important thing that PT has done for me is creating genuine interest in studies. Now I study to gain knowledge not merely for the purpose of scoring. Thank You !

Avatar Bikash Chandra Sahoo, Burla, Sambalpur, August 2018
Namaskar Sandeep Sir. I'm following you since 2013, recommended by one of my brother. I have also joined the Prabodhan MasterCourse , TAP , and watching CA PT since January. I print all the 15-20 News articles daily that you provide (Due light reflection I can't read more than 2-3 articles in mobile or laptop, and it's also easy to mark down important points on hard copy ). I have just completed my Internship in Medical Science. I'm preparing for CSE. I couldn't give much time during the graduation period because in Medical Science it is very difficult to find extra time. All my friends are now preparing for PG entrance examination. Some of my friends and family recommend me to get a PG and then prepare for CSE. But I know , if I get into it will be very much difficult to find time. So I decided to prepare for CSE. I need your suggestions sir. Thanks to PT Team . ( In next testimonial I'll definitely share my experience with the govt. Hospitals )

Avatar Renu singh, Firozabad, August 2018
Namaste sir. I am the regular viewer of your CA with pt education. And wait for your session eagerly. It gives a lot of knowledge around the world One day my friend ask me about some current issue. I answered all questions. Then she was surprised that how clearly I was explaining things.its only bcs of u. There is a one problem that newspaper images are not clear on the site. it is fade up. Sir mene ye Apna 3rd testimonial Isslie likha h qki apne kha tha ki girls k testimonial Nhi aa rhe. Isslie mujhse rha Nhi Gaya . Thnk you so much again sir God bless u always. And apka ashirvad bhi Hum Par bnaaye rkhiye

Avatar Anmol Dhawan, Batala, August 2018
Dear Guru G charan naman Thank u for such a great pt app and all your contribution towards the built of nation and life of many needy student....i hope india will become producer nation one day.and latest every one will get employment i wish one day any politician watch your sesssion and realise we need to improve a lot in many sector and they do effort for that at least.. I want to serve nation i also teach poor students and try to let them become free thinker as i learn from a legendary teacher sandeep sir.. Thank guru g har har mahadev

Avatar Neelam, Bangalore, August 2018
Pranaam Sir. You said betiyyan testimonial nahi likh rahiin so writing today. It can't be discipline to listen to session daily as I'm one of those who have planned to join the gym from 'tomorrow' all their lives. So, it has to be 'substance' addiction then for daily doses. My gratitude to you & team sir. On Kerala floods Chennai had worst ever flood hitting in 2015 and that too was attributed to unrestrained construction. We certainly don't seem to be learning from past mistakes & experiences. Ever deteriorating Civic condition due to unplanned growth in our cities is like we are sitting on ticking time bomb to get exploded through one or the other calamity and also consuming slow poison for eventual self destruction. Ironically infrastructure development despite PPP doesn't ever outpace the private legal/illegal construction, meaning the private construction companies can gauge upcoming growth and demand clearly but city development authorities cannot - for reasons known and unknown!

Avatar Atul, Chandigarh, August 2018
Sir, your teaching approach has always been an inspiration for me whether i look at it from teacher or student perspective. When i listen to your lectures, it keeps me motivated to learn more and i think if the teaching community starts to teach in the same lucid manner as you, our education system will improve by many folds. It has been one month now, when i started listening to the daily sessions and it has increased my understanding about reading the news and analyzing the issues. The important thing is that i have learnt to demarcate the issues and form my own opinion about the affairs. You are doing a great job and i am really obliged to you that you are sharing your sea of knowledge to us, which will surely help us in future endeavours.

Avatar Ram ji Yadav, Kanpur, August 2018
Namaste sir .प्रणाम गुरु जी I wish to express my gratitude to all the people involved in the pt education team, especially Sandeep Manudhane sir who is very generous in sharing their time and knowledge with me. संदीप गुरुजी ने civil tapasya annual preparation (TAP) के माध्यम से जो exam का स्वरूप समझाया ,और CA series के माध्यम से स्वरूप के साथ साथ कदम दर कदम चलाने का तरीका भी बताते चल रहे है जिससे मेरे अंदर एक good reading revolution ने जन्म ले लिया है। श्रीमान हम अब क्या बताये ओर कैसे बताये । How exciting ? that we have a lovely combination of both. And finally my deepest gratitude to Sandeep sir for their outstanding Sessions in pt education HQ channel . चरण स्पर्श गुरुजी । कर के दिखायेंगे

Avatar Praful Petkar, Nagpur, Maharashtra, August 2018
दंडवत सिरसाष्टांग नमस्कार ,हे माझे प्रथम प्रशंसा पत्र आहे, pT कुटुंबाबरोबर 2 वर्षपूर्वी नातं जुळला .गेल्या 2 वर्षात खुप वैचारिक बदल झालेला अनुभवत अहो , कोटी कोटी ध्यान्यवाद....आपले lectures बघून एक तिसरा नेत्र मिळाला. विचार प्रगल्भ झाले , कुठं चुकता आहे अचूकपणे कळला. आपण आमच्या साठी घेत असलेल्या या अविरत परिश्रमाबद्दल आपला कृतज्ञ...आपण शतायुषी व्हा देवाकडे मागण...धन्यवाद आपला शिष्य, प्रफुल पेटकर नागपूर

Avatar Nitin Kumar Prusty, Baripada, Odisha, August 2018
Pranam Sir. This is my 2nd testimonial. It will be much less even after praising you and your team much more. So instead I will be happy to express some of my thoughts :). It has been 7 months, I am learning and gaining knowledges from you sir and the PT team. The knowledge you are proving, is creating a great confidence and hunger in me learn more. Now I am proud to be a free thinker and that happens only because of your teaching. You are an ideal for me. Just hoping for some of the students of PT Education to bring in your ideologies into Indian politics :). My thought is, what if instead of declaring Bharat Bandh on the occasion of sad demise any great honourable personality, we will instruct head of every institutions (Schools, Colleges, offices, companies) to conduct a meeting to spread the great deeds and ideologies of the person. So that it can create a positive impact on people. I will ne happy to know ab out your opinions as well.

Avatar Jithin Krishnan, Kannur Kerala, August 2018
Hello Sandeep sir. A very good evening to you. My name is Jithin and am from God's own country - Kerala. I work as an Officer in one of the leading nationalized banks. I have completed my MBA in finance from Cochin University of Science and Technology. Am a regular viewer of current affairs with PT education. The best online current affairs I have ever come across and the best teaching styles i have ever seen.. U have revolutionized the way I think. Now when I read newspapers or read any circulars in the office and if I come across something which i am not familiar of then i ask myself "what exactly is ..".. I should have met pt education quite some years ago, i might have been in a better position.. My whole hearted thanks to you and your wonderful team. We people at Kerala are going through a difficult period and we will get over it. Keep moving!!

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, August 2018
Dear sir , you asked about literature in the previous session, I am not a very avid reader but definitely have written two Poetry books during my engineering days, published from USA and have also worked as an editor for foreign presses, now preparing for Civils under your guidance and doing painting in parallel. One of my favorite books happens to be “The book of Mirdad” by Mikhail Naimy. My optional for civil services is Philosophy. Sharing with you may be an odd observation, but sir, in 2000 years of philosophising, Western Philosophy hasn’t managed to find even a single answer. With every supposed answer, they have more questions popping up. Makes me lost. Why is it so ?? Indian “Darshan” (Which I don’t consider Philosophy), has no real questions, Just “Awareness” is there Enlightenment is there. Kindly project some light on the differences in approach, between Western Philosophy and भारतीय दर्शन. I think both are diametrically opposite.

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Powai, Mumbai, August 2018
Dear Sandeep Sir, Apke charnon mein sat sat naman. Aaj ki uploaded photo mein shayad apke followers, or kuch friends apni bhawnayein dekhte honge Meri bhawnaon ko to zaroor darshati hai. I could not resist myself and had to write this within 5 days of my 3rd testimonial. Today at L&T corporate office Mumbai, we celebrated Independence day. There was lot being spoken on our Azadi ke Heroes. I have heard you once praising Udham Singh and questioning why our history text books don't have even a single chapter on such a great man? As my turn came I added Azadi ke 'real' Heroes or rather 'The forgotten Heroes'. After hearing me the hall was all up for standing ovation. I owe this recognition to you. Sensing the mood I added that we will not become Vishwaguru by being a consumer nation but by being export powerhouse. Let us have our own Google and Facebook. Why can't L& T take this initiative? I urge you to prepare few sessions for working professionals too. Thanks and Jai Hind Sir.

Avatar Navnit Kumar, Deoghar, August 2018
Pranam sir,this is my 3rd testimonial.Presently running a hospital at deoghar,jharkhand.Today on the ocassion of independence day,we treated 30 patients free of cost,This was done because i was fed up with watsapp forwards of jai hind and bharat mata ki jai type messages,kal se phir sab badal jaenge 25jan tak,so thought of making this day memorable by treating patients free.You are an inspiration for the youths,we love you sir a lot.You are doing a wonderful work by giving 360 degree approach to any issue,god bless you sirji.Jai HInd sir.

Avatar Krishna Kumar, Lucknow, August 2018
This is very helpful for me to study

Avatar Learner Kumar, Bengaluru, August 2018
Sir apko mera pranam aur Gajraj aur Gajputri ko bhi mera pyar. Apke sang inhe dekh kar bahut accha lagta hai par doosri taraf hamare paryavaran ki maujuda stithi ko dekh kar bahut dukh bhi pahunchta hai isi par aaj kuch likha hai. ना जाने ये मेढक कहाँ मर गए कोई कहता है इंसानों को देख ये बेचारे डर गए तो कोई कहता है इस बार सूखा आ जाने से मायूस हो कर ये वापस अपने घर गये ना जाने ये गौरैया भी कहाँ उड़ गयी कहीं यहाँ आते आते किसी ग़लत रास्ते तो नही मुड़ गयी या फिर ये भी मेंढकों संग घर वापसी की राह मे जुड़ गयी ना जाने ये बारिश भी कहाँ रह गयी पिछले मौसम वाली तो कब की नदी बन कर बह गयी दोस्तों शायद ई सबकी रूठन हम से बहुत कुछ कह गयी ये घर इनके भी थे जहाँ आज सिर्फ़ हम ही हम हैं कहाँ रहे वो पेड़, झीलें, दरिया, अब तो बस इमारतों मे दम है भूल गये हम कुद्रत को, दिखाने मे की हर जगह बस हमारे कदम है शायद प्रकृति पर हमारा ये अतिक्रमण, मानव द्वारा बनाया गया सबसे बड़ा बम है सुधरना होगा हमे, इससे पहले की ये बम फुट जाए(टिपिंग पॉइंट) कहीं इतनी देर ना कर दें हम, की प्रकृति हम से हमेशा के लिए रूठ जाए

Avatar Preet Jain, Pali, Marwar, Rajasthan, August 2018
My journey with PT started seven years back in 2011. I was doing my Engineering from NIT Jaipur and wanted to go for management studies. I enrolled for PT Education MBA preparation program and I must admit it was a fantastic and amazing journey. The content, faculty and ecosystem was awesome even back then. Kudos to the team. I though was not selected first time, joined Polaris and worked there for two and a half years.In the meantime I tried to keep the desire for MBA burning and with the help of PT online content, I was able to get through NMIMS,Mumbai through NMAT and scored decent in CAT exam too. Post MBA I had got the chance to work overseas in Dubai for about six months but the love of the country brought me back and now I am working in the corporate banking division of ICICI Bank in Mumbai. I am not giving any competitive exam as such now, but the desire,zeal & passion to learn more keeps me motivated. Moreover your intensity, enthusiasm is still the same SIR . Best Wishes

Avatar Jignesh shah, Surat, August 2018
Namaste sir .sir apke ca ke videos ka ek nasha sa ho gaya he .jab tak na dekhe tab tak sukun nahi milta .sir ek vishay par apse puchna tha ki mere karib karib sare dost aur cousin desh chhodkar ja chuke he unme se kuchh doctor aur kuchh iitian bhi he .to sir ye brain drain ka reason kya he ?

Avatar Pavan Giri, Varanasi, August 2018
pranam Sir, I am from the ancient city of world varanasi. the slogan of banarsi is, -:mast raha mast kara. Sir is hissab se to aap bhi banarsi hue, because by educating us you also do ( mast raha mast kara) MATLAB aap bhi hamko padake mast kar dete he. Sir you tell us that frog are extinct. but I tell you crow are also extinct because when I was child I saw flocks of crow in our colonies. Sara din kav kav hi sunta tha. but today I found not anyone rarely.i have huge concerned over it. Sir please guide me I love infotainment Kya me Upsc ias ke interview me infotainment ko hobby ke taur pe present kara sakta hu. Sir please guide me. apka sisya Pavan giri

Avatar Parveen, Mohali, Punjab, August 2018
Pranam sir, this is my 1st the Testimononial, with all my experience with sessions conducted by you ,i understand your personality being very energetic and altruistic along with wisdom for wide range of descipline ,is also formed by films . sir as you usualy narrate songs on various issue ,to persuade us ,taking a clue from it ,i watched almost all the movies from which you choose songs . most of them are before 2000s. sir i beleive 21st centuary youngsters also need wisdom from last centuary's films .i would humbly request you to suggest us a movie on weekly basis ,it will help us enrich our ideas through observation , although no movie can be bad ,but a systematic and your word can make it us more attentive . in our ca with pt session ,once you suggested for a web page of listed movies but i did not able to found . if there exist please inform . You have holded our hand , opening our mind and sir believe me you very close to my heart.

Avatar Vivek J Patoliya, Gondal, Gujarat, August 2018
Hi Sir,I choose to learn from the best. When it comes to learning how to write better, Current Affairs is that good Platform —he’s skillful, humble, passionate, teaching from personal experience, and excited to show you the way. What he teaches you will help you improve your writing, not just during the course, but beyond.My English is not good and is my first testimonial. Forced to think about (irregular and loose) and leave me bad habits and help to develop good people. I got more benefit than expected "Winner don't do different things, they do things differently".

Avatar Vineet Kumar, Delhi, August 2018
Sabse pahle sandeep manudhane sir ko 'charan sparsh' This is my first testimonial .Basically mai bihar 'jehanabad'se hu aur delhi me income tax department me ek chhoti si post pe job karta hu. . mujhe laga ki yaha meri career ka end ho gya, mai , but pichhle 3 month se CAwithPT dekh raha hu and TAP ka bhi student hu regular follow kar raha hu .EK aasha ki kiran jagi hai, ab mujhme itni confinance aa gayi hai in 3 month me hee ki lagta hai ''mera dream come true" honewala hai , i will definitely crack the UPSC /BPSC exam and also an independent thinker . my writing skill is not good but also try to write something whichever in my heart. sir your mimicry of dolald trump is mind blowing keep mimic ....thanks sir and Gajraj& Gajputri also. agle bar jaroor kuchh improve karke likhunga. "kar ke dikhayenge"

Avatar Chandan Kumar Singh, Sriniketan, August 2018
Hello Sir! Har ! Har Mahadev!!! Glad to write my 3rd TM. First of all my salute to the volunteers who prepare the Questions regularly! Secondly Sir, have something serious to share that on existence of Frogs. I feel very sad to see that regularly while going library i get to see in average 1 to 2 frogs dead body in a week ..Very deep problem ....Thirdly sir , what are your views on APJ ABDUL KALAM SIR AND HIS WORKS !! THANKS SIR !!AFTER SIR YOU ARE THE NEXT KALAM FOR ME !!!!

Avatar Manoj Kumar Baghel, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, August 2018
Namshkar Sir, charan sparsh, My name is Manoj kumar and I am from Aligarh UP. Sir mene last year apna college complete kiya hai aur ab civil service ki taiyari kr rha hu. me apki official site ko pichle 2.5 saal se follow kr rha hu iske baare me mere classmate ne mujhe bataya lekin ab me usko iske latest vedios ke baare me batata hu aur sath me mumkin hota hai me probodhan master course ke baare me batata hu aur me kai ko me endroll kra chuka hu. Paradam sir ji ..... Aur KAR KE DIKHAYENGE

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Mumbai, August 2018
Dear Sandeep Sir, Paying obeisance unto you. Your sessions are bringing positive changes in all of us. Now I am a proud member of 'Nation first'. It is a non-political movement started by Mr. Mayank Gandhi, who I admire and few others with an immediate mission of helping the poorest get free medical treatment. Over 70 charitable hospitals in Mumbai alone have taken land at throwaway prices, import duty and FSI benefits, against which they have to give 10% beds for free treatment and 10% beds for treatments at 50% cost (around 1700 beds per day). But very few of these beds are utilized while govt hospitals are overflowing and patients are in distress. We will try to get the poor get medical treatments. Sandeep Sir, apka aashirwad yun hi bana rahein. Apki energy level bahot prerit karti hai. Apko dekhkar or sunkar "Maithili Sharan Gupt" ki ye panktiyan yaad aati hain. यह जन्म हुआ किस अर्थ अहो समझो जिसमें यह व्यर्थ न हो कुछ तो उपयुक्त करो तन को नर हो, न निराश करो मन को। Jai Hind!

Avatar Rahul Kansal, Delhi NCR, August 2018
Hello sir!!I am currently pursuing B.Com(H) from Shri Ram College of Commerce(SRCC), DU.First of all I want to thank you for starting this series.Your unbiased straightforward opinions taught me a lot and now I am able to analyse and interpret whats all happening around and got a wider view and form my own opinions and conclusions rather than getting influenced by others.Sir I always thought that if we Indians are so skilled and competent that we hold top most positions in many of the world's biggest companies then why can't we make one by ourselves???? I strongly support e-commerce policy as in my research on this I found that many new startup which comes up with innovative ideas instantly gets funding from big global investors including Google,Amazon,Tencent & Softbank just to name a few.I want Indian investors to stand up and fund such startups or government should do something to fulfill their fund requirement. Curefit & Shutll are among the startups that we lost to global giants.

Avatar Krishna Kumar, Sitamarhi, Bihar, August 2018
Namaste sir, I am a final year student of geography hons, Kirori Mal College DU. I am delighted to tell Sandeep sir that your CA WITH PT is flying in my college like a wind of knowledge and awareness, so many people getting benefit from it. Sir new and updates is available everywhere although your way of teaching with dessert of moral is amazing . I hope this series will continue till CSE 2019 .Me and my friends is depended on it ! Sir to prepare for CSE with college is quite difficult how one can do better in such condition?

Avatar Ajay Tiwari, Pune, August 2018
Pranam Sir,"You inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning within us".I have recently started preparing for civil services,but I am watching your videos since last one year & I have also recommended my friends to follow CA with PT. Sir sometimes I think why our country's youth is not much attracted towards the real topics of our nation and they get into irrelevant activites like 'Kiki Challenge', If we all can start giving some part of our time in asking right questions to our government & try to think about solutions,then it would help in progress of our nation. I would also like to thank entire team of PT who are working to provide us useful souces and comprehensive sessions.

Avatar Nitin Bodkhe, Aurangabad, August 2018
Namaste sir, I was residence of aurangabad maharashtra [tourist capital city] since last one year and following your ca series since its very inception. i've saw a news where u have pointed out ban of plastic in maharashtra but that all has happen on paper and pen and hype about plastic ban is different from ground reality people now in current scenario turn back to use of plastic openly because such immediate plastic ban in single instance is not viable, rather it should be step wise. i hope plastic buyback scheme should be implemented in its letter and spirit, lets see in future. Dont worry i'll update u. thank very much for ur ca with pt series which makes intellectually vulnerable section [like me 😊] knowledgly empower, and up course i really saw the changes in me. Thank u very much and keep continue.....

Avatar Shaik Mohammed Shoaib, Adoni, Andra Pradesh, August 2018
Sir Thank you very much ,i was very confused about Current affairs and News paper reading. bahut shukriya sir aapke lectures mujhe bahut confidence dete hain padne mein.This has become my daily routine and now i am addicted to this. i have started my preparation for UPSC CSE 2019. In sha allah i will succeed. i need your blessings,bless me sir. thank you

Avatar Ranjeet Kumar, Purnea, Bihar, August 2018
Guruji charan sparh , Mai CA/TAP ka regular follower hu. Ye mera dusra testimonial hai . CA/TAP ka har session mere determination/knowledge ko strong kar rha hai. Sath hi har topic ka 360° analysis to" Gagar me Sagar " ke saman hai . Kaha jata hai ki "Aakre jhooth nhi bolte ". Jab mai logo ke sath discussin ke dauran CA session se note kiye aakre rakhta hu to unke pas uska jabab nhi hota hai. Guruji mai objective exam kai bar crack kiya hu.(Navodaya vidyalaya entrance exam 1997, ITI exam 1st rank 2011,rrb kolkata NTPC 3rd rank 2013, CGL 5 times(pt/mains),CHSL 5 times, FCI etc). Lekin aajtak subjective exam nhi diya hu. Es bar 64th BPSC exam dena chahta hu, eske liye kirpya aap mera margdarsan kare .Mai Bihar govt. employee hu.(5 to 8 hours daily padh rha hu . Es bar testimonial thora bara ho gya uske liye sorry . Guruji,Gajraj, Gajputri aur Pt pariwar ko mera parnam .

Avatar Dipankar Dey, Guwahati, August 2018
Pranam Sir! Gajraj aur gajputri ko bhi pranam! I am a resident of Guwahati, Assam where the NRC exercise is on in full swing. And being a novice at understanding politics I found it quite hard to read between the lines of everything that was portrayed. But since I started watching the CA with PT sessions, my perspective is being enhanced by the day. In the last few days, there were attempts to create a sense of confusion and disharmony but I found that the citizens of my state have shown political maturity and have not fallen prey to such diabolic plots. I myself agree with Prateek Hajela regarding possible errors in this draft which is entirely possible given the size of the exercise. Through the medium of your channel I pray to the youth to understand what's going on and guide the less privileged around you to ensure smooth unfolding of the process. This is my fifth testimonial and I have literally run out of words to describe you. I can say only this. You are my GURU!!

Avatar Harsh Kumar, Araria, Bihar, August 2018
गुरु जी को मेरा सादर प्रणाम; मैं हर्ष कुमार 9 वर्ष का कक्षा 3 का विद्यार्थी हूं.इस फोटो में ,मैं और मेरे मामा जी( मुन्ना झा) है जिन्होंने मुझे पीटी परिवार से अवगत कराया गुरुजी पहले मैं कार्टून देखा करता था और एक दिन मामा जी बोले की यह कार्टून-वाटून क्या देखता है इधर आओ और मुझे c a p t दिखाया और मैं कुछ दिनों से नियमित देखता हूं. सर अभी तो इंग्लिश कम समझ में आता है लेकिन फिर भी देखता हूं सर आप, गजराज और गज पुत्री काफी अच्छे दिखते हो और मिसाइल और डोनाल्ड ट्रंप का मिमिक्री का तो जवाब ही नहीं, गुरु जी मुझे हारमोनियम ढोलक बजाना काफी पसंद है और सीख भी रहा हूं. पीटी टीम को मेरा नमस्कार; सर आप बहुत अच्छे हो

Avatar Vikram singh, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, August 2018
Good evening sir,I am working as an assistant manager in steel & power sector,and also preparing for various government exams.i have been following the PT sessions from YouTube since last 2 years .current affairs with pt is a great platform .sessions like hinduism,Indus valley civilization, terrorism etc generated a keen interest in my mind 2 years back to go into depth of these issues(as being an engineer by degree and profession hardly gives any exposure to these issues academically,).I am very thankful to the sincere efforts of team PT.i have also enrolled for TAP programme and eagerly waiting for PT app.thank you sir thank you so much.u r such an inspiration .KR K DIKHAYENGE.PT ROCKS

Avatar Harpreet Singh, Mohali, Punjab, August 2018
Namaste Sir, I have been following your lectures since past one year. You are inspiration for me. Sir, I suggest you please add 'Question and answers session' in the end of every lecture what you asked in previous lectures.Your mimcry of Donald Trump is excellent. Thanks you Sir KAR KE DiKHANGE…

Avatar Bhargav Patel, Vadodara, Gujarat, August 2018
Namaste sir. Congratulations to you and PT education team for completing 25 years of journey by doing a noble work. I was an assistant manager at Tata Chemicals Limited at Mithapur and currently working in Gujarat state fertilizers & chemicals limited at Vadodara. I was searching proper videos for improving my GK and English since long time. I found your videos on youtube Channel and then i got everything i wanted. I am watching CA with PT sessions regularly since 1 month. I also joined TAP program and Vocabulary booster sessions. The way of teaching the topics and the contain which you provide in the current affairs session are awesome. It is giving me the confidence and knowledge so that i can participated in discussion with a best views. I learnt many good things in my life like : Learn at least one new thing everyday, You will get more than what you give in sense of help and knowledge. Same way you taught me that " Follow the three rules of good citizen"."Kar Ke Dikhayenge..."

Avatar Ranjeet kumar, Purnea, Bihar, August 2018
Guruji ko sadar parnam , Ye mera Pahla Testimonial hai . Mai CA/TAP ka regular follower hu . Sath hi VDC,GEC aur PMC me enroll kiya hu . Mai apne aap ko bhut lucky samjhta hu ki aap jaise intellectual , motivator aur great teacher se padhne ka mauka mila . Mai Govt. Employee hu (Block Statistical Supervisor , Purnea,Bihar ) . So job aur study ke beech mai samanjasya baithana parta hai . Mai 8 baje uthta tha lekin ab 4:30 baje uthne jata hu. Ab to 24 hour Read,Read,Read,Write ,Write,Write,Think,Think,Think . Ek bar fir Sir aur Pt pariwar ko mera Parnam... "KAR KE DIKHAYEGE"

Avatar Devanand Gangboir, Bemetara, Chhattisgarh, August 2018
Pranam sir !! I am Devanand Gangboir from bemetara Chhattisgarh. This is my first testimonials . Being a knowledge seeker my mind headed towards your video sessions and finds it very valuable. few months ago when i first time visited the site Boodhi Booster, I was amazed by the website name and love the all your naming system for new programms like tapasya and prabodhan. Recently I completed my Bteach from NIT Raipur , and preparing for GATE 2019. Your CA sessions is like daily dose of tonic makes our mind healthy and prosperous in terms of knowledge and wisdom , gives a better perspective in varieties of issues. Your explanation on complex matter is like a simplifying programming algorithm , if u understood algorithm well then u can able to code it easily. we love the way u teach us with full of integrity, dynamism and commitment and in between amazed by ur Satires and Impromptu humour. Thanks and lots of LOVE for u and PT team.

Avatar Raghav Agarwal, Sultanpur, August 2018
Namaste sir,i started watching your sessions on current affairs a few days back.I am amazed by the way you teach and explain things in the session.You give a 360° view and it is so easy to understand each and every thing.Your way of teaching is commendable.Your jokes,mimicry and off topic things are like a cherry on the cake.Now that I am addicted,I watch your videos daily.The best part is we can even download and get all the content(so many scanned newspapers) at a single place without any trouble. Lastly,I have now started posting some regarding the latest current affairs on my fb account as well so that other people also get some useful information. Thank you so much sir for making us so enriched with knowledge today.You are a gem of a person and their is something really strong in your voice and personality that keeps us deeply engaged in your sessions.

Avatar Ajay Tiwari, Pune, Maharashtra, August 2018
Pranam Sir, I have been following you since past one year & you have been a great source of inspiration for me.I have recently finished my Mechanical Engineering & opted for civil services.I like the way you make concepts crystal clear. I recently heard that you are Arsenal fan , I am also supporting Arsenal since 2012 . What are your views on departure of Arsene Wenger and arrival of Unai Emery? I also like the way you present your balanced views on all sensitive topics of our country. I want to express my gratitude towards all your efforts, for which you work everyday & also looking forward for PT's app.

Avatar Rohit Purbe, Dammam, August 2018
Dear Sir, Charan Sparsh to get your blessing considering myself as disciple of a great Guru. ‘’Guru Bina Gyan Kaha se Hoi? Guru Bina ye zindgi asan kahase hoi?. Bhatak jate hai jub log is Kaleidoscopic duniya mein tu akhir Guru hi Rah dekhati hai, khud ko khud se pehchan karate hai ”. I'm a very far but I feel as if you are in front of me just like my Kirpaacharay. My 2nd Testimonial invites all the friends to visit the site and join with available courses are there to get benefit & to know the Gurukul PT education is a wonderful resource for knowledge. I'm able to know the current world affairs with the help of PT. Current affairs presented by you in very romantic way. I want to read the book “The Eleven Pictures of Time’’ by C.K. Raju, as you showed in “Hinduism” lecture & share my views that who want to do something better in life. Firstly, be educated, be knowledgeable and be responsible for ourselves for making the country instead of blaming someone else.

Avatar Akshay Saini, Muzaffarnagar, August 2018
Namaste dear sir and entire PT education team( incl. Gajraj & Gajputri . A big THANKS for providing such a top quality content with so much dedication and toil. Every session of yours is a gem and it helps us to improve a lot daily. It is making us confident than ever before. Recently i came across a photo of two people which someone shared on one of a whatsapp group stating that the two people are child abductors and we should share it. This was my first experience of relating to that fake msgs and lynching happs. Thanks to your sessions now i can easily find out that which is fake news. Sir, In one of your sessions you told that samundra manthan is very great incident and it directly relates to our lives. A session on this will be a treat to watch and understand.Thanks. Loads of Love SANDEEP SIR ZINDABAD. !!

Avatar Akash Yadav, New Delhi, August 2018
I cleared my CSE Prelims 2018 and I owe my complete success to you Sir. The current affairs videos are so enriching that it has become a major part of my daily routine. Every single point you say is worth noticing and I assure you that all my fellow students are a big fan of your work. You are born to teach sir. I have been following your page since 1st January, 2018 the day you uploaded the 3rd video for current affairs. You deserve a big applause sir. I will not let your hard work go waste. Hats off to you. With due respect Sir, Pteducation rocks...!!! Karke dikhaenge.

Avatar Smita Krishna Patil, Palghar, Maharashtra, August 2018
Hello Sandeep sir and PT Team, Namaste and Congratulations. You all are doing a great job for the students and working professionals. I am working as an assistant professor in one of the engineering college in Mumbai.I am following PT education YouTube channel and website from last 1 year. Sir, you are my mentor. I am learning so many things and gaining knowledge day by day through your lectures. As being an engineering faculty, your current affairs sessions are very helpful to me to update my knowledge specially science and technology. It also helps me to connect latest trends and innovations with bookish knowledge. I always get inspired from you and trying to improve my teaching style.I hope I could teach like you with all the enthusiasm and Donald Trump mimicry.I always motivate my students to be a free thinker as you are my inspiration.So they can implement projects like Search engines and other social media websites for our country. Once again Thanks. Kar ke dikhayenge. Jai Hind.

Avatar Rohit Verma, Greater Noida, August 2018
ir I feel very blithe if you not skip(read entire) my testimonial.😊 Hello Sir, And Team PT, I'm writing my First Testimonial. I glad I found you on YouTube (Hinduism Lecture) since then I'm following you & also join Prabodhan Master Course. Sir you are a great human being and guiding us (youth of nation) towards positivity and reminds us technology is boon only if use it in productivity and helping for human race(which is ephemeral), if not it will be a curse like lynchings. Everybody talks about your caricature of US President but Sir i like your Smiling face and way of thinking in terms of concern of India's Future. May be one day we have politicians that think like you. Sir I've 2 questions: 1) Did you chant Shiv 14 Shutriya Mantra? If Yes what are the benefits you got? 2) Sir if unaccounted cash/money/parallel black economy become white and joins the white economy then what will our GDP in trillion dollar? (Also make a Day Today Session on this topic) Sir one mimicry Thanks

Avatar Subhasish Mondal, Bardhaman, West Bengal, July 2018
Jai Hind Sir, I am a serving professional in Indian Army.After everyday's long journey towards goal,I wait for your CA session eagerly.From 1 year I am traveling with you and your team,joyfully the journey began with the Hinduism and Communication video.I suggest many of my friends to follow CA with PT education,in order to relief from their notion of virtual and false news world. I am enjoying your TAP Series,also.Sir my request to you Pls advertise your session more and more in order to achieve more attention of the people from every fields of life.Thank you for your hard work. At last please sing the song'nanhe munne rahi hai desh ka sipahi hai'

Avatar Chainaram Mali, Udaipur, Rajasthan, July 2018
Namaskar SM Sir Team PT, Sandeep sir you are my ideal I am following you from 2 years, my friend Paramvir Sindhu told me about you, we all are a PT community here which even you don't know :). I also read your blogs at brightsparks your blog on your father is an allegory; my favorite. "You may succeed further to infinity in succeeding others" please come to Udaipur let us know. Love you Sir. Kar ke Dikhayenge!

Avatar Bhalchandra Panchal, Nirmal, Telangana, July 2018
Namaskaar gurudev.respected sir i have been following your current affairs video series since last month. In every video you surprise me with your knowledge.It shows how much you love studies. Because of you i earned so much knowledge . Your videos brought a significant change in my life. I follow your each and every word. All followers say you are a good teacher but along with that you are a good mimicry artist and singer. And most important fact about you that i observed you enjoy every moment of the session and hopefully your life also. and finally kar ke dikhayenge.... Har har mahaadev..

Avatar Vivek Pratap Singh Chauhan, Allahabad, July 2018
Sir , first of all wishing you a very happy guru Purnima . You are such an inspiration and source of enlightenment to us. I deliberately chosen today day to write testimonial to you so that I can pay my highest regards to you and to your team. While am writing this ,the lunar eclipse is going to start which is one of a kind of this century . Thanks alot for clearing so many eclipses of unawareness and negligence from our life.(scientific temper) After watching your video on world war 2 , Hinduism and solar system you opened new source of knowledge for me. Paying my sincere and heartfelt regards to you sir . Lots of love and respect from Allahabad and Bulandshahr (u.p) :-attaching my picture with Ganga ma in background . I invite you and all students out there to please come to allahabad and enjoy the Kumb mela. *Government is doing fine work here but still so much to go regarding Bridge and makeover pull infrastructure ,I hope all will be good. Happy guru Purnima guru ji !!

Avatar Itulla Din loan, Bengalore, July 2018
Hi Sir, It's Itulla Din Loan from Jammu and Kashmir and preparing for Upsc exam, following CA with PT education from July 2018 onward and enjoying a wonderful journey with Sandeep Manudhane sir. I was struggling to read current affairs now it's easy to understand by great and full of zeal teaching of Manudhane sir.Apart from teaching you have great talent of Mimicry especially for Donald Trump with American accent and I really like it. I wish you best of luck for your future journey and thanks for providing such a wonderful service (TAP) and felt tremendous motivation from this energetic teaching.I wish Allaha will bestow many more return to you by providing this service. Thanks.

Avatar Jaswant Singh, Patiala, Punjab, July 2018

Avatar Muhammad Azeem Butt, Faisalabad, July 2018
Being a knowledge seeker, i find this platform very valuable. The diversity of knowledge compeIs my to visit this site daily. As i am also preparing for my civil services exam for Feb 2019, your platform covers many topics that are essential for my course. But , can you guide me more about the analysis of current affairs? What are the general guide lines and requirements to conduct a sound current affairs analysis that covers domestic and international analysis. I will be very thankful to you if you can upload a video on this. I consider you my spiritual leader and also an admirer of your efforts for promoting the education.

Avatar Purushottam kumar, Darbhanga, Bihar, July 2018
आपको प्रणाम, गुरु पर्व की हार्दिक शुभकामनाये .आप बहुत ही उत्कृष्ट कार्य कर रहे है. शिक्षा दान. Your Voice and Way of Explanation is very Impactable and easily graspable. मेरे दो प्रश्न है : 1. Job system in India 2. Choosing your leader during Election 1. In India, Most of the people are working for their basic needs, not serving for India to be grade up, not because they cant but the cause is the mentality created by organisation and surrounding people who force them to work like them directly or Indirectly. 2. At time of Election we don't have a good leader at both side, Vote for any will cause same thing(Less corrupted or more corrupted (comparing to both), i.e not getting the progress for which we choose them. In this case if i go with NOTA, one of them wins as usual. Indirectly it means we don't have good leaders. Is it Not Possible that a Higher Qualification to get in for Election Candidature. and there should be reservation for more qualified candidate by some %.

Avatar Dipankar Dey, Guwahati, July 2018
Pranam Guruji! Gajraj aur gajputri ko namaste! Sir, meri hindi achi nahi hai kyuki bachpan se hi mujhe bataya gaya ki angrezi zyada zaroori hai. Isi karan vash mujhe hindi samacharpatra padhne me bohot taqleef hoti thi. Par me samajh chuka tha ki hindi ko janna sirf zaroorat nahi mazedaar v hai. Fir maine aapke dwara prastut ki gayi hindi sadhak series ko dekhna shuru kiya. Wo series hindi madhyam ke dosto ke liye ashirwad to hai hi par mere jaise chatra jinki hindi utni achi nahi hai, unke liye v kisi vardaan se kam nai hai. Mai ab hindi me v ache se padh pa raha hun, aur apke ashirwad se ise aur acha banane ki koshish karta jaunga. Maine pehli bar koi sanskrit shlok ap hi se suna(Hinduism k lecture me), aur wo shlok mujhe har nayi chiz sikhne me protsahit karti hai, "Om Purnamadaha Purnamidam Purnatah Purnamudachayte| Purnasya Purnamadae Purnameva Vashishate|". Maine is testimonal ko hindi me varnit karne ki koshish ki, koi galti ho gayi ho to kripya shama kijiyega. Kar ke dikhayenge

Avatar Piyush Srivastava, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, July 2018
गुरु जी प्रणाम। आपकी ऊर्जा और ज्ञान को शत-शत नमन। आपके चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करने के बाद internet का सही उपयोग होने लगा है। मेरे ज्ञान का फलक विस्तृत हुआ है और सोचने का तरीका ही बदल गया है। मैं प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं की तैयारी कर रहा हूं, प्रारंभिक सफलताएं भी मिली हैं परंतु मंज़िल का सफर जारी है, शायद आपके आशीर्वाद की ही कमी थी, अब सफलता मिल जाएगी। मैं हिंदी माध्यम का छात्र रहा हु अतः अंग्रेजी मैं हाथ तंग है पर आपकी सहायता से वो भी सीखने का प्रयास कर रहा हूं, सतत सीखते रहने में ही जीवन की जीवंतता है, यह बात मुझे समझ आ चुकी है। मुझे हिंदी सहित्य अच्छा लगता है, प्रेमचन्द और रामधारी सिंह दिनकर मेरे प्रिय साहित्यकारों में से हैं और अब आप भी मेरे प्रिय आदर्शों में से हैं। महादेव आपको दीर्घायु करें, आपका मार्गदर्शन बहुमूल्य है। आपको पुनः प्रणाम।

Avatar Prince Bhardwaj, New Delhi, July 2018
Hello Sir Namaste, Love for Gajraaj and Gajputri I have been following your videos since past 3 months and seriously I love the way you teach . You are the best speaker I have ever watched. The things that fascinates me about you are- Your sheer hard work ,dedication and extreme focus towards your work which keeps me motivated. My perception towards learning GK and reading current affairs has completely changed after watching your videos . As we know Teachers are endless Fragrance, which lasts forever in mind of students as Knowledge. You are my inspiration, a role model and my real guru. Thanks for being a part of my life , I am truly blessed to have a teacher like you. I feel like I have transformed a lot in terms of knowledge from the day 1 to the day present i am watching you. Hope to meet you soon with my results...! - Prince

Avatar Anmol Dhawan, Batala, July 2018
Hlo dear sir I am watching your session from starting and this is my 4th testimonial..I feel very motivated when i connect with u on YouTube by video's.. your knowledge enlightened me a lot.. thank u for such great effort to change life of me... Thanx pt team... Love ju sir

Avatar Prithvi Sharan Rausaria, Varanasi, July 2018
नमस्कार,टीम PT ,मैं पृथ्वी शरण रौसरिया PT CA कार्यक्रम का नियमित अध्यन करता रहा हूँ और टीम पीटी को धन्यवाद देना चाहूंगा कि उनके द्वारा उपलब्ध कराये जा रहे इस कार्यक्रम की बदौलत IBPS SO-2017 परीक्षा में सफलता प्राप्त की।परीक्षा में आने वाले GA खंड के ज्यादातर प्रश्न इस कार्यक्रम से थे,अंत में सभी अभ्यर्थियों को यह सलाह देना चाहूँगा कि PT CA कार्यक्रम का नियमित अध्यन करें,यह आदत आपको आगामी परीक्षाओं में निश्चित रूप से सफल बनायेगी।एक बार पुनः धन्यवाद टीम पीटी।

Avatar Aakash Shrivastava, Kanpur, July 2018
Charansparsh guru ji , i think ki mai bahut saubhagyashali ho ki mujhko aap jaise intellectual, motivator,thinker,great saran mai ane ka mauka mila. sir, I m a regular follower of CA series. This is my secound testimonial. Sir, aap ki saran mai aane se , the biggest change in myself is that now I m able to go through deep inside in any topic(satahi gyan se mukti mil gai.).

Avatar Jimit Patel, Rajkot, July 2018
नमस्कार सर , सर मेरी आपके साथ की यात्रा हिन्दुइस्म के वीडियो के जरिए हुई थी .और अभी भी ये शानदार यात्रा चल रही है और आगे भी चलती रहेगी .सर आपके हर दूसरे प्रशंसापत्रमे हिन्दुइस्म के वीडियो का ज़िक्र होता हे .तो मेरी आपसे बिनती हे के प्लीज हिन्दुइस्म पर और वीडियो बनाए .ये मेरी आपसे दिल से की गई प्रार्थना हे .धन्यवाद .

Avatar Sumit Kumar Dash, Sambalpur, Odisha, July 2018
Dear Gurudev, Sadar Pranam In the 21st century, when the meaning of education is confined to securing good marks in the exam and no one is interested in providing the actual knowledge, which would help students to decide the difference between right and wrong, your initiative in this regard is commendable. I have been following your sessions in all available platforms sincerely since last one year, ans today I can proudly say that the inputs that I have got from your sessions has not only enhanced my knowledge but also transformed my thinking skills in a positive direction. The best teaching that I have received form you is to judge anything in life from its both perspectives not from a single perspective. Its quite silly to say but now a days, a day without your sessions is just like the life of a fish without water. I firmly believe that, the present form of CA with PT is the best current affair hub for any learning individual and should continue forever. Thanks for your support

Avatar Avinash Prakash Malekar, Pune, Maharashtra, July 2018
Pranipat Acharyaji ! I'm pursuing BE mechanical from SGI college Kolhapur n l have been preparing GATE Exam since a year. I haven't watched any movie in this month bcz I'm sparing time for ur videos daily. My UPSC aspirant roommate suggested Ur channel n I've been listening u since a month.U hv changed my view towards news not only three dimensionally bt six dimensionally.Now listening u has become my daily habbit. Thanks a lot for bringing changes in me.

Avatar Sushil Kumar Bhatt, Khatima, Uttarakhand, July 2018
श्री गुरु चरण कमलेभ्यो नमः I am happy to write testimonials for PT Education team after addicted to ca & TAP session. I find this site really good as it is live and interactive. Sandeep sir is an amazing educator, presenter and performer his energy and great ideas are inspirational! I am always very happy to learn from him.“Please pass on my gratitude and thanks to everyone concerned.

Avatar Kailash Mulchandani, Ahamedabad, July 2018
GURUJI PRANAM, Aaj gurupurnima ke avsar par me apna tisra testimonial likh raha hoon. Me kariban 6 months se aap se juda hua hoon. aapke har sessions dekhta hoon. TAP me bhi enroll kiya hai. aur humari pathai to achhi chal hi rahi hai saath saath TAP ki vajah se dusre sakaratmak parivartan bhi aa rhe hai. Guru yani wo jo hume andhakar mese ujjale ki taraf jaane ka rasta btaye. humare yaha gujarati me kahavat hai," samanya guru btave chhe, sara guru samjave chhe ane sarvshreshth guru ( SANDEEP MANUDHANE SIR) prerit kre chhe." Dhanyawad guruji. Aur PT team ko bhi poore dilse thank you.

Avatar Sudipta Sen, Columbus, Ohio, US, July 2018
Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. I have been following you for past 2 years and had seen all your YouTube class room sessions. Till my college days I had strong appetite for general knowledge but somehow I lost it due to time crunch since I started my professional life. Thanks a lot for raising it again. This is helping me in large extent in order to be relevant in this knowledge industry.Thanks for spreading the knowledge all around. I settled in US 5 years back. By profession I am a software engineering working in IT division of a renowned US based bank. I sincerely believe that general knowledge has its own course in our life irrespective of industry and profession. It helps a professional to improve his though process,soft skill, self confidence, situation handling capabilities and many more. You are a great teacher. I love your teaching style. I also like your mimicry of Donald Trump :) I wish to meet you personally if I get a chance to visit Indore. Pranam Sir सुदीप्तो सेन

Avatar Lalit Suthar, Nagpur, July 2018
Prannam sir ,aapne bola ki testimonials ki jati kam hui or ham kud pade maidaan main.. wese mne is realisation k baare m socha nhi tha ... it came as an ephipany.. sir because of your team's such meticulous efforts, i today can read so many stuffs on the digital screen at one go. your site had made me a "Reading freak", able to read online for hours. Earlier i was always itchy to read online on digital screen and bcz of u i m now flexible. i always go through your material and your words are Absolutely Gems for me. You repository of variety of news on one scroll is helping thousands like me. m 2.5 saal se apke saath hu or words kam padte h express karne m.. Apka "hatred Agenda" wala principle mere dil m beth gaya or m isko proliferate karne ki kosis karta hu. it is such a mindblowing concept. Sochta hu kahi baar insaan ese general, ethical or moral dilemmas ko kitni asani se hal kar sakta h.. long live you sir... love you .. Aarshiwaad

Avatar Ranjit Yadav, Etawah, UP, July 2018
नमस्ते ! मैं Ca pt को regular fallow करता हूँ । अब मैं काठिन विषयो को आसनी से समझने लगा हूँ । आपके ca को देखकर मन उत्साह से भर जाता है और मुझे हर news 360° degree से समझ आ जाती है।आपके माध्यम से एक प्रशन पूछना चाहता हूँ कि ये musically,vigo,kwai app indian society को किस दिशा मैं लेकर जा रहे है क्या ये जिनके लोग छुपकर video shoot कर लेते है उनकी गोपनियता का हनन नहीं हुआ ? ये सभी app creator को पैसा पे करते है without any advertise this app and where these video go. If my question is not good, I humbly apologised for this.Charan sparsh.Please comments this issue.

Avatar Kaushal Pandey, Delhi, July 2018
Dear Sandeep sir,pranam! whenever i watch ur lessons on YouTube,I always want to recall a dailogue from movie 'kyuki m jhoot nhi bolta' in which govinda sir is usually regarded as "master aadmi h yaar" by his assistant satish sir. the same line my heart has spoken from last 3 months.sorry sir ! testimonial late likha..kyuki mujhe lgta tha kaha mera testimonial aap pdne bethenge....fir b... hopefully likha h...shayad pd hi le aap... sir the best thing about u is that you have created the interest about the several news items,u change the way of learning and studying.we love u sir...may u live long and stay happy till the last breath.these are my emotions sir...not exaggeration...i really respect and love u and out ptteam. viva la team pt

Avatar Aishwary Upadhyay, Mirzapur, July 2018
charan sparsh , respected sandeep sir and your enthusiastic team. i am glad to write testimonial 4rth time but you hadn't taken 3rd testimonial but no problem. i want to say that whenever i read , watch , hear anything your concept of CA , prabodhan TAP , power of 10 and various other your session that available on you tube start working in the background and iit make me able to connect dot to understand the 360 degree picture. i have hundreds of things for your such a "yagya" (according to "gita" gyan yagya is the best yagya on the earth and the sacrificer definetly go to swarg ) but i restrict myself for other time. thank you sir

Avatar Rohit, New Delhi, July 2018
hello sandeep sir main aapki tap and current affairs ki video ko raj dekhta hu meri hobby running hai mujhe running karke ek relax feel hota hai. aap ki video ko dekh kar main bahut hi motivated feel karta hu jab aap padate waqt beech main haste ho to ek positive energy milti hai aapki class mujhe bor nahi hone deti thanks sir.

Avatar Sarthak Tiwari, Ladnun, Rajasthan, July 2018
Namstey Sir You have changed the way of reading newspaper, at least for me. I am addicted to CA sessions of PT. Saturday and Sunday appear to be very dull nowadays. But I understand the need of vacation for Gajraj and Gajputri. I have suggested it to almost everyone. I am also attending TAP, it is going great. I have found my anchor in you. I owe 100 such testimonials to PT for the service they provide. Thank You very much.

Avatar Muhammad Aslam, Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, July 2018
Experience is always good with PT, I have learnt many things which are very importent to me, thanks PT, and thank Madhu sir,

Avatar Aditya Shukla, Rewa, July 2018
pranaam sir ji.... i m aditya shukla. i have got in 10 standard 5.6cgp and 12 standard 52.8 %and graduation 52.8%. sir mane kbhi padhai nhi ki mere papa khete the ki tm kbhi bhi 1 gante bhi padhai nhi kiye aur now i m studying 4 to 5 hour only becaz of you. Actually i have got information about ur frm bestie kuldeeo pandey. He is really change my lyf. Sir pehle kya hota tha jb log padhai ki baat krte the tb me chup chap batha rehta tha .Now mein debate krta hu, answer deta hu question puchta hu. But sir one more thing aaj agar me aapke baare me ya aapke channel ke bare me btata hu toh koi believe hi nhi krta... i m preparing for cds ssb becaz i have completed my ncc c certificate. so its my humble rqst plz make viedo on cds ssb. thank you sir ji

Avatar Rohit Purbe, Dammam, July 2018
Dear Sir, Charan Sparsh! I'm Rohit Purbe working in Saudi Arabia in administrative section. while crossing to YouTube channel where i came to your Videos on several topics " Hinduism, etc. I started watching all videos which are full of knowledge and wisdom. I started visiting your Sites and come to see your smiling face in PT Current affairs on every day as my addiction. I always like to your news updates on PT.Current affairs and thank you and your team for wonderful works that provides us a treasures of knowledge and wisdom. There is only a teacher who can guide us how to design a life. when i was so hopeless after losing my parents at age of 7. It was the teacher who supports me to understand myself and to know the real purpose of life. Sir, There is no word found in English Dictionary that can really appreciate the role of teacher in restructuring of human life. गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु र्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्मा तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः Thank you Sir.

Avatar Parag vats, Ashoknagar, July 2018
Respected Sandeep Sir, the campaign for the spread of knowledge that you are running is commendable. Millions of students are engaged in reform work as part of it. From my personal experience I would say that, I've got an ideal guru. I am amazed, how can somebody have so much knowledge, and it is also realized that in this personality, the austerity of many years is hidden behind a sweet smile. I am your regular and serious disciple, and like Arjun, I want to learn more from you. I have written a few lines in your reference. दो तटों के बीच में तीक्ष्ण तेज नाव हो, धुप में तपी हुई ठंडी कोई छाँव हो। लाखों बेघर छात्र हैं जो गुणी और बेकार हैं, तुम आसरा दिला रहे सुरक्षित कोई गाँव हो। प्रतियोगी बनते जा रहे अपने से बिचार हैं, तुम प्रेम से भरा हुआ सर्वहित स्वभाव हो। ज्ञान के समुद्र में हम नौसिखिया तैराक हैं, तुम O2 से भरे हुए जरूरती बचाव हो। कोटिशः नमन स्वीकार्य करें गुरु जी।

Avatar Brij Kishore, Guwahati, July 2018
Respected sir Charan sparsh, I regularly follow CA with PT and also enrolled in TAP. As you always speak about three duties of a good citizen i.e. pay taxes, follow rules and question the govt. I request you to please share your personal experience questioning the govt, how you do that. Further, please make a detailed practical session on RTI Act and procedure of filing RTI so that maximum youth can start questioning the govt. Thank you sir.

Avatar Bipin Verma, Sonebhadra, July 2018
Pranam gurdev, आप हमलोग ke liye itna mehnat karte hai इसके लिए बहुत bahut dhanyawad, sath hi आपकी puri team ko bhi dhanyvad bcz hame pta h ki itni sarri resources me aapki team ka bhi काफी योगदान है aesa kah kar मैं आपकी capacity pr sak नहीं कर rha hहूं sir,सिर्फ मै yah kahna chahta hun कि आप Donald Trump jaesa व्यक्ति vaad में विश्वास नहीं करते हैं Institunati me करते हैं. Sir आपके videos n sirf knoknowledge-centric h sir aapke video dekh kar sir हमे POWER VITA and HORLICKS jaesa energy bhi mil jata h sir एक बार फिr se aapko प्रणाम sirji

Avatar Prateek Varshney, Delhi, July 2018
PT Education is a place where we learn with passion. I am proud of being a student of PT Education. Sandeep Sir teaches in such a way that learning becomes fun. His teaching style is uncomparable. Thank you sir for sharing your immense knowledge with us. Thanks Team PT Education.

Avatar Kapil Dev Chaudhary, Faridabad, July 2018
Hello Sir.... I am Kapil Dev Chaudhary.....I am a post graduate....and I am preparing for civil services examination.. I am following your channel of CA with PT since last month. And I also following your lectures on GS section on YouTube channel since six months... I saw many channels on you tube for current affairs but when I saw CA with PT then I felt difference and now I am following regularly your channel. The compilation of question is very good and it helps in GS questions with practice. Your compilation of news and newspapers is very appreciate able and useful for us. Thank you sir...…...and the compilation of different different newspapers is very very good....and the mimicry of Donald Trump is suprb……. I suggested your channel in my family....and friends also......thankyuo so much sir for everything that you gave in way of knowledge … thanks a lot sir...…….

Avatar Bhushan Kanwadiya, Madipur New Delhi, July 2018
Namaste Sir, By writing testimonial, I am expressing my ecstasy here. I am fortunate to be with Sh. Sandeep Manudhane and PT Education Family. Presently, I am working in Government of India as Assistant Section Officer. I have been watching all your educational/Knowledgeable videos since last two years. Earlier, I used to skip the Sci-Tech, Economic and World News Section of the Newspaper. Now, I read between the lines of all important section of Newspaper because of CA with PT Sessions. It has become cakewalk to understand the all topics. Sir, it has become possible because of you and your method of teaching by explaining the concept in a student centered approach. My quest for knowledge is fulfilled by PT Education. You are precious Gem of our India. I wish that God will always keep you Healthy and ever Smiling. Thank You.

Avatar Mahender, Hyderabad, July 2018
Dear Sandeep sir, I am very thankful for your guidance through current affairs , it has helped me in qualifying for mains 2018 and for iinterview of 2017 UPSC civil services . I am very happy about your reminder of being a good citizen first by making the government accountable through questioning. Sir excuse me if i spoke anything wrong , but i am very much bored with daily diatribe against Tech giants . yes we have to improve our digital policy regarding data sovereignity but repeating daily exhausts your and ours valuable time. Please continue the good work , you are always my support when i need any guidance.

Avatar Gaurav Suman, Ottawa, Canada, July 2018
Sandeep Sir, Where do I start... should I first tell you that: - your holistic perspectives, on what headlines (and "breaking news") might usually hide, have helped me elevate my thinking concerning crucial world events. - how inspired I get from your style of storytelling in your daily CA session how it has positively impacted my work-style. - although I have been living in North America for more than half a decade, it was only recently after watching your session on the American Civil war did I discover the famous Gettysburg address and the profound impact it had on the future of democracies the world over. Now, people might think that news and views are available through so many means.. what's the big deal? I want to point out that with you, it’s the insights, the context, the pragmatism that makes it worth the time. I feel immense gratitude towards you and your team after every session. Thank you for being a change agent Gaurav Suman Sr. Manager – Marketing (Tata Canada)

Avatar Nitin Awasthi, Lucknow, July 2018
चरण स्पर्श गुरु जी ,कैसे है आप ? I am a Hindi medium student who is performing the UPPSC and other one day exams . I am connected to you through CA. In some exams, I had to face disappointment because of which I had been broken intellectually. From which I had decided to break the preparation, but luckily I had subscribed Pteducation on YouTube 2 years ago. suddenly one day I saw full video of CA in which your best-motivated line "कर के दिखाएंगे "Has inspired me to prepare again. And I started preparing for Civil services with more enthusiasm and more mindset.I have followed TAP and study CA regularly, I have watched your almost all the lectures on YouTube related to vocab, history, geography, economics and the most interesting HINDUISM., I'm really getting miraculous from you.By reading with you,I get filled with new energy and enthusiasm. Your mr Donald Trump jee's mimicry looks great, once more, do for me plz. In the end, I wish you a long and healthy body. Thank you..

Avatar Rishabh Natthulal Chaurasia, Mumbai, July 2018
Namaste Sir, ImI preparing for civil services since last year and I appeared for prelims this year but couldn't qualify.I have started watching ca with pt since last 3 months and it is helping me to develop an overall perspective to understand issues better.I wish if you had been in civil services many things would have changed.I admire only 3 teachers in my life and you are one of them.I strive to be a Karyakarta of Bharat and hope to be in service soon and represent my country.Keep showering your blessings sir and hope to meet you soon ! Jai Hind !

Avatar Rohan, Kankarbagh, Patna, July 2018
NAMASKAR SIR AND GAJRAJ GAJPUTRI, I AM STUDYING IN CLASS XI and I AM FOLLOWING YOUR CHANNEL MORE THAN SIX MONTHS.I watched your all videos like indus valley civilization, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and so on.I handle my own cyber cafe for filling online form.A lot of students who is preparing for ssc bank state service r r b and railway came to my cafe for filling online form and i always said to students if you want to boost your knowledge of current affair please follow daily ca pt education. I have also joined your tapa ya annual preparation course which a fantastic course.I am watching your current affairs daily which has changed my view of world news.I have gained lot of knowledge from your channel.I curiosity for knowing about what happening in world country and my own country.Your motivation also support for make me self confident and i always being a positive thought.Thanks to you and your entire pt teams,thanks a lot sir for doing this great work. !! Jai hind jai bharat !!

Avatar Prince Kumar, Muzaffarpur, July 2018
Pranam guru g Main upsc aspirant hu mujh apke video se kafi help Mila h so sir you are a great teacher... Maine apne life 1 St experience Asia fill kiya guru g Mai social work bhi krta hu poor student ko free up course education deta hu thnxxx guru g itna motivate kiya apne hmm sb ko.... Kar ke dikhayenge... Thnxxx sandip sir special for you...

Avatar Sangram Pal, Santiniketan, July 2018

Avatar K.Pavan Kumar, Bangalore, July 2018
Shri Gurubhyo namah. I am a professional working for an MNC . My fascination towards GK and current affairs brought me to this wonderful platform last year. I have been following your lectures sir and believe me they are an absolute delight and insightful. I have always liked three duties of citizen.I successfully forced hyper active whatsapp group with posts about " western culture or other communities as threat" to think about future of India on basis of entrepreneurship, innovation and technological edge and Chanakyas view "झूट कहते वे लोग जो दूसरे सम्प्रदायों के उदय को अपनी आस्था का पतन मानते ह। आस्था आपकी थी वह डिग कैसे सकती ह और कोई भी मूल्य एवं संस्कृति तब तक जीवित नहीं रहती जब तक वह आचरण में न हो। और यदि तुम्हारे आस्था का सत्या का आधार न हो तो उसका पतन होना चाहिए " Putting in use the good values of this GREAT CULTURE and moving on for making India a technological superpower rule out the question of violence or extremism , This is all due to your Aashirvaad sir.

Avatar Pinky Devnath, Faridabad, July 2018
नमस्ते सर ! सर मै आप के चैनल से पिछले महीने से जुडी हूँ | मैने अपने एक फ्रेंड [Hariom Singh Chaudhary (Mathura)] से पूछा की में तैयारी करना चाहती हूँ कैसे करूँ ? तो उस ने आप के बारे मे बताया की आप काफी अच्छा पढ़ाते है और उस ने बताया की मेरे को समझ आ जाएगा. पहले तो मुझे उस पर यकीन नहीं हुआ पर उस के नॉलेज को देखा तो उस पर यकीन सा हो गया | फिर मेने आप की वेदिओ देखी मुझे काफी अच्छी लगी और सबसे बड़ी बात मेरे समझ मे आ गया | सर आप काफी अच्छे से पढ़ाते है और काफी गहराई से | आप की सबसे अच्छी बात यह है की जब आप पढ़ाते है तो आप के स्टूडेंट बोर नहीं होते है बीच में बीच ट्रम्प की मिमिक्री करना और गजराज और गजपुत्री के बारे मे बताना और सरकार की पोल खोलना काफी अच्छा लगता है | मैं रोजाना आप के विडिओ देख रही हूँ अब मुझे लगता है की मेरा सलेक्शन जरूर हो जाएगा Thanks Sir and Thanks PT Education.

Avatar Karl Trott, Noida, July 2018
namaste guruji, maira naam karl hai. Mai asli mai Micronesia ka rehne wala hu, but mai filhal noida rehta hu because of job. Mai bachpan se hindi ko bol pata tha as my mother is Indian aur muje Hindi aur sanskrit se pyar ho gaya. Mai hamesha se ye sochta tha ki bharat sarkar itne saare logo ko kaise handle kar leti hai systematically aur vo bhi loktantra mai jaha sabhike alag vichar hote hai. Toh mai pehle news dekha karta tha ye sab chize samajne k liye, but muje kuch nahi samja. Fir ek din luckily maine aapke ek current affairs ki video ko dekha toh samja ki chize kaise india mai handle karte hai. Aapka news presentation ekdam gyan se bhara hoti hai. MAIRI INDIA K LIYE RESPECT TAB AUR BADH GAYI JAB MAI CHINA GAYA THA JOB K LIYE. China ka itne saare logo ko handle karne ka tarika maine dekha bahut hi authoritarian hai, but india ka ekdam decent hai. China mai bhale hi sab kuch ho, but waha AZADI nahi hai jo ki yaha hai. DHANYAVAD GURUJI. Mai aage bhi testimonial likhte rahunga.

Avatar Srinivas Vaidyula, Kuwait City, July 2018
Dear Sandeep ji, My sincere thanks, love & best wishes to you and all the PT Education parivar, that includes your indefatigable staff, students & oldies. I am Srinivas Vaidyula, 58, Osmania UG & IITM PG, both Chemical Engg. Curently working as Specialist Process Engineer, in Kuwait Oil Company, fervently listen to your wonderful lectures, with the same zeal as that of any your IAS aspirants. Having got bored with BBC for years (I had no choice), recently I started exploring new avenues like inspirational talks, news feeds, MOOCs, NPTEL, MIT Course Ware, audiobooks etc. finally I stumbled upon your wonderful PT education courses. Within 5 seconds I knew I found a great site. Ever since I am glued to it. I drive 120 km for 1.5 hours each way. In the parking lot before I start my car, l put your videos (for me basically audios) and enlighten myself keeping with my motherland and the world. You teach with passion, love and depth. true hallmark of a great teacher! Maan Dhani, truely!

Avatar Yash Rawat, Jodhpur, July 2018
नमस्कार । मेरा नाम यश रावत है और मैं राजस्थान के जोधपुर शहर का निवासी हूँ । पीटी एजुकेशन यूट्यूब चैनल की सहायता से काफी लंबे समय से ज्ञान अर्जित कर रहा हूँ । संदीप सर् द्वारा की गई बाते ज्ञान व उत्साह दोनों को हतोत्साहित करती है । वर्तमान में , मैं लोक सेवा परीक्षा 2019 की तैयारी कर रहा हूँ और TAP व करंट अफेयर्स विथ पीटी के माध्यम से अपनी तैयारी को एक नई दिशा दे रहा हूँ । अंततः पीटी समूह को 25 वर्ष पूरे होने की हार्दिक बधाई व कामना करता हूँ कि इन वर्षों की संख्या बढ़ती रहे ।

Avatar Md Asif Zaman, Bolpur, West Bengal, July 2018
Hello sir,Now I am pursuing Social Work from Visva-Bhararti.I just recently started to see your videos and getting many interesting and helpful information which help me in my study.I want to share that we are working in many villages as our field work and we organised different types of programme to solve their issues and problem.I feel happy coz I am doing something for others.I just wanna say that we all are capable enough to do something good for others...some are not getting opportunity to help others..and somes are not interested do so.... Thank You..

Avatar Alankrita kushwah, Gwalior, July 2018
Dear sir , I am a student of class 7th . I had discovered your youtube channel one month before and I watched your lots of CA with PT sessions . Now, I feel that I had gained multi dimensional knowledge and perspective . I feel confidence in me now . I discussed about your channel in my class and discovered that some of my classmates already following your channel . Now, we discuss articles taught by you in CA with PT . Your guidance gives us right attitude with correct perspective . You are the best teacher ever . THANK YOU AND YOUR TEAM PT . You guys ROCKS !

Avatar Shekhar Singh, Korba, Chhattisgarh, July 2018
GURU JI PRANAM......mai shekhar jo ki forest dept. kudmura range , korba division c.g. me forester hu , jo HATHI MITRA DAL ka prabhari hu ,ma abhi gajraaj poject antargat eliphant corridor , me mahatavpurna karya , pond , check dam , nala bandhan , v human eliphant dipute ko rokne ka karya karta hu jo ki abhi last 1 month me lonar hathi TUSKER dwara sirf korba division me 6 logo ki jaan chali , gayi jo bahut bura hua , hmm rat bhar hathiyo ke jhund ko gram se dur bhagane ka karya karte hai av hamare yanha 70 -80 hathiyo ka dal hai jo ki mai gambhirta se CSE ki tayyari kar raha hu aur mujhe pta hai ki 2019 cse me pure desh me top rank laker IAS banunga , iske liye pure PT parivaar ko bahut -bahut dhanywad.... Aapka shisya shekhar singh

Avatar Koushik Mondal, Kolkata, July 2018
Good evening sir, that is my 1st testimonial. I am a B-tech final year student and also preparing for competitive exam. I following the CA with Pt session last 3 months that is very helpful for me and I am also happy to be a part of Pt education "GOVT EXAM CRACKER" course. And the new TAP session is fantastic course for beginners. Sir i have a request to you , to make a proper career guide video for all the final year and graduation students ( B-tech \ general \ .......). Thank you Pt education full team u are doing good job for us and Sir you are the inspiration for many students........and your mimicry of Donald trump just awesome.......Thank you sooooo much sir .....kar ke dikhayenge

Avatar Labhu Siddh, Rajasthan, July 2018
Namaste sir ji , I am a student of geography Hons. And following your sessions since last year . I had watched your session on Hinduism and after that I have watched all of your sessions like current affairs , civil service , great dictators of world , words of wisdom . These videos gives me immense knowledge and also increase the way of thinking. I have no words to say something about you because you are great sir and I always wants to be like you .. ....Jaise Arjun ko bhagwan Shree kriKris ki jarurat this waise hi society ko aap Jaise mahan logo ki jarurat hai ... Kar ke dikhayenge sir ji ...jai hind

Avatar Ajay Gupta, Mumbai, July 2018
Har Har Mahadev Guruji, I am a Management Graduate and worked for a MNC for three years after that i joined my family business. From last year I started watching your sessions on YouTube as I was preparing for MBA entrance and this changed my life. Though I was unable to crack any good college but I didn't lose hopes and trying for this year. Sir it's my request that please take some session on mba test prep. In your last session you were talking about buy back of plastic and alternatives to the plastic I have came across a product which is baked edible spoon which is made of oat meal and spices. I am a retailer who resides near mithi River so I can not totaly support or oppose to this plastic ban. Sir I just wish to meet you in person. And we miss you songs. JAI HIND sir

Avatar Anish Kumar Singh, Delhi, July 2018
Behind every successful man and woman, there is an unsung hero –> A teacher who silently enjoys tearing of happiness when he sees his students succeed. Please accept my gratitude for everything you did for me I feel so blessed to have an amazing teacher like you in my life. If all teachers are like you, every child will be well-educated, With proper values and conduct. Right now I am doing exactly what you have always taught me. I didn't introduce myself because I am nothing today (Left TCS) but very soon I will introduce myself with my results and ranking in India's toughest exam (Hope you will understand for which I am talking about ) एक बार फिर से आपको चरण स्पर्श , गजराज और गजपुत्री को मेरा प्यार. Thank you, Sir, thank you so much for Everything.

Avatar Kishan Rajpurohit, Beawar (Rajasthan), July 2018
Prnaam Guru ji,main takriban pichle 1 saal se aap ke video session dekh Raha hu,mujhe har din office Jane ke liye 1.30 hour Bus me travel karna hota h, uss samay ka sadupyog main aap ke video dekh Kar Karta hu,mujhe aap ka har vishay ko sahaj rup se friendly hoke samjhana bahut acha lagta h.

Avatar Rajeswarrao G., Secunderabad, July 2018
Namaste sir.For the last one month I am following your ca with PT and detailed topics on Hinduism , world war , solar system & philosophies Ibecame ardent fan of you.,your style of teaching ,deep rooted and multifaced knowledge ,sarcastic n mimic style.At tintroihe age of 57 I am obsessed with PT Education...kar ke dikhayenge. To a heart patient like me your classes keep Healthy n Happy. One day India honour you Sir with "PADMAVIBHUSHAN'.LATE IS BETTER THAN NEVER INDIA honour you Sir with BHARATRATNA even posthhumously. You are Real Guru. I introduced to my children n friends n relatives.

Avatar Anshuman Anand, Khagaria, July 2018
Sir,at first I would like to thank u and ur whole pt team member. suruaat kha se kru esme thora likhte wakt bhi dubhidha me hu......but sabse pahle aapko aur aapke team ko ek baar aur congratulations and happy birthday...........Sir mai Bihar se hu aur especially ssc cgl ki taiyari kr rha hu.sir aapke bataye , padhaye baato ko jab mai society ke background se jorta hu to mujhe bari taklif hoti hai.sir mai apne experience ko share krna chahuga..........aaj jo ghatnayen hamare aas-pass chal rhi hai unse mai santusht nahi hu.kabhi -kabhi to lagta hai mai padhaye hi ku kr rha hu.etne problem hai n jamin pe Sir ki aap pucho hi mat......phir bhi apne man ko ek jhuthi tassali deta hu aur apne kam pe lag jata mante hua ki ek din mai thora hi sahi un logo ki help kr saku jinhe aaj bahut taklifo ka samna krna par rha hai.......bas aapka ashirvaad chahiye.......but Sir mai aapse ek din jarur milne aaunga........aapka anshuman.

Avatar Abhijit Chitnis, Princeton, NJ, USA, July 2018
Dear Sir, Manahpoorvak Pranam to you, Gajaraj, Gajaputri and the entire PT Education family! Please accept my sincere and heartfelt congratulations on PT Education’s silver anniversary and successfully completing a quarter century of public service through a noble private enterprise. I was attracted to your lecture series on You Tube, got strongly addicted to “Current Affairs” series and have turned into an ardent devotee of all your rich content. You infuse facts with deep insightful wisdom, light-hearted entertainment where appropriate, castigate those in power for indiscriminate use of power and appeal to the nation’s youth from the bottom of your heart to simply do better because they can. Kudos to your undying love for understanding, assimilating and imparting such an impartial view of the world we all live in. I am a software engineer by profession and currently work in the fin-tech industry in New York. I completed my graduate education in Computer Engineering in the US and have been living here since 1987 when you were probably completing high school. Hope that made you feel younger than most of your students. I continue to educate myself every day, a lot of the material coming from reliable online content such as yours. I plan to start my next graduate degree in Cybersecurity engineering later this year to get a deeper understanding of this ever growing threat to all of us. I have been living in the US before the university based internet became the “world wide web” and allowed people from the remotest corners of the world to communicate and share information. I am an optimist by nature and see tremendous potential in harnessing exponentially growing technology for the betterment of mankind. It’s all in the way we shape our collective psyche and you seem to be making a real difference in this area. Unfortunately the world is still a much divided place akin to fractal geometry which recursively divides as you look closer. On the world stage countries are pitted against each other either for economic, historical or religious reasons. There are millions who die every year around the world in real or proxy wars and a handful who benefit from this inhuman behavior. Within countries divisions continue along political, racial, religious and other societal demarcations. Sound reason, appropriate use of power and extending love for humanity can take a turn for the better and you do such a wonderful job of expressing this sentiment every single day. The message comes from your heart and I’m sure it will find the right destination. India is on to becoming a world economic super-power and there’s nothing stopping that from happening. Your visionary warning about India letting the western and now the Chinese corporations walk nay trample over our conomy rings absolutely true and is worthy of immediate action. In this era of knowledge and data based capital, being a lax player can mean the difference between controlling our destiny and being controlled to our very core in the near future. Let’s learn from the hundreds of pages of our history and not let India be enjoyed as spoils of war again, this time by techno-invaders. I would like to end my testimonial by wishing you and your entire hard-working team even greater success in your continuing journey to disseminate knowledge, wisdom and inspiration to all. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do and stand for. Jai Hind & Jai Vishwa!

Avatar Ankit shukla, Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, July 2018
First of all congrats for completing 25 years of great success with pt requires courage to open an institution in a garage of your home when you have all IIM call letters in your hand.sir I want to ask a question, what had motivated you to do that and what was your parents reaction at that time? because it s very courageous decision in societies like India. .this year an essay competition was held in my college and won that .after that I have written a lot of essays and discussed complex and technical topics teachers asked me how I developed these skills,I told them that I have been following a series called,"power of 10"since july last year and a series ca with pt since 1st january.which helped me a I'm sure they're watching your are the Messiah for the students like me.thank you for changing my life.Bhagwaan se prarthana karta hoon ki aapki 28! Saal ki age me 72 years aur add kar do.kunki uske bad to robot hi rahenge! ha ha ha Kar ke dikhay

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, July 2018
No CONTEMPLATION without PTeducation.. COURTESY: Sandeep Sir’s EDUCATION REVOLUTION. २५वी वर्षगाँठ पर गुरुश्रेष्ठ एवं संस्था को अति शुभेच्छा । मैं आपके साथ २ वर्षों से जुड़ा हुआ हूँ । उच्चतम् सेवाओं का आनंद ले रहा हूँ । आपकी शिक्षा प्रदान करने की शैली में समर्पण, ज्ञान तथा प्रेम का सुमधुर संयोजन दिखाई पड़ता है । जो विवेक को पोषित करने के साथ-साथ अंतर में भी ऊर्जा का संचार करता है । As I spoke about CONTEMPLATION, kindly accept another painting from my side... Charcoal बुद्ध ।।

Avatar Kapil, Delhi, July 2018
नमस्कार आदरणीय गुरू जी, I am writing this testimonial on the 25th birthday of PT Education and congratulations to you and PT Team. Sir you are doing a great job by teaching us real knowledge since last 25 years. You have changed so many lives and I am from one of them. You have changed our view towards society, politics, education, history, culture,etc. which will definitely going to help us in choosing right path towards our career and life. Sir you are the best example of CSR because the initiatives you are taking are not bounded by any law, you are taking these through your willingness and wisdom towards nation and youth. One day, i am definitely going to proud you and our nation through my industry and dedication towards nation. Once again thankyou for creating a learning community and TAP. !!!

Avatar Renu Singh, Firozabad, July 2018
Good morning sir and all team. Gajraj or gajputri ko hello .sbse Phle happy birthday to pt education ND gurukul .. Sir after seeing your CA with pt education the whole syllabus looks like a cake .Really you give us the edge of knowledge bcs you make us understand the route cause of news. Again Apki great Donald Trump ki mimicry amazing h I m enjoying all the session ND trying to enroll self pre course .thnk you so much you are amazing personality. Kya Khu Ap Kya hn Ek shaksh ek shakhshiyat. Ek insane ya insaniyat. Ek manav ya manvta. Ek native ya nation You are such doing a great job sir. I got some problem to catch up the knowledge of session but now it seems OK. Thnk you again.

Avatar Ashim Kumar Das, Bolpur, West Bengal, July 2018
Hlw. sir i am Ashim Kumar Das. i am doing bachelor of social work from Department of Social Work ,Visva-Bharati University. i am a regular follower of your. I see your videos everyday. These are very helpful. I am getting important knowledges which are very useful for my academic life. I have cleared many complicated issues and events from your video session. Thank you so much sir for your video sessions.

Avatar Rakesh Babal, Mandawa, Rajasthan, July 2018
Good morning Sir, it is a great pleasure for me to wish entire PT team for the compltion of their wonderful and worthwhile journey of 25 years . 10 July is a very special day for me, as my better half birthday also falls on this day and PT birthday enhances it's worth double and now onwards I don't require to remember my wife birthday ,as PT team alarm before. I am a SOLDIER ,I sincerely pay my gratitude to you and your entire PT family as I update myself with day to day happening despite serve in far flang areas. your great deeds really brings transformation in the society as now I able to see the story behind picture with your worthwhile teaching. Last but not the least May Almighty bless you with long live and healthy life so that we will continue learn with Donald trump mimicry and release andorphine for healthy life. Thanking you

Avatar Ravi Khanna, New Delhi, July 2018
Sir Heartfelt congratulations to you and your team on completion of 25 Glorious Years of PT education. PT Education is synonymous to Perfection redefined. Sir, I am sure the seeds you have sown in the young minds will blossom to create India of our dreams. The confidence you are infusing will take loads to pinnacle of their career. I Bow to your unbiased guidance and efforts to motivate and leading the youth towards WISDOM. My family wish success story of PT Education unfolds many new chapters in the years to come. Your ardent fan CA Ravi Khanna

Avatar Pravin Singh, Ahmedabad, July 2018
Hello Sir Pranaam kem chho From last 6 months I am connected with the best guru and yeah it's you Sirji Believe me Sir u have not only poped up my eyes but also removed lid from the mind. Now I see both the sides of news or any topic. God Shiva may keep blessing you and all of us. Keep going . Have fun as u always have. Love + Respect Manthan

Avatar Shiva, kanpur, July 2018
namaste Sir, i have been following you since last 7 months and i m feeling tremendous growth in knowledge. aapka power of 10 ka lecture dekha jisme apne MSP k baare me bataya usee padh k to mazaa aa gya esaa lgaa ek ek editorial heere ki tarah h aur wo heera aapki wajah se hi dekh paya. and ur are really audacious teacher bcz sach chahe kitna bhi kdwa kyo na ho aap accept krne se peeche nii hat te. bht kam log bache h jo sch ko logo k samne pahchaate h jabki fake news ka ambar laga hua h. but apka sch hamare sath h. and sir aap hazaaro ka content yaad kaise rakhte h... mujhe to aap 8va ajooba lgte h. mai pdhta hu to bht jaldi bhool jaata hu. jai ho sir.. sir eng. writing ko lekar bht pareshan hu, english me likhna chahta hu lekin likh nii paata isliye exam me essay nii likh paata. vocab ki jyada problem nii h bcz aapse padhte hue vocab strong ho rai h but grammar prob. krti h sorry sir testimonial me apni prob. bata raha hu but ye prob bani hui h tnk u sir fr all ur effrts ap h to hm h

Avatar Ramesh Kumar, Pali, Rakastjam, July 2018
नमस्ते सर मेरा नाम रमेश कुमार है सर यह मेरा पहला गुणों का पहला वर्ण पत्र है में हमेशा से लिखना चाहता था पर लिख नहीं सखा ,मे संग लोक सेवा आयोग की तेयारी कर रहा हु ,और में पिछले कुछ महीनो से आप के विडिओ देख रहा हु , और जब से में आपके चेनल को FOLLOW करना सुरु किया है तब से बदलाव की नयी दिशा मेरे जीवन को मिली है. आपने जो तिन नियम बताये थे की-- Pay tax honestly follow rules and regulation properly in nation keep asking question thanks sir

Avatar Kishor Kumar Dip, Balangir, July 2018
प्रणाम सर.........में आपके पढ़ाने के स्टाइल से बहुत प्रभाभित हुआ, और आप जिस तरह से जोश भरते है करंट अफेयर में. ....... में एक दम जोशीला हो जाता हूँ। और भहुत मज़ा आ जाता है पढ़ने में.........मैंने Btech कम्पलीट किया है .......और में अभी competitive Exam के लिए तईयारी कर रहा हूँ।........हमे आप से बहुत कुछ सिखने को मिल रहा है और सीखते रहेंगे। आप जिस तरह से Knowledge शेयर कर रहे आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यावाद। जीवन में आगे बढ़ने के लिया अच्छी ज्ञान और प्रेरणा का होना बहुत ही आवश्यक है। हम सब लोगो को जागरूक होना चाहिये आपने समाज,देश के प्रति। पेड़ पोधो लगने चाहिए और वैज्ञानि सोच रखनी चाहिए। ताकि समज में आराजकता न फैले। We All Love You Sir

Avatar Madhur Jain, Jabalpur, July 2018
hello sir, ye mera 2nd testimonial hai . jb appne mera name lia or mene use apni family ke sath bhi share kia to family ki khusi ka dikhna nhi tha..aisa lg rha tha us din selection ho gya ho ..thankyou sir and for dharmendra sir and ritu and all pt team whenever i faced any difficulty in vocab course , knowledge booster course, govt. exam cracker course etc. pt team always help me within a day. Thankyou pt team sir ek baat share krna chata hu mene apne study room me study table ke sammne apki photo lga li hai .meri morning and night apko namaste and pranaam krke hi hoti hai ..kyki aaj hr jagh itne demotivated log and competition dekh ke kabhi kabhi demotivate hone lgta hu .bt jb apki photo dekhta hu to bhaut accha lgne lgta hai .Bs sir jis din bhi selection hota hai me us din hi apse milne auga sir . sir always be healthy and happy .. plz sing a song ..ore taal mile ndi ke jal me .. aapke ki awaj me aur jada accha lgta hai..and happy birthday pt team ..

Avatar Sourav Mukherjee, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, July 2018
I've been following your classes for more than 3 years and use to watch all sessions by you.For few days I'd been agnostic to the views and constant criticisms made by you .But due to the sheer respect to you and your knowledge, I decided to reinspect myself.Then I came across your FB post ,how human can become 'a hate bomb with 3 memes per day' concept and that completed the whole cycle of my doubt. I revisited all of my social network posts done in last few years and found that unknowingly in a subconscious level I'd become polarized and radicalized ,and that's where my free thinking had got stucked .I immediately deleted all of those past posts and rectified myself. Teacher to bohut dekhe Hain Jo exam crack Kara dete hain. Lekin Jo aankhen hote hue bhi student ko firse dekhna shikha de aisa pehli baar dekha Hain.Thank you very much. This quote aptly fits on you Agyan timirandhasya gyananjan shalakaya chakshurunmilitam yen tasmai shri gurave namah

Avatar Rahul Garg, Gurgaon, July 2018
Namaste Sandeep Sir, Aapke liye yeh mera 2nd Testimonial hai. Pichli baar IIT likhne par aapne poocha tha ki "IIT Delhi k ho kya? Konse Hostel se ho?". Sir mai IIT -BHU, ceramic engineering, 2013 ka graduate hun. Mai Mewat Jile k Tauru kasbe se aata hun. Mai pichle 4 saal se Gurgaon me OYO Rooms k saath kaam kar raha hun. Professionally mai ek Data-Scientist hun aur aajkal main is koshish me hun ki kistarah apne desh k kaam aa sakun. Sir, I dream of three choices to follow as a career - 1) professional excellence in current path 2) Teaching ( for poor and needy) 3) writing CSE to be on the position of authority and accountability. Need your guidance sir. Thank you. Ca with pt has become my daily dose of knowledge and motivation.My wishes to the team for bringing outstanding transformation to this country. Keep going!!!

Avatar Chandan Kr Singh, Santiniketan, West Bengal, July 2018
Namaste Sir Jee !!! A great news to share.I am a student of social work in UG 5 th sem. Sometimes it really disturbs me to see the happening around. Its very hard to have a optimistic and postive attitude, but i strive to not change..Recently, I was in a national convention of Swadeshi Science movement in Bengalore. I am happy to share that in the resolution i have put forward your insight that u taught us that we must have our own Facebook, Google...The report would be sent to Govt to India. I don't know sir what will happen or whether the point will be taken but i tried my best to put forward forward the idea of yours to all the Eminent Professors and Scientists. Thanks Sir for the insight. Will keep putting those suggestions ahead @!!!

Avatar Nikhil Kaushik, Bulandshahr, July 2018
Pranam guruji, i am feeling very blessed to have a teacher like you. CA sessions are helping me lot in understanding what is happening in the world? i had started watching videos just before 15 days and i am cursing myself why i didnt find before.sir plz tell me about how should i begin prepration of cse? currently i am in second year of my btech.plz guide me regarding this.thank u sir!

Avatar Prince kumar, Muzafferpur, bihar, July 2018
Pranam guru g Mai UPsc ka preparation kr rha hu... Ap mere guru h Maine Apke video Se hi start kiya me first time Apke jaisaaaa guru ke darshan huye..... Sir I definitely achieved my target..... Kar ke dikhayege......maine sare session Dekhe h Apke or wait krta h new session ka Txxxx sir Apne hm jaise poor student ke liye Itna kiya...... Jai hind jai Bharat

Avatar Pallav Kumar, Mumbai, July 2018
Sir, Greeting... I am working in Oil Sector PSU (IOCL) as chief manager (Logistics). I am following your various courses regularly and have become your ardent follower. Though I am not taking any of the competitive exams but after following your series have become very confident on social platform. In my view, role of a teacher is not to give lots of input to his/her disciple but to generate interest in the subject so that the disciple can do research on his own and you are doing the same for all of us who are following you. Your service to society will certainly help in building of a new India. Our society needs people like you, who can show mirror and has courage to tell truth. Thanks and may god bless you with all kind of happiness, health and prosperity.

Avatar Kailash Mulchandani, Ahmedabad, July 2018
GURUJI PRANAM, I gave CAT 2017, but didn't score high. so I was upset,then I came to touch with your you tube channel. After that my enthusiasm to give CAT 2018 is increased. I watched each session of your channel (ca with pt, level 101, power of 10 etc. ). you taught me the concept of " READ BETWEEN THE LINES","CONNECTING THE DOTS" Apke session dekhne ke baad to esa lag raha hai ki kuchh dino me jab koi politician prachar krne aenge to pahele confirm karenge : Is there Anyone who is watching "SANDEEP MANUDHNAE's LECTURES" IF the answer is yes, then they will run away as they know "hum inko ullu nahi bana sakte" . THANK YOU "SIR" AND THANK YOU "PT TEAM"

Avatar Geet Vishwakarma, Mumbai, July 2018
Pranam Guruji, PT Education Enriched my Life a lot, Two event that change me , one is Aug'11 Anna Andolan and Second PT Education. Now I can distinguish the real challenges that India has. The things which disturbing these days is hatred within the people are on extreme, In current situation politically manipulated elements are indulging Others who are untutored, to propagate or spreading lie that disturbing the harmony of the Society. I am happy that Im associated with PT Education Team and able to witch hunt the lies, I am Sharing all the Knowledge with my office mates and family, friends and referring PT Education, thank you so much to Sandeep Sir and team to giving us right direction. Jai Hind!

Avatar Gulshan Rawat, New Delhi, July 2018
A very big whole hearted Namestay to Dear Sandeep Manudhane sir and his hard working team. Sir though I am 46 year old and work in and MNC and not preparing for any exam yet I like your all sessions very much and have been constantly following you for the last 3-4 years. After a hectic and monotonous schedule in the office , watching your sessions give me an immense peace of mind, sense of responsibility, curiosity and work like a magic pill and fill me with energy and enthusiasm making me ready for the next day. I always try to watch your sessions with my wife and 13 year old son as far as possible. They liked your sessions on "Hinduism", "Universe and the Solar System" , "Indus Valley Civilisations" and "Nanotechnology in India " the most. I also follow you on twitter , facebook and quora as well as. I have enrolled in "powerofapti" and "tapsaya" also. A lot of thanks to you and your team for becoming a necessary part of my life. With love and regards, Gulshan Rawat

Avatar Sandip Sureshrao Wadekar, Jalna, Maharashtra, July 2018
Namastey Guruji, My name is Sandip Wadekar and I have been in touch of P.T. Education Since I started my MBA entrance preparation from P.T. education center Aurangabad Maharashtra . The day when I joined it was ultimately a different journey altogether. I have passed my MBA and now I am looking forward to became an IAS officer. I am great fond of your teaching style. I am a regular viewer of current affairs with P.T. Education. One Incredible change in my personality which I have been experiencing since I started watching your current affairs series is that it changes my view to analyze any global situation in neutral way so that I can have my own view with proper justification. It makes me feel so confident in Group Discussions whether it is formal or informal. Friends are started taking my views very seriously, sometimes they take my advice for their final decision on complex situations. This change makes me feel proud and all credit goes to you.

Avatar Mubashshir Naved, Pusad, Maharashtra, July 2018
Respected sir, I am a great admirer of your teaching skills. Your knowledge, skills and a great sense of humor made me an impatient follower of your video lectures. I remember the mantra given by you for keeping things short, simple, sweet and stupid. Sir, I am a thermal engg. student, I am concern about renewable energy policy adopted by India. We are claiming that due to JNNSM one day entire thermal power plants will be replaced by Solar PV plants which is impossible and a utopian vision. Actually no installed PV plants in India are operating alone; they are always coupled with conventional power plants as solar energy is unpredictable and available only for daytime. PV creates more pollution during its manufacturing. India is not the manufacturer of the solar panel, we have to depend on the countries which are manufacturing it like China. As you said we have to invest more on cutting-edge research. Sir you are the motivation for me. “A teacher is better than thousand books”.

Avatar Abhishek Ramakrishnan, Kolkata, July 2018
Pt’s plethora of resources made me understand where India stands globally, and the hidden message about what should be done for the nation and as a nation. Pt’s Global Vision lectures, and words of wisdom has given me more than my fair share of wow moments whenever I fell short of words to describe PT’s contribution in my life. The Hinduism lecture, which stands the test of time (hence called Sanatan dharm) in explaining what Hinduism really entails, is all the more important, given the current climate and interesting times we live in. Just like Ramchandra Paramhans showed Swami Vivekanand the ultimate truth, Sandeep Sir is accomplishing the same task of educating students who are free radicals without any historical baggage and in search of the truth. I may not become like Swami Vivekanand Ji, but I will always strive for knowledge and be an honest and unbiased seeker of the truth. Thank you for transforming many students by your wholehearted approach towards disseminating knowledge.

Avatar Nitin Bodkhe, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, July 2018
Namaste Guruji, I'm really thankful to you. Literally speaking i dont have words to express my feeling to how your sessions has brought knowledge revolution in my life. i can't stop praising you. i have explore your sight 2 years ago, when i was very nascent stage of my cse preparation. and that treasure of knowledge has really become boon for me. the combination of watching and hearing a lesson on you tube, listening the same lesson in the shruti's, followed by an exercise i.e. quiz which ensures the our participation, is very good indeed. thank you very much once again and pls keep continue..

Avatar Akshay Kumar Mishra, Patna, Bihar, July 2018
Guru Ji Pranam...! Mai buxar bihar se hu jaha chousa ka war v hua tha.... Ye Mera Dusra tetimonial hai....but difference ye hai ki , Pahle mai student tha Company secretary ka and, Now i have joined OYO ROOMS company as a regional Accountant(BIHAR -JHARKHAND). Ek Request hai ap thoda private sector ke ladko ke liye bhi kuch bola kariye jaise apke purane personality development ke courses hote the. Hume bahut khusi hogi jb hm jaise log bhi kuch private sector me kuch accha kr payenge, kyunki desh ke economy me hum logo ka bhi kafi role hai....! Baki chizo me to ap mahir hai hi........Bus jai PT Education Ki..

Avatar Gaurav Sharma, Shimla, July 2018
i have been using the portal for more than 3 months now. and trust me in comparison with others the material provided here and the way it is presented and provided is best in class and the plus point is creativity and skills bombarded in all the videos haha it makes me smile anyway :) Sandeep sir is great! I'm so glad that someone is seriously paying so much heed on our country and the generation who are preparing to thrive in saving systems around. i would like to give heartious thanks to Sandeep sir and all his team members, you all happened to me as a boon over my knowledge and confidence THANK YOU WITH ALL POSSIBLE RESPECT!!!

Avatar Pankaj Dhasmana, New Delhi, June 2018
Hello Sir, its been a pleasure to write down my first testimonial. From last 1 month i am following the CA series and it is been a blessing to me, now i know terms that were being used in news papers. The economy related section in news paper which used to haunt me, excites me now. And i think this is that is needed to be done with our education system, make it interesting and the rest work will be done by the students themselves. With your sessions i now feel little more responsible toward the nation. Your 2 hours long discussion on Indus valley civilization made me surprised and exuberant as well that we all are part of such a vast ecological system and we belongs to different heplogroups. Special thanks to you and your team who make all this happen for us.

Avatar Sahil Dange, Gurgaon, June 2018
Asalam Walekum/Namaste, I am working in EPC company (MNC) as a Senior Engineer. I strongly noticed the difference in working style between Indian based companies and MNC's. They strongly believe in innovation and have a long term vision. I liked your video on nanotechnology and inspired me to undertake freelancer work related to implementing (PoC) IT and AI in genome sequencing work. I am very passionate about technology and my goal is build my own brand in the field of IT. I don't see any one talking about technology, science in this country. Hope our youth identifies the right priorities our country requires to work on and question government to build scientific , innovation driven economy. Thanks. Sahil

Avatar Santosh Gop, Shahjehanpur, June 2018
सादर प्रणाम सर जी मैं रेलवे में गार्ड के पद पर कार्यरत हूं। लगभग एक डेढ़ साल पहले मैंने YouTube पर आपके लेक्चर का वीडियो देखा ।मैं आपके शिक्षण शैली से बहुत प्रभावित हूं ।आप अरुचिकर विषय को भी रुचिकर बना देते हैं। जिससे संबंधित विषय क लेक्चर कहानी सरीखा प्रतीत होता है जिसके कारण लेक्चर के दौरान समय का पता ही नहीं चलता ।ईश्वर आपके व्याख्यान कला को और अधिक निखारे मेरी यही शुभकामना है ,तथा इस नेक काम के लिए आपको और आपकी टीम को बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद।

Avatar Madhur Jain, Jabalpur, June 2018
Hello sir .. Jb se mene aapki how to develop reading skill ki video dekhi tb se me pt education se connect hu. Mene jbse current affair video dekhna start kia tb se muje smj aa gya ki ...only exam purpous se study nhi krna chaiye kyu ki aaj bhle hi interview kuch exam me nhi ho rhe bt job ke lgne ke baad aapka daily communication aise ek nhi bhaut se logo se hoga tb fir kya hoga?? Yhi aapki baat muje smj me aa gyi ....sir .Me ssc ki preparation kr rha hu ..exam me gk ka portion km hota hai but muje pta hai yha use na hota ho bt life me knowledge hi kaam ayega.......ek baat aur share krna chata hu sir.. from 11 June my brithday.....mene CA ki news' pics me daily print out krta hu and daily read krta hu ....iska sbse bda benefits ye hue ki ... 1) current affair milta hai 2) reading skill acchi hoti hai 3 3) vocabulary strong ho rhi hai 4) essay topic mil jaate hai 5) sir jo question dete hai Thku sir you so much ...

Avatar Bullu Yadav, Varanasi, June 2018
Pranam sir मैं आपका बहुत बड़ा फैन हूं मैं फौजी हूं और छत्तीसगढ़ मैं पोस्टेड हूं बहुत व्यस्त टाइम में से कुछ टाइम निकालकर आपका session जरूर देखता हूं तथा मैं अपने दोस्त जो तैयारी कर रहे हैं किसी एग्जाम की उनको भी सेशन देखने के लिए प्रेरित किया हूं और करीब 20 से ज्यादा लोग देखने लगे मैं अपने डिपार्टमेंटल का एग्जाम की तैयारी में CA with pt ko utilize करता हूं मैं आपके माध्यम से बताना चाहता हूं दिल में तमन्ना है तो जंगल में बैठकर भी तैयारी कर सकते हैं बिना किताब कि आप जैसे गुरु कि अगर कृपा हो तो आशा है इसको कभी बंद नहीं करेंगे धन्यवाद सर l

Avatar Manoj Joshi, Raiwala, Dehradun, June 2018
respected sir,i am a retired army person got retired this year and preparing for some other government exams. initially i was perplexed how and what to start prepare but then i came across your you tube channel PT Education that gave me a way a head for my preparation.your channel is a complete wholesome package of knowledge and especially your way to impart knowledge to all other aspirants across the world that keeps one spellbound all through your session .i never miss any of your session and have become an ardent follower of your channel .i suggested to my colleagues who also are preparing for civil exams about your channel after which they also started following you .thank you very much sir ...

Avatar Utkarsh Singh, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, June 2018
I would like to thank the entire PT team for such a great and noble effort to bring out the best current affairs content for all of us. It is fascinating to know that around 8-9 newspapers are scanned to produce such a rich content for us. I used to follow the Bodhi Booster portal on a daily basis and then after a gap of about 1 year, I have started following the CA with PT sessions and Sandeep Sir's personal YouTube channel. Sandeep Sir's sessions work as a tonic for me and sometimes I wonder where we would all reach if we just sincerely and meticulously follow what he tells us. I have read many of sir's articles on Bright Sparks blog, and now I have started to read his Quora answers' compilation, and I hope to read all of them as I consider them to be pure gold! In the CA with PT sessions, we are always directed to think more and work hard , and I want to thank Sir for this, because I have realised that focused thinking is one of the most difficult things in life. Thank you, Team PT.

Avatar Chandan Kumar, Ghaziabad, June 2018
Hello Sir, Charan Sparsh !!! This is my 3rd testimonial for your exceptional team. It give me immense pleasure to inform you that , I have asked my younger brother (who is a fresh graduate ) to watch your sessions & he is very delighted. Also, sometimes my wife watch your CA sessions along with me. Once she said " Sir, Ka naam Manudhane nei balki Sandeep Mahan - dhane Hona Chahiye" I wish God gives you a good health to you & Your team. Last but not least " Padhte Rahenge Badhte Rahenge "

Avatar Arihan Prakash, Varanasi, June 2018
Greetings Honourable Sandeep Sir! Hello I am Arihan Prakash ,student of class 5 .I am glad to tell you that I watched your first video when I got my holiday homework to write 5 new words daily,and that was the video of vocab development course , and then I started watching your videos on you tube . I have watched many videos of yours on current affairs and I got 50 out 50 in my general knowledge examination . My teacher praised me in class . Earlier I was doing many spelling mistakes but now I am improving a lot . I have also got medals for IGKO (International General Knowledge Olympiad). The aim of my life is to become CEO of any prestigious company. I need your blessings to achieve my goal . Thanks a lot . With Regards Arihan Prakash.

Avatar Bikash Gartia, Sambalpur, Odisha, June 2018
Pranam Sir, Finally my keyboard forced me to write my first testimonial.I knew about PT from your Hinduism session and following your every lecture from last 8 month. I my preparing for Bank PO .In 2016 (IBPS pre out), 2017(clear pre,mains out). I was depressed that time but after your motivation I got strength and now ready for IBPS 2018. I am using power of apti, CA with PT and many more from PT's and it helped me and my friends. Keep motivating us using your unique style of teaching. Hats off to you Sir.

Avatar Priyank Sharma, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, June 2018
Hello sir! I wanna share my experience regarding the trend going on now a days. During one of the GDs I raised some issues govt having with its foreign policy (Maldives, Nepal) and I also told them about the outcomes of doklam 2018 but suddenly whole class started seeing me as an anti national😁( including sir) and somehow they took it to the army (waha kashmir me hamare jawan mar rahe aur tum... pta nae connection kya tha). Finally I wound up like a threat to the country. And the very next day when I asked one of them ke Bhai army ka kya connection kaha se aaya tha to wo mujhse ladne ko hi tyaar ho gaya( literally). Pta nae sir kya hoga in logon ka. Even Maine bhi vote kiya h bjp ko but I can not support this extremism.

Avatar Lalit Suthar, Nagpur, June 2018
Aadarniya guruji ..charan sparsh ! I am writing this testimonial for the 3rd time but i wish i could talk with you for hours and i pray that god will give that me that virtue soon. Sir, it is mixed felling altogether looking at things going around us with this genuine and neutral lenses that is provided by a guru that possess tremendous fecundity. Aapki tarif me sirf ye hi kahunga sir ki pratyaksh ko pramaan ki jarurt ni hot or aapke students ye jante h... Sir i suspect that gov muscular economic policies in last few years has given birth to many facade companies that are purely 3rd party insurance selllers who hire interns from some management institutes and torture them to sell the products to there families. Thank to gov, college polices and targets, PSB insurance products. Sir dots are connected. There is no voice of a student...dismal ! (its my personal experience) " yeh delhi h mere yaar" Sir But hum kar k dikhaynge !

Avatar Siddharth Dave, Bhavnagar, June 2018
Namaste sir, I come from city which was the first state that unified with Union of India by maharaja krishnakumar sinhji! First of all happy birthday pt education, I know it's too early but I just wanted to become first person to wish you.i have one wish that one day I mimics you in front of you( ha ha ...).now sir I have some questions. 1)why you choose particularly teaching field being an engineer? 2)are you writing autobiography which you have promised in past? 3)what could be the solution when a youngster have so many doubts and questions about everything? I think only solution is getting knowledge everyday piece by piece , please share your views. 4) what will you say to Trump if you meet him one day accidentally? I dedicate some songs , whenever I visits pt my heart sings 1) "dil kahe rukja yahi pe kahi Jo baat is jagah hai kahi pr nhi ...." Other for incident like lynching 2)"jaane walo Zara mud ke dekho mujhe..." Jay hind.

Avatar Suman Paul, Kolkata, June 2018
Sir, As I informed by a comment in today's session about my illness. A minor heat stroke thrown me out of all of my interest & happiness. For 20days it ruined all my energy & liveliness but now I'm fit and back on the track. It was nice & wonderful feeling to get back in touch with your session. The news you covered "Rhino habitat under threat of mining". I found this as very important & relevant in present scenario of society. Few of my contacts who keep on passing msg on Wapp whole day without using their min brain. This news could be an eye opener for them. It may make them realize that how criminals with the bad intentions are playing with their emotions & virtual unity. How precisely they are converting the virtual unity to physical unity to fulfill a preplanned wish by an indirect action. I believe that if people like I mentioned kindly take this news seriously, we easily can stop this kind of incidents to happen in future. Thank you & team to consider this news as important.

Avatar Prashasti Prakash, Varanasi, June 2018
Hilarious Greetings to Honourable Sir! I am Prashasti Prakash student of class 8 of St John's school Marhauli Varanasi. Sir ,I started watching your videos on vocabulary development from class 7 to complete my home assingment for writings new words daily . My father used to watch every video uploaded by you tube .He is a great fan of you. He always advised me and my younger brother to listen CA with PT Education . I watched your videos on American Civil War (prescribed in our school syllabus),Indus Valley Civilisation ,Great Dictators such as Adolf Hitler , Gheniz Khan and Mao Zedong etc. After getting thorough knowledge , I use to take part in discussion in my class and with my family members . Everybody appreciate my knowledge and advise me to prepare for CLAT entrance examination . With your blessings with knowledge , I want to fulfill the ambition of my life , to become a judge in Supreme Court of India . Sir please advise me how I can fulfill my dream with PT Education.

Avatar Dipankar Dey, Guwahati, June 2018
Namste Sir! This is my second testimonial that I am writing for CA with PT..! I wanted to share the changes that I have experienced in the last few weeks.. My perspective took a U-turn for good when I saw your Hinduism lecture a few years back.. Since then I have been trying to widen my gaze on activities going on around me.. My teachers used to tell me that I always asked a lot of unnecessary questions, and so they felt annoyed to teach me anything.. But the truth was I never really understood anything unless I had a clear grip over the big picture, therefore the questions! I understand that explaining big and convuluted realities which are even stranger than fiction in today's world can be a tough job. But the ease which you explain is really amazing and I am gradually getting addicted to it. The authority your voice asserts, perauades me to break the shackles of ignorance. I have already enrolled in TAP and I am eagerly for the classes to start. May god bless you Sir! JAI HIND

Avatar Mohit Ranjan, Mahindra World City, Chennai, June 2018
नमस्ते Sir, I used to watch almost all videos of PT Education channel. All the videos are very informative & useful for all knowledge seekers. Most of the time you used to say all your students to ask questions from government.Let me tell you I have started asking questions to the govt. through RTI. I would like to share some of the points. Life is not possible without water if it is incorrect then probably many individuals would have been shifted to other planets. Our country is facing water crises & the situation will become worse in upcoming years. Investment in water conservation is more crucial than investing on other projects like bullet trains & smart cities. The day is not so far when cities will vanish like Harappa due to lack of water.If oil can be pumped from one country to another similarly river water mixing before sea can be pumped to all the states facing water crisis. Also why govt. is not implementing any effective laws related to rain water harvesting in major cities.

Avatar Brij Kishore, Delhi, June 2018
Respected sir pradaam, first of all a bid thanks to PT team for providing wonderful contents. You are the best teacher I have ever came across. I like you teaching style in depth analysis and connecting dots. I have observed that you wear 2 Gem stone rings, so please share your views in suggestion on Gem astrology and also share the secret of your such energy level all the time. Sir I have one suggestion it would be very useful for all if single android app may be provided for all contents of PT education for mobile users. Thanks sir for all support.

Avatar Renu singh, Firozabad, June 2018
Warm regards for you sir.really a enjoyable session of this CA with pT education .Apko or apki pori team ko bahut bahuyt dhanyvad. your mimicry of donald trump is superb😊. I listen the mimicry 2 or 3 times by reversing the video..I started thinking beyond the syllabus also it's only bcz of you dear sir .I am preparing for civil nd various exams .And I want to say all students that they should join you if they want to success in any field.again gajraj gazputri ko naman..Om namah shivay.

Avatar Tapan Kumar Dash, Bhubaneswar, June 2018
Sir thank you for your initiative. I am a great fan of your teaching style. The uniqueness and quality selections of news is absolutely amazing. I have been following you from January, 2018. I am really experiencing a development in my knowledge in every aspects. The way of teachings is actually very unique and illustrious. Am glad to be a part of the family. Wishing you a good luck and keeping this sir for the betterment of the society.

Avatar Saket Kumar Sharma, Nawada, Bihar, June 2018
आदरणीय गुरुजी, आपको और आपकी टीम को चरण स्पर्श। आपने अपने ज्ञान प्रकाश से वर्तमान अंधकार, जो अवांछनीय माध्यम से उत्पन्न हो रहे हैं, उसे दूर करने का लगभग सफल प्रयास किया है। आज के समय में युवा अपने चिंतन शक्ति को त्याग कर चकाचौंध की दुनिया में सिमट गए हैं और वे पब्लिक फ़िगर, सेलिब्रिटी जैसों के दीवाने हो रहे हैं। भारत धन्य हो जाएगा जिस दिन हम इन सारी कुरीतियों को त्यागकर पढ़ने वाला समाज बन जाएंगे और इसके प्रेरक में आपका नाम स्वर्णाक्षरों में प्रथम स्थान पर होगा। गुरुजी मैं एक लेखक भी हूँ मैंने जातिवाद जैसी कुरीतियों के खिलाफ लिखना शुरू किया है और मेरी प्रथम कृति "जातिनीति" है। चित्र में मैं जातिनीति की एक प्रति अपने गुरुजी को भेंट कर रहा हूँ। आशा है एक दिन भारत का हर एक युवा आपसे जुड़े। मैं भोलेनाथ से प्रार्थना करता हूँ कि सरकार के बड़े अधिकारी भी आपकी बातें सुनें और पढ़ें जिससे हमारा देश सफलता की सीढ़ियों की ओर बढ़ चले। आपके आशीर्वाद का आकांक्षी साकेत

Avatar Pankaj Bhaiya, Gurugram, June 2018
Dear Sandeep Sir, Sadar Pranam, I would like to begin with Sant Kabir’s quote, “Guru Govind dou khade, kake lagoon play, Balihari Guru aapno, Govind diyo batty”. I am self employed, I stumbled upon your lecture on Hinduism which is masterpiece in itself and since then I have watched your several videos on various topics covered and now I am a regular follower of CA series for over 6 months and eagerly wait for its daily updates. My kids studying in class IX & XI have also enrolled for Power of Apti series, my wife also listens to the CA series. I am amazed at your in-depth knowledge on so many subjects at the same breath, you cover Economics, Politics, History, Science, Geography, Spirituality or any other topic under the Sun with same finesse that it looks too perfect to be Human. But when we see your sense of humour, compassion while covering the topics & 2 adorable elephants in “Gaj Raj & Gaj Putri”, selection of Bollywood Songs, motivational quotes etc we see your Lighter Side 2

Avatar Hariom Singh Chaudhary, Mathura, June 2018
नमस्ते सर नमस्ते PT Education टीम सर आप बहुत महान काम कर रहे हो l सर मेरी उम्मीद बिलकुल ख़तम हो चुकी थी l मै IT सेक्टर मे JOB करता हूँ और सादी सुदा हूँ l आप ने फिर से एक उम्मीद की लहर ला दी है मैंने फिर अपनी स्टडी Start कर दी है l सर मै कभी किसी Teacher से मन से नही पढ़ा हूँ आप को सुनता हूँ तो एक अलग सी एनर्जी रहती है पढ़ने मे l कुछ कर के दिखाएंगे नही कुछ कर के दिखाना है l सर मै ना तो किसी कोचिंग के लिए टाइम दे पा रहा हूँ और ना ही Fee l सर जब आप पढ़ाते हो तो मै खो जाता हूँ l सर मै हमेशा Class मे बोर हो जाता था लेकिन अब मेरा खाना भी नही पचता है जब तक आप के Videos नही देख लेता हूँ l Jai Shree Radhe Radhe l Jai Hind Sir

Avatar Rajesh Thalor, Kokrajhar, Rajasthan, June 2018
प्रणाम एवं जय हिन्द सर, में वर्तमान में केंद्रीय औद्योगिक सुरक्षा बल में बतौर सब-इनस्पेक्टर कार्यरत हूँ। मेने सर्वप्रथम एक वर्ष पहले हिन्दू धर्म पर आपका सेशन देखा एवम् तब से आपके सारे सेशन तथा करंट अफेयर्स के सेशन प्रतिदिन देखता आ रहा हूँ जिससे मुझमे एक नये आत्मविश्वास का संचार हुआ हैं व किसी भी विषय अथवा समस्या पर विचार करने का नजरिया ही बदल गया है। आपकी शिक्षण कला तथा चिंतनक्षमता का में कायल हूँ।आपके उत्साहवर्धन से राज्य सेवाओं में जाने का मेरा सपना पुनः जाग्रत हो गया है जिसे पूरा करने के लिए में पूरी प्रतिबद्धता से जूटा हूँ। आप मुझमें तथा मेरे जेसे अन्य युवाओं में जो ज्ञान ,विचारशीलता एवं समग्र चिंतन का प्रवाह कर रहे हैं उस महान कार्य के लिये आपका एवं आपकी समस्त टीम का बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद। कर के दिखाएंगे। जय हिन्द।

Avatar Ankur Kumar Pandey, Meerut Cantt, June 2018
Sir u & whole PT Education team is really doing a very tremendous job, because of following your series I have finally made into list of SSC CHSL for DEO in CAG of India. And also cleared SSC STENOGRAPHER, ASRB STENOGRAPHER ( Waiting For Skill Test Exam) & SSC MTS. Thanks Sir, I could not define your role in my life into these limited words. Yes Sir I have changed your motto of KARKE DIKHAENGE INTO KARKE DIKHA DIYA, Next month I m going to join CAG as DEO in Agartala AG OFFICE ( Tripura).

Avatar Himanshu Awasthi, Kanpur nagar, June 2018
मैं अपने टेस्टिमोनील्स की सुरुआत कुछ इस प्रकार से करना चाहूंगा "एका चंदा तमो हन्ति" एक चंद्रमा ही पूरे संसार के अंधकार को हर लेता है....उसी प्रकार आपने भी गुरु जी हमारे अंधकार रूपी भविस्य में प्रकाशरूपी सत्ता को बिराजमान कर दिया....आपकी कृपा से उत्तर प्रदेश pcs 2017 की प्रारम्भिक परीक्षा उत्तीर्ण करने में सफल रहा हालांकि मुख्य परीक्षा की अधूरी तैयारी के चलते में मुख्य परीक्षा में सम्मिलित नही हो सका.....आशा है जल्द ही प्रदेश pcs और संघ लोक सेवा आयोग में "कर्म प्रधान विश्व रची राखा "सिद्धांत से सफलता अर्जित कर लूंगा ,आपके सामान्य जागरूकता के अध्याय काफी रोचक और सहज और सरल रहते है जिसे कोई भी आसानी से समझ सकता है ,वर्तमान मे मैं श्रम एवं रोजगार मंत्रालय में प्रवर श्रेणी लिपिक पद पर पुणे में कार्यरत हु........आशा है जल्द ही एक सिविल सेवक के तौर पर मुझे कार्य करने का अवसर मिलेगा

Avatar Gaurav Chaudhary, Gurugram, June 2018
Greeting sir! I am Chartered Accountant by profession and working in world leading consultancy firm (Big4) in Gurugram. I am following up your Current Affairs series since last 2 months and continuously visit to datewise all news page. The topic you touch upon like farm stress, movement of world economy, Indian banking current situations etc. found me very thought-provoking and it gives me very strong insights. Since I belong to farming family (Baghpat, UP) and your approach also to protect the farmers wr.t giving them MSP, sugarcane pending payment, awareness of the Govt schemes etc. are very helpful. Whatever be my busiest schedule in day, I still find some time for watching your session too. I really feel you are excellent mentor in my life as the way you speak, the word you choose, your magnificent knowledge, courageous style, level of understanding and your gigantic positivity are outstanding. It is an enormous experience for me to listen your goodself sanctified voice.

Avatar Mukesh Kumar, Ghaziabad, June 2018
Good Day sir, I wrote testimonial for CA with PT earlier also but this time its about the PRABODHAN Mastercourse. Its really awesome and helps a lot in our preparation. But there is one thing that is missing in all the online courses. We can't clear our doubts immediately. So, I have a suggestion regarding PRABODHAN Mastercourse. If time and format allows you, please take question from comment section as well in live session of PRABODHAN Mastercourse. Of-course it will increase video time but if you can allocate a window of time, say 1 or 2 mint at the end of each edit for asking any question which you can take up, then it may enrich the content some more and it will save our time of clearing those doubts later by searching on internet.खैर इसके बिना भी ये more than enough है | Thanx for everything.

Avatar Shrawan Patel, Jodhpur, June 2018
Pranam guruji!! First of all i'm very thankful to you sir becouse you are helping thousands of students across india. The students need right direction to study. I found this direction from you sir. After following you sir i am very confident than earliar. Sir you are my god. I'm very inspired by you. Besically i'm from rural area when I came to city for preparation of ssc cgl examination. I got depressed about my poor language and knowledge. After some time my big brother B R PATEL suggest me to follow CA WITH PT EDUCATION to imorove my knowledge. I started regularly visiting your channel and following you. After that i'm very happy and confident. Thank you sir!! Thank you sir!!! You are my mentor my role model.. Again thank you very much sir!!!

Avatar Naman Bhardwaj, Jhansi, June 2018
Guruji Charansparsh, Gajraj and Gajputri ko bhi pranam! Guruji I am watching your videos from the last 2 years.Your video of Hinduism was the 1st video where I came to know about your channel.Now I am following you on Prabhodhan,CA Pt Education and Live as well. Sir bahut hi adbhudh h aapke padane ka style.I will try to learn more and more and I have now more insights on topics because of you. I am blessed to have such a teacher in my life.You are an inspiration. Sir aapka ashirvaad bana rahe to ek din testimonial ki jagah result share karoonga.

Avatar Brij Kishore Shakya, Guwahati, June 2018
Respected sir pradaam, I am following CA with PT series regularly without fail. I really like the way you explain difficult topics so easily. Earlier I used to hate GK but after joining this series I started loving current affairs and GK. Sir first of all I have one suggestion, It would be very helpful for all mobile user if a common android app for all PT portals can be developed. Secondly I want to know few things about you if you don't mind: (a) I have observed that you wear two gem stone rings so do you believe in gem astrology , (b) please share you daily routine, and (c) what is the secret of your level energy as I have never seen any teacher with such energy level. A big thanks for whole team of PT for selfless great efforts for students and professionals.

Avatar S. Sunil Kumar, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, June 2018
sir, Gd day/evening, Am a private school faculty, along in recent preparing fro stat grous exam fro final chance.till these days reading newspaper since 5 days stop reading news papers ours is more helpful useful, got our pt education u tube very useful and along added advantage. ur explanation is fine but to note down it seen fast.One kind request for Indian polity, Economy, geography, tto qualify and get good marks make ur suggestions for it be useful and helpful .kindly mail ur suggestions and any which help me more.Iwould be thankful and thankful to you sir.

Avatar Umrav Singh, Bengaluru, June 2018
Namastey sir,i am a working professional in I.T in bengaluru,and preparing for UPSC CAPF AC exam.sir thanks to you and your team for there hard work. sir i become addicted to watch your session and specially your way of teaching style and are playing a big role in national building by giving a holistic view and compendium of all important development.which made me a better,more thoughtful, person.Sir in long run we need person like you in our country's policy&decision making who can think in all dimensions. you are rocking day i will meet you and will touch your feet "kAR KE DIKHAYENGE". Sandeep manudhane sir jindabad.

Avatar Harsha Mallikarjun, Tumakuru, Karnataka, June 2018
Good afternoon sir, I have completed my graduation (BSc) and now preparing for civil services. I've been follower of your lectures since three years. Sir, thank you so much for your invaluable efforts through which you've forever infused the feeling of patriotism and never degrading motivation. Your lectures has led to my self realisation that life is entirely about learning new things every movement. I've appeared for UPSC three times but could clear prelims only once. The testimonials you share with us has been a great source of motivation, it echoes that I should never give up because of my failure and should keep my efforts alive till I succeed. My heartfelt thanks to you and especially to your team for making it easy to access huge resources in just few clicks. I also thank to those who have written testimonials for making me realise failure is not the end but just the beginning. Aacharya, aapke ashirvaad ka prarthana karta hu. Aapko mere koti pranam, Jai hindh.

Avatar Chitaranjan Sahoo, Cuttack, Odisha, June 2018
Sir,pranam......"the day arrives soon when the student dont need the teacher and the student became self sufficient that day a teacher become successful"...that aphorhsim makes me a ardent fan of you...i have been following you since nov 2017(vocablary dev session). sir i m a teacher nd also preparing for various state exams......each worthy sessions of current affairs helps me alot in every aspect of my life apart from academic.....sir your style of unique teaching with humour nd those songs entertain fully.. m also getting a good collection of songs .... sir i m requesting for a session on modern indian history ( the views of different representations on draft constitution assembly of india and role of sardar patel on state reorganisation).... thank you......!!

Avatar Anurag singh, Pratapgarh, (UP), June 2018
Pranam guruji,you are absolutely right,"pt education poora khajana hi". And now,I am also benefited with this khajana from earlier 2 month. I thanks to you and your team for priceless contribution to the society. If I say,pt wil help in IAS,CDS,NDA,SSC,exanination Then i limited the contribution of pteducation and yours also. I am very interested to shaire my result with you,as soon as possible. Thanks for great affort.

Avatar Sweta Nohwar, Delhi, June 2018
First of all " THANK YOU " sir ... You have made my life meaningful. I can feel the change, now I have got the real background of everything. I believe that we have a limited memory storage and because of you and your team ,I am getting the actual data and information. Now I feel happy to be a part of any discussion in family and friends. Initially I was afraid of these all. I am preparing for civil services and I hope one day I will share my result ,and will make you proud

Avatar Ajay pandey, Mirzapur, June 2018
Guruji aapko mera sat sat naman. I am 2015 pass out student, was very keen for startup elementry robotics in schools(as a subject) but my all hard work with local school went in drain and new condition has left me in midday with no organizational experience to apply for fresh job. I was so despondent but after following you regularly with current affair sessions now i can say i will rise like a sun eliminating all the darkness(weaknesses) to boost my skills by the power of knowledge.( You are my pedagogue like krishna to arjuna. Thank you pt and team. Sir i have read about the issues of farmers for not getting MSP in local market. why gov. is not introducing a platform to farmer near there respective block(dis.) to provide them MSP whenever they are not getting MSP in local market or in mandi's. to support them?

Avatar Syed Faisal, Beed, June 2018
i am following your course current affairs with pt since from last 2 week, the way you represent and narrate the story it is truly simple and interesting , your knowledge and skills resemble Indian heritage , i appreciate the way in which you have drive the name from Sanskrit like Parbodhan , Civil Tapasya etc etc, i am running a small business of textile and also doing natural farming(jungley kehti ) i also encourage sawdeshi brand but in non-violence way , The social business model are like a small tree once it grow it have enormous capability to bring the good changes in society, through your platform i want to convey the message that from last few i have seen depleting resource and income in rural and trend of heavy migration towards the city , which will going to turn economical and environmental disasters and change hole dynamic of Indian heritage. again thanks a lot for creating the beautiful platform.

Avatar Sharad Tiwari, Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, June 2018
Sir , Sadar pranam I don' t have words to praise you and your genre of teaching . I feel enlightened by your teaching style and connecting dots. I am preparing for state PSC as well as UPSC . I am following your sessions Since last month. In just few days I become a huge fan of your teaching and analysing style as well which develops my thought process and to connecting dots. CA WITH PT EDUCATION is now merged with my daily routine. Each and every session is very helpful for development of our knowledge as well as understanding skill. Session on UPSC 2018 SOLUTION was tremendous and mind blowing. I also requesting you to answering the question that how we can develop answering style of questions and writing skills as well. साथ ही सर आप डोनाल्ड ट्रंप की मिमिक्री बहुत अच्छी करते है।। Thanks a lot sir........

Avatar Anurag Bopche, Gandhi Nagar, June 2018
Sir, I would like to wish your whole team for this tremendous hard work, May god bless to all of them. I am working in a IT organization, From January'18 I am preparing for UPSC. Your Hinduism lecture was fantastic. Believe me, in that lecture you shared your knowledge as a monk. Warm regards for you. I am watching your videos from last 3 years. You have a great teaching style in which you use stuff from different sources and combine them into a simplified package which help us to enhance the knowledge. I assure to all PT education viewers that Manudhane sir knows the vein of student and of the Examiner too. Sir As you know many aspirants are confused while selecting Optional subject. We all would behappy if you can make complete video on how to select optional subject. I have few questions- What if reservation system can completely transformed from caste to financial/economic wealth ? One Nation One Election could be possible ? Thanks to You and PT's team. "Karke dikhayenge"

Avatar Shraddha jain, Jaipur, June 2018
Jai Hind sir! It's been a great feeling after I have started watching current affairs with pt. I am studying in 12th. Earlier in 11th I had opted for humanities due to my interest but my goal wasn't fixed.After watching your sessions I got highly inspired by your exuberance and now have decided to become an IAS and striding hard to achieve this. Teachers like you are really needed in this time for student's overall personality development. Whenever I watch your sessions I feel like to become like you.your knowledge in every field and the way of delivering it is mesmerising. Sir once you told about that you write poetries and I would be happy of you share some of your creations as I am very much interested in reading and writing poems.

Avatar Piyush Singh, Ranchi, June 2018
DEAR SIR ,PRANAM I have no words how to express myself regarding your superb teaching skills .the first video i watched the' hinduism ' and i enlightened some invisible power and i really dont know exactly what was that but i truly speaking the knowledge what you gave to us is very much precious and very much useful.when i listen your lecture i just interact with the whole pat present and future which feels very much energetic and motivating overall i am your biggest fan ..and i pray u always be with us ,,thanks a lot sir.

Avatar Pankaj Kumar, Chapra (Saran), June 2018
hi sandeep sir namaste and gajraj and gajputri ko bhi hi . Pt team and sandeep sir aap dono ki jitni tarif ki jaye utni kam hai . Maine teacher to bahut dekha but aap jaisa koi nahi kyunki aapki bate deliver karne ka jo tarika hai wo bahut hi effective hai and sabse badi bat jo connecting the dots wali bat to sabse umda hai .Aap ki tarah mai bhi bharat ka khud ka google and facebook banane wali bat support karta hu. Maine bahut si different religious holy book and osho and tao and sir aap ko v suna or jana ki khud ki khoj karo or khud ko jano ,aap bhid na bano khud ki chetna and mind se faisla lo. Sir aap ache teacher ke sath ache singer and actor v hai. Aap or aapki pt team ko sukriya.

Avatar Bhavishyakant Kevalprasad Bramhe, Gondia Maharashtra, June 2018
गुरुदेव चरण स्पर्श, Current affair की इस श्रंखला को मै कुछ महीनो से follow करते आ रहा हूँ. मेरे एक मित्र है जो सिविल सर्विस की तैय्यारी कर रहे है उनके द्वारा मुझे इस कार्यक्रम के विषय में पता लगा तब से मै भी इस श्रंखला का नियमित रूप से लाभ ले रहा हूँ. इस कार्यकर्म को देखने के पश्चात् सरकरी नीतियों व् अंतररास्ट्रीय राजनीती को समजने लगा हूँ . मेरे विचार करने का ढंग बदल सा गया है. कार्यक्रम के दौरान आपके द्वारा पूछे जाने वाले सवाल मेरे पसंदीदा है. बैंकिंग मेरा पसंदीदा एरिया है तथा मै इसकी तैय्यारी कर रहा हूँ लेकिन कभी कभी स्टेट सर्विस भी मेरा ध्यान अपनी ओर खीच लेते है जिससे मै भ्रमित हो जाता हूँ. मेरा मार्ग दर्शन कर मुझे आशीर्वाद प्रदान करे जय हिन्द जय भारत.

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Mumbai, June 2018
चरणस्पर्श गुरुजी, कल के करेंट अफेयर्स की सातवीं खबर से आँखों में आँसू आ गए। क्या हम अपने फौजी भाइयों को इसी तरह बलिदान होते देखते रहेगें ? छुट्टियों पर जाते फौजी भाईयों का अपहरण और फिर हत्या क्या हमलोग इसी तरह सहन करते रहेंगे? एक ओर जहां आपके सारे एकलव्य संवेदना व्यक्त कर रहे हैं तो दूसरी ओर बिहार के गया जिले से आ रही सामूहिक बलात्कार की खबर से मन खिन्न है। इन अपराधियों को कब तक ऐसी खुली छुट मिलेगी? ईश्वर से यही प्रार्थना है कि देश का हर युवा आपके सम्पर्क में आये और स्वतंत्र चिंतकों की संख्या करोड़ों के पार चली जाये। परिवर्तन तभी संभव है। ईश्वर आपको लंबी और स्वस्थ जीवन प्रदान करें। आपसे नम्र विनती है कि हमें फिल्म LOC का 'एक साथी और भी था गाना' अपनी सुरीली आवाज में सुना कर कृतार्थ करें।

Avatar Rupa, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, June 2018
Hello sir I am thankful to Sandeep sir and his amazing team. I gained much more from Pt education than I anticipated-and I can hardly wait for the current affairs to begin.sandeep sir teaches with humour and insights,and also behind the news-and how the two news are linked and their effects.I am grateful that the session materials or news cutting remain available after the session ends.CA with Pt helps me in many ways.its one stop solution for professional and students-it not just will help in competitive exams,but beyond.sorry for being late in writing a testimonial and thankful to this Awesome series.

Avatar Sameer Bhoi, Hyderabad, June 2018
Respected sir, First of all i would like to applaud your noble effort of enlightening a large mass. We get to know so many relevant things through your sessions which are usually not discussed in mainstream media. What else i would say, Perhaps my vocabulary is limited to appreciate u & your team. I have just an humble request: can we make the entire session in English? *By which can target more viewers, especially from southern parts like T.Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala & from abroad as well. * We would not only get knowledge but also get a chance to improve our vocabulary. SIR, i have immense respect for Hindi but ultimately professionalism demands a storong vocabulary in English. Sir 'Hindi songs' in between is OK, but making most of the session in Hindi I think, we are not doing justice non-Hindi people. With a lots of love THANK YOU!!!

Avatar Ashish Kumar Tripathi, Rewa, June 2018
Good evening sir, mai apka channel last 2 years se follow kr raha hu. humne bahut kuch learn kiya but sir my problem is day by day my efficiency deteriorating. Give some suggestion taki hum daily basis me jyada content apne mind me le paye . mai apni english improve karne ke ly daily article read krta hu but 3 ya 4 editorial ke bad saturation level aa jata hai . content lene ki capacity how improve. thanks to "PT" and his "TEAM".

Avatar Sandeep Kumar Rai, Allahabad, June 2018
PRANAAM SIR Ji..... I am very happy that I also written testimonial today.. If you find any mistake in it.. please forgive me.. actually I am too weak in English. I don't know how to write.. I firstly watched your "Hinduism" session.. and then it gave me a realistic material around me.. what a deep concepts with simple elaborating skill... I also watched your many sessions "political science" "effective learning for effective conversation" "how to develop reading habit" etc.. I also watched matrix movie. Now a days many changes are arising in my life.. I want to prepare for cat.I am going to enrolling your MBA entrance programme.. I am completely sure that one day I will get my destiny under your direction.. bahut bahut dhanyvad sir ji... Kar k dikhayenge....

Avatar Abhishek Kumar, Shuklaganj, UP, June 2018
NAMASTE SIR , ek alsi aap ko charan ispash kar raha hai asirwad de dijiya ..... sir aap ke CA ke series Dec ke last week se dekh raha hu... mujhe bhut pasand aati hai.... main or mere shpathi sab mil ke dekhte hai .... sir maine me se kiya hua hai pr achhi job na milne ke karan ab bank ki tyari kar raha hu saath hi saath upsc ki tyari bhi ho rahi hai main class 12 ktak ke bacho ko education deta hu jisse thoda bhut earn kar leta hu.... sir main aap ki tarah banna chahta hu or bhagwaan se kamna karta hu mujhe is layak bana de ki main bhi aap ki tarah kai sare bacho ko bhaiyo bahno ko achhi siksha de saku wo bhi free.... iske liye main bhut mahnat bhi kar raha hu.... sir aap ke jaisa koi nhi..... namaste sir jai hind..... gajraaj or gaj putri ko bhi namaskaar or aap ki team ko bhut bhut clapinggggggg.....

Avatar Shubham Mishra, Gurugram, June 2018
Namaste Dear Sir, It's my pleasure to write something in your praise.Currently I am working in a MNC in Gurugram. I have cleared my SSC mains this year and it was my first attempt. Along with my job i am preparing for SSC and IAS. I have been following your sessions for the last 3 months and it is really a life changing sessions. I will not say that i have gained knowledge from your sessions but one thing i can definitely say that your sessions have changed my way of thinking towards many political and social issues which will definitely help me in my upcoming administrative life.(Confidence!)

Avatar Manish Chaudhary, Dwarka, New Delhi, June 2018
Charan Sparsh sir. I am working in software Industry(Commodity and Document Domain) for five years. I have joined journey with CAPT two months ago and i haven't miss single episode since then. I was searching for Shale Gas detail when i found your videos first time. I have seen many session including PNB scam and Hinduism. These are helping me to connect the dots and provide holistic view. I am fan of your energy, motivation and creative style of teaching. You always inspire me to confront challenges on positive node. Big thanks for providing such great sessions. I have shared these sessions with my friends and they appreciated it. This is my first time when i am writing testimonial. Sorry if this is not written well. I will definitely improve next time. .....Sure we will do ...Jai Hind.

Avatar Manoj kishor Pradhan, Rourkela, Odisha, June 2018
I am from NIT Rourkela ,ODISHA .I have a great experience with PT since 2013 ,although I am a Research scholar in Physics now.To be honest I have learnt many things from Resources of PT education. I salute the energy you have to maintain the flow of teaching starting from all directions and angles in any topic. That's really essential for a teaching -learning environment. I am preparing for CS by self interest but I could not Left Physics ,although I had attempted 3 times UPSC CSE. Still I will never end my learning from you and always recommend my friends and like minded students to watch your Lecturer.I have interest in CS with a hope that I could monitor development of indigenisation of various R&D sectors that will aim mankind apart from education sector.Many countries even after facing huge drawbacks are ahead of us just because our leaders and law makers are unwilling to see the Change ahead in future. I'm grateful to you n team PT in many ways.Aim to " Touch the sky with Glory"

Avatar Rahul Sharma, Nagda, Madhay Pradesh, June 2018
नमस्ते सरजी, सादर चरण स्पर्श I am regular following CA with PT Education. I love the way present the normal thing in a manner its become interesting and some time addictive to know more about that. I am following your channel since 2016, I get to know about your channel by Communication and reading habit video. I am following all the guidance you said specially last line " 2 din k bad rote rote khud hi thak jaoge.. Everyday is another day" I am preparing for Banking and SSC exam since 2016. I am 2014 pass out graduate in Electronics and Instrumentation from Ujjain. One day you given an advice about career how we move in which you guide us to take any good job available and then go for specific exam. I followed your advice and within One month I joined US Staffing company Vertisystem in Indore. In which they asked me for extempore So Gone through NPA news and explained whatever I learn from "CA with PT". This is what I received by your grace. Thankyou Sir for all your program.

Avatar Surya Pratap Singh, Bisauli, Uttar pradesh, June 2018
First of all I would like to thanks of sandeep sir and whole team of pt education which provide a lot of guidance to improve my study and give the lot of positive energy all the students which are connected all the field such as civil service CAT etc.sir your each session of current affairs of pt give me a lot of encouragement to achieve my goal.sir your blessings remains with me like this and I keep filling on you with such inspiration.thankyou

Avatar Pranav Patel, Rajkot, Gujarat, June 2018
Bharat mata ki jay.Hello sir! Kaise he mera 1st testimonial hai. Maine laat 5 din se hi CA with PT deshna shuruadkiya hai. Sorry mai english Sikh raha hu isliye dono mix rahega . Or mai apna vichar alle samme rakhna Chhata hu ki hame means india ko ab ak google ki jarurat hai.muje ye idea google map or google earth se aya . Vaha pe hamare air base or navy ke battelships saf saf dekhai de rahe hai. Apke is channel se muje kaphi kutch knowledge mila hai .aise hi aap knowledge share karte rahia.i hope ako mera ye vichar pasand aya ho aur apke vichar bhi share kare .aur apko lage to advise bhi dijiye. JAY HIND. BHARAT MATA KI JAI.

Avatar Ravi Khanna, New Delhi, June 2018
Shashtang Pranam guruvar! I am a chartered accountant and a risk professional. My journey started with your eye opener session on Hinduism. Anybody could be such an Epitome of knowledge had never realised before. My day is incomplete without current affairs session. When moved to a new place my travel time increased to 4.5 hours on daily basis but thanks to you, I make full use of this blessing in disguise. Sir, your sessions have immensely helped me to enhance my knowledge spectrum. Not only I am able to read and analyse with neutral lense, I give better presentations and contribute to group discussions we have in our organisation. I try spreading this fragrance of knowledge to young brigade and in my social network as much possible I can. Recently have shared with alumni cell of school I attended. Eagerly waiting for Prabhodhan Mastercourse. A BIG Salute to you and PT education team for their efforts. Jai Hind!!

Avatar Akshay Saini, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, June 2018
Namaste Dear Sir! A big THANKS to you and entire PT education team for providing your cogent views on otherwise very tortuous and esoteric daily happenings. Mostly people deals with CA in only superficial way but the amount of indepth info you provide on myraid topics is priceless. Your flamboyant session fills us with exuberance and has changed our way of perceiving things. I have watched most of your sessions and each one is a gem, whether it is Vocab, Great Wars, Power of 10 etc. I have also enrolled in power of Apti soon will share the results with you. Thanks.

Avatar Sayed Aqeel Shah, Poonch Jammu and Kashmir, June 2018
Sir the first video i watched was your's lecture on world war 2 since then i am following your channel constantly. The way you teach and connect the dots help the student to hold grasp on the subject. And your Current Affairs session totally revolutionized my way and approach of reading The Hindu, thanks for that sir. I live in a remote village of India where The Hindu News paper Reached after 3 days, But with the advent of internet and 4G totally changed the student life. in the End Thanks a lot Sir for your precious Lecture and your selfishness love for Students. Love From Poonch

Avatar Krishna Kumar, Hyderabad, June 2018
Dear Sir, Namaste, You are Guru Dronacharya for me and many others but i'm neither Arjuna nor Eklavya but wanted to be one. I'm from Bihar working in Hyderabad in a PSU bank as a Manager. I'm following your session on you tube for the last 3 years. The courses and session are of course not related to my work but the insight which i got after each session give me confident to work, think & live with aplomb. Although i got very few time out of my work and daily routine most of the time i attend the session while i'm cooking. I want to excel in my carrier and most importantly as a human being. Need your blessing to get the toehold in my carrier and life. one question sir as a voter i always felt that we are in a horn of dilemma while casting our vote because we are not choosing our representative between good or bad more or less all are same. My state is most backward state in our country how do i contribute to make it great i don't think as a voter i'll make any change.?

Avatar Luv Bansal, Jaipur, June 2018
Thanks a lot Sir for your providing us with immense knowledge.I am pursuing Mechanical Engineering (4th year), I always used to avoid newspapers, news channels and always have a fear to indulge in groups where the world issues and talks on constitution are being discussed ,as I have no knowledge regarding this. After following your Current Affairs and other sessions on PT channel for a regular time, my life is completely changed. Now I am able to stand in every type of discussions with full confident because now I have the facts collected with me regarding every topic as each topic is discussed in your sessions. You have opened my mind to seek for true knowledge .Now my day starts with reading newspaper and I love reading it. Thankyou once again Sir.You are my Guru.I am proud to say that " Hum Sandeep sir ke student hai ,Kar ke dikhaenge".

Avatar Kanchan Verma, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, June 2018
नमस्ते सर, मैं एक नेटर्वक इंजीनियर हुँ टेलीकोम फिल्ड में। जिस तरीके से सभी टेलीकोम कंपनी को हानि उठानी पड़ रही है और हर रोज न जाने कितने लोगो की नौकरी जाती है लेकिन सर ये बात आप भी अच्छे से जानते है कि टेलीकोम सेक्टर दुसरा सबसे बड़ा Revenue sector है सरकार का । लेकिन फिर भी सरकार कुछ नही सोचती इस सेक्टर के बारे मे। सर , अाप हम जैसे विधार्थी के लिए गुरु चाणक्य के समान है जो कि आप का दिया गया हर कीमती वक्त हमारे लिये ज्ञान वर्धक और जीवन के हर मोड़ के लिए लाभदायक है। क्योकि आप कि हर बात से हम प्रेरित होकर और उसको समझकर आगे हर एक व्यक्ति को समझाते है। मैं आपका हर सेशन अपने पूरे परिवार के साथ देखता हूँ जिससे की हमारे साथ हमारे माता पिता भी आप की जानकारी का लाभ उठाते है।सर आप जो सदाबहार गाने गाते है वो हमारे लिए बहुत ही प्रेरणा का काम करते है जब कभी हम थक जाते है listen song. जीवन चलने का नाम,चलते रहो सुबह शाम,के रस्ता कट जायेगा मित्रा,बादल छट जायेगा मित्रा,तु दुख से झुकना न मित्रा,कि एक पल रुकना न मित्रा. सर बस केवल आप से यह ही निवेदन है कि आप कि ये यात्रा ऐसी ही चलती रहे ।धन्यवाद सर,

Avatar Naman Bhardwaj, Indore, June 2018
आदरणीय गुरु जी चरणस्पर्श में आपके वीडियोस काफी दिनों से लगातार देख रहा हूँ,और सिविल सर्विसेज की तैयारी कर रहा हूँ|में अगले साल सिविल सर्विसेज का एग्जाम दूंगा,परन्तु आपके सेशंस से मुझे हेल्प करने में बहुत फायदा हो रहा है| इस साल बुद्धिज़्म एंड जैनिज़्म का जो Question आया था तो सीधा सीधा आपके लाइव.संदीपमानधने के सेशंस से मेने सोल्वे कर लिया है |प्रभोधन मास्टर कोर्स में भी आपका साथ मिलने से बहुत खुश हूँ | सर आप इसी तरह हमें गाइड करते रहिये|सर आपका आशीर्वाद इसी तरह हमारे ऊपर बना रहे | Karke dikhayenge Jai Hind Jai Bharat

Avatar Ratiranjan Bag, Chandikhole Jajpur, Odisha, June 2018
Pranam sir. You have become a complete cause behind my preparation. I'm currently preparing for state civil service. The insight given by you is very beneficial to us. My perspective has changed a lot after following you. Now i am able to understand things closely. You are giving a new direction to the younger generation . I do not miss any of your session . Earlier it was settled in my mind that is very difficult to crack the civil service exam. But you have taught us that with the right way and due diligence we can get it. I even talk to my friends to watch your session. They watch it every day. Thank you for helping people like us.

Avatar Anshuman Sharma, Brisbane, Australia, June 2018
Pranam sir. Firstly, you and your team are doing brilliant work. The first time when I was exposed to your lectures dates back to the year 2015 when I was pursuing my masters from IIT Roorkee. Since then I am your big fan. Currently, I am a PhD candidate at The University of Queensland, and my research focuses on future intelligent vehicles. I am a consistent follower of your Current Affairs lectures and truly admire your sense of humor, especially the phrase ‘sounds familiar to me. Why I follow your Current Affairs series? 1) Apolitical and detailed insights on news article – keeps me updated; and 2) I aspire to become a researcher cum lecturer in any of the IITs, and I think I should have an encyclopedic, unbiased, and pragmatic vision on the topics of national and international interests – your lectures provide such vision. Also, I fully agree with the idea of India’s own Google and Facebook. Again, thanks a lot and please keep up the brilliant social initiative. You are awesome.

Avatar Swapnil Raskar, Mumbai, June 2018
Pranam! I consider myself blessed to have come across your channel. Although I have been benefitted in various ways, I want to list out few salient ones. I have been following CA with PT for 3 months now & realized that I could read and comprehend global and financial news in better way which I used to skip before. I admire the way you utilize ‘KISS’, 'Anekantwad' and ‘Connecting the dots’ principle and it will be my constant endeavor to implement the same in my personal & professional life. You made me understand actual ground reality & how interdependent and complicated a system can be. No politician can fool me with false promises now. Thank you for giving me better version of myself each day. Couple of questions: 1.Considering India's huge consumer base & to improve manufacturing sector, If GOI decides to promote 'Buy Indian, Hire Indian' policy like USA, what challenges the GOI could face?2.Why is every country silent on US protectionism? Padhte rahoonga.. Badhte rahoonga!

Avatar Neelam, Bangalore, June 2018
Dear Sir, Pranaam. कुछ videos के आरंभ में आपकी जो हाथ बांधे हुए मुद्रा है, मुझे लगता है मेरी तरह हम में से कईं लोगों को कभी-कभी उस में विवेकानंद जी की झलक नज़र आती होगी। आप उन्ही की तरह शतावधानी भी हैं । आज एक खबर पढ़ी कि छत्तीसगढ़ के राज्यपाल ने बढ़ा हुआ वेतन और उसका एरियर लेने से मना कर दिया । Austerity | केवल दो लोग याद आए - चाणक्य और Mr. Murthy of Infosys. Be it nations or corporates otherwise - as you mention the phrase - power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely - the theory prevails by and large. Right from philosophy to history, polity, economics, geography, administration, science and mathematics - you provide deep insights with bilingual expertise and wit. यदि संभव हो सके तो कुछ dedicated insights कभी Psychology पर भी share कीजिए like - Indian Psyche, हम जैसे हैं हम वैसे क्यूँ हैं, the forces behind limitless greed for power and money etc. etc... Regards, Neelam

Avatar Pushpanshu Sharma, Kanpur, June 2018
"Intellectual Educations Influence the Mind but the Values based Education Influences the Heart" and sir your Value based knowledge is Influencing thousands of energetic students. sir Charan Sparsh, you are one of my best Guru, i have seen your all lectures available on you-tube, they all are Erudite specially Hinduism,nanotechnology,vocabulary,universe etc and no w this current affairs lectures. sir i had a dream to become IAF pilot, i passed PABT but couldn't get recommendation in SSB's interview but learned millions of new things specially with failure and now i have given UPSC UPPCS exams. i try my best to not miss your single lecture because knowledge-optimism-guidance-entertainment u give all in one package and wish some day will meet after doing what i wished. To conclude A big thanks to u for giving right Knowledge with right direction. wish meet soon guru ji.

Avatar Prabhat Tripatho, Thane, June 2018
Pranaam sir! I appreciate your and your team hardwork to mould thousand of futures 'bright' ."waise itna punya lekar kaha jaoge " hahahahaha but on a serious note i was mesmerized by your session on hinduism and WW2.I watch your each and every sessions of CA with PT and also started promoting 'POWER OF APTI" to my students Today CA with PT is hope for all of us to be unaffected by the paid and false news . Bhagwan aapko aur apki team ko lambi umar de

Avatar Neeraj Kumari, Greater Noida, June 2018
Dear Sir and PT education team, I have qualified Indian Statistical Services (ISS) Exam, 2017 conducted by UPSC with AIR 15. I did my M.Sc in Statistics from IIT Kanpur and B.Sc in Satistics from Lady Shri Ram College, DU. I started my preparation for core statistics papers of ISS just 80 days before exam, but I was following your sessions since last one year. So, in those 80 days before exam I did not have to worry about my GS exam because I was confident of qualifying it with the confidence that comes by deep study of your lectures. I would like to tell here that in my first attempt in 2015, I scored only 2 marks out of 100 in GS paper but now I am an ISS officer with AIR 15. Sir, it is only possible because of your directions and efforts that you put in to prepare so comprehensive lectures. Thank you for all your support. Hats off to your energy, positivity and dedication towards the sessions that you present.

Avatar Nihal Bhardwaj, Siwan, Bihar, June 2018
Good evening Sir, I am a final year student in National Law University Odisha and will give my first attempt in 2019 for civils. I have been following your sessions for last 1.5 years. Such is your charismatic teaching style that I watched the American civil war lecture of 5 hrs and enjoyed it like I enjoy any movie. I have read almost all of your quora answers. Above all after watching your sessions I have started to think like a rational being. I and my group of friends are a huge fan of yours and we wish that you organise a workshop for civil services in our college. Sir, today we are surrounded by propaganda news channels. We can ignore them and can follow some unbiased journalism but it has to stop somewhere. But the question is how it will stop if the major political parties of our country are backing them. Ignorance is bliss only to the ignorant but what about the rest of the people who are falling in this vicious cycle of hate and intolerance?

Avatar Subhalaxmi Jena, Khordha, Odisha, June 2018
Good evening sir...Namaskar...this is my 2nd and the whole pt team doing a fabulous job...though am not very good in English still am trying to...and if your blessings and my effort work together...then I must do very well...thank you so much again...I will try to be a good teacher like you...karke dikhaenge..Jai Hind..

Avatar Shamsher Dhaliwal, Bathinda, June 2018
Hi Sandeep sir,I have been following your channel from last month.I am greatly motivated by your teachings. Sir, you efficiently cover all topics of current affairs but it will be more easy for us if you would tell what to note in current affairs. It will also be very beneficial for us if you kindly make videos on yojana and kurukshetra also.At last, thanks for your efforts.

Avatar Harsh Kumar Garg, Jamuria, West Bengal, June 2018
I have been following Sir's you tube channel for the past 1.5 years. The analysis given by Sir helped me build a viewpoint which is the utmost requirement of UPSC exam. I am happy to share that I have secured AIR 509 in the recently declared UPSC CSE result. Sir, please accept my heartfelt thanks for being a guide and an inspiration for me. Thanks a lot Sir:)

Avatar Manish, Meerut Uttar Pradesh, June 2018
गुरुजी प्रणाम , मै उत्तर प्रदेश पुलिस में कम्पयूटर आपरेटर के पद पर वर्ष 2014 से कार्य कर रहा हू । मेरे मन में आईएएस , आईपीएस बनने की इच्छा अपने अधिकारियों से मिल कर ही जाग्रत हुई इससे पहले शायद ही मुझे सिविल सर्विस की जानकारी थी । नौकरी करते हुए किस प्रकार मै सिविल सर्विस की तैयारी करु इस बारे में आपकी राय मेरा मार्गदर्शन करेगी जिसकी मुझे आशा है । आपके द्वारा उपलब्ध करायी जा रही करेंट अफेयर्स मेरे जैसे लोगो के लिए जो नौकरी करते हुए तैयारी करना चाह रहे है उनके लिए बहुत उपयोगी है । पुलिस सर्विस मे आकर लोगो की भावनाओं , आशाओ और आकांछाओं को जानने का मौका मिला और इसी से प्रेरणा पाकर लोगो के इसी दर्द को मै दूर करना चाहता हूँ । आपके सहयोग का बहुत बहुत आभारी हू । जयहिन्द

Avatar Praneet Dabbiru, Nagpur, June 2018
Hello sir! Namaste may god bless u all happiness. Sir I m regularly following these sessions and watch these sessions at night and think about the matter u discuss during the session before going asleep buy my favourite part is motivation. Sir i m preparing for NDA and other defence related examination. I m sure ur guidance will help me to achieve my goal. Thank u sir!! Jai hind

Avatar Rahul Garg, Gurgaon, June 2018
Dear Sandeep Sir, I am a regular follower of you sessions from last 1.5 Year. Your sessions have given me Immense confidence and Knowledge that I think I was seeking since my childhood. Even my graduation from IIT couln't match what I have gained in last 1 year watching all your sessions. In my 1st year at college, a friend of mine asked me a question that "Why does Hindus do idol worship?". I didn't had the answer despite being an actively religious person at that point in time. All these year I have been seeking the answer which I finally found in your session "Hinduism". All your session connects our missing dots in one way or another. It is immense power (mind and soul) that you are providing thousands of youths daily with your ca with pt and my well wishes are with you. May God bless all the viewers and team pteducation.

Avatar Gaurav Gandhi, Kolkata, June 2018
Sir, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am a BBA student at St. Xavier's College, Kolkata 3rd year, preparing for CAT 2018. I first saw your Vocab session and then... did not stop watching your sessions+quora writeups. And, gradually i started wondering how can this be the same person talking on so many different topics and with such quality. Most importantly sir, you give us a reason to believe that all of this is actually possible and practical; it can be achieved and isn't like any supernatural power. With over 3 decades of your experience you have made it possible and still not stagnant. Just this ray of hope can maybe do wonders for someone like us sitting at a distance. Thank you for giving us that hope! "Kar ke dikhayenge". Please keep on.."petty done, undone vast." FOR YOU- "Planting his steadfast footsteps in the sea, Making the heaven of heavens his dwelling-place, Spares but the cloudy border of his base To the foil'd searching of mortality;" - by Matthew Arnold (Title: Shakespeare)

Avatar Nirmal Singh Parmar, Udaipur, June 2018
"Sir ji charan Sparsh" Aaj is Aalsi ne v likh diya :) My name Nirmal Singh parmar from Udaipur Rajasthan, pursuing B. Tech. Sir honesty said "I do not have words to praise your TEAM efforts" One of my Junior suggested me to watch these classes till than now I am regularly gaining knowledge, and spreading this to my friends. In India our national media is not emphasis on real issues they just involve people in "Hogwash debate" and degrade 'Bonhomie' of society so I stopped watching TV. These classes not just give us knowledge but also give a way or free thinking by increasing knowledge day by day. Sir aapki to baat hi alag h m jitni taarif karu kam h, sir BEST TEACHER hi nai balki ek achhe ACTOR or SINGER v ho. we all love you at lot sir "Jai Hind"

Avatar Shiv Pratap Singh, Gurugram, June 2018
Respected Sir, a very good evening to you and to every hardworking member of Team PT. I came to know about you nearly two years ago through youtube. The first lecture of yours I attended was about World War 2. It was simply superb. I could not remember if any teacher I had learnt from was able to impart so much knowledge with so much energy and enthusiasm. Since then, I have been a regular follower of your youtube channel. Sir, you said today in your current affairs session that less number of testimonials lowers your motivation. If I could request you for one thing, it would be that please never discontinue your selfless efforts like these to spread education. These sessions are priceless for millions of viewers like me. I have also enrolled for your Prabodhan Mastercourse and am now eagerly waiting for it. Thank you very much Sir. May you live long. God bless you.

Avatar Mahesh Chakrabarty, Odisha, June 2018
Namaste sir , Ye mera 2nd testimonial hai. Graduation-2017 ke time pe maine UPSC CDS exam diya tha kyunki defence join karna cahta hoon, lekin exam ka level dekh kar hausla toot gaya tha. Uske bad apka vocab videos ke dauran channel ko subscribe kiya tab se aaj tak ek bhi din aisa nahi ki mera knowledge ko boost na mila ho. Tab se aaj tak mera CDS 2018,AFCAT 2017 and 18,ISRO ASSISTANT,KVS sab exam ka written success raha,Ab SSB ki Tayari jari hai jisme apke CA analysis bohat hi help kar raha hai. Ek baar Final Selection lelu result ke site pe bhi likhunga.Apke resources aur content bohat hi achha hain aur power of apti portal to khazana hai. Apke poore PT team ke liye Salaam.

Avatar Pulkit Surana, Jodhpur, June 2018
"Don't give up what you want most, for what you want now." Namaste Sir! I started with a motivational quote just like you. I am following your videos and your writings since the day I watched your world war 2 lecture around 2 years ago. Still today i don't tell my friends about you instead I make them watch any of your video (be it on Hinduism, world war 2 or any other) then they themselves start watching all your videos. Hats off to your work of nurturing young minds(i guess even old minds too). The best thing I like about your teachings is that you impartially show us every side of each story and force individuals to develop their own independent thinking (as these days people are getting so easily influenced by fake and paid news spread everywhere) Ending with a motivational song :- Kahaani khatam hai ya shuruat hone ko hai (from movie udaan)

Avatar Navnit Kumar, Babadham, Jharkhand, June 2018
Sirji ko charan sparsh pure jindagi rahega.Presently,with my dad i am running my hospital mainly to serve the poorer mass of the society.Your teachings and learnings have opened /broadened the minds of the youths,i feel.We can now analyse what is good/bad for our society,all thanks to you.The whole definition of hero has changed now,and definitely you are our hero,sir. Health sector is the most neglected sector of our country.Jholachaps/quacks are playing with citizens' health,sadly our govt. is busy in absurd things/issues which in your session,you are highlighting.Constructive criticism,which you do,i like it the most.Koi competitive exams kya sir,aapne jindagi jina sikha diya sirji,life se bada kya exam ho sakta h sirji. btw,i also have a german shepherd.Donald babu ki acting karte rahie sir,aap huste hain to hum sab huste h. are kya missile aa rha h??? darwaza lagao..boommmmmm HEHEHE,PRANAM SIR.

Avatar Brajesh Mishra, Bhagalpur, Bihar, June 2018
Pranam Sir. Your insightful insights has forced me to appear in testimonials page for the 3rd time. The Voracious reader which was sleeping inside me has risen and it gives all its credit to the master blaster(not 'Sa'chin but 'Sa'ndeep Sir). Your life-changing songs and mimicry of Mr.Trump adds a beautiful taste to the whole series in addition to the presence of 'gajraj' and our little cute 'Gajputri'. Jai Bholenath.

Avatar Mainul Islam, Kolkata, West Bengal, June 2018
Pranam Sir, At first i would like to express my huge gratitude and lots of respect to you. Sir, i am a research scholar of Geography and also teach the same in a college of Calcutta University. Sir, i am a regular follower of your channel for last 3 years and learnt lot of things from you. Sir you are really a genius. Sir, i have seen almost all the videos which are available in YouTube, apart from that i have also attend all the current affairs session that you had taken. These session is very informative and helpful to crack any kind of academic and competitive exam. Sir, i have a request to you please come once to our city and make some positive interaction with our students thus they should also get some benefits from your initiative. Jai Hind Sir.

Avatar Kalpana Lowanshi, Indore, June 2018
namaste sir, i like this CA PTeducation session very much i watch it regularly and eagerly wait to watch . i start watching this session from last one month and try to learn all the question you ask during session and realise that my knowledge is improving day by day thank u so much to provide your valuable knowledge to every one .I also enrolled in prabodhan master course. and wait for the course eagerly.

Avatar Shivani Sharma, Udaipur, June 2018
Hello sir, i don't have enough words to praise you..but i truly believe india really needs a true and shrewd leader like you. Your prowess to analytically think and connecting the dots is commendable :) sir you enlighten our lives with your profound knowledge and the way you impart this knowledge to us. Sir you are doing a great job and one day even i would like to repay you by helping others in the same way as you do selflessly....and 1 more thing just a glimpse of you brings a smile on my face and makes me happy. God bless you sir. Lots of love :)

Avatar Ashwin Harilal Jaiswal, Gondia, Maharashtra, June 2018
Namastey Sir! Badhai ho!! for hitting a century of CA Sessions to you and your wonderful team. I came to know about PT Team through my brother who was one of your student in Vocabulary Course. He eulogized your knowledge like anything which seemed to be bombasting but when I watched your first lecture of Hinduism without break and you were really far greater than what my brother spoke about you. I feel blessed to get a mentor like you who adds value to my knowledge regularly except those two days of week and enabling me to eat an elephant piece by piece. Your vast ocean of knowledge and way of serving the same with different garnishing like singing, creating different voices, mimicry, concept of Gajaraj and Gajputri are wonderful. The way you give several insights and your views during session is laudable. I am Ashwin currently in 12th class and preparing for IPMAT (IIM-Indore). Please give me some gurumantra for the preparation of same so that I can clear it in first attempt.

Avatar Akash Chaudhary, Mathura, June 2018
Namaskar sir I am avid follower of your current affairs course daily series. This is my second testimonial I am writing to you. whenever, i watch your videos a flood of thoughts come inside me and suddenly i have pen in my hand and found me writing something on social issues. You inspire and motivates me to make the life purposeful. Thanks sir for you and your team's efforts to providing us such a helpful sessions of current affairs. In ancient times, the information was available to men was very limited. But, in present time the information available to men is overabundant and overly crowded. Both situations are alike. In both situations, the real and important information can't flow efficiently to those who need it. Your sessions are just like the prepared tasty and healthy food being served to everybody free of cost and without slightest of their own efforts You sessions to me can be bes summarised by these lines of Martin Luther "Out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope"

Avatar Deven Manral, Visakhapatnam, May 2018
Hello sir.. It's been a great pleasure and honour to have a teacher like you with such a deep knowledge on different topics, throughout the day I m excited to watch ur session in evening... Thanku to your team members who works with so much enthusiasm in the back doors to brings all these sessions to a success, sir 1thing I want to know from u is that do u meditate or u born intelligent... Plz tell some uses of meditation from ur point of view... And in the end kar ke dikhayege . Love u so much sir

Avatar Rahul Kumar Sharma, Jamshedpur, May 2018
First of all thank you very very much for being withu us ,giving your best time and enormous knowledge. That is priceless for us. I have been following you for last 2 years. I first saw your lecture on vocabulary on YouTube, from that time i realised how deep your knowledge and perception towards this. I have been your GEC student.I am a teacher and i also share the views with the students what you say during lecture. Ab to aalam ye hai ki aap ab tak 3 times mere sapne me aa chuke hai.hahaha. And last but not the least special thanks for you and your team.

Avatar Brajesh Mishra, Bhagalpur, Bihar, May 2018
Namaskar, प्रणाम ;aabhaar, abhinandan. Sir ek gana dedicate karna chahenge hm. तारीफ करूँ क्या उसकी जिसने आपको बनाया ये सूर्य सा चमकता चेहरा आँखो में प्यार सुनहरा ये गूगल जैसा ज्ञानी माथा साथ में गजपुत्री का पहरा Aap se jitna gyan arjit kiye hain sir ki batane lage to teesra epic likha jaye. Country,nation aur state ka difference aapne bataya jo ki kitne vidwan ko bhi nahi pata. You teach us word meanings, You give insights. Aap sach me great ho sir. And ek aur baat... Aap kabhi kabhi kehte hain ki aap k age pe aane pe koi v itna gyani ho sakta hai. This is a lie. You are special,humble and best मार्गदर्शक the youth of this nation will ever witness. You have transformed me altogether. Thank you sir Thak you so much.

Avatar Pragati Anant, Bengaluru, May 2018
Hello sir and all the people who are watching this session right now.i am working in TCS yes the same company which you were referring yesterday.i am a philomath.when i was searching for good contents videos,i got to know about your channel.i am a great admire of your teaching style. Your prodigious knowledge make the session even more intresting.i hope this sessions will continue forever. So that at the last we ll be able to find all the infinity stones(for all the Marvel movie lovers out there)

Avatar Varun Singh Rathore, Bikaner, May 2018
Namastey Sir, I have been watching all your sessions for quite a long time. You are indeed the best teacher i have had in my life. Your sessions are interesting, knowledgeable, enlightening, optimistic and fun too. I remember the first lesson of yours that i watched was the 2.5 hours of "Vocabulary Development" course, which was a "sublime experience". The best thing about lessons from you is that i can remember those facts/data given by you. This lecture of yours enhanced my love for english. This year i got a 189/200 in english (Tier-2) for SSC-CGL 2017 (my best score till date). Your lecture on American Civil War failed to bore me despite being a 5.5 hour lecture. I would literally faint if any other teacher took a 5.5 hour lecture. The same would be true for the lecture on Hinduism. I will be working soon as Junior Wireless Officer in Wireless Monitoring Organisation D/O telecommunications GOI Regards, Varun

Avatar Sourabh Kumar, New Delhi, May 2018
Namaste Sir! I want share my life experience with you sir, I recently completed my B.Com from DU, I am surrounded by CA CS aspirants who are my friends and family members I always knew CA is not for me and finding new ways for peace,then you appeared as a hero in my life and enlighten UPSC as a perfect platform for a person like me, I run a coaching institute in New Delhi and try to follow your teaching styles. One more thing sir "the day when i'll be an IAS officer i would definitely come to touch your feets''

Avatar Dr Khursheed, Srinagar, May 2018
Good evening sir I am from Kashmir and when I miss a session or two because of the interruption of internet service, I keep eagerly waiting for the internet to get restored to see you and watch 5 sessions in a row sometimes. I am not getting the words to praise your work. I can't even explain how immensely have you nurtured me. I have watched your sample vedios more than once each. Learning with you is thrilling. I am getting addicted to it. I request you to please never discontinue this. I want to download the stuff you have on your table. Is there an option. I wish I could join the PRABODHAN but we here in the valley do not enjoy continuous internet services. Please take my testimonial Thank you

Avatar Ashwin Singh, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, May 2018
(*As u always ask using KISS method i'am writing you) Pranam Guru ji ,This is my 2nd TESTIMONIAL,in my last TESTIMONIAL i shared my initial experience that how you inspire me and also help me to overcome from bad phrase of my life.i am the regular viewer of your videos.Sir ji you and your whole PT education Team put so much efforts and provide us praiseworthy and priceless knowledge which is impossible to repay,so inspired by you,I as a Lawyer and my Dad,2 Sister who are also Lawyer started free Legal Aid to the "Needy" and "Poor" Peoples and also Started free Classes only for "Serious" and "Needy" Students.This year on 3rd June i am giving my 1st UPSC exam for which Studies are almost done only need your Blessings to get Ranked in UPSC. Jai Hind... Kar ke Dikhayege....

Avatar Madan Murari Mohan, Purnia, Bihar, May 2018
सर्वप्रथम चरण-स्पर्श गुरु जी में मदन मुरारी मोहन आपसे हमेशा अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से जुड़ा हुआ हूँ जिसका परिणाम यह हुआ की में पहली बार में ही सिविल सर्विसेज एग्ज़ाम के इंटरव्यू के पायेदान तक पहुँच ने मे सफल हुआ ये आप की मार्ग-दर्शन का ही परिणाम हे अपनी कुछ कमियाँ के कारण असफलता हाथ लगी। लेकिन अभी फिर से तेयार हुँ आप के सारी बातों को अमल में लाता हूँ। इस बार फीर से सिविल सर्विसेज के युद्ध में जाने को खुद को तेयार कर रहा हूँ। बस आप का आशीर्वाद की मिल जाये। धन्यवाद गुरु जी।

Avatar Sagar Deshmukh, Near Ulhasnagar, Mumbai, May 2018
Namaste sirji. I am Sagar deshmukh from ambernath, a small town near Mumbai. I am watching you CAPT since last 20 days continuously and i am loving it. No doubt that you are providing us priceless knowledge, but besides this, your energy, enthusiasm, attitude and approach towards things as a teacher and as a businessman is making me a self dependent person and a good practitioner of life. Honestly speaking, Sandeep manudhane guruji and Sandeep maheshwari guruji has changed my thinking perception of this world. One teaches me about external world and one about internal world. One last question, how can we effectively introduce holistic education in our indian education system? And why Finland education system fails to decrease the suicide rates even after it is world leader in education system?

Avatar Brij Kishore Shakya, Guwahati, May 2018
Respect Sir, Thanking you and your team behind the screen for all the content which is provided through CA with PT. I was very confused with the flood of video on YouTube. Last month I came across with CA with PT then I started following this. Sir I really like the way you connect the dots of current affairs with basic concepts and indepth analysis with tadka of humour in between. It gives deep insights of the news. As per my opinion students need not to go anywhere if they follow your session religiously. As of now I am addicted to CA with PT and teaching style of Sandeep sir. Everyday I eagerly wait for the session and this is the best hour of my day. Thank you so much for your and your team's efforts.

Avatar Anmol Dhawan, Batala, Gurdaspur, May 2018
Dear Guru ji Namastay with respect and lots of love 1st of all thanx to all of your team for such great efforts it is very very helpful... Earlier i was doing job in punjab sewa kendra for every kind of tehsil servies jo k Akali dal (Bjp) ne 2016 me punjab election k aane se phle open kiye the in every village and city of punjab.. but now after congress govt won they have closed that and I and losts of who was doing job got unemployed because of Congress govt not willing to continuse any such kind of service... i lost trust in govt and decided not to vote wo khud to employment provide krege ni aur jo hai job kr rahe unko b unemployed kr rahe .. now i m preparing for ibps po hope get success soon with your love and support.. Thanx

Avatar Dr. Sana Shaikh, Pune, May 2018
Dear Sandeep sir , Honestly I am speechless I don't know what to write because you are someone who came like an Oxygen to my preparations. I am doctor by profession & post graduate in health administration working with reputed hospital in town preparing for UPSC & healthcare administration exams by health ministry . when I came across your channel I was sort of bored with current affairs & preps thought to take a break but by Almighty god's blessings I came across your channel while watching analysis video of past years question papers . you are so incredible ! you blow energy in me for my goals & preps ! your enthusiasm while explaining is marvellous interesting Its like you takes us to a tour of world news which is fascinating. I can't stop praising about you ! I don't miss a single session for CA with PT its like my daily routine now . you are amazing plz keep your this persona intact it meant a lot . thank you so much god bless you with all abundance & prosperity .

Avatar Ravi Kalra, Jaipur, May 2018
Hello Sir, I am following you the since the time you used to write blog. Thank you so much for your valuable sessions. I am a working professional, i see your sessions to keep myself updated & to get broader prospective about current affairs & life. Usually i see your sessions at night, last week my father complained me that i should lessen the use of gadgets in night & should sleep on time, so i requested him to see one of your session with me , he got so impressed that he now wait for me to get home so that we both can watch your sessions together at night & later debate over issues. I think this is a best gift i could give it to my dad. Meanwhile, My mother is still confused what we watch online at night. ha ha Thanks to you & entire team for all the efforts. Regards, Ravi Kalra

Avatar Kunal Kashinath Wagh, Dhule, Maharashtra, May 2018
Good morning Sir, I was a student of UPSC self prep course. Unfortunately, I could not clear Prelims last year as I wanted to clear in first attempt itself by hook or crook. This had put extreme pressure. Focus was more on result but process. Also, last year paper was one of the toughest in UPSC history. And that's how it should be, because UPSC need best minds but machine. The Prelims result led me into depression. It took some time to come out but I am finally out of it. I am responsible for all my actions. Now I have gathered myself and started preparing for 2019 with same vigour. CA with PT education is the best knowledge sharing series we have come across. It has been giving confidence that "We can do it" and "Let's do it". Thanks will not be enough for your entire team. I am a part of great nation, have got awesome parents, a wonderful life partner and "Guru" like you - Under your guidance I will hardly put my foot wrong. Thank you once again. You have been great!!!!!!

Avatar Trilok Kumar Nayak, Bhilai Nagar, Chhattisgarh, May 2018
प्रणाम सर चरणस्पर्श, वर्ष मेरे 2018 की शुरुवात आपके करंट अफेयर्स के साथ हुई है I मै अपने दिन की शुरुवात आपके वर्ड्स ऑफ विजडम देख देख कर करता हू, आपसे अनुरोध है की वर्ड्स ऑफ़ विजडम की सीरीज फिर से शुरू करे l मैंने आपका द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध और नैनोटेक्नोलाजी का लेक्चर देखा है और आपके बोलने और समझाने के तरीको से मै बहुत लाभांनवहित हुआ I गुरु बिन ज्ञान न ऊपजे, गुरु बिन मिले न मोक्ष |गुरु बिन लिखे न सत्य को, गुरु बिन मिटे न दोष ||

Avatar J Pawan Kalyan, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, May 2018
Sadarniya pranam sir. I found out about your sessions while I was searching for editorial analysis on YouTube. From then I try not to miss any of your power of 10 sessions. Now with the daily current affairs, you make my day. Every session of yours brings to light some portion that I don't know. This learning process is really fun for me, I don't know when this is going to reflect on my performance but surely is changing my attitude and the way I look into things. The lucid way of explaining things and the string of information that you deliver are the best things of your session. Looking forward for more interesting sessions. The greed for knowledge has increased and knowledge is power😊. Make us even more powerful sir. Heartfelt thanks to You and your team sir. Jai Hind!

Avatar Dipankar Dey, Guwahati, Assam, May 2018
Sir, I used to have a very parochial and convoluted perception towards anything and everything. Then, one evening I received a link from my brother which directed me to your lecture on "HINDUISM". That lecture was a salvation of sorts for me.. Never have I heard someone like you.. Since then I have watched all major lectures on PT HQ. The best thing I learnt from you is the importance of connecting the dots and having a perspective rather than accumulating isolated chunks of data... I now feel more optimistic and confident in any conversation.. Salute to you sir...!!

Avatar Mukesh Chaudhary, Surat, Gujarat, May 2018
I listen last two days PT Current affairs By Sanjay sir, he speech is very well and also research news more and more to help us for our knowledge. Thank you so much.

Avatar Deepak Mishra, Jhansi, May 2018
Respected Guruwar, I am teacher by profession, I have always learned from you and being your great fan. I use to train students for IIT Jee, and its quite exhaustive but I always motivate students as you do, I laugh with them I play with them ,you have been a great motivator in even that. And even request my students to get away from social media and have motivated more than 70 students from leaving social media . Sir I am sorry I made a mistake few months ago and I am publicly apologising. Sir its great fun with PT Current Affairs , after 10 hours of job it's the best thing I love and eagerly waiting for Prabodhan Master course. Sir I believe that you must conduct some motivational seminars all over country for all age group. And please sir make one video on timetable , and scheduling for students who have enrolled in selp prep group targeting UPSC 2019. Thanks Keep showering your blessings on us. Prnam

Avatar Sanyam Trivedi, New Delhi, May 2018
Namaskar Guruji! It was a happy coincidence to find the wonderful series of CA with PT through your post shared over LinkedIn. I express my sincere gratitude for the selfless effort of the whole team in providing us with the most productive 50-60 minutes of our day. It would be a humble request to see all the members of the team who relentlessly work hard with you in making CA with PT a resounding success. Mixture of the information contained within the article with your insights gathered over years of experience enriches the learning exercise. I remain awestruck by witnessing various sides of your pleasing personality when you add subtle instances of humor with your acting without losing the objective. Being a student, your inputs on the preparation for GD-PI would be really helpful. I must again thank you from the bottom of my heart for this noble initiative. Dhanyawad Guruji!

Avatar Aneesh Sharma, Jaipur, May 2018
Started following CA with PT from last one month. Today everything is available on internet means we are bombarded with information.Only issue is what to read and how much to read. This chaos has been taken care by PT. Each and every person involved deserves a big salute for providing a world class information. Keep on adding life into years. Once again thank you from bottom of my Heart!

Avatar Aishwary Upadhyay, Mirzapur, Uttar pradesh, May 2018
pranam sir ,as i have written many testimonial for your and team's great effort for making us an independent thinker,but today i am writing you a testimonial for requesting you to make a session on "Gandhi's Great philosophy" on every dimention of his contibution as you have made a session on "The Indus Valley Civilisation". and please as i have requested you earlier also to make session on "Your personal life,Your education and and your experience of life" which will be a great inspiration for us.thank you,JAI HIND GURU JI

Avatar Chetan Kumar, Bilaspur, May 2018
Hello sir, hello team PT and great learning community. I want to share one of my wrost experience of life. While I was returning from kolkata to bilaspur after my interview on 13th may, my back peck beg containing my all marksheet and documents get stolen by someone legendary soul, for what shake I didn't know because it does not contain money which could be useful for him. It get me upset deeply since last few days. Although there was some mistakes of mine for this happening. But I pray that in such way loss of all documents may not happen with anyone. So I just want only that please plzz whole PT family learn from my bad experience take safety of documents while traveling and avoid carrying documents if not necessary. Even in this bad time I am happy that I could manage to watch all the sessions of CA with PT and amazing series of ECONOMY OF THE WORLD. I personally thinks that Socialism model of economy is the good for India. Thank-you sir for such amazing sessions.

Avatar Nitin Kumar Prusty, Baripada, Mayurbhanj, Odisha, May 2018
Sadara Pranam Sir.I started watching your session Power Of 10 at the suggestion of my friend to prepare for my CAT interview but unsuccessful in making into any of the IIMs.Though I started watching your sessions with a specific purpose,now I can’t let my days go without watching your daily current affairs on weekdays and Power Of 10 on Sunday and Monday.1 Year back I used to hate reading Current affairs,but now only because of you,I can feel the hunger inside me to understand my country,people and the world better and to gain knowledge.Your insights and the suggestions on free and independent thinking are vital for this generation of India.The best thing is that you point out the bad and appreciate the good openly.I want you to be the master to drive this confused youth of India.Hoping all educators,professionals have the quality and intention in serving just like you.I will be very happy to meet or talk to you in person.Thank you so much for shaping our thoughts to be free-thinkers.

Avatar Dilip Ravariya, Mumbai, May 2018
Namaste to you and your team. I have being following you and your pt education channel from last 3.5 years, mostly i watch all your videos and now i have become addicted to it. Sir, your teaching style is excellent it gives the students strength, positivity, motivation and encouragement to take a step towards their dreams. After watching your videos there is a lot of improvement me and my knowledge, like in vocabulary, thinking, communication, and personality development. I always encourage my friends and my cousins to watch your series so that they can also gain the knowledge. As Benjamin Franklin has said – Investment in knowledge pays the best interest. You and your team members are doing wonderful social work. Hope this goes for long and long period. Thank You and Jai hind

Avatar Amit Mandal, Araria, Bihar, May 2018
Dear respected Manudhane Sir, Charansparsh! I am Amit, Teacher in a government middle school at Araria (Bihar).I wrote a testimonial a few weeks ago and I’m unable to explain the joy of hearing my name in your voice. Thank you very much! I’ve been a student at PT’s IAS Academy UPSC Selfprep course for more than a year, also applied for UPSC CSE 2018. For the last three months, I was almost detached from my preparation as I was deployed as Polling officer /trainer/trainee for the by-poll elections held for MP and MLA sheets respectively. I managed my children giving them morning or evening classes but I was losing my hope for CSE 2018, but it is CA with PT and Prelims Cracker Series which boosted me again. Being confident and fighting back in adverse situations is the biggest victory (your teachings). And I want to celebrate this victory with you. ‘KAR KE DIKHAENGE’

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, May 2018
Sir, I am connected with you on linkedin as well. These days, I miss your posts. Secondly, my problem is I am unable to keep my Academic aspirations and duties as a UPSC aspirant and my love towards two state of arts, viz Writing and Painting in equilibrium. I am a poetry writer by profession, Engineer by mistake as you say :), and a Painter by disposition. UPSC Preparation is going great with PT. But sometimes, I as an artist find myself being grinded into the vortex of formal education and the “exam-exam-exam” saga. I thereby stand amid the crossroads of temptation and seek the treatment of this emotional turmoil from you... Dedicated to your Leadership, Precision and Acumen, kindly accept this painting from my side captain. The charcoal “गरुड़”...

Avatar Rakesh Kumar, Mandawa, Rajasthan, May 2018
jai hind sir. pranam .first of all I pay my sincere gratitude to you and your team to providing us a great knowledgeable flatform which updates us as well as giving opportunities to think and right prospective towards current happening . I am soldier and your way of expression gives me immense pleasure specially US President's mimicry. once again thanks for your great deeds. last but not least I would like to ask about the colours combination which seen on the wall behind you.

Avatar अच्युतानंद, Sitamarhi, Bihar, May 2018
चरणस्पर्श गुरुदेव. मै सीतामढ़ी बिहार के छोटे से गाँव से आपतक youtube पर जुड़ा हूँ .आपके अबतक सभी कोर्सेज बेहद शानदार रहे हैं .hinduism पर जो ज्ञान आपने हमें दिया है वो अद्भुत व अतुलनीय है .इसके अलावा सभी विडियो में vocab ,समसामयिक घटनाओं पर निष्पक्ष और गहन विश्वलेषण समाहित रहते हैं .अभी मै गुरुदेव CGL,CPO,CAPF AC की परीक्षाओं में बैठने वाला हूँ .CA with pt किसी संजीवनी से कम नही है हमारे लिए जिसका बेसब्री से इंतज़ार रहता है . आईएएस के लिए भविष्य में इन्दोर आकर आपके सानिध्य में पढने की इच्छा है .... इनसब के साथ ही आपने स्वतंत्र चिंतन पैदा करने में मेरा बहुत सहयोग किया है, जो आज समय की मांग भी है ..आप सच में एक योग्य शिक्षक के सभी गुण समाहित किये हुए हैं .धन्य हो गुरु जी ,बाबा महाकाल आपको शतायु करें सादर चरण स्पर्श गुरुदेव

Avatar Sumit Kumar Dash, Sambalpur, Odisha, May 2018
Dear Sir, Sadar Pranam. I am a working professional and preparing for civil service examination. I am following you and almost all your sessions on YouTube since last one year and I have been deeply influenced by your session on Hinduism. The manner in which you explain complex concept in a very simple and effective manner makes you one of the best teacher in the world. I wish every student in our country deserve to have a teacher and guide like you in their life, who will show them the right path and enable them to be a unbiased thinker. I salute you and your entire team for your fantastic job, which is helping number of job aspirents and knowledge seekers for their daily dose of knowledge, and I wish this beautiful journey will continue forever in a successful manner. Wishing you and the whole PT team all the very best for the future. Thank you.

Avatar Karan Singh, Inodre, May 2018
Namaskar Sir I'm great admirer of ur sessions. You r really amazing. I'm a working professional.sir what is the secret of your energy? Please tell me. Sir I want to ask you one question that which book inspired you the most as I'm a voracious reader. Aap knowledge ke sagar nahi mahasagar he sir. Sir meri personal khwaish he ki aap india ke education minister bane.

Avatar Pankaj, Patiala, May 2018
गुरु ब्रह्मा, गुरु विष्णु गुरु देवो महेश्वर गुरु साक्षात् परमं ब्रह्मा तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नम: i am big fan of your way to thinking. Sir your thinking always forecasting i have analysis in UPSC SELF IAS prep. course. i am daily follow CA PT lecture "never get bored". today i realizes my way of thinking change after 1.5 year following to you sir. this all credit goes to you sir. My Dream is to meet you sir, after get "IAS" post" लक्ष्य प्राप्त कर सकू, आपने मुझे इस योग्य बनाया,जब महसूस किया मैंने हारा,आपका दिया ज्ञान बहुत काम आया… गुरु को मेरा नमन. Thanks

Avatar Kirti Pankaj Sarangi, Nayagarh, Odisha, May 2018
Dear Sir.....sahasra pranam........blessed to have a teacher like you in my life. I am also a teacher(physics) in a high school in odisha . my first lecture was political philosophy and eventually I gone through all the sessions in youtube n become a fan. Moreover CA with pt has revitalize my thoughts towards the world and the information that we get from the media. I think the last six months has been transformed my life and now I am leading towards a purposeful life and will continue. you r the God and pt education is the TALISMAN that i got in the digital world..I am joining the PRABODHAN MASTER COURSE VERY SOON....Exited.....and also want to join as a volunteer to work for you as well as for the nation building but don't know how and what to contribute. IN THE END .......YOU R GREAT...... take care of yourself ....

Avatar Bijay Naik, Sundargarh, Odisha, May 2018
प्रणाम गुरूजी। गुरूजी आपका सत्र देख कर बहुत आनंद आता हैI आशा है की ज्ञान का ये सफर हमेशा के लिए चलता रहे। गुरुजी कृपया कुछ और विद्वानों का नाम बताइये जिन्हे हम केबल ज्ञान उद्देश्य के लिए अनुसरण कर सकें।

Avatar Rahul Khambete, Bangalore, May 2018
Hello Sir. I am a software professional working in Bangalore. I have been following your youtube videos since couple of months now. Specially I liked your session 'India's own google and facebook'. This particular session motivated me to stick to your channel and I always eagerly look forward for new videos. I spend a good amount of time on weekends watching your videos and it is really helping me to gain new insights about the world. I am really thankful for that. I wish lot of success for your efforts and I wish your words reach larger audience.

Avatar Asheesh Pandey, Rewa, MP, May 2018
धन्यवाद संदीप सर, मैं एक मध्यम वर्ग परिवार से हूँ एवं प्राइवेट कंपनी मे नौकरी करता हूँ। मैं सरकारी नौकरी ज्वाइन करना चाहता था किन्तु कोचिंग के लिए मेरे पास ना तो पर्याप्त पैसे थे ना ही पर्याप्त समय । मैंने स्वयं से ही किताबों एवं युट्युव के माध्यम से तैयारी शुरू की। कई युट्युव चैनल देखें पर संदीप सर जैसा कोई नहीं । संदीप सर बहुत ही जबरदस्त एवं प्रभावी ढंग से पढ़ाते हैं। मैं पहले नास्तिक था किन्तु संबंधित सर का hinduism पर वीडियो देखने के बाद अब ईश्वर पर पूर्ण विश्वास है । उस वीडियो ने मेरे सोचने के तरीके में सुधार किया। आपके द्वारा concept clear करना एवं चीजों को link करना मुझे बहुत पसंद आया। लेकिन युट्युुव पर लोक सेवा परीक्षा के लिए कम वीडियो हैं। अतः आप से निवेदन है कि और वीडियो अपलोड करें। I qualified following exams: 1. Mp patwari 2. MP SI 3. JPSC PRE 4. JSSC CGSCE

Avatar Lalit Suthar, Nagpur, May 2018
Sir, i don't have an explicit great result that i can share with you but surely there has been an implicit transformation within me that i can testify in front of anyone. i am an ardent student of yours and you has been my inspiration for years now. i am pursuing MBA from imt Nagpur. Your inputs had helped me securing top marks in various economics subjects in my curriculum. i love learning economics from you. sir i want to share my experience of my B-school and i want to seek yours views on multiple issues, here is one among them. Sir, here we are told that to mug up philip kotler for Marketing related exams, all the text are foreign authored. Without any disregard i am always sceptical whether all this american texts and stuffs actually are pragmatic in our nation. sir what are your views on it and please disillusion me. Is our management education is on right track especially in case of Non-IIM's.

Avatar Neelam, Bangalore, May 2018
Dear Sir, Pranaam, Wish to thank you for these sessions. I am no longer a student from preparing to attempt civil services exams perspective but discovered and started following these sessions recently. There is tremendous learning and awareness indeed (with great deal of thought provoking) for everyone - just not for aspiring students. It takes me about an hour and half daily to drive back home from work. By playing these sessions on YouTube during that time, it's a conscious effort now to turn that otherwise unproductive time into productive listening/learning. Thanks a million for making these sessions accessible in public domain for everyone to benefit from. Thanks for sharing the knowledge and wisdom... Regards, Neelam

Avatar Manish Sah, Kolkata, May 2018
Hello sir, today I'm very happy to write a testimonial for you,im following you since 3 years,and I learned a lot from you.sir u are very intelactual, the way u teach us is very different.3 years back,I'm very weak in English and unable to talk flaunt in English,but when I started watching your vocabulary development sessions,I realised that there is a tremendous improvement in my communication skills.someone said that self learning is the best learning in the world and I'm happy to find a Guru like you. Sir I recently went for TCS-BPS job interview and got selected in Kolkata ,the joining date will be 21st may Your current affairs sessions really helped me in interview to grab this opportunity Sir I'm preparing for CDS exam and willing to join Army to serve for my country....that's why I watch all ur sessions very seriously #JaiHind

Suryaveer Sharma, Delhi, May 2018
Hello Sir, First of all I would like to thank you for your current affairs sessions and various other resources that you and your team provide us for free. I am a working professional, a software developer at Cognizant in Kolkata. After my graduation I got attracted towards news and politics but I am not a fan of reading books or newspapers so I started watching videos on YouTube, where I found a channel named as "study iq", I started watching daily Hindu editorial of that channel,after that I saw your current affairs video...and now it's my daily routine to watch editorial in the morning and your session at night. Sir you explain things really well and best part is that you cover most of the newspapers. I saw your Hinduism lecture ,I came to know many things about my own religion.Your explainers videos on your personal channel are awesome. Thank you very much sir for all your efforts. Sir please give us your views on our finace minister , who is running almost half of the goverment.

Avatar Arpita Agarwal, Gurgaon, Haryana, May 2018
To Mentor Sandeep sir with lots of respect!! Namaste Sir!! I am following you since long.Your teaching style is something which does not only improves knowledge but confidence and other soft skills. I recently started following current affairs session and i have seen that i am improving from all the weak areas.I really had a weak general knowledge and awareness but now i m being appreciated for my awareness and an automatic confidence has been come into my personality.I really wait for everyday session just like you waiting for your special show. I am very grateful to you.Your free resources are like gems for every aspirant.Looking forward for this current affairs chain for many more years. I am preparing for management exams and its my request you to please guide little for those along with upsc. Thankyou sir!!

Avatar Deepak kamadolli, Bijapur, Karnataka, May 2018
Sir, You have opened my third eye, and now i can connect the DOTS with PAR Dirish capability. I doubt that we will end up creating a different DHARM like Buddhism and Jainism , "Sandeepism".(ha.. ha.. ha..) I am in love with the knowledge and your style of teaching. Sir, I need your guidance, I am working in an automotive industry and planning to quit the JOB and dedicate my life towards farming, my 4 years Son inspired me to take this step Can you release a Paid session on startup for agriculture. I am reading lot of articles on NET, but need your insight!! As this is not like JOB where I will get my salary on regular basis to fulfill my family dreams. It is one of the stressed segment. but this is what Passion is.

Avatar Sarthak Misra, Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, May 2018
Hello and congratulations to my dearest Sandeep Sir and team. The journey on which you have embarked upon is changing many lives by providing them an ocean full of useful resources. The opening music of the video itself brings smile on my face and pervades positivity. As I look around myself, I see a lot of uninformed and misinformed people failing to be a responsible citizen, to say the least. In these times I see Sandeep Sir and team as the Real Rockstar, spreading out objective and unprejudiced knowledge. Thank you. I hope to embrace the learnings from your portal and spread them in my surroundings, the least I can do on my part. Thank you so much Sir. Wishing for the good health of Sandeep Sir and Team.

Avatar Kuldeep Singh Naruka, Jodhpur, Rajasthan, May 2018
Namaste Sir..Mood bda khrab h sir....Aapke Dog ki trh mere bhi kitten ki death hi gyi jo meri cat ke sath photo h isi ka kitten tha.......bhut chhota tha......Cat(amu) aur mera mood bda khrab h Aapki gayi huyi kwalee ko khoob search mara but muje vo kwalee nhii mili...Mout sbko aani h kon isse chhuta h ...SIR please information de iske bare me.....Muje pta h time waste hoga bt mind refresh krne ke liye ye jruri hoga sir...please ....Apne area me Jobs ki rhi bat to vo halat KDK H.. khud ka gav me mene Dairy palan start kiya h....Thanks.#INDIAN DONALD J TRUMP Sir....Sorry.

Avatar Krunal Shimpi, Denmark, May 2018
Dear Sandeep sir, Pranam. I am currently working in Denmark as an IT consultant. I am basically from Pune. I used to be an MBA student in PT education once, soon after joining I realized that MBA is too tough for me but at PT I fell in love with your GK lectures and your style of teaching. So it was "came for MBA, stayed for Sandeep sir" for me. I was in search for objective news content and a succinct source of knowledge, something I didn't get from TV. Few months ago I came across your personal channel on youtube and it was kind of a eureka moment for me. I try to be a regular viewer of your videos. I am not preparing for any exams but your videos help me know my country better. I feel inspired and hopeless for India at the same time. In this apparently "crashing" country, just like everyone else I am busy trying to "put on my oxygen mask", may be someday I will be done with it and help my fellow brothers and sisters put on theirs in my own little ways and follow your teachings.

Avatar Pankaj Kumar Gupta, New Delhi, New Delhi, May 2018
Dear Sandeep Sir, Greetings I'm A defense aspirant and is preparing for the defense services. I got 14 Times rejected from my SSB interviews from multiple boards. More to come in this and next month again. It would be a great help for all of the aspirants if a DETAILED VIDEO LECTURE ON :- 1. INDIA AND ITS RELATIONS WITH ITS NEIGHBORS and 2. A DEEP AND DETAILED ANALYSIS REGARDING IRAN/US/JAPAN NUCLEAR DEALS, ITs HISTORY, EVOLUTION AND POSSIBLE OUTCOMES IN COMING DAYS, could be uploaded. It's a humble request to you to help all of us with your lectures. Also, i would like to add that the way, the tempo, the energy and the information that your video lectures provide are very effective in every aspect. I even cant say AWESOME to a tremendous faculty like you. I'm expecting a kind reply with WARMTH OF YOUR BLESSINGS for my upcoming SSB INTERVIEWS. May My country get a good and a deserving officer TO PROTECT THE FRONTIERS. Regards Pankaj Kumar Gupta

Avatar Amar Jeet Verma, Uttar Pradesh, May 2018

Avatar Aishwary Upadhyay, Mirzapur, May 2018
"charnshparsh ,guru are a great guru that i have found in my life.and i wish that this country should have a teacher like you if it has to become a VISHWA GURU.i started following you from your session on HINDUISM 2 .5 year back from then i become an afficionado of you.i started learning many things such as clear pronunciation ,expression on words ,body language and many.i have watched all your sessions you have shared on you tube and i learn alot from them, and i recommend other to follow you.i want to become a thinker and a change agent from your ias self prep course.sir my question is how INDIA can become great in all sphares ? guide us atleast 7 major thing that INDIA should do at this point of time.sir we request you to make a session on your biography in 2 - 2.5 hours ,it will be a great inspiration for us.we have much to write for you but for next time. thank you and your great team that help us for great learning."

Avatar Saurabh Sharma, Mahasamund, Chhattisgarh, May 2018
Sir, Pranaam .I must say ,thank you is very small word to tell you sir, because what you are giving to us is supercalifragilistic .I feel very satiety after watching daily Current affairs in which you tell us very naively and oil the wheels for whole matter of that article or author, want to say.You and your Team are doing great job.I watch religiously daily current affairs and make notes of that and regularly follow what you say, what I like the most is the many angles and diemensions you show us about a topic and open our mind. Sir , I made you my Mentor and I want your Ashirwad to get success in life. I hope u and your team get all the success in life. Thanks alot Sir Pranaam

Avatar Karan kumar, Indore (MP) May 2018
चरण स्पर्श गुरू जी। First of all I would like to thanks to whole pt team for such a wonderful effort. sir your ways of teaching is so marvellous.आप एक अच्छे शिक्षक के साथ एक अच्छे अभिनेता भी हैं।आपके youtube के सारे session काफी मार्गदर्शक है। आपके खुले विचार हम सभी को सत्य के मार्ग पर ले जाती हैं। सत्य ही कहा गया है "शिक्षक और सड़क दोनों एक जैसे होते हैं खुद जहां है वहीं पर रहते हैं,मगर दूसरों को उनकी मंजिल तक पहुंचा ही देते हैं।

Avatar Akshay Saini, New Delhi, May 2018
Sir, first of all a Big THANKS to you and to entire PT Education team for providing such a top quality content daily. Your insights into any topic is amazing and opens our blocked paths of mind. I am sure you have changed the perception of millions like us towards any incident happening around be it news or anything, to look deeper into broader aspects rather than just being credulous. Sir many times you have emphasized that India should focus on manufacturing to generate employment for the youth as China did. But one other thing China did is population control. I would like to hear your views on population control in India. No one seems concerned about it. Can the major problems India faces be solved by putting a check on ever increasing population? Many scheme dies just because of its mere implementation scale. If we have a check on population can't we provide better education to our people, give jobs etc? What are the roadblocks? Thanks.

Avatar Shubham Srivastava, New Delhi, May 2018
Dear Sir, I have been following your classes from last 2 years.I was very under confident person when it came to public speaking.Then I decided to accumulate knowledge through your sessions to overcome my public speaking fear and now I am into investment banking field where everyday I have to deliver financial knowledge to clients which I do it with supreme confidence and I owe you credit for giving me so much of confidence through your sessions. Its been 1 year with the ICICI bank and I feel that there is stoppage in my growth so for that I have enrolled for CFP. Sir,you have created hunger for growth and knowledge in me. Thanks and regards Shubham Srivastava

Avatar Ramprakash Gupta, Katni, Barhi, Madhya Pradesh, May 2018
I am very grateful to PT team and thank you very much sir for providing such content rich material for everyone to open their thinking to see the both sides of the coin. I am a regular follower of PT resources provided free.i have seen people to be fans of cricketer and other celebrities but I am your fan sir for the way you teach. i wish to enroll in your institute for civil preparation but i belong to a lower middle class family and my parents can't afford for coaching in current situation. i would like to share my views on demo. i think demo was a mixture of both sides. it was a success to an extent to increase the tax base and tax collection but i also hurt those who live on daily earnings and have little savings. i have experiened it at my home. and the current scenerio of economy in informal sector is bad. My father sells panipuri and chat in village and his earnings have decreased to around 300 (2018) from 500 in 2016.

Avatar Shreya Bansal, Delhi, May 2018
"A true teacher would never tell you what to do. But he would give you the knowledge with which you could decide what would be best for you to do. Sir I am highly impressed with your lectures and that give me best of knowledge as far as I am concerned. You have started ur PT in the garage on 10july 1993 just the next day I m born. You are making us Man / women instead of slaves and Khaccchar the very thing I love. We all love you and hope you will keep this long life. We pray for your well being. Thanks allot sir from the very bottom of my heart. You are not only my guru but guru of my guru so your place in my life is unimaginable as I have write once in my comments your are Guru^2. Loves you you alot Sir.....Thanks "

Avatar Preeti, Faridabad, Haryana, May 2018
charanshparsh guru ji, sabse pahle aapko bahut bahut dhanyawad ki aap aur aap ki team hamare liye itni mehnat krte hai.maiaur mera bhai hamesha aapka CURRENT AFFAIRE follow karite hain aur logo ko bhi bolti hu isko follow krne ke hmare exam ki liye bahut helpfull hai sath hi sath isme aapke news ke alawa alag gyan mere liye bahut inspiring hota hai.mai hamesh aapke session ka intjaar krti hun.mujhe apka song aur mr TRUMP ki mimicry bahut pasand hai.mai ek gav se bellong karti hu aur aapka aashirwaad hamesha aisa hi bana rhe, yahi chahti hu. AGAIN THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR TEAM

Avatar Chandan sangela, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, May 2018
NAMASKARAM sir ,thanks for current affair with PT ,easiness and motivation that maintains during session. '' IT IS THE SUPREME ART OF TEACHER TO AWAKEN JOY IN CREATIVE EXPRESSION AND KNOWLEDGE'' ----ALBERT EINSTEIN. sir PT stands for?

Avatar Anmol Baghel, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, May 2018
Pranam Sir, I'm truly fanatic of your teaching techniques and love to watch your brilliant daily current affairs. I have followed many educationists but I felt I have started observing the world through their lenses which was really troublesome. You have helped me maintaining my own perspective which was perhaps the most crucial thing for me. I have seen most of the videos you taught on YouTube many a times and it always enlightens me with something new. Sir, I would like to have your guidance on a small topic. The primary aim of education is to make a person better citizen, self reliant and enlightened. Still we hear a lot of well qualified and intellects involved in corruption and scams while even able to justify their act. I would like to have your views on how we can keep ourselves out of these discrepancies and get others out of it as well. In the end, I would like to thank the entire team for providing us such beautiful news everyday. Jai Hind.

Avatar B. Rama Swamy, Adilabad, Telangana,  May 2018
Namaste Sir, the journey which i started with a amazing teacher is Amazing !,,Sir ,i feel energized with full of zeal and enthusiasm which i could not find anywhere . I am connected with other PT courses.Sir ,I BELIEVE in one thing ,GOOD TEACHER = GOOD SOCIETY = GREAT COUNTRY. sir,i firstly started with 'WORLD WAR 2' (which is a negative situation) which is one of your session but i continued till today in positive. You made us to think out of the box and independent. i strongly believe in u sir. A billions of thanks to YOU and YOUR TEAM . JAI JAWAN ,JAI KISAN

Sameer Bhoi, Hyderabad, May 2018
Sir, koti kotinamaskar! For last couple of days i have been watching your current affair sessions. Believe me sir i have limited vocabulary to appreciate your noble job of enlightening masses. I am a media professional & vividly know how our mainstream media has degraded its value. I think Platforms like yours could make a big difference by disseminating genuine information to the masses. And sir last but not the least, your presentation style is excellent better than any prime time news anchor. Thank u

Avatar Ram Kumar Pal, Akbarpur, Derapur, May 2018
Namaste sir! I'm very impressed by yout teaching style. I want to meet u after becoming IAS officer and want to discuss about how education status should improve in primary school of villages. Sir apka wo 'sorry' kahna after stating truth scenario of current bharat ''Achha''nhi lagta Very few great people dare to speak '' satya vachan'' then they say sorry I think who seek to unbiased view /knowledge always appreciate your view . Sir,Great work of knowledge sharing, thanks to PT teams and seeker of your blessings thanks

Avatar Dr. Avinash Ashok Kadam, Seoul, May 2018
I am from Solapur, Maharashtra. Presently, I am a research scientist working in Dongguk University, South Korea. I am not UPSC aspirant, but I am in a search of valid, sensible and responsible news source. I sincerely send my gratitude to "Current Affairs with PTs" for fulfilling my search. Daily it will add to my knowledge about ongoing present situations. In the session of 2 may 2018, while explaining the news about US based Chinese Research professionals returns technology establishments back in to the china, you added a need to do more in India as well. Being research professional, I strongly agree with your point, I hope in future policy makers will make it happen. Many thanks again for providing valuable information and analysis. With Regards, Avinash.

Avatar Nitin kesharwani, Allahabad, May 2018
Charan sapars pranam sir ji. I am an unemployed engineer. Sir this platform known to me by friend's brother probably he was your college junior after that i start watching your all videos on so many different topics which are very beautifuly explained. Probably I had gone through all your knowledgeable video which help me alot.. Sir your current affairs with PT gives a true knowledge and self understanding and unbiased thoughts. Sir age kahne lo kuch nhi h mere pass Kyun ki jab log mujhse punchte h ki kya krte ho to batane ko kuch nhi hota. I graduated in 2012 in electronics and communication engineering After that I cleared my gate exam in 2013 but I had not enrolled in ms program because I wanted to go for engineering services examination. But i failed After that I switched to SSC cgle But I am so unfortunate to get a job. Now I m jobless what should I do sir. Please show me a path to go on... 

Avatar Vrijendra Pratap Singh, Supaul Bihar, May 2018
Pranam guruji.... namaskar i am a regular viewer of the wonderful initiative that you have started.... after coming from my office being tired my first work is to watch today CA and i feel refreshed and energetic at the end .Being online it has the flexibility to watch at your ease while relaxing, making foods or sitting your 1 hr videos gets completed sucessfully. in the most efficient way that an online platform can be used i think Sir we are using it together. In a real sense app ek margdarsahk(guide) hai who just inspires us to read or go through detailed newspaper by giving us the curiosity by launching trailer of NEWS on videos.I try to complete the total articles, agar aapka ashirwad raha then one day i will be able to read all of the valuabale precious material and articles that you provide at one place daily. In todays video I found Mumbai condition and it needs Delhi like attention in terms of pollution sir. thank you again sir pranam and jai hind 

Avatar Minesh Dewangan, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, May 2018
गुरूजी प्रणाम, मै pt education का पूर्व छात्र हूँ,cat की prepration कर रहा था वर्तमान में अपना business कर रहा हूँ।गुरूजी आप मेरे प्रेरणा स्रोत है,शुरू से इक्षा थी की pt से जुड़कर चलु, knowledge booster session से पहली बार आपसे रूबरू हुआ तब से आजतक youtube के द्वारा आपको सुन रहा व अनुशरण कर रहा हूँ, मैं अपने knowledge की भूख के लिए और upto date रहने के लिए CA और अन्य प्रोग्राम देख रहा हूँ...और आपका channel शेयर कर रहा हु। आपका आशीर्वाद यूँ ही सबपर बना रहे। 'धन्यवाद' :-Minesh dewangan 

Avatar Mukund Gautam, Mathura, May 2018
Namastey Sir, I am an avid follower of material given my PT. I want to express my gratitude through this testimonial. Sir students like me who are preparing for civil services gets lot of benefits through these session and also the PTs IAS course is also very helpful to develope an appropriate perspective for the exam. In the end Thank you sir and the whole team of PT for giving us an unbiased perspective for the world.

Avatar Muralidhar Pathak, Buxar, Bihar, May 2018
Namaste Sir & Team Last time when I met you in May 2017 in Bodhi Pratham, It was a delightful experience. Though I am at a very good position in a private sector company yet have been trying to explore career opportunity in Civil Services. I am going through ups and downs these days and this has off-tracked me from my career goal since four month. This year has been so bad for me that at one point of time i had decided to quit everything and go only with the flow of life. But the depth you have developed in me is not permitting to do so and prompting me to stand and fight again. One thing which is not dyeing is "I am the one who can do it". In this situation i don't know, is this my will power which is breaking apart or something else. I want to stand again with the same zeal. Need your blessings. I always have enjoyed your company and enlightened with the Ocean of Knowledge which you and your team had create and put forth ahead of us. Thank you Pranam and Jai Hind.

Avatar Rohit Tiwari, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, April 2018
Namaste Sir aur JAI HIND !!, I have been attached with the sessions from 4 months now and I have seen significant changes in my thought process and reasoning. Once, at my workplace I tried to discuss with my colleagues about the importance of making our own google, Facebook or any such platform that is eating away our market and the response that I got was not positive, though I believe that It's only the case because of lack of knowledge which I was fortunate enough to receive by watching your sessions. I am an MBA aspirant and I hope that with sheer knowledge and intellect that I am developing since past months I will be able to achieve the milestone. Thanks a lot !! "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us"- Marianne Williamson

Avatar Abhishek Katiyar, Kanpur Uttar Pradesh, April 2018
In my 5 semester I was having 50 000 Rs in my bank account. I was interested in learning History , Geography and other subjects . So i bought PT education mains material for Rs 30 000 . I have not been able to clear CSE 2016 prelims but due to insight provided by the material I was able to clear AFCAT 2017, SSC MTS , IBPS PO and IBPS clerk 2017. Now I am working in Bank Of India.

Avatar Prince Kumar, Aurangabad, April 2018
I would to be thank sir and all pt family. i have been prepraring for civil service , i have been shares some experinaces pt 'ias' Academy . it cover full syllbus for pre and main . it is important that its cover main syllbus like world history , geography with describes very easy away map india v world and knowlegeas booster is awesomes lectures . i have very help for pre UPSC . polity and enviroment and international bodies and internatinal relation it all lectures cover by respect sir and T.N mohan sir i have also thankfull, i have confidant . '' We cannot solves the problems with the sames thinking we used when we created them"

Avatar Chetan Kumar, Orai distt. Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh, April 2018
सर्वप्रथम हम आपके चरण कमलों में शीश झुकाते है। Sir I am living with you since last 3 years with amazing experience. Sir under your guidance I feel myself confident and capable of doing something with great vision. You are the great inspiration for me and wish to become a thinker like you. I understand that becoming a great thinker and apply that thinking in daily life is penance in itself. But I'm mentally ready for that. Sir I promise you in guru dakshina that I'll keep continue the journey of knowledge to seek wisdom till my last breath. Recently my final year B. Tech exams are finished. Now I want to prepare for civil services exams. Before starting preparation I want to spent few days in your institute to make strategy and to clear some basic misconceptions. A big thanks and love for the off-camera team of PT. If it is possible please introduce the PT team in some session. And finally I wish to become a member of this team for few months. Lot of love to PT family

Avatar Anmol, Batala, Punjab, April 2018
I m very happy that everyday i m getting better because of your great help that how to understand things which is actually need of today to know .. Bhoot Se teacher se pdha hoon bt aap Great ho apne ye Shikaya padhte kaise hai i wish you live for 10000 of yrs and do this great job continue for better future of india and our youth Aap jaise log hai Mere jaise jo expensive course ni kr pate but ap jaiso ki hlp se apne dream fullfil kr pate hai.. I wish you live long till this earth

Avatar Satyapal Singh, Amroha, April 2018
Sir, first of all i want touch your feet. You are doing a great work by spread the knowledge across the world. i heartly respect you for your honestly work. you are the real hero of my life. I am watching your current affairs video regularly. i do not watch TV news because all the leaders fight to each other in all the news chanels. sir actually i want, how to my life will be benefited for my country. In the today scenario when our leaders are disputed in a small things and want to divide our society for vote. i want a leader like you who elevate our country and all the people of our country lived with brotherhood. I am a retire defence person and want to some special for our country. Special Thanks to You and Your Whole team, Jai Hind

Avatar Sumit Kumar, Muradnagar, Uttar Pradesh, April 2018
Namaste to the whole Team! I am Sumit Kumar from Village Rawli kalan in U.P. West. I cleared CPO 2017 exam under your guidance but I am writing this testimonial on the behalf of our young farmers/villagers group. Sir, We all watch your CA with PT daily in a group. We have started asking questions and participating in our Gram Panchayat meetings. We have also suggested them abt E-Nam platform. We are trying to develop a indigenous "Logistics Service provider" for small farmers in harvest season inspired by your thought of "India's own Google and Facebook" I never knew, the knowledge and awareness can bring such a big change in society. Division of agricultural land into small pieces is the biggest problem in our area which significantly increases the cost of production. Please address this problem in your next session. And if this testimonial got published please read it by our village name "Rawli Kalan" We would be proud. Thank you and Namaste to the whole team.

Avatar Priyank Sharma, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, April 2018
hello sir, I want to share my experience with PT education. It starts when I was in 3rd year of my and first time I saw your lecture on World War 2. I was kind of a guy who used to be so ignorant at that time that he had not even been known what an IAS officer post is. One by one I followed your lectures and then I got to know that this all falls in the syllabus of UPSC, it was not the perks but the knowledge which made me to dream about UPSC. I also started working on my English because you once admonished in one of your lecture that "you can not survive without getting acquaintance with this language." This platform inspired me to become an well-educated person however its a long journey left ahead to be embarked upon. Whenever I sit in front of my laptop means in your company I feel myself like a bureaucrat :D

Avatar Shubham Raj Gupta, Asansol, April 2018
Namaste Sir! I am a first year Physics hons. student and a defence aspirant . You current affairs series helps me a lot in my studies .I am following your channel since 3 months now, and I love your teaching technique wish we had teachers like you in our school and colleges, who not only teach their student rather make them an independept thinker which is very necessary for being a responsible citizen of the country .

Avatar Shealendra Kumar, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, April 2018

Avatar Deepak Jogdand, Parbhani, Maharashtra, April 2018
छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांनी सतराव्या शतकात स्वतंत्र विचारसरणीतून हजारो शिवाजी या भारतभूमीत उभे केले आणि स्वराज्याचा पाया रोवला. त्यांच्याच विचारसरणीवर चालणाऱ्या या आधुनिक शिवाजीस व त्यांच्या अष्टप्रधान मंडळास या मावळ्याचा मानाचा मुजरा. Namaskar GURUJI.I have been following you since 2013 and you are the one who changed my perspective of watching towards the world.I used to tell almost everyone whom I used to meet about your efforts towards giving positivity in the mind.Now boys from my village while they work on farm or heeding cattles in their free time used to watch your videos and they are also now discussing global issues when they meet at the evening. YOur views on behaviour modification empires i.e.Facebook and google are revolutionary and every individual Indian should think on it.We cannot have a society in which if two people wish to communicate, the only way that can happen is financed by third person who wishes to manipulate them. Sir Maharashtra loves you ! You are Rock!!!

Avatar Suman Paul, Kolkata, West Bengal, April 2018
Dear Sir & team PT, Sir this is my 2nd testimonial. Somehow you missed to read my 1st testimonial. Me & my son PRIYAM was waiting last night also for that. Any way I am not only your regular viewer of Current Affairs, Hindi Sadhak, Day Today, Explainers & youtube chanel of PTEDUCATION but also a sailor of the great ocean of your knowledge. Sir all your knowledge session has really helped me to groom my personality. Sir please do continue all this session so that person like me can grow with knowledge & get confidence to talk with ownself and with the society. You will be happy to know that now I am sharing the information with all my friends, colleagues and relatives about your session. Sir I wish good health & wealth for you & your team so that the journey of the great ocean of knowledge can continue lifelong with many waves knowledges.. Regards, Suman Paul

Avatar Subhalaxmi Jena, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, April 2018
Namaskar sir......good afternoon...thanks for all the valuable resources you and your team providing us on daily basis for the sharping and updation of our current events going on all around the world....I think we all need a teacher like you from our childhood who not only help in inptoving the theoritithe kniwknowl but also inspire and make ready for the challenging paths of the proceeding life...agai a thanks for reading my testimonial...karke dikhaenge...Jai hind

Avatar Aman Bajpayee, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, April 2018
प्रणाम सर । मेरा नाम अमन बाजपेई है । शायद मै आपके सभी स्टूडेंट में सबसे कम पढ़ा लिखा हूं। क्योंकि क्लास 3rd के बाद bimari hone ki wajah see mai khada nhi ho paa raha aur na hi स्कूल जा पाया । मैने कई बार पढ़ने की कोशिश की NCERT की बुक से पर एक समय बाद समझ नही आई। क्योंकि अच्छा पढ़ाने वाला नही मिला घर पे । आपके रात 9 बजे vale और करेंट अफेयर वीडियो देखता हूं.मुझको राजनीतिक विषय काफ़ी पसंद हैं । इसलिए aapki करेंट अफेयर देख के अपने ज्ञान बढ़ाने की कोशिश करता हूं। लेकिन स्कूल ना जाने की वजह से मेरी इंग्लिश बहुत कमज़ोर है । मेरे 18 वर्ष के जीवनकाल में आप पहले टीचर हैं जिन्हें मैं admire करता हूं और कभी My Best Teacher पर निबंध लिखने का मौक़ा मिलेगा तो आप ही हो मेरे लिए favorite टीचर । क्षमा चहता हूं कहते हुए की आप करेंट अफेयर को थोड़ा हिंदी में ज्यादा समझाया करिये अति आभार होगा आपका । और मुझे बताइये की कैसे मेरी इंग्लिश इम्प्रूव हो । और आपके माध्यम से आपको और आपकी टीम को सहृदय प्यार । आशा करता हूं अपने सबसे छोटे स्टूडेंट का यह संदेश अपनी भारत यात्रा में जरुर शामिल करेंगे । जय हिंद ।

Avatar Dr Yagnik patel, Ahmedabad, April 2018
Salam namaste..sir heads off to modern India’s youth teacher..!! and very thankful for pouring knowledge Ganga on us..quite happy to see u sir making Indian youth independent thinker ,that’s what India need in these days .If every young becomes self thinker than nobody can touch India in any field...because youth is real power of any country.I am doctor by profession but like to be updated with knowledge (philomath) when I free from seeing patients ..i watch your ca sessions regularly and share insights with some of my patients also because it’s also one kind of therapy...mahadev aap pr Krupa banaye rakhe....

शुभम ऋषिवंशी, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, April 2018
माननीय आचार्य जी चरण स्पर्श, ज्ञान, मेरा मानना है की यह संसार की सबसे खूबसूरत एवं अद्भुत वस्तुविषय है शायद स्वर्ग से भी, और आप उसी ज्ञान का संचार हमारे अंदर प्रवाहित करने का एक सफल प्रयास कर रहे है जो एक जनसामान्य की परिस्थिति एवं मनःस्थिति दोनों में व्यापक सकारात्मक परिवर्तन लेन के लिए प्रचुर है. मैं वर्तमान में CLAT की तैयारी कर रहा हु, जिसका पेपर १३ मई को है, आपके करंट अफेयर्स की सीरीज मेरे लिए बेहद लाभकारी साबित हुई है, आपका यूट्यूब पर सनातन धर्म का वीडियो बेहद हे ज्ञानवर्धक है एवं उसे देखने के बाद कोई भी आपके शिक्षक रूपी कलाकार का उपासक हो सकता है. आप एवं आपकी ब्रिगेड को शुभकामनाये एवं घन्यवाद. आप अविरत हमारे अग्रणी रहे यही हमारी कामना है. जय हिन्द

Avatar Shubhendu Rai, Azamgarh, Nizamabad , April 2018
गुरुदेव सर्वप्रथम सादर चरण स्पर्श, मैं आपकी ज्ञान प्रेषण कला का अनुरागी हूं! आपके हास्य और व्यंग्य में भी ज्ञान होता है! एक शिक्षक के रूप में आप तेजस्वी प्रत्याशा से परिपूर्ण सम्भावनाओं की भाव संज्ञा है! आप ज्ञान आधारित मूल्य व नैतिकता के प्रबल पोषक और सफल अनुप्रयोग कर्ता हैं जैसा कि प्रत्येक शिक्षक को होना चाहिए! एक विद्वान के रूप में आप हमारे लिए आश्चर्य है! आपके सेशन जैसे कि Hinduism, Political Philosophy, Nanotechnology, The Universe हमारे लिए किसी ब्लॉकबस्टर मूवी से कम नहीं है! 'India's own Google and Facebook - possibilities or mirage' पर आपका व्याख्यान आपकी युगदृष्टा होने का परिपरिचायक है! सोशल मीडिया के सशक्त साधन का प्रयोग करते हुए आप का संघर्ष शिक्षा का पर्याय बने तथा देश के युवाओं को शिक्षित करें इसी मंगल कामना के साथ आप को कोटि-कोटि नमन..

Avatar Shibananda Panigrahi, Sonepur, Odhisha, April 2018
Namaste sir, i would like to thank you & your team to provide us worthy content.your intellectual session gives me extra knowledge, positive spirit & motivate me to learn more. sir, one small request if pt gurukul team provide us the subtitle of the session we should get more benefited.

Avatar Upasna Jain, New Delhi, April 2018
Guruji Pranam. Apne kaha tha ki 'betiyan nhi likh rhi' .isliye ye beti likh rahi hai. Last 2 month se mai aapke videos follow kar rhi hu specially by the recommendation of my friend from Dhanbad Jharkhand, Vivek upadhyay ,and i am from Delhi! Aapke vichar ki kranti rajya aur des ki simaey lang rahi hai. i am benefited in almost every fields specially International news ki analysis karne me . sare Bhot helpful video hote hai specially hum jaise students ke liye jo coaching afford nahi kar sakte. parde ke piche aapka jO effort hai uski kitna bhi sarahna karu kam hai. Har roj news read karke videos upload karna bhot muskil hai despite of your busy schedule. Sir We have Very supportive team. Thanks a lot to you and the whole pT team. Bus yahi request hai ki aap humesa humare sath rahe. Aapke videos hamare career ke liye sanjivni hai. ''You are my idol person" Kar ke dikhayenge! Jai hind!

Avatar Shubham Gupta, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, April 2018
Sir, चरण स्पर्श | I am a Govt Exam aspirant and more importantly a philomath. Sorry sir for being late in writing a testimonial and paying obeisance to you. The 1st video of yours which i watched on YouTube in May 2016 was on "Terrorism's Global Tentacles" and it made me a fan of your pedagogy. I then enrolled in PT IAS Self-Prep Course, GEC and Sureshot. My knowledge and wisdom has increased a lot in past 2 years courtesy your beautifully crafted lectures. My mother always sees all the inspirational and funny parts of your lecture and my father also watches CA with PT along with me if he is at home. They are glad and relieved that i am under the guidance of such an erudite educator. "THE ONLY BATTLE YOU WILL EVER FIGHT IN YOUR LIFE IS WITH YOURSELF" Sir, I have pondered a lot on this quotation of yours and i hope one day i will be able to grasp it completely. And finally thank you Sir for introducing to me to classic songs like Chadta Sooraj, Jaise Sooraj Ki Garmi and Ik Bagal.

Avatar Nishu Tanwar, Rewari, Haryana April 2018
Namaste sir, Aaj aapki beti ne b likh diya . Thnx to you n ur team for providing such stuffs which will be going to bring a revolution among the indian youths and particularly girls . One of my friends Chetan yadav suggested me to watch ur videos and from that day i started feeling above par . In starting it was slightly difficult to chase the speed but now its amazing to grasp the knowledge . I want to b a indepent thinker of 21st century like u . Aapki kripa bnae rakhiye sir . Thnq

Avatar Sanjay Dutta, Raipur, Chattisgarh, April 2018
Namastey sir, I have no words how to express myself regarding your superb teaching skills... the first video i watched is the ''Hinduism'' and i enlightened with some invisible power and i really dont know exactly what was that, but i truly speaking, the knowledge what you gave to us is very much precious and very much useful...when i listen your lecturer i just interact with the whole past present and future which feels very much energetic and motivating overall i am your biggest fan...and i pray u always be with us...... thank you sir..

Avatar Anand Kishor, Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur, Bihar, April 2018
आदरणीय सर, चरणस्पर्श मैं आनंद किशोर कहलगांव भागलपुर से एक सिविल इंजीनियर (संवेदक) के तौर पर यहां पर राज्य सरकार का बहु ग्रामीण जलापूर्ति परियोजना को पूरा कर रहा हूं। मैं नित्य आपका वीडियो को देखता हूं मुझे बहुत ज्ञान मिलता है। आपका हिंदुत्व और हरप्पा कल्चर के बारे में जो जानकारी पेश किए हैं उससे मेरा बहुत लाभ हुआ है मैं इसके लिए सदा आभारी रहूंगा। मैं किसी परीक्षा का प्रतियोगी नहीं हूं लेकिन मुझे ज्ञान पाने की भुख है इसलिए आपका वीडियो देखता हूं और ज्ञान अर्जित करता हूं ।आपका जो बोलने का शैली है काबिले तारीफ है और आपके जैसे शिक्षक भारतवर्ष को जरूरत है। मैं लगभग सभी वीडियो आपका देख चुका हूं और मुझे बहुत आनंद आता है आप इसी तरह की जानकारी देते रहें और समाज को आगे बढ़ाते रहें। समय की कमी होने के कारण मैं समाचार पत्र नहीं पढ़ पाता और TV में देखना पसंद नहीं करता हूं लेकिन आप का वीडियो जो करंट अफेयर्स के तौर पर देखता हूं और जानकारी पाता हूं। मैं तारीफ करने में बहुत आलसी हूं, लेकिन आज मैं रोक नहीं पाया और आपके लिए मैं कुछ शब्द पेश कर रहा हूं, कुछ कमी रही होगी तो मुझे क्षमा कीजिएगा।

Avatar Vivek Kumar Upadhyay, Dhanbad, Jharkhand, April 2018
Acharya ji pranam. I followed PT education from last one year and very much benefited by it. Specially CA videos keep me updated in my friend circle and guide me to the right path. I would like to thank you as bad the job scenario our country is suffering, you provide us a job (volunteered)to prepare list of questions of every CA videos. the salary is also very high, that is limitless knowledge and updated information. Joke apart ! team PT is changing the youth into real assets . Jai hind.

Avatar Chetan Yadav, Reeari, April 2018
Namaste sir I am a big fan of u . M aapke session regular dekhta hu or mujhe bahut help mil rahi h Is se phle m bahut hi tensed rhta tha due to regular family prblms But now i feel that kar k dikhaenge अजीब सी धुन बजा रखी है जिंदगी ने मेरे कानों में, जान ले कि दुनिया साथ नहीं देती, कोई दम नहीं होता इन लोगों के अफसानों में। क्यों रहता है निराश अपनी ही कमजोरी से झोंक दे सब ताकत अपनी करने को फतह मैदानों में।

Avatar Shubham Kapil, Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, April 2018
Dear Sir, I am preparing for UPSC CSE. Your sessions are highly valuable for students like me. Thousands of students are getting benefited by your knowledge. There's nothing we can give you in return except lots and lots of respect. Thanks a lot sir. May God bless you long life and good health. Sir please continue these sessions, I will be highly obliged to you. एक निवेदन ओर है सर - आप इतनी ऊर्जा और एकाग्रता कैसे लाते हैं, कृपया जरूर बतायें।

Avatar Pranav Sirvaiya, Erie, PA, April 2018
Respected Sir, I am a Senior Consultant in a IT company for P&C Insurance domain. I have studied in Pt education in 2005 in Indore and i still cherish my experience. After listening to you i become of a student-for-life. After marriage (& thanks to youtube & online courses) i introduced my wife to your lessons (from USA itself) and now even in our household we refer to you as 'sir' :), today when i am writing this piece, my wife said - "सर ने आज एक और आलसी को testimonial लिखने को जगा दिया।". I wish i can learn everything from you. We use your sessions to keep ourselves aware of current affairs. Thanks so much for the wisdom you're providing. You are a gift to us from god. Also, I think there are lot of young entrepreneurs who can benefit from your overall entrepreneur experience. Especially who want to come back :( I think our II-tier cities also need a lot of entrepreneurs. भगवान आपको शतायु और हमेशा स्वस्थ रखें और सबको आप जैसा (सच्चा) गुरु दे। Thanks & Regards, Pranav Sirvaiya

Avatar Monika Sharma Mishra, Greater Noida, UP, April 2018
Namaste Sir, 1st of all I would like to thank you for the enthusiastic and intellectual sessions.I am a house wife and use to watch CA session at night as I feel bore till don't watch d session.I have an 1.5 yrs old daughter who also uses to watch ur session wid me and she laughs when sees "Gajraaj&Gajputri". when I watch the session in front of her,she just points out the "GAJRAAJ & GAJPUTRI" and gives a beautiful smile.I have started to watch your sessions from last Dec nd now I feel confident when discusses something to someone.It's just bcz of u,sir.U are a great mentor and definitely U r the CHANAKYA of today's India.2nd thing I would like to know,'Why there is lack of women's testimonials?"Since I used to watch the sessions, I notice that there r hardly 10 testimonials of girls/women.I don't know,"Why the girls r nt contributing in writing testimonials?So plz girls come & join PT's video sessions nd enjoy watching it at home nd be a brilliant lady of the society. Thank you, sir.

Avatar Ashwin Singh, Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, April 2018
Hello Sir,Long Story in Short. Only you and my family is the reason that i can write you today,I start believing you as my Mentor/Guru after year 2015,actually between year 2011 to 2014 i was in a Severe Depression due to some Personal Family Problem. I got treated by ECT therapy and was also admitted in Mental Dept. In 2015 i was out of Depression but due to ECT treatment i lost my much Memory, cos of which i left my LLB in between and lost all my self-confidence and things got very worst, coincidentally i saw your Hinduism video on Youtube which spark little confidence in me,after that i saw all your videos which increases positivity,self-confidence in me and later i completed my Law and decided to start preparing for UPSC IAS exams which only got possible cos of you sir.. My whole family and i have a huge respect and gratitude for you and your whole Team. The Free sessions and study materials which you provide is invaluable. Thank you veryyyyy much sir to unknowingly change my Life.

Avatar Vijay Bhushan Tyagi, Uttar Pradesh, April 2018
सर चरण स्पर्श अधिक ना लिखते ये दोहा आपको समर्पित करना चाहूंगा। " धरती सब कागद करूं, लेखनी सब बनराय सब सागर स्याही करूं, सर गुण लिखा ना जाए" इसके अलावा पर्दे के पीछे मेहनत करने वाली पूरी टीम को दिल से धन्यवाद।

Avatar Ajay Kulkarni, Pune, April 2018
Hello.. Sir.. Namaste. Am Writing this Testimonial (with my Eyes Misty) as i watched your 12 April 2018 CA. We failed Asifa..! .We Failed Humanity...! May the Little Angel Rest in peace ! P. S. - THANK YOU SIR and Your whole Team who Works Day and Night to bring such a worthy Content to Us.

Avatar Babu Rabari, Jodhpur, April 2018
संदीप सर प्रणाम । सर आप भारत के दूर दराज क्षेत्रों में रहने वाले छात्रों के लिए हनुमान जी की तरह हो जो हमेशा प्रतिदिन 5 6 या अधिक अखबारों (वह अख़बार जो गांवो या दूर दराज के क्षेत्रों में मिलना लगभग असंभव हैं) से संजीवनी बुटी लेकर आते हो ओर कहीं छात्रों को लाभान्वित करते हो सर हम आपके ऋणी रहेंगे । कहीं छात्र है जो शहर में आकर पढ़ाई नहीं कर सकते उनके लिए आप राम बाण हो आपका जितना शुक्रिया अदा करे वो कम है । आपकी यह मेहनत कहीं छात्रों का जीवन बदल देगी बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद सर प राम बाण हो आपका जितना शुक्रिया अदा करे वो कम है । आपकी यह मेहनत कहीं छात्रों का जीवन बदल देगी बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद सर

Avatar Parth Shrotriya, Ujjain, April 2018
Respected sir, I have been watching all the video sessions and it really helps me to get a broad overview of what is happening all around the world. My matenal uncle, Bhupendra Joshi was your student and right now he is working in SBI. He told me to watch your learning sessions. That's how I started watching all your lectures like World War 2, Global Vision, Hinduism etc. I also get motivation from your session on effective learning for effective communication. India needs teachers like you to motivate its youngsters. Thanks a bunch sir!!! Keep giving us all the knowledge and wisdom that you have. Keep inspiring us for our ambitions.

Avatar Sumedh Kulkarni, Satara, April 2018
Sandeep sir you have completely changed the direction of my studies for cse..It is helping alot to gain deeper knowledge Thankyou so much !

Avatar Pratik Sanadhya, Jaipur, April 2018
The videos are treat to watch. The insight of each and everything gives us a broad presepctive to learn and think on various topics.

Avatar Gaurav singh pal, Bareilly, UP, April 2018
Can't express in words,but will say that the programme run by honble Sir are really sublime and never experienced before.there was a time i really feel uncomfortable with the speed sir ised to teach but by the time and frequent pratices i have become used to of that speed and now m enjoying the speedy way that sir used to convey the lecture.i not only got the knowledge but also strengthened the english language skills.thanx a lot sir ones again.

Avatar Ankit Agarwal, Asansol, West Bengal, April 2018
Namaskar Sir, Thank you so much for this amazing web series, which is helping me to keep myself updated with all the happenings around. My journey of listening to you started from your free knowledge booster series in youtube (2014) to IIFT, CAT, XAT strategy, boodhi series, confidence booster, power of 10, Govt cracker,IIM cracker, and most recent Current Affairs series, Explainer and live.sandeep... series. THANK YOU so much for being with us when we need you the most. With Lots of love and Respect ~ Your's student

Avatar Happy, Sonipat, Haryana, April 2018
Sabse phale PT EDUCATION ki current affairs series shuru karne k liye aapka bhut bhut dhanyavad apki youtube video k madyam se hum din bhar ki jrori news kam samye m dekh or sun pate h. respect sir Ek shiksak kaise rastarr ka nirmata hota h hamne suna tha lekin apko dekh rhe h. Sir Hum digital rup se pichde hue h or china or west countries ka Aapka ye dard chupaya nhi chupta h Aapne desh ki sachi tasveer yuva se samne raki h Waise tho news editioral k bhut se cheenal h lekin aap ne desh k yuva m deshbakti hi nhi balki ek deep thinking bhi de h hum apke bhut aabhari h jo ki apne hme a samagar soch de or desh ke kuch karne ka jajaba diya Aasha karta hu apke aasirvad ki chaya hum par uhi bane rahegi

Avatar Ashish Agrawal, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, April 2018
Respected Sir, I wrote an testimonial some one year back and thus consider this as an follow on to that. Testimonial apart, I would first like to share my concerns with you. Sir, you have time and again raised various issues pertaining to the lack of wisdom and foresight which the decision makers India suffer from. When compared with China, it make me think whether is democracy really the way forward for speedy and timely improvement in the lives of the people? Will it not be difficult in future to explain to next generations why China's model is flawed and why we are better off in an democracy when they will understand for themselves the "growth and prosperity" which democratic countries has achieved as compared with the China? I would be really happy to be proven wrong sir. Please see if the concern is worth discussion. At last, the way team PT is moving ahead with it's mission to let students fulfil their dreams through knowledge is truly commendable. India thanks all of you.

Avatar Aman Kumar Chandan, Raipur, Chattisgarh, April 2018
Dear Sir, You are a marvelous teacher and only educational philanthropist of your kind. We are fortunate to have you as an teacher for us. Many a thoughts of yours inspire and motivate us. Your explanations enable us to read between the line. Professionals like me are hugely benefited by your You Tube videos, of course with help of Jio for providing affordable data. Wish you all the best , keep educating us .I am a banking professional with more than 10 yrs of experience, At this juncture of age we may not be an IAS/IPS though at least we can make an informed decision and learn how to vote properly. Thank for your thankless endeavor.

Avatar Sanjay Rathore, Delhi, April 2018
Sir, you are amazing. I followed you everywhere whether it's youtube, quora etc. Sir one thing that makes you great is that you motivate everyone to become independent thinker. Sir I watched your every video. Thank you sir. And sir your channel deserves 1m subscribers.

Avatar Shubham Trivedi, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, April 2018
Respected Sir, Pranam :) Sir, I have watched so many lectures on YouTube but I found you're the best because, The way you teach is extremely benificial because there is no need to listen to the lecture again. I would just like to say that, if your lecture are seen by some unsocial elements then they will become human. Education is very important in the society, education means inspiring someone's mind, and you inspires all those peoples who see your lectures. You have a great quality and quality is much better than quantity. After listening your lecture, I can say than i heard some fantastic. :) Thank you Sir for the great Lectures. My Uncle lives in America (Manhattan), he guide me to listen your lectures. You're very Famous :D.. Bye Sir..:)

Avatar Vipal Vora, Pune, April 2018
Hello Sir,I have been following you since the last 1 Year.I had also enrolled in the IIM Sureshot Course for my GD-PI Preparation for MBA and currently using the Vocabulary Development Course as well as the current affairs .All your sessions and courses have been quite helpful and insightful.All these courses and current affair sessions have sown the seeds of independent thinking and has also taught me how to analyse from all perspectives.Hats Off to you and your team for such immense and diligent hard work and wishing you all the best for spreading the light of knowledge.Thank you :-)

Avatar Pradhyumn Meena, Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, April 2018
Dear sir, you are just awesome. your day today, current affairs, hindi sadhak series, Expaliners gives a combine knowledge booster on current affairs that a aspirants needs to do for preparing for all competitive exams i have watched almost all videos of yours and my fav is your lecture on hinduism which covers each a every aspect thanks a lot sir for doing such a great work i am very thankful to you and your team who work so hard day and night to gives us such a good stuff . we love u and your support keep doing it all the best sir ji ...

Avatar Shashank Tripathi, Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, March 2018
good evening Sir, JAY HIND , With sincere gratitude towards you and your PT team for making such a, technical, intellectual , pure and unbiased platform to enhance our capabilities which is the actual 'Time Demand'. I am sincerely thankful to Mr. Sandeep Sir for his intelligence, guidance. For gist of knowledge i receive under your guidance is non-payable by any precious things. But one thing i must say with your respect, this is what our society must have addicted off, i.e. Be a contributor to enhance and make things simple in what we believe for this Civilization . Egalitarianism is essential for the sustainable growth of every living and non living things . May it looks like an exaggeration of demand with the present scenario of the world. Once again, Thank you so much sir. Keep motivating us, may this journey of learning prosper and endless.

Avatar Munna Jha, Araria, Bihar, March 2018
महाशय कोटि कोटि प्रणाम; "अदभुत ज्ञान का संसार मिला,जब मैं आपसे मिला,मैं तो धन्य ही हो गया जहां ज्ञान,ज्ञान और सिर्फ ज्ञान ही मिला" चाहे वह बोधि बूस्टर हो या हो सिविल तपस्या, फिर क्यों नहीं पावर ऑफ 10 हो या हो करंट अफेयर्स. सर मैंने आपसे लगभग नवंबर-दिसंबर 2016 से जुड़ा हूं और तब से लगातार अपने आप को आपकी विस्तार ज्ञान से सृजन कर रहा हूं मैंने आपकी लगभग सारी वीडियो जो YouTube पर है देख ली है जिसमें हिंदू धर्म,फाइनेंसियल क्राइसिस,इंडियन इकॉनमी,यूनिवर्स और राजनीतिक दर्शन शास्त्र इत्यादि अति प्रशंसनीय है सर मैं आपकी इस ज्ञान यात्रा को अपने दोस्तों और संबंधी के साथ काफी चर्चा करता हूं लेकिन कुछ दोस्तों को आप तो समझ में आते हैं लेकिन आप की अंग्रेजी समझ में नहीं आती है इसीलिए वह लोग लगातार जुड़े हुए नहीं है Live sandeep manudhane का श्रेणी काफी ज्ञान योग्य है. Sir,I am preparing for SSC CGL.... But sadly loopholes are going on.. माफ कीजिएगा सर ,मैं अपनी फोटो ना डाल कर मेरे गांव की सरकारी प्राथमिक विद्यालय की शौचालय की फोटो डाल रहा हूं...

Avatar Deepesh Kumar Nirmalkar, Korba, Chhattisgarh, March 2018
Guruji Pranam !!! This testimonial would fall short of expressing love I have towards you and your team in just few words . I wish I could cuddle you and your team to death and share the warmth I have towards you . I am an aficionado of your lectures and have been following it for past 1 year and the level of knowledge I have gained is just inexpressible.I have almost all of your videos mirrored in my drive and is overflowing with the arcane knowledge that you possess .The videos that you and your PT Team develop have become so subliminal to me that you have started appearing in my dreams too , and that too as a GURU!!! -- call that oneironautics!! (My Favourite subject) . I owe you a great debt and I promise to pay you by becoming an INDEPENDENT THINKER . I hope this 1000 character bounded testimonial would have been able to convey my love towards you as it is just too INEFFABLE!!. .JAI MAHAKAAL.. P.S. -Only request if you could sing the RASPUTIN SONG!!

Chandan Kumar Singh, Santiniketan, Bolpur West Bengal, March 2018
Namaste Sir. ...I am following up since 1 year and have shared about u to my friend circles....Being a student of Social work I get an opportunity on regular basis to meet people during Practical...and at end of the day ur sessions add a wide variety of Knowledge in my mind.....U r great Sir. ...Live long PT and Sir

Avatar Jagannath Ghosh, Delhi, March 2018
Namaskaram Sir It's been 2 years i am watching your videos and I consider it one of the best decision of my life.It all started with your video on 2008 Global crises and i was amazed that how can anyone can be perfect like you in teaching.i also taught students for 5 year and i know how difficult it is teach someone.all i can say that god bless you with more wisdom and knowledge and Government should use people like you in transforming education system in India Har Har Mahadev

Avatar Annu, Amritsar (Punjab), March 2018
Dear Guru Ji Har Har Mahadev (Jai Bholenath) It My Good luck That I find Such a great and magnanimous personality Who is providing His own great experience Like this For The improvement of Other people life.. Only Few people thinks like you sach hi kaha hai kisi ne Guru Bhagwan se upar hota hai because wo apki life hi badal deta hai by change the way we think we deal who live I feel When I met..By the way of youtube May God bless you and You Live Thousands of years Thanx Very much...For Great Support I am On the way to success And Great Credit will go to dear sandeep sir

Avatar Ganesh Mane, Pune, March 2018
Hello Sandeep Sir, First of all Thank You very much for your efforts to creating such a awesome Video. I really respect your efforts and hard work Sir. God bless you & your family always ( JAI BHAIRAVNATH!!!). Your evey video make me little wiser and integrate me with social issue. Your efforts are just priceless and & I am glad I can watch your video over different plateform on internet. Although I am not preparing for any civil service exam,I am an IT professional in Pune but I never miss your video. It gives me inner pleasure like I learned something new today. Your teaching style is just phenomenal, your face and voice is immerse in my mind and while watching your video it makes me feel that I am connecting to Consciousness. गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः । गुरुःसाक्षात् परब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नम: ॥ Sir I respect you lot , lots of Love and please keep your blessing on me. Thank You.

Avatar Vinod Kumar Siddhartha, Mathura, March 2018
नमस्ते सर और चरण स्पर्श मैं आपका नियमित वीडियोस देखता हूं जिससे मुझे पढ़ाने में बहुत मदद मिलती है मैं इस समय IAS की तैयारी कर रहा हूं साथ ही साथ मैं अपनी कोचिंग भी चलाता हूं मैं आप सभी पीटी एजुकेशन टीम को धन्यवाद देता हूं जो हमारे लिए अनेक प्रकार की दूर दराज से न्यूज़ खोज खोज कर लाते हैं और हमारे ज्ञान को बढ़ाने में मदद करते हैं धन्यवाद विनोद कुमार सिद्धार्थ

Avatar Nikita Sharma, Guwahati, March 2018
Namaste Sir, Since last two months I have been regularly following your current affair sessions, apart from this your other lectures available on youtube are immensely beneficial for me to understand different issues, eg lecture on World war II, biotechnology etc. My husband introduced me to your classes, he got to know from his friends from his office. He also follows your lectures. You are such an amazing teacher, we salute you for your efforts. Wish you a long and healthy life.

Avatar Mukesh Kumar, Ghaziabad, March 2018
नमष्कार सर । मै खुद एक टीचर रहा हूँ इसलिए समझ सकता हूँ की आपको कितनी ख़ुशी मिलती होगी पढ़ाते समय । I like your teaching style. Today I tried to analyse just 3 newspaper and realized how much it costs you with your team to make these amazing sessions. A bunch of thanks for the team and you for making things easier for us. फाडू काम है सर, to prepare these sessions, that too bilingual. हम जैसे हिंदी वालो के लिए तो अमृत है |

Avatar Abhishek Sinha, Bangalore, March 2018
Dear PT team hari om and hello to all Although i am not preparing for any exam but i like to listen your current affairs everyday without fail. By profession i work in airbus and by heart i am learning indian classical music via Bansuri. And i feel every artists should know what is happening around. This world is a stage and we are one of the players so what other players are doing we all should know. I strongly feel you are providing that knowledge. Despite my schedule of practice job and music classes i take out time to listen to you. It provides me with full knowledge of major events hapoening in and around me. Thanks a lot for your great effort. Sir i have a humble suggestion if it is possible not to take printout of testomonials and newd but use pdf instead. Whenever you explain with lots of pages i always think of how many pages or trees we can save if pdf format is used. Its just a humble request sugestion for your entire team. God bless you all for such a nice work.

अक्षय कुमार मिश्र, सिमरी, बक्सर, March 2018
गुरु जी को मेरा प्रणाम साथ ही भारत वर्ष के कलयुग के सारे एकलव्य को भी शुभकामनाये , मै कम्पनी सेक्रेटरी का विद्याथी हूँ व मैंने ज्योतिष में भी शोध किया है हम सभी के लिए आप मार्गदर्शक व प्रणेता है , मै विश्वमित्र की नगरी बक्सर जो की बिहार का एक छोटा परन्तु एतिहासिक रूप से काफी प्रसिद है ,से आता हूँ ! बिहार जैसे प्रांत से आने वाले बच्चो के लिए जिनके लिए अंग्रेजी काफी समस्या बनी है आप केवट बनकर सबको न सिर्फ पार लगा रहे साथ ही साथ सबको किसी भी विषय पर अपनी सोच रखने की आजादी से अवगत कराया , संस्कृत की उक्ति ....विद्या विवादाय धनं मदाय शक्तिं परेशां परिपीडनाय ....को आप चरितार्थ करते जीते जागते उदाहरण है . देश को विकसित बनाने में और सुदिर्ण बनाने में आप सभी का सहयोग काफी सहयोगी रहेगा ......हम सभी विद्यार्थी ही आगे जाके एक नये युग की स्थापना करेंगे जहा भारत के तीनो स्तम्भ अपने ही सोच के होंगे ....आपने सबके लिए ज्ञान दधिची की तरह तपा के दिया ..और दे भी रहे आशा है भारत के युवा आपके सपने साकार करेंगे जहा भारत का अपना फेसबुक होगा और अपना गूगल भी ....!

Avatar Sujit Swami, Siliguri, West Bengal, March 2018
Hello sir, I am school student and i m preparing for CLAT, AILET,CUCET AND LAW ENTRANCES 2018. i personally presuppose that your way of teaching really give us motivation and courage to read and learn . "knowledge is power" and the strategy and perfect substantial for any exam or for common knowledge ,your all programs are crucial and conducive . i was weak in English i started following "PT-EDUCATION" team and it results in very positive way.i am learning day by day . unbiased nature of you CA .I REALLY LOVE THE PROGRAM. i always share your views and OPINION with my teachers and elders. and i really amazed to see the outcome . i will be later on preparing for the civil services and your team will be on the top for my source of material . thanks to the pt team. sir, one question what is the full form of your "PT".

Avatar Kuldeep Singh Naruka, Jjodhpur, March 2018
PARNAM Sir, CAWPT dekhna mere liye regular work ho gya h..Mai 1 chote se village se belong krta hu ,km time me gr baithe baithe ALL ASAL Current News dekh hi nhi pata hu blki , us topic pr Aapke vichar bhi dekhne ko mil pate h. HEALTH ka dhyan rkhiyega jisse ye daily routine tute nhi .mai IAS pre ki teyari gav se self study krke hi kr rha hu..Aapki puri team ko bhi thanks bolunga jo itna DAILY work off camera kr rhi h...Thanks.

Avatar Suman Acharjya, Kolkata, West Bengal, March 2018
Namaskar sandeep sir, i'am from west bengal Pt"S current Affairs absolute help us... thank you

Avatar Akash Chaudhary, Mathura, March 2018
NAMASKAR SIR, I am a primary school teacher in mathura and also preparing for civil service exam. i am very thankful to PT education team and sandeep sir for their dedicated and indefatigable efforts to provide us such a very helpful course for current affairs. whereas,due to change in the objectives of media, news channels are full of hues and cries, and newspapers are full of unnecessary and propaganda driven news, while the important and useful news are successful only to book very little space in the corner of newspaper; and at TV, the odd hours of day. CA with PT education provides a comprehensive, time saving and sufficient study material to prepare for current affairs; loaded with lots of extra interesting facts and daily quiz is like the red gold. your spirit and enthusiasm inspire me very much, sir. i have seen all other available lectures on you tube, all of them are very helpful in preparation. your teaching style is unparalleled. thanks sir

Avatar Bobby Rana, Haridwar, March 2018
Namaste sir, I've learnt a lot from your ca guru dron!!aap ko dekhne ke baad samajh aaya ki eklavya ne angoothha itni aasani se kaise kaat diya tha. To be honest Agar aap jaise or teacher ho desh mei to India fir se nalanda k liye jana jayega. A huge thanks to you n your team bcoz you provide one of highest quality content absolutely free. Aap ko dekhne ke baad samajh aata hai ki hamare prachin (rishis)guru kaise rahe honge. I've learnt a lot from your videos. Bas dil mei ek hook hai ki kash ap jaisa teacher mujhe pehle mil gaya hota..kash well it's never late. I'm telling my friend and sharing your videos.. And say to them dekh bhai aise padaya jata hai.. And they say kya banda hai yaar.😁 Apke liye dil se ek hi dua nikalti hai tum jiyo hazaro saal..

Avatar Chandan Kumar,  Ghaziabad, March 2018
Namaste Sir !! Charan Sparsh !! It's been a remarkable journey since Dec 2016 when I joined the PT IAS course. I am a working professional, however, I manage to spare 3 - 4 hrs from the busy schedule to watch all your lectures. Now I don't have to check various newspaper for the current affairs , Your 1 hr. dose is very helpful. Your SFC formula has really been useful in my daily life and many social debate. Sir, I have been a student of various coaching institutions but your way of teaching is very identical and I have never seen a Teacher to address any world leader using prefix Sahab. eg. Trump Sahab , Xi jinping Sahab , Putin Sahab. Last but not the least I must say your team is doing a great job in creating all the sessions. May God bless you all.

Avatar Rahul Goswami, Delhi, March 2018
Sir, i was happy with my job as a clerk in M/o Finance but the day when i started watching your videos i just felt there is lot to learn and study, i mean as a teacher you are absolutely fantastic, now i am preparing for UPSC with the help of NCERT books and Your videos. I enjoy your videos like a blockbuster movie, and it seems when you act like big personalities and sing like a singer of old movies. i really want to appreciate your work in education and obviously your team also. I can see your hard work in this field, and your knowledge inspires me a lot to read maximum i can. Thankyou sir,

Avatar Amit Mandal, Araria, Bihar, March 2018
आदरणीय श्री संदीप मनुधने सर , चरणस्पर्श ! मैं पिछले 4 वर्षों से आपका शिष्य हूँ । आपका शिष्य होने के साथ - साथ मैं एक सरकारी विद्यालय में शिक्षक भी हूँ । भौतिक और नैतिक ज्ञान का जो अनूठा संगम आपके पास मिलता है, शायद ही इस प्रकार का सामंजस्य कोई शिक्षक अपने शिक्षण में बिठा पाये। आपके सहयोग से मैं स्वयं को एक शिक्षक के रूप में बहुत सुधार पाया हूँ और मुझे विश्वास है की एक दिन मैं जरूर आपके जैसा गुणवान शिक्षक बन पाऊँ। मेरे विद्यालय में शिक्षकों की कमी थी तो मैंने अपना वैबसाइट बना कर बच्चों के लिए सारे विषयों की पढ़ाई की समस्या हल कर दी । इसका पूरा श्रेय मैं आपको और PT Education की पूरी टीम को देता हूँ । भगवान करे ये और बढ़े , भारत के सभी गावों में कार्यरत सभी अमित को नई दिशा एवं ऊर्जा प्रदान करे । जय हिन्द! जय भारत!

Avatar Chetan Kumar, Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, March 2018
सर सर्वप्रथम आपको कोटि-कोटि प्रणाम ।।वर्तमान समय में मुझे लगता है कि यदि कोई चीज जो युवाओं को सबसे कम मिल रही है, वह है उचित मार्गदर्शन जिसकी राष्ट्र के उर्जावान एवं शक्ति संपन्न युवाओं को सबसे अधिक जरूरत है। परीक्षा में पास होने और नंबर लाने की दौड़ में युवा अपनी स्वतंत्र एवं मौलिक सोच को भी दांव पर लगा रहे हैं, जो बेहद चिंतनीय है। ऐसे कठिन समय में आप का अप्रतिम प्रयास मुझ जैसे छात्रों के लिए डूबते को तिनके का सहारा है। आशा करता हूं यह यात्रा अनवरत चलती रहेगी। जब भी आप का लेक्चर देखता हूं तो महसूस करता हूं चाणक्य के सामने बैठा हूं।और वर्तमान समय की गहन बारीकियों को समझ रहा हूं, जो मुझे निकट भविष्य में चंद्रगुप्त मौर्य बनाने वाली है। हृदय की गहराइयों से आपका आभार ईश्वर से प्रार्थना करता हूं कि जल्द ही आपके निकट रहकर आपसे बहुत कुछ सीखने का मौका मिले। सधन्यवाद

Avatar Ravindra Kumar Singh Kuswah, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, March 2018
Very very special thanks to whole PT Team and of Sandeep Sir Ji for great contents . No doubt you are the special one in this world because your followers are not only from India but also from other parts of the world. I would like to say one thing about Sandeep Sir that- A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge and wisdom in the pupils. And really sir you moulded my life in a linear manner. Good teachers like you aren’t always the ones who have fancy degrees and qualifications. They are the ones who have a big heart and a burning desire to make the world a better place, one kid at a time. Thank you very much Gurudev Ji.

Avatar Akshay Saini, Mangalore, March 2018
Respected Sir, First of all a big THANKS to you and your entire PT Education team for bringing such a top quality content whether it is General topics, Vocabs or Current affairs. Your sessions are just a delight to watch as there are tons of information in all your sessions. After listening the information in all of your sessions one feel so much confident as the in-depth knowledge you provide is commendable and unmatched. Though the you tube is flooded with CA videos and other stuff but there is really a dearth of quality content and reliable source like yours'. Your first video I saw was of Vocab, where you told the GRASP-PT and that video is superb. I told many of my friend about your current affairs sessions and they have also started watching and loving that. I was working in Infy but I left and now preparing for SSC and seriously trying to get my due share in this wild goose chase :p. Wish me success :D Your noble work is really empowering people since knowledge is power.

Avatar Shivam Kumar Mishra, Allahabad, March 2018
It's long back in 2013 when I accidentally came across to one of the video of Sandeep Manudhane Sir on YouTube. I was mesmerized by his amazing communication skills and knowledge. Honestly, I am not preparing for any of the government jobs or the coaching which he offers courses because I am in process of becoming Software Developer but Sir's influence on my life is huge I regularly watch Sir's videos for personal growth, he has taught me to think rationally. I have a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and making India's best global software companies. I hereby venerating and praying for the huge success in all respects to Sandeep Sir and the PT team for all your righteous endeavours. You really rock.

Avatar Lalit Suthar, Nagpur, March 2018
Sir, i haven't seen such a dynamic personality like you in my life. Honestly ,whatever i know today majority of it's your contribution. I am following you from last two years and whenever i get time i listens you on various forums. Your fecundity and hard work has tremendously inspired me . We are blessed to be with a person who is a paragon of teaching and learning. No words to describe you !

Avatar Vishal Rana, Haridwar, March 2018
Namaste sir! First saw your lecture on geography subject.OMG kya koi itna achchha bhi pada sakta hai. First time i saw k haa teacher aisa bhi ho sakta hai.And real power of your knowledge lies in your speaking. What a fluent orator believe me your voice has a magic. And one of the best teacher I've ever watched. I am addicted to your videos . A huge request to you too upload your at least one lecture on history also. Aap jaise logo ki awaz sunkar andar se atma bolti hai, it is the man jiski niyat mei khot nahi hai. Love u live long sir...dil se (Usually love to write in Hindi but in Mobile's keyboard u know very well)..

Avatar Saurabh Mittal, New Delhi, March 2018
I am working as an Assistant Section Officer in Ministry of Health & Family Welfare , Government of India. The Current Affairs Section taken by Sandeep Manudhane Sir is like taking a dip in the ocean of knowledge and it has opened up new Vistas for me. The style of teaching by Sir is very impressive. He tries to give every perspective associated with the news which enables us to see the news in the larger perspective. The quality of the notes is also very excellent which tells us the amount of effort the whole team is putting up for preparing these beautiful sessions. I hope that these sessions will continue for a long time and benefit millions of knowledge seekers .

Avatar Rajpal Singh Kharola, Joshimath Uttrakhand, March 2018
Namaste sir! First of all I would like to thank u and your team so much for this kind of initiative which is so knowledge booster for all of us learners. Sir yours season on " India own facebook and google " was so incredible. This is an issue which should be raise continuously and need to take serious step towards this. I told about it my friends. Sir what other things should we do that some action could seen on ground. Second things which I feel from yours session that how to be a liberal thinker. At last but not least for u and yours team- " चरेवेती चरेवेती" बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद सर!

Avatar Kailash, Ahmedabad, March 2018
Ustad ji,you are doing great job.your are giving the brief analysis of each topic.whether it is hinduism or political philosophy or current affair etc.that is very helpful to us to understand that topics.i was watching daily news channel but after watching your videos of CA I moved on "THE SANDEEP MANUDHANE NEWS CHANNEL",😊hahaha....You make humor in CA videos like mimicking of donald trump(my favorite).Behind this great work the whole pt team is working . I thanks to all of them who are working for us ( youngsters,next generation). "GOD BLESS YOU ALL"

साकेत कुमार शर्मा, Nawada, March 2018
आदरणीय संदीप सर, चरण स्पर्श। सर प्राचीन काल से आधुनिक काल तक के अनेक विद्वानों के बारे में हमनें सुना और पुस्तकों में पढ़ा परंतु उनको देखा नहीं। आज आपके ज्ञान भंडार को देखकर उन सबको देखने की लालसा पूरी हो गई। आपके ज्ञान समुद्र से हम सभी इतने लाभान्वित हो रहे हैं कि शब्दों में बयां करना मुश्किल है। आपकी प्रशंसा हम क्या कर सकते हैं हम तो आपके बदौलत प्रशंसा पाते हैं। भगवान आपको दीर्घायु बनाएं, ताकि हम सभी आपके ज्ञान सागर में ऐसे ही गोते लगाते रहें। सर मैं एक लेखक भी हूँ, मैंने जातिनीति नामक एक पुस्तक भी लिखा है जो जातिवाद, छुआछूत, और राजनीति पर आधारित है। आशीर्वाद का आकांक्षी आपको और आपकी टीम को चरण स्पर्श

Avatar Yeeshu Kumar, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, March 2018
Namaskar sir, aapke aur PTeducation team ke kathin parishram ko mera sat sat naman. Aapke videos ko mai pichale do saptah se dekh rha hu aur pahle bhi maine aapke youtube lacture dekhe hai. Mai koi bhi exam ki tyari nhi kar rha hu phir bhi mai aapke video aane ka pratidin pratiksha karta hu. ..Dhanyawad

Avatar Suraj Pandey, Allahabad, March 2018
गुरूजी आपका चरण स्पर्श... आपको देख के ही Confidence आ जाता है. अपनी ज्ञान की गंगा ऐसे ही बहाते रहिये.... BANK PO & SO एग्जाम की तैयारी कर रहे है English और Maths आपके आशीर्वाद से अच्छा है लेकिन General Awareness, Mains Exam में मेरी watt लगा देता था... आपसे मुलाक़ात पे हुई-- ( का धन्यवाद ) आपने GA को इतना आसान बना दिया की अब ENGLISH से ज्यादा confidence GA में आ गया | कभी सोचा नहीं था आप जैसे गुरु मिल जायेंगे जो सच में गुरु है .. Being a Student I can't give you anything Except --- Lots Of Love & Respect from Allahabad कभी Allahabad आइयेगा तो सेवा का मौका जरुर दीजियेगा.... Jai Hind

Avatar Arvind, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, March 2018
Sadarpranam Guru Ji ! Aap k vichar atyant labhakari hai. Aur vo meri soch ko nai disha pradan kar raha hai. Ap k sabhi kakshaye behad satik aur ek-ek laksh ko prapt karane vali hai. Hame rojana kuch naya, aur kuch naya jjanane ki or agrasar karati hai ap ki vichar-dhar .. Ap ki kripa yese hi bani rahe gi ham sab par ..isi asha ke sath ap ko or ap ki pure sahakarmiyo ko Pyar aur ane vali navratri ki shubh kamana...

Avatar Purnima Tiwari, Sultanpur, March 2018
Aap me Vedio bhut hi helpful hai sir

Avatar Pankaj, Patiala, March 2018
"हर हर महादेव", Thanks to Sandeep Manudhane Sir ji and PT Education Team. I just want to tell about my life experience what changes took place in my life after watching Sandeep Manudhane session/Lecture. I was never good or brilliant student in my school or college life nobody in my family/friends who tell me, "why to read" and “how to read", how to understand any news/article/etc. but ones day when i was preparing Clerk exam duration, i watch Sandeep sir Lecture on "World War" from that day till now i completely fan of sir you. After i watch another lecture that was "How to develop reading habit" that completely change my life. Now I am student of PT(UPSC self preparation). From that day I relies “what i have miss in my life” that was so important in my life. my wish is only Sir live long and long life. Now i am try to give my best for my student, guidance and "360 angle of learning" that I learn from you sir.

Avatar Ranjeet Sharma, Allahabad, March 2018
Sir,I am Preparing for UPSC. Current affairs videos are very good.i watch every video of CA and day to day explainer of yours.sir you are doing great job.It helps me a lot for preparing the examination. Your video on India should have their own google and facebook is very good, i learnt a lot from it. Sir, please keep it up. i am very greatful to you.

Avatar Sitam Satapathy, Chonburi province, March 2018
I have been connected with PT since 3 years, while I was preparing for my ELS studies in Thai Law School, Chiang Mai Universitiy, Thailand. I was influenced by the outstanding way of teaching, conceptual insights and a mega domain of contents. I found SANDEEP SIR the only tutor who has 99.99% positive and satisfactory feedback. I have never seen anyone complaining anything about sir anywhere. Now eventually I am realizing how fortunate I am to get such an amazing GURU! I would probably say the factory machine of achievers. Adjectives become limited to describe such person. The whole system, PT team, execution of teaching strategies, the selfless efforts, the beautifully arranged courses for all, the humorous and galvanizing way sir teaches, and the perfection in everything is pretty worthy for a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE. The best decision of my life was to be enrolled for UPSC self-prep course of PT. Proud to be in PT (I want to know the full form) family. Love and respect. Sitam

Avatar Animesh Jain, New Delhi, March 2018
I got to know about P.T a year back through my guru Pinakin Barot Sir,It has been a tremendous journey since then.My knowledge has increased many fold and all sessions helped me to become a rational and liberal thinker.I have regularly followed Sandeep Sir's sessions & accumulated piles of notes :) .I have fallen in love with reading and accumulating knowledge courtesy to Sandeep Sir.Since I am fortunate enough to get admission in IIT Delhi (where Sir too studied !) I see him as my idol.Currently I am preparing for Civil Services and with P.T I am sure to crack it with flying colours! Kar ke dikhayenge

Avatar Viral Kishorbhai Kakkad, Rajkot, March 2018
Sir, I am Pitizen and connected with PT Education since 2015. From my beginning till today I have learn so many things from you through UPSC Self Prep Course,Government Exam Cracker Course and Vocabulary Development course. Sir, I actually see the change in my self after this learning. I started thinking differently and deeply, learning gave me ability to see the matter in 360 degree, My approach towards life has changed. All this things possible only by You and PT Education. Thank You so much sir. Kar ke dikhayege

Avatar Syed Naqi Hasan Rizvi, Allahabad, March 2018
Sir I am Very Glad to Write You(PT EDUCATION) Sir Mein Phle Itna Deeply Newspaper ko read Nhi krta tha,Last 3 Years se mein Aap ki vedios dekha rhta hu On Youtube,Specially KNOWLEDGE BOOSTER,Session ON ENGLISH. Sir I learned Alot lekin jab se aap ke CURRENT AFFAIR ke vedio aaye hai me daily ye vedio dekhta hu,Aap ke Session well organised hote hai. No doubt Sir Ki Aap Ke CURRENT AFFAIR ke LECTURE Well Organised Attached with Quiz,Pdf and Cutting of paper waooo Well Done.. Sir App har Information Ko itna Summarised Form me bata dete hai ki jisse News paper read krna itna Easy ho gaya hai,Phle to Decide Nahi kr pate the ki Kon si News Relevant hai And kon si nhi.... Sir Recently I am Studying For a Year) From University of Allahabad..

Avatar Saurabh Kumar, Hyderabad, March 2018
Hi Sandeep Sir, I have been associated indirectly with you and PT education since 2013. Those were days I was preparing for CAT. Your knowledge boosters helped me to clear interviews and get in IIM Raipur. I still remember my interview and how I diverted it towards mythology (because I watched your marathon 5 hrs lecture on Hinduism). Today after 5 years I look back into my life and see how PT education and specially Sandeep sir has molded it beautifully. I am more informed person today, partly because of MBA and partly because of your lectures. Please carry on the good work.

Avatar Bhavesh Kourani, Ahmedabad, March 2018
Sir, I am ardently following you since the beginning of Bodhi Booster. It helped me got holistic and 360 degree view on topics like GST, Arrival of Trump etc. I have also watched(plus made notes of) most of the PT education videos and my favorite among them is "Terrorism and its Global Tentacles". I have even watched most of the live first 30X30X30 sessions for GDPI and those daily article analysis series under Bodhi Siksha which was once blocked on YouTube. Seems like I am living with you since more than a year. I have even tried many a times to replicate the way you present yourself to us :) Seriously, this amazing platform has helped me to develop interests in diversified subjects. And apart from just replicating your style I also replicate the "Connecting the dots" ideology which has given me an edge in numerous GDs and PIs. Keep the "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" work on sir!! Love You!!

Avatar Suvam Dhar, Guwahati, March 2018
Sandeep Manudhane Sir, and his complete team for an exemplary work that they are doing for their students and learning community of the nation. CA with PT is another pearl in the ocean of knowledge that Sandeep sir has created and envisaged with his extraordinary team and how this has made the life of us students easy and helped us, is beyond words and expressions. I would just like to thank the whole team PT's Universe for bringing to us a chest of unparalleled knowledge and for the hard work that they have put in towards all the initiatives that they have taken including the bodhi live and civil tapasya portals as well.The role that PT's Education plays in our intellectual development, we are very thankful for that.

Avatar Abhimanyu Patel, Indore, March 2018
Hello Sir, Its always good to see you smiling. Your vision of creating Great India will definitely be fulfilled as you are sowing the seeds and we students are watering them. You are the man of great values and knowledge in my life. I am watching your sessions regularly since 2013 and i find complete reflections of you in me as effusive voice, pronunciation, bi-lingual. Your sole objective of connecting the dots and independent thinking is serving me and millions of student greatly. I am that useless brick which you gave me building in return by your knowledge. I have been to PT HQ few times just to get a glimpse of you, but failed. Thank you so much sir !! Namastey.

Avatar Priya Patel Parsana, Surat, March 2018
Hello Sir, Namskar, I am a homemaker+working professional (entrepreneur). As well as I am a knowledge seeker, learner or student by nature. A regular viewer of "Current Affairs with PT" and "Power of 10". I am not a student of any exams conducted by any board, But there are many exams and challenges occurs in everyone's life, many things that happen around us. so everyone needed a moral compass and knowledge of things happens around the world. this portal provide me moral and knowledge lesson for life's exam. for such hard efforts : A big big thank you...

भोसले मनोहर हनुमंत (सरस्वती), MUMBAI, March 2018
माननीय गुरुवर्य संदीप मानुधने , आपल्या ज्ञान सागरातून मंथन करून ज्याप्रकारे आपण आम्हा सर्वांना शिक्षण रूपी अमृत पाजले आहे ते आम्हा सर्वांना संपूर्ण आयुष्यभर उपयोगी येईल.याची तुलना कशाही सोबत होवू शकत नाही. ज्याप्रमाणे "बाबासाहेब आंबेडकर"म्हणतात "शिक्षण हे वाघिणीचे दूध आहे ते पिल्यावर माणूस गुरगुरल्याशिवाय राहत नाही" त्याचप्रकारे तुमचे हे कष्ट आम्ही नक्की एक सुजाण नागरिक बनून देशाच्या प्रगतीस हातभार लावण्यास त्याचा उपयोग करू,,,, मी 2017 पासून आपला पूर्ण संचय(IAS2017) घेऊन PT चा एक सदस्य झालो आहे .....आपली ज्ञानाची गंगा अशीच सदैव वाहात राहो हीच सदिच्छा।।। धन्यवाद

Avatar Surendra Pachar, Bikaner, March 2018
आदरणीय सर,मैं राजस्थान पुलिस में उपनिरीक्षक के पद पर कार्यरत हूं। मैं पिछले 2 वर्षो से PT EDUCATION से जुड़ा हुआ हूँ। मैं हर दिन अपनी कठिन schedule में से समय निकालते हुए current affairs सुनता हूँ। जिसका श्रुति version सुबह morning walk and exercise के समय पुन स्मरण के लिए सुनता हूँ जो सुबह सुबह motivation का काम करता है। सर आपका सिखाने और पढ़ाने की शैली अद्भुत है और PT टीम की मेहनत उल्लेखनीय है सुबह मिलने वाले मेरे युवा साथियो से चर्चा के समय आपके,आपकी PT टीम और वेबसाइट के बारे में बताता हूँ जिससे उन पढ़ने वाले युवा साथियो के जीवन में बदलाव आ सके और जिंदगी की राह पर से भटके नहीं। सर आपके मुझ जैसे हजारो फैन है। इतना ऊर्जावान इन्सान मैंने पहली बार अपनी जिंदगी में देखा है। आपको देखकर हमे भी जिंदगी में सकारात्मक सोचने और आगे बढ़ने की प्रेरणा मिलती है जिसके लिए हम आपके एहसानमंद है। हमे गर्व है कि जिंदगी की महत्वपूर्ण मोड़ पर आप जैसा सच्चा मार्गदर्शक मिला। आपके द्वारा दिया ज्ञान न केवल professional life में अपितु निजी जिंदगी में भी महती भूमिका निभा रहा है ऐसे ज्ञानी गुरु को कोटि कोटि नमन।

Avatar Jitendra Shivram Etam, Mumbai, March 2018
Thank you very much Sir for this amazing sessions.Fantastic approach to teaching that I have not seen anywhere else. When you say aalsiyo kuch to likho you made me write this hope I continue to write and express myself.This sessions are so enriching makes one aware what happens around the world.Also want to mentioned your youtube session on Hinduism changed my perspective towards hinduism. Thanks once again!

Avatar Abhishek Kumar,  Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, March 2018
It is true that,''One of the most difficult thing to do in life is to start''.When i start to watch this current affair series ,I start to achive knowledge. I'm learning many things from this current affairs series and I can already see improvement in my understanging power as well as my writing skill. I'm most grateful of '' SANDEEP SIR '' and PT Team. This series is inspirational because it gives a valuable lesson to integrate into all aspects of my life . Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion with us in your daily classes. I didn’t realize how much I had learned until I forced myself to put it into practice. गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णुर्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः । गुरुरेव परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः

Avatar Amit Tiwari, Southampton, March 2018
Respected Sir and Team, First and foremost ''Charan Sparsh" to sir. I am accompanying almost all your (Sir's) videos on YouTube and PT Education website. The current affair video provides the entire professional, legitimate news in nutshell with other significant auxiliary information. Thank you so much supporting team and the way Sir read it so marvellous (I wish it keeps going on ). There is hardly any word/phrases can describe him or his charismatic personality. What a gem! Kudos team, please continue this :) Amit

Avatar Shireesha Y, Warangal, March 2018
With lots of respect and greetings from the bottom of my heart to Sandeep Sir and Team PT.For any seed to grow into a big tree, the most essential thing is the soil fertility of the land.And with all the life supporting processes going on w.r.t its life cycle, it grows.When the seeds of our thoughts/knowledge are sown in quality intellectual fertile-PT Education,under the guidance of Sandeep Sir&his Team,I can surely assure the spread of knowledge (imbibed with ethics&values),like a giant trees shadow.Sir,I wish to share with you,how the candidates(particularly women)are being demoralized on the day of competitive examination.On one hand,notifications bear the phrase-“Govt. strives to have a workforce which reflects gender balance and women candidates are encouraged to apply”.On the other hand their freedom of belief is being hanged at the doors of the entrance,by asking them to remove their mangalasutra and toe rings.Criticism arouse for Pak's treatment in Jadhav's case,what about us?

Avatar Trevor Phillips, Los Angeles, March 2018
PT Education has changed the way I see this world , with every lecture Mr Manudhane is an awesome lecturer and his lectures on World War 2 , American Civil War and US Recession were amazing. I really appreciate your efforts to provide knowledge alongside telling various anecdotes and jokes. Keep it Up!

Avatar Seema Ramdas Rajale, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, March 2018
Hello sir, First upon thank you for reading my testimonial. I daily watch your current affairs videos.. And other videos also.. All these videos are helpful for our exams... It becomes easy to understand when explained by you..thank you very much sir , you are doing great job..

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, March 2018
CA WITH PT” is a spot on initiative which not only helps to keep track of the most important current affairs but also develop highly rich perspective about the most crucial issues in a short period of time. The eye-to-eye way Sandeep sir connects with students online plays a crucial role in success of every initiative of team PT. Dear PT, “May this flamboyance last an eternity” अल्पावकाशे बौद्धिक प्रतिभोत्थानार्थाय परीक्षाप्रकृत्यानुरूपम् ज्ञानस्य उत्कर्षं, विलक्षणम् भंडारम् चेति CA WITH PT... “प्रवर्तनाय ज्ञानस्याभा: संलग्ना: यूयम् , नमस्तुभ्यम् PT परिवारम् ।”

Avatar Darshan Trivedi, Gandhinagar Gujarat, March 2018
Dear sir you are the complete teacher as well as encyclopaedia with lots of love .You are inspiration for us . Sir you and Team PT doing tremendous work for the ones who are not able to pay fees for coaching and give complete guidance those who extremely needed.Sir you give guidance with now cureent senerio and also improve our vocabulary with different sessions.thank you sir ,thank you Team PT

Avatar Manoj Kumar Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh, March 2018
सर, संदीप मनुधने और पी . टी. एजुकेशन टीम आप सभी के अथक परिश्रम के लिए कोटि कोटि धन्यवाद "मनुधाने सर का उनका जिक्र जैसे इत्र" शब्द मारक और तारक दोनों होते है आपके कटु शब्द और मृदु शब्द दोनों ही तारक हैं. "ब्रह्म विद ब्रह्मैव भवति" - जो ब्रह्म को जाना वह ब्रह्म ही होगया उसी तरह जो आपको जान गया आपके मार्ग पर अग्रसर हुआ वह आप ही हो गया, और आप बन जाना बहुत बड़ी बात है. आप लोग का सहयोग नहीं होता तो हम जैसे तमाम ग्रामीण प्रतियोगी जो आर्थिक रूप से शस्क्त नहीं है वो आज कुछ कर गुजरने के सपनो को अपने हृदय में ही रखे रह जाते लेकिन आज गर्व है पी टी एजुकेशन पर, आपका और पी टी टीम के ज्ञान की अविरल धारा सदा हम लोगो की तरफ प्रवाहित होती रहे. "उघरें विमल विलोचन हिय के मिटै दोष दुख: भव रजनी के" "धन्यवाद" "कर के दिखाएंगे" MANOJ KUMAR

Avatar Naman Khanijou, Delhi, March 2018
Hello Team PT, First of all, Thank you so much my dear Sandeep sir. It somehow feels that there is some connection with you and I am very lucky to have found such a GURU who leads me and guides me along this tough path of competition & success. Full credits to your team as well without whom all this would not have been possible. I had a lot of failures since the past 2 years while preparing for the Territorial Army entrance. After working on my areas of improvement and following your sessions devotedly everyday (Vocab/Geo etc) I have gradually developed a lot of confidence of clearing any exam. Infact I have also applied for the civils just to test my calibre an preparedness. It is a known fact the more you sweat in the peace, the less you bleed in war. Hats off to you and your team for doing such a selfless act of educating everyone. By the way is your laptop an Indian make (micromax) as you wouldn't buy a foreign make (specially a Chinese) as far as I know you? :) JAI HIND, Naman

Avatar Anmol, Amritsar (Punjab), March 2018
ਪਿਆਰੇ ਸੰਦੀਪ ਸਰ ਜੀ ਆਪ ਜੀ ਨੂ ਸੁਨ ਕੇ ਬਹੁਤ ਬਹੁਤ ਲਾਬ ਹੋ ਰਿਹਾ ਹੈਂ ਜੋ ਕਿਤੇ ਸਮਜ ਨੀ ਆਂਉਦਾ ਤੁਹਾਡੇ ਕੋਲੋ ਸਮਜ ਆ ਜਾਂਦੇ ਹੈਂ ਜੀ ਰਬ ਆਪ ਜੀ ਦੀ ਸੋ ਸਾਲ ਤੋ ਜਾਦਾ ਲੰਬੀ ਉਮਰ ਕਰੇ ਤੇ ਤੁਸੀਂ ਇਸੇ ਤਰਾ ਹੀ ਅਪਨਾ ਅਨੰਤ ਗਿਆਨ ਸਬਨੁ ਦਿੰਦੇ ਰਹੋ ਤੇ ਆਪਣਾ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ ਚਾਰੋ ਪਾਸੇ ਬੀਖੇਰ ਦੇ ਰਹੋ ਆਪ ਜੀ ਨੂ ਸੁਣ ਕੇ ਬਹੂਤ ਖੁਸ਼ੀ ਬੀ ਹੁੰਦੀ ਹੈ ਤੇ ਬਹੂਤ ਪੜ੍ਹਨ ਦਾ ਵੀ ਮੰਨ ਲਗਦਾ ਹੈ ਰਬ ਆਪ ਜੀ ਨੂ ਚੰਗੀ ਸਿਹਤ ਦੇਵੇ ਤੇ ਨਾਲ ਹੀ ਲੰਬੀ ਉਮਰ ਦੇਵੇ ਆਪ ਜੀ ਦਾ ਆਪਣਾ ਵਿਦਿਆਰਥ ਅਨਮੋਲ

Avatar Maulik Zaveri, Jamnagar - Gujarat, March 2018
I am supporting, following, watching these educational channels of PT from 2-3 years. Absolutely fantastic analytical skills he has and not just having these skills he knows how to present that skills with appropriate datas and info. within a stipulated range which is one of the most difficult job a true, genuine, passionate teacher face during his teaching journey. Thank you so much for providing us these vast amount of valuable opportunities to explore own selves by acquiring deep, concise, specific, practical and applied knowledge with understanding.

Avatar Qusai Kanwaswala, Bangalore, March 2018
Dear Sir, I attended Pt Education classroom sessions in summer 2014. I am associated with your institution for quite sometime. You advised us to read the Economist, HBS, ET and BS. I am fortunate to have all these resources and your classes have helped me in "connecting the dots". The new format "sameeksha" is a brilliant product. Your cogency and eloquence deserves the widest viewership. I have immensely benifited from your lectures. PT education is an island of excellence in the sea of mediocrity. The comprehensive coverage of events has been done in an unprecedented manner and I am sure it will inspire others. I look forward to getting more such intellectually stimulating lectures. These videos aren't just helping UPSC aspirants but anyone who is interested in understanding the "nizam-e-hasti". Listening to you is time well spent.

Avatar Om Anil Chavan, Pune, March 2018
सर नमस्कार ! "PT Education" आणि आणि संदीप सरांचे खूप खूप आभार "PT Education" शिक्षण क्षेत्रात खूप गगन भरारी झेप घेत आहे आणि, एक चांगली संस्था म्हणून नावारूपाला आलेली आहे "PT Education" म्हणजे "ज्ञानाचं भांडार" असं म्हटलं तर काही वावगं ठरणार नाही. "PT Education" म्हणजे मुलांना त्यांच्या स्वप्नापर्यन्त पोहोचवणारा एक अगदी सोपा आणि सरळ मार्ग. मी "PT Education" चा खूप दिवसापासून followers आहे संदीप सर तुमचे संपूर्ण विडिओ मी बघितले आहे तुमची शिकवण्याची पद्धत खूप छान आहे. तुमचं लेक्चर बघितल्यानंतर कुठलीही शंका मनात राहत नाही. अगदी सहजगत्या समजायला मदत होते. मला "PT Education" मुळे खूप मदत होत आहे. एकाच ठिकाणी वर्तमानपत्राची सर्व माहिती मिळत असल्यामुळे मला खूप साऱ्या साईडस चेक कराव्या लागत नाही त्यामुळे अगदी छोट्याच्या वेळेत मला खूप बातम्या वाचायला मिळतात आणि वेळेची बचतही होते. सर तुमची छोटीशी मदत आमच्या सारख्या मुलांच्या आयुष्याला कलाटणी देऊ शकते आणि आमच्या ध्येय्याचा शिखरावर आम्हाला पोहचू शकते. म्हणून मी सर्व "PT Education" चे आणि "संदीप" सरांचे पुन्हा एकदा आभार मानतो. धन्यवाद सर..

Avatar Amit Chaudhry, Bhiwani, Haryana, March 2018
Nmskar Guru ji, paaye laagu ji.... Really ur teaching style is unique and give deeply knowledge on any topic, and no alternate of our in india....I'm also following ur teaching style and explain deeply any topic in class room (I'm physics teacher and run youtube channel knowledge bank 17) Bhgwan se prathna h guru ji khbi aapki team k sath muje bhi pdane kaa moka mile or bhut kuch aapse shike

Avatar Aditya Narain, Allahabad,  March 2018
Charansparsh Sandeep Sir...I am Aditya from Allahabad..i am your ardent fan sir i m a CSE aspirant...i regularly watch your lectures and following your lectures for the past 2 years ..sir i can't describe what ive learnt from your valuable inputs..the amount of content you give is unmatchable...i sincerely want to say thank you and to the whole team of PT Education...Sir plz come to Allahabad...Thank you so much Sir...

Avatar Sujeet Kumar, Khagaria, (Bihar), March 2018
Nameste Manudhane Sir, I am very influenced by you and your session.You make any session so interesting and entertaining that it is time to get forced to see, we should take advantage of it with the same hard work.I started giving the time for the video.There are few of observers/teacher like you in the country that are being extinct now a days. I pray to God that your health and your desire are safe to keep updated and motivated. "Keep reading, keep growing" ! Jai hind!

Avatar Randhir Prasad Verma, Bihar, March 2018
Hi i am from NALANDA,BIHAR. I'm regular viewer of your youtube lectures and i glad to thanks for such incredible investment of work. Their are so many youtube video lectures but PT's EDUCATION is best and unbeatable. In your PT EDUCATION SESSION the word having so friendly so that so topic you explain that easily garb. In b/w the session memecary concept is so incredible & instead stressful mode i can also take your session. In session slide projection concept is great. It grab the concept very fast and intractable. thanks for such session. i admire your work.

Avatar Kumar Mohit, Delhi, March 2018
Good morning sir.. ..this mohit CSE aspirant. Sir mujhe Apka Har lecture bhut hi attractive Aur achha lagta hai. Sir Aap har Ek CSE aspirant ke liye Ek role model Ho.main apka sara lecture(indian economy, Hinduism, world war 1&2, IVC, kashmir conflict,pnb froud etc) achhe se padhta hu sir .aur Apko follow karta hu. Thank u sir

Avatar Archanna, Kolar, Karnataka, March 2018
ನೀನು ಸರ್ ಸಲ್ಯೂಟ್ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಬೋಧನಾ ವಿಧಾನವು ತುಂಬಾ ಒಳ್ಳೆಯದು. ಕಳೆದ 3 ವರ್ಷಗಳಿಂದ ನಾನು ನಿಮ್ಮ ವೀಡಿಯೊದೊಂದಿಗೆ ಅಧ್ಯಯನ ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದೇನೆ. ನಾನು ಜೂನ್ನಲ್ಲಿ ಐಎಎಸ್ ಪರೀಕ್ಷೆ ನೀಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದೇನೆ. ಸೀಮಿತ ಸಂಪನ್ಮೂಲಗಳ ಹೊರತಾಗಿಯೂ, ನಿಮ್ಮ ವಿದ್ಯಮಾನದ ಕುರಿತು ಪ್ರತಿ ದಿನವೂ ವೀಡಿಯೊದ ಸಂಪನ್ಮೂಲಗಳ ಕೊರತೆಯನ್ನು ನಾನು ಭಾವಿಸಲಿಲ್ಲ. ಈಗ ನಾವು ಜನರಿಗೆ ಉತ್ತಮವಾದ ಕೆಲಸವನ್ನು ಮಾಡುತ್ತಿದ್ದೇವೆ, ದೇವರು ಯಾವಾಗಲೂ ನಿಮ್ಮನ್ನು ಆಶೀರ್ವದಿಸುತ್ತಾನೆ. ನಿಮ್ಮ ಆಶೀರ್ವಾದವನ್ನು ಇಟ್ಟುಕೊಳ್ಳಿ. ಮತ್ತೆ ನೀವು ಮತ್ತೆ

Avatar Divya Thakur, Beed, Maharashtra, March 2018
सर, सर नमस्कार! आपली शिक्षण पद्धत खूप चांगली आहे. मी गेल्या 3 वर्षांपासून आपल्या व्हिडिओसह शिकत आहे. मी जूनमध्ये आयएएस परीक्षा देत आहे. मर्यादित संसाधनांच्या सोयीशिवाय, आपल्या प्रत्येक घटनेच्या दिवशी प्रत्येक दिवशी व्हिडिओच्या संसाधनांची मला कमतरता भासली नाही. आता आपण लोकांच्या भल्यासाठी इतके कठोर परिश्रम करत आहोत, देव नेहमीच तुम्हाला आशीर्वादित करतो. आपल्या आशीर्वादांना अशा प्रकारे ठेवा आपल्याला पुन्हा पुन्हा भेट द्या.

Avatar Shivangi Singh, Vadodara, Gujarat, March 2018
શ્રીમાનને શુભેચ્છા આપો તમારી શિક્ષણ પદ્ધતિ ખૂબ જ સારી છે. હું છેલ્લા 3 વર્ષથી તમારી વિડિઓ સાથે અભ્યાસ કરી રહ્યો છું. હું જૂનમાં આઇ.એ.એસ. પરીક્ષા આપું છું. મર્યાદિત સ્ત્રોતો હોવા છતાં, મને ક્યારેય એવું લાગ્યું નથી કે તમારા દરેકની વિડીયોના દરરોજ વિડિઓના કારણે સંસાધનોનો અભાવ છે.

Avatar Arijit Dutta, Shillong,Meghalaya, March 2018
Hi Sandeep Sir, this is Arijit Dutta(25+) from West Bengal though presently I am in Meghalaya due to my job as I am an Assistant Manager in SBI. I discovered your videos one and half years ago.If I will say that you are a good teacher and your videos are awesome it would not be a justice towards your extraordinary efforts.Though I believe that no earthly word have ever created to explain your awesomeness but still from the bottom of my heart I would like to say that I really feel that there are some magical and heavenly combinations in each of your creation. Will you believe it or not but it is true that sometimes I use to keep other people as well to watch your videos even forcefully to show them what could be the paragon of modern day effective learning. Since long ago I do not believe in the existence of God but after watching you again I start believing in the concept of God. People like you bring the change in society.Though hard to get but yes we want more and more people like u.

Avatar Nitin Bodkhe, Jalna, Maharashtra, March 2018

Avatar Sushmita Swain, New Delhi, February 2018
Hi Sir, I discovered your channel a year ago. I saw your lectures on WW2, Hinduism and much more and after that there was no stopping. You are a gem to this world, you are one of the highly erudite, influential and intelligent man I have come across. I don't say this because your Alma mater is IIT Delhi that just proves your intelligence but because you reflect your ideas, thought process that proves your wisdom. Hundred more years to you sir and your excellent team.

Avatar Manan Garg, Jaipur, February 2018
A great portal for knowledge. I respect Sandeep Manudhane Sir and his entire team of PT education for working so hard for the students and their future. Anyone who wants to acquire knowledge should sincerely join PT education courses and he will be able to see a very positive change within him. All the lectures of PT education are amazing especially lecture on India's own Google and Facebook. My sincere thanks to Sandeep Sir as his lectures helped me a lot in my GD and PI sessions of various MBA colleges. Kudos to you and your team sir. May you keep on showering you blessings on us Sir.

Avatar Dharamjeet Chauhan, Rajkot(Gujarat), February 2018
Namaskar Sirji , I wanted to clear some of the concepts related to Hinduism and there was a video of yours on YouTube. I was very much satisfied with "The Best" approach of yours towards educating the young generation logically about Hinduism. I am also following your current affairs series and everyday I am getting a number of new things to know. Sirji you and your team's Research has no match. Inspired by you, I have taken an initiative to upload my videos on YouTube in Gujarati language(My Lions Group is my youtube channel). Sirji isi tarah aap apne Karm se hum jese logo ko aap Gyan de aur Prabhavit kare aisi meri aapse vinti hain.

Avatar Gaurav Yadav, Etawah, February 2018
Dear sir, Very very thank you for giving your boon with the mode of CA. i am regular follower of your every session . when i come in this field for preparation of UPSC than i realized that nothing is with me but after watching your videos than i realized i have fulfill the requirement of knowledge . so keep doing this and may long live you sir .'' KAR KE DIKHAYENGE ''. Again thank you sir with my bottom of my heart .

Avatar Vinaykumar Tormal, kolkata, February 2018
namaste sir , me kafi din se aapke videos dekhta hu or aapke padhane ka tarika bhi kafi acha hai jo profit or lose dono bhi cover karte hai or jo important hai uspar hi focus karte hai . aap jab mr.president(USA) ki mimicry karte ho to mood refresh ho jata hai . qus.kya kare kya na kare ? (pre-2018) jaroor karke dikhayenge;) Team PT-EDUCATION shukriya .......

Avatar Devender Manral, Dehradun, February 2018
Sir It is being a long time following you on youtube and like the way any topic explain by youy. All your hardwork and devotion you carry in the profession Enlightening the students and also the various groups of our society. Please keep working hard for the students with all the talent in you..and at last a humble request by me is to make a video on women empowerment which can take our country ahead

Avatar Mahesh Chakrabarty, Odisha, February 2018
Namaste sir, Me last year se jab college ka final year tha apke current affairs bodhi booster follow karta aaraha hoon.Ap sirf ek teacher hi nehi hai ap ek philosopher guide bhi hai. waqt bewaqt jab jindegi se haar man leta hoon kabhi kabhi aap ke boosters bohat hi kaam ate hai phir uth khade hone ko, aap se bohat asaye bohat umide judi hui hai aur yuhi aap humare liye ek guru jo bardan ke roop me mile hai sath bane rahe. odisha me education accessibility jyada nehi hai par jab tak aap jaise log rahenge pata hi nahi chalta ki rural aur urban area me education differ karta hai. Apke team ke ware me jitna tarif karu kam hai unke mehnat hi to hai jo itna achha material provide karate hai humari taraf se unko bohat bohat dhanyabad.. Aap humare andar jo jigyansa dal dete hai usse kaafi madad milti hai khud kuch khoj khoj ke janne ko. THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH US........

Avatar Drb Parsana, Surat, February 2018
વર્તમાન પ્રવાહ ના જ્ઞાન સત્રો ના માધ્યમ થી ખુબ લાભ મળે છે. વ્યવસાયિક, આર્થિક અને વહીવટી માહિતી ને રસાળ શૈલી માં મળવાથી જ્ઞાન ઉપાર્જન આનંદ દાયક બની રહે છે. સઘન મહેનત બદલ ટીમ PT અને મહાગુરુ ને વંદન...

Avatar Akash kumar, Sheohar, Bihar, February 2018
First of all, I would like to thank, Almighty God for providing us Sandeep Manudhane sir. After that I am very grateful to Sandeep sir and his whole team of PT education for the great resources they offer to the students. Sir, your sessions not only spread the knowledge but also gives motivation to us. The way, you teach is amazing, I am following you from last 2 years and in these years I have learnt a lot, your videos not only helps in studies but also in the way of living and thinking. The current affairs session provided by you covers a wider range of news and its detailed analysis helps me in gathering a good understanding of “what is happening in the world”, as I am very poor in news reading, so these sessions are very beneficiary for me. Hence I thanks you and your whole team for such wonderful sessions….. !! Thanks a lot !!

Avatar Arjun Singh Chohan, Bundi, Rajasthan, February 2018
sir, you are doing best to teach us. thank you sir. we really need current affairs daily sessions. no one can teach like you sir. the teaching manner of yours is really amazing .you describes the things easily. I live in a area where newspapers are not available. finally I have no words to say. I can just think you and thank you again and again

Avatar Abhishek Ramakrishnan, Brisbane, February 2018
Pt's plethora of resources made me understand where India stands globally, and the hidden message about what should be done for the nation and as a nation is of paramount importance. PT's Global Vision and nuggets and words of wisdom has given me more than my fair share of wow moments whenever I fell short of words to describe PT's contribution in my life. The Hinduism lecture, which stands the test of time in explaining what Hinduism really entailed, is all the more important, given the current climate and interesting times we live in. Just like Ramchandra Paramhans showed Swami Vivekanand the ultimate truth, PT is accomplishing the same task of educating students who are free radicals without any historical baggage and in search of the truth. I may not become like Swami Vivekanand Ji, but I will always strive for knowledge and be an honest and unbiased seeker of the truth. Thank you for transforming many students by your wholehearted approach towards disseminating knowledge.

Avatar Munna Jha, Araria,Bihar, February 2018
Pranam Guru ji My marvellous experience with you since Oct-Nov,2016. when i was searching for Hinduism on YouTube and i got you there. since then day after day i have been motivating and invigorating myself,not a single day happened in which i not called you,open the pages and recharge myself. your connecting dots are like the most. it seems to me i covered nearly the contents given on YouTube,Bodhi booster,quora,Facebook,linkdn,twitter,all the telegram group..civils tapasya site. especially power of 10 is my favourite food for thought...i am enthusiastically waiting for each contents...My thinking process have been changing from your vast experience and spread all these many friends and junior with what i am getting from you.... Last but not the least words are many for you but you are one for us. Thank you so much from bottom of my heart.

Avatar Priya Sharma, Bundi, February 2018
सर आप बहुत अच्छा पढ़ाते हैं। आपके पढ़ाने का तरीका बहुत अच्छा है। आप अंग्रेजी के शब्दों को हिंदी में भी बताते हैं जिससे हमारे शब्दकोश में नए शब्दों से प्रतिदिन वृद्धि मिलती है। आपका पढ़ाने का तरीका लाजवाब है ।पूरी YouTube पर आपके जैसा विषय को समझा कर पढ़ाने वाला कोई नहीं है। यह आपकी वास्तविक प्रशंसा है इसमें अतिशयोक्ति अलंकार नहीं है। एक बार फिर से आपको बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद। अपना आशीर्वाद ऐसे ही बनाए रखिए।

Avatar Shubham Tage, Delhi, February 2018
Sir, I hail from a very poor background and belong to a very poor family i want to do upsc i dont have any guidance regarding current affairs but i feel confident after watching your videos daily, I like to watch your videos very much, you teach very easily. for upsc candiate this is very helpful, I have shared with all my friends. I want to learn from you. you are inspiration for us. pls upload more more videos that will be more helpful to us in future.

Avatar Ravi Bhushan Gupta, Pune, February 2018
Dear Sir, I am following you since last 8 years and I am your biggest aficionado. As I always say, you are a walking Encyclopedia. I am following you since my engineering days for campus placements. I work in a MNC. So hardly get time to catch up with the current affairs. I watch your Current Affairs Series daily and it is helping me a lot to keep myself updated. Your Team is doing a fantastic job. Your lectures are so lucid and it hits directs to our heart. Thanks from the core of my heart. Regards, Ravi Gupta

Avatar Anupam Mishra, Jabalpur, February 2018
नमस्ते सर, आपको और आपकी पूरी टीम को मेरी तरफ से बोहोत धन्यवाद।संदीप सर का पढ़ाने का तरीका जो की बिलकुल निष्पक्ष और साधारण है भारत में जितने भी विध्यार्थी है उन सभी को बोहोत मदद करता है, सर आप ज्ञान का सागर है और अगर हम उसका १% भी बन जाये तो हमारा जीवन सफल हो जायेगा,आपका लेक्चर जब भी देखता हूँ तो गीता का एक श्लोक मुझे हमेशा याद आता है और मुझे और वह श्लोक है - "न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते। तत्स्वयं योगसंसिद्धः कालेनात्मनि विन्दति।।" एक बार फिर से से सर और उनकी टीम को बोहोत बोहोत धन्यवाद।

Avatar Himanshu Gautam, Sikkim, February 2018
Dear Sir, Your current affairs lecture series is awesome and I'm very thankful to you and your team for providing such an amazing content that too free of cost to everyone. Also the new format of lecture is very good. Keep blessing and updating us with such amazing lectures. Thank you

Avatar Darsh Premchandani, Bhopal, February 2018
SANDEEP Sir mai aapka padosi, app indore main hai aur mai Bhopal se. Thanks sir :) I am following you from last 3 year and i wish aapse millu kabhi. Thankyou sir for giving 360degree angle of every thing and thanks to your team. Kabhi Bhoapal aao

Avatar Rahul Meshram, Mumbai, February 2018
Hi Sandeep Sir, I have been an ardent follower of all your videos not only this CA series but also other videos which are available on the public domain. I cant't thank you enough for all the knowledge which I have gained from you. The quality of videos are best in class and are league apart from other coaching institutes. It always amazes me about how you manage to bring in these videos which explain the toughest of the concepts in a very simple and lucid way. I think only a great teacher like you can pull this off. I would like to thank you and your team for bring up this series it is a great initiative which would help many knowledge seekers like me who from their work schedule hardly get time to go through all the news. The CA series make sure that people get right amount of knowledge from various publishing available. Keep up the good work of nation building. Hope to be associated with PT education for a very long time. Thank you

Avatar Tushar Meshram, Chennai, February 2018
Recently I have been following you through your YouTube videos. Sandeep sir you one-of-a-kind teacher unparalleled as an educator. Your dynamic approach to teaching motivates and engages me always and I have not seen anywhere else. Great content. You are a true inspiration. Thumbs up for your initiative.

Avatar Suvam Dhar, Guwahati, February 2018
Sandeep Manudhane Sir, and his complete team for an exemplary work that they are doing for their students and learning community of the nation. CA with PT is another pearl in the ocean of knowledge that Sandeep sir has created and envisaged with his extraordinary team and how this has made the life of us students easy and helped us, is beyond words and expressions. I would just like to thank the whole team PT's Universe for bringing to us a chest of unparalleled knowledge and for the hard work that they have put in towards all the initiatives that they have taken including the bodhi live and civil tapasya portals as well.The role that PT's Education plays in our intellectual development, we are very thankful for that.

Avatar Meenakshi Malhotra, Noida, February 2018
Dear and Respected Sandeep Manudhane Sir, Dear and Respected PT Education Team, Words fall short to express the gratitude for you! In one of the sessions, Sandeep sir has asked "where are the girls', they aren't commenting(showing their visibility). Here's a woman writing. Sandeep Sir and PT Team, I wish you immense luck and best wishes for your hardwork and sincere efforts for imparting knowledge and spreading awareness among Indians about their nation. Wish you all the very best for today, tomorrow and the next days! About me: I am a 28 year married woman working with TCS. An enthusiast for the current national events and possess extreme love and care for the country!

Avatar Avanish Kumar, New Delhi, February 2018
Hello Sir ! Greetings from my side. I am an Electronics Engineer and a YouTuber. When I was in 6th class, used to listen All India Radio News Analysis. I would like to articulate that your new "Current Affairs " series is just an up-gradation of that , with lots of new features which is very resounding. The way you represents with smile and jolly gesture, its like icing on the cake. I would like to thank you along with your team for this endeavor. This session is very helpful for many government exam for current affairs question as well as descriptive writings. Keep doing it , all the best. -Avanish

Avatar Brajesh Mishra, Bhagalpur, February 2018
आदरणीय गुरुजी चरणस्पर्श Thank you is a very small word of appreciation for you and your team. The way you have transformed the way of teaching is better than incredible सर आप से हम इतना ज्ञान अर्जित किये है की क्या बातायें The magnanimity with which you bestow bountiful of knowledge is incomparable. And sir your sense of humour, it make me burst out in laughter. Maza aa jata hai sir. Wo Chinese bolna and the perfection with which you mimic Mr.Trump is really really incredible. If there is anyone on this earth who can personify Perfection, it is you and that too by all means. I have never heard or seen anyone who is master at Arts, Science, Commerce, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Singing except you. There is so much in you along with humility that i can even write a book on you. बस भगवान से आपके अच्छॆ स्वास्थ्य और लम्बी उमर की कामना करता हूँ along with my well being also गुरु दक्षिणा is due and भगवान की कृपा रही तो जल्द ही आपसे मिल पाये Thank you so much sir Dil se respect

Avatar Rohit Singh, Nagpur, February 2018
I am thankful to the almighty for having not only a teacher like Sandeep sir but also for the whole team whose work behind scenes are not visible but are as precious as the sir himself. When I started watching Current affairs in the beginning of January I could understand only bits and pieces of what sir used to say. I regularly followed for 2 months and I can definitely say I am a changed person. Sir's elegance in both the way he dresses and speaks are amazing. After Dr Kalam sir, I have the most respect for you sir. And speacial thanks to the team of PT Education.

Avatar Mainak Ghosal, Kokata, February 2018
Thank you Sir-ji for inviting to write a Testimonial for you. Though I'm not preparing for IAS,I find your initiative very helpful in igniting the minds of not only the IAS aspirants but also us -the working professionals.As you are well aware of the total facts,you make the presentations even more enthusiastic with your humour and punches and thus our energy levels keep on rising after seeing your programmes.I have uploaded each of your long lectures and it will remain a treasure-asset to me.Also after you have responded to my comments in some of your lectures like on the 'Application of Nanotechnology in India' my knowledge seeking power got a tremendous boost which would not have been possible if you had not intervened. Keep the flag flying high Sir.

Avatar Animesh Satish Jadhav, Mumbai, February 2018
Kudos to CA.PTEDUCATION .I am a physics professor for school section and preparing for law cet.I was confused on how to prepare for current affairs and your channel is like a boon for me.The way respected sir explain the topics which are meticulously extracted by the team is fantastic.I have been recommending this to those who are preparing for any exams and also for those who want to stay updated about what’s happening around .Rather than watching news channel I would anytime prefer listening to you sir.God bless you.

Avatar Anupam Kumar, New Delhi, February 2018
Sandeep Manudhane Sir, Namaste, Ever since I came to know about your current affairs initiative, I barely missed any of your videos. Being a working professional, It's not very easy to prepare for UPSC as I don't get much time to read the important current affairs article, I am deeply indebted to you for making the way easier by covering all the topics and explaining them within such short time. The way you explain the articles is simply amazing, one can never get bored while you speak. It is so kind of you that you along with your team members are helping thousands of aspirants. I would like to give some suggestions, please execute if possible- 1. Please add the direct link of compilation of editorials/articles in your videos. 2. Please try to upload the pdf file directly in google drive instead of zipping it. 3. Please try to come daily with current affairs videos as may of us may have been addicted like me. :) :) :) Thank You once again sir.......

Avatar Suvam Dhar, Guwahati, February 2018
I have been a part of PT's Education and all of its immensely fantastic knowledge circle for more than a year now and the only thing that I can say is that, I am extremely grateful to Sandeep Manudhane Sir, and his complete team for an exemplary work that they are doing for their students and learning community of the nation. CA with PT is another pearl in the ocean of knowledge that Sandeep sir has created and envisaged with his extraordinary team and how this has made the life of us students easy and helped us, is beyond words and expressions. I would just like to thank the whole team PT's Universe for bringing to us a chest of unparalleled knowledge and for the hard work that they have put in towards all the initiatives that they have taken including the bodhi live and civil tapasya portals as well.The role that PT's Education plays in our intellectual development, we are very thankful for that.

Avatar Akarsh Tiwari, Allahabad, February 2018
Incredible! Thanks a lot team PT for helping us to pursue our goal, keep supporting. I hope you will always with me as my PATH-PRADARSHAK. And my dearest sir, you rocks ALWAYS

Avatar Aaron Kumar Mallick, Ratnagiri, February 2018
Respected sir, I am ever obedient and thankful to you and our all team Pet's IAS academy.This online proving current affair's services is really make full boosting my knowledge.As I being busy at govt duty,might also able to collect all the national and international knowledge by ur efforts sir and madam.I can't repay ur this debt through the giving my thankfully greetings only.It was really a superb sir and I will be really obliged to u all with my honourable Gurudev-shari Sandip Manudhane sir.I salute you sir,as a student,I have a lot love and expection from you sir,'aur sir mujhe apki sabhi gana ,aur a little joke It is really amusing sir,thank you for ur beautiful heart.Aur The matrix is really within our blood sir that I can feel through your trustness on US.We are really very a lucky to have u Gurudev Dev.Please keep up ur bless for us for ever sir.Namaste,I would like to give many many thanks to their great support of all PT's Team.

Avatar Sunil Choudhary, Bhopal, February 2018
Excellent work folks. Continue the good work. Love and respect Sunil

Avatar Abhishek Kumar, Chhirramau, February 2018
It is true that,''One of the most difficult thing to do in life is to start''.When i to join this current affair series ,I start to achive knowledge. I'm learning many things from this current affairs series and I can already see improvement in my understanging power as well as my writing skill. I'm most grateful of '' SANDEEP SIR '' This series is inspirational because it gives a valuable lesson to integrate into all aspects of my life and It is taught by someone who walks the talk. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion with us in your daily classes. I didn’t realize how much I had learned until I forced myself to put it into practice.

Avatar Tarun Kharkwal, Tanakpur, February 2018
All the videos uploaded by PT Education team are extremely useful....And it boosts my knowledge....and it has become my daily habit

Avatar Siddharth Dave, Bhavnagar, February 2018
First of all thank u so much for bodhi booster live .it is probably on the way of becoming second best creation of guruji and team pt. I'm a GEC student since I have joined that course and become part of pt family it has been my habit to watch at least one lecture of sir on any subject on any topic. If I don't watch any lecture of sir in a day I feel like my day has been wasted. This new series of BB live is simply 24 carat gold pure concrete unbiased knowledge . brilliant. After watching various lectures of sir I feel that suddenly my personality is changing without my counciesness. Very smarty sir was waking patriot inside me , making me an individual thinker while teaching topics. Learning has never been exited like now . I'm preparing for various gov exams but I'm damn sure I will be part of learning community pt has created for my whole is my dream whenever I become a gov servant I will meet sir personally and thank him.and then I will do whatever I can to help pt .

Avatar Ankit Shukla, Sitapur, February 2018
I followed all the lessons till now. I have learned a lot in each session.i have not seen such a fabulous educator and thinker in mylife. Thanks a million times sir . Session on India s own Google and Facebook is one of my favorites.thanks and congratulations team pt.

Avatar Vishal Rousha, New Delhi, February 2018
I didn't like to know about the current because it use to consume time and also very difficult to understand, But after connecting to current affairs PT series I feel prerogative to become a part of this wonderful learning program and now I find my current knowledge at another level, for that I thank you sir for providing us this crisp and clear from of news

Avatar Tanisha Soni, New Delhi, February 2018
Current affairs' sessions with Sandeep sir are very interesting and informative. Every single day I look forward to them and whenever I receive a notification that you have uploaded,it instantly brings a smile on my face. Thanks Team PT education for putting in so much efforts!

Avatar Nayan Gupta, mumbai, January 2018
No words to describe your excellence sir. It has been a great journey with all your courses that you started for everyone (not just for your own students). I can for sure tell that your supervision has developed a knowledge seeking attitude in me and I don't think there are enough words to thank you for what all you have done us. Thanks for the core or our brain "Guruji'. Regards, Nayan Gupta.

Avatar Abheshek Kumar, Shuklaganj, January 2018

Avatar Arun Singh, Herzogenaurach, Germany, January 2018
I have seen all videos uploaded by Sandeep sir on Youtube. I really like his style of teaching. I use these lectures to just gather some general knowledge (if I gather enough, then some day I might attempt UPSC :D). I believe that these sources are the best way to sharpen your GK skills instead of watching news and reading newspapers which contain a lot of irrelevant stuff. I deeply want to thank you guys for coming up with "CA with PT" as it is really troublesome for me to concentrate on a news channel these days. Apart from being a good knowledge source for UPSC aspirants, "CA with PT" is also a genuine news channel as I see it. So may be you can market yourself to different customer segments

Avatar Subham Jain, Siliguri, January 2018
I have been following videos of PT education on youtube. It has been a great learning experience from both the faculties. I would like to thank and appreciate Sandeep sir and his team for all the efforts that they have put. Regarding CA with PT, I have been following it for the past couple of days. It is a great source of news and I appreciate all the efforts that have been shown by PT current affairs team in preparing the presentation after scanning more than 8 newspapers. We look forward for more such videos. Thank you.

Avatar Shrish Dixit, New Delhi, January 2018
I am a regular viewer and extremely fond of these sessions . I just out of my basic CA awareness came across one of the videos by Sandeep Sir and he had been a part of my life from there onwards . It would be unfair on my part for not congratulating the PT Team for presenting this extraordinary stuff in such a sequential & delightful manner . Great Job !! and excellent work team ... Keep up the good work . My sincere appreciation to Sandeep Manudhane who is the backbone for all these activities .. genius mind and an excellent orator . Sir.. you are highly impressive .. its a joy to hear you every time. ..I have almost seen all your videos available.. you bring in fresh air every time . I am spellbound by your energy and enthusiastic realistic approach . Amazing ... My best wishes for PT Eductaion . Thanks and Regards

Avatar Basant Singh rathaur, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, January 2018
This is one of the best initiative Gurudev you have taken.thanks a lot for my side to you and your whole funtastic team of pt education.your all initiative take me to another level of knowledge thank you so much. you are package of inspiration and also to enable every student to think independently . I just want to say thank you .चरण स्पर्श बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

Avatar Mukesh Singh, Shakarpur, Delhi, January 2018
Curiousity means a strong desire to know or learn something. This habbit I developed just because of Sandeep Sir and his PTeducation team. All the initiative taken by PT academy really helps a lot for competitive exam. I have seen my friends and me too waiting for your new videos on any topic as I learnt that always keep on learning...Really thankful for this Current Affairs Session.

Avatar Kunal Modi, Amsterdam, NL,January 2018
It is absolutely great Current Affairs Repository. I like listening to Sandeep sir and his words of wisdom :).

Current Affairs with PT Stars  

These amazing students made the most of the PT services! Kudos and great luck for the future...
And a special thanks to all parents too!

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Namaste sir whenever i see your video one thing i always feel that i get very very useful knowledge. I am not aspirant of upsc or others exam but i think your way of giving knowledge is fantastic and brings lots of confidence in this information and digital era. thanks a lot sir. Big respect to u.
- Pushpanshu, Kanpur, September 2017

I am a marine engineering student and a regular viewer of Sandeep Manudhane sir videos. He is an extraordinary personality that I have ever seen in my life . The vast ocean of knowledge he has is spell bounding. Some times I imagine how can a person have so much knowledge in almost every field . The way he teaches is amazing. I have a dream to meet this great person some day and share my views with him. A man full of energy and enthusiasm. A big salute to you sir. I think PT education should collaborate with Unacademy , which will surely bring a revolution in the education sector.
- Saurabh Singh, Kolkata, September 2017

I am not preparing for civil services but the things that are happening in our country and in the whole world must be known to every Indian. This portal provides these type of things. I am preparing for engineering services and watch current affairs regularly. The way sir presents all the news is fantastic and its a great help by you sir. Thank you very much sir.
- Ravi Kumar Yadav, Allahabad, August 2017

I am preparing for bank po.i watched some videos i.e. vocabulary,quant from last two years level of bank exam has been changed drastically.all these videos will surely help aspirants.
- Abhishek Mishra, Ahmedabad, August 2017,,
Namaste and welcome to here I am to write my Experience with PT, so beyond any question it's been great experience.Today if any one of the students wants to dive into the ocean of good knowledge, i will recommend him or her PT EDUCATION and it's just because my hero Respected SANDEEP SIr. Seriously you deserve the cap of the best teacher we have today.Well i am learning a lot. Thanks sir.May you live a healthy,wealthy and a long life..keep spreading your knowledge.
- Mohit Sharma, Delhi, August 2017

Namaste sir, i am here to express my gratitude for pt education. your vocabulary and confidence booster sessions are very helpful for us. your all sessions are beneficial not only in enhancing our subject knowledge but also in all round development of the personality. you ask questions, give us many important points to think about and your sense of humor make the teaching learning process interesting and effective. i came to know about sandeep sir from mohit sir who is a very good English teacher and ardent follower of sandeep sir. he has written many testimonials so far. so thank u so much to all for giving me a way to walk on for better learning. sandeep sir you are my inspiration. team of pt education doing a peerless job for all of us. thanks a billion.
- Sakshi Goswami, New Delhi, August 2017

PT Education is the best online platform for distance learning. The way Sir Sandeep teaches bears no parallel. I am very thankful to PT Education for such an amazing job and helping the students all over the world in the most blessing manner. Thanks!
- Aftab Ullah, Peshawar, August 2017,,
Sandeep sir is Awesome!! His style of teaching is great. Whenever i listen to him, I feel energized with full of zeal and enthusiasm. I saw his video of hinduism and was mesmerized, the power of 10 series is great. Thank you.
- Aman Gautam, Mumbai, August 2017

First of all I would like to say that Pt IAS academy is incredible Pt knowledge booster increase my knowledge it's team work is significant I specially thanks to well Experienced Sandeep sir after I saw bodhi booster it increase my confidence for learn English now my day start with bodhi booster and day end with Pt knowledge booster I m very inspired by tag line KAR k dikhayege I want to say that it,s very useful for the last person who want to achieve something in his career please keep it up because ur deep knowledge and experience is very useful for us thank u & love u whole PT's education team for tremendous dedication.
- Abhishek Chaurasiya, Jhansi, Barwasagar, July 2017

Respected Sandeep Sir and the whole team, i want to express my thanks for giving me a sublime experience of learning. i have found a great way to learn with PT Education. i am very glad to be a student of knowledge booster. Sandeep sir has ingenuity of teaching. he is the most perspicacious person i came across. and the course of pt education is the epitome of systematic learning. please keep on boosting our knowledge and confidence. thank you so much sir...
- Sakshi Goswami, New Delhi, July 2017

First of all I would like to say good morning to the respected teachers, parents and my dear friends. I would like to speech on the importance of education which is must to know by all of us. Education plays a great role in the life of everyone all through the life. Getting proper education is very necessary to get success and happy life just like food is necessary for healthy body. It is very important to live luxurious and better life. It develops personality of the people, provides physical and mental standard and transforms people’s living status. It promotes the feeling of physical, mental and social well being by providing better life. Good education is constructive in nature which constructs our future forever. It helps a person to improve his/her status of mind, body and spirit. It provides us lots of confidence by giving us bulk of knowledge in many field. It is a single and vital way to the success as well as personal growth. Thanks . Sandeep Sir
- Raj Rana, Jhargram, July 2017,,
Sir, pranam sir you are great human. your lecture are very very beneficial in our life. love u PT's academy.
- Sachin Kushwah, Indore, July 2017,,
The Journey I started with PT Education is amazing!!! I am very much thankful to Mr. Manudhane sir. The lesson of life I learned from him is sagacious. I like all the content, style of presentation, connecting the dots thing, K.I.S.S rule, in fact every lecture is beautiful and prepared with great care. The most beautiful word i learned from you is "Ascetic". Thank You sir.
- Hitesh Kathiriya, Ahmedabad, June 2017,,
Love the way you teach sir, I just want to inquire about how can anyone join PT ias acadmy if he/she can't afford that much. Thank you sir for your teaching
- Anirudh Jain, jaipur, June 2017,,
Despite being online , sir , your method of teaching is as real as it can get . We can almost feel the student teacher relationship in person , the way we are rebuked at times and extolled at the others, is simply how a teaching should be ( that mirrors a true dedication of a teacher ) . With the declining quality of education and lethargy adopted by most of the students and some teachers , i believe that this ''carrot and stick '' approach shall revive the Indian Education . Thank you sir for diversifying our knowledge base and making us grow 3-Dimensionally in this expanding universe and shrinking opportunities in this fiercely competitive era where fierceness is exponentially increasing with every passing Planck's instant .
- Prashant Singh, GHAZIABAD, June 2017,,
Pt education is the best institute for successive for future and it's faculty are very good
- Vinod kumar, Madhavan (Mathura), June 2017,,
It's been around two years from the date when I first came across PT Education's Ocean of knowledge. First i started with Bodhi News series and developed an article reading habit which i generally skip before. Then Vocabulary Booster and Current Affair boosters has given me immense confidence to face any Interview and Discussions. Video lectures on Hinduism has reopened the windows in my mind to understand deep thought inside faith and belief so that I could view everything logically. Your other lectures videos are also equally awesome. Utilising the wisdom i have gained here I cracked a job interview and successfully participated in a state level leadership meet. Thank you PT.
- Chiranjibi Biswal, Sambalpur, June 2017,,
Namaste and welcome to testimonial. Dear sir,thanks for coming back after a gap ,and yes you have added another feather in your cap by gifting us with quiz session.It will surely help us a is needless to say that teachers or educationist like you are the real heroes of our society who contribute a lion's share of the knowledge in shaping the future of the students. Dear sir, i salute you from the core of my heart, and the day i happened to see you on you tube happens to be my most fortunate day.. Thanks a lot..
- Mohit Sharma, Delhi, June 2017,,
Just a look of sandeep sir is enough to made my day.. Sir you are like energy cascade for us.. Your sense of humor and the way you explain any damn complicated topic soo smoothly and simply to us is really appreciable.. Special thanks to team PT for putting such a high efforts.. Thanks again sandeep sir.. Jai hind..
- Rohit Joshi, Kolhapur, May 2017,,
An apple a day may keep the doctor away,but what should I eat to make awesome teachers like you,always come my way???Today's education system lack gurus like you sir.You are such a bhandaar of knowledge and the way you explain things is peerless.My day starts with words of wisdom provided by you..And bodhi resources provided by your team is stupendous.Hats off to the efforts of Sandeep sir and team.May god give you great health and long life sir...Thank you
- Pooja Sudheesh, Kerala, May 2017,,
Dear sir, let me smile a big thank here, I felt it worthwhile to write this for you and your team. You are doing a great job sir. I have already written a testimonial and it felt very good to see myself on air.Respected sir the way you have created a bond or rapport with the students is really very good and the credit goes to your lifelong toiling and dedication in the field of education,the way you connect the dots and ask us to do the same is very helpful. Dear sir I wanna make a request please come frequently with vocabulary booster too along with confidence booster. Well thanks a million for the endeavors you have made. I wish your vision unfolds the way you want. Thanks sir ...Thanks the whole team..
- Mohit Sharma, Delhi, May 2017,,
Hello sir , it's been an honor for me to come to know about you and your team. I feel really grateful that our country produces great teachers like you. I was losing hope by watching the current education system lacking its ability to beget the zest and motive in students for the learning. But because of teachers and mentors like you, i can assure people that we still Indians have the talent to become the global power and that can be only possible if we will fully use our economic dividend and this can be done by people like you only. I wish all the best for you and your team. thank you and yeah ... KAR KE DIKHAYENGE.
- Manthan Sehgal, Delhi, May 2017,,
Sir thank you soo much ..itni sari knowledge dene ke liye.. jitna humen apse shikha hai .. world geo politicies syad utna ache se koi nhi samja paya.. main delhi me gaya vision ias, drishti ias chankaya ias ki choching ke demo liye.. but jitna acha explaination apka hai utna pure delhi me me kisi v teacher ka nhi... And thanks again.
- Krishna Gupta, Kanpur, May 2017,,
Thank you so much sir for your great initiative...It is helping me alot .. It's you who make me confident how to read vocabulary and ofcourse the way you teaching whole things put in a single place...I love it...
- Rakesh Kumar Mandal, Ranchi, May 2017,,
Dear sir I watch your videos before four month dear sir your teaching very very great so i thankyou for great teaching and bodhi booster team
- Balwinder Singh, Kotli Kalan, May 2017,,
My aquaintance with pt education started in 2015 when i subscribed this channel on you tube. since then, i have learnt a lot of things and still learning. let me tell you ,the teaching skills and techniques of sandeep sir is unparallel . i take it as blessing from god that i came to know about pt. be it vocab booster or confidence booster to bodhi pratham, all the lectures are compiled in best way.i would recommend every aspirant to grab this wonderful opportunity to learn with sandeep sir (one of the brilliant minds in the coutry). also i would like to thanks pt education for doing such a great job .It will be immense help to those who can't afford such a quality education due to financial crunch.keep it up! thanking you
- Deepanshu Singh, New Delhi, May 2017,,
The resource persons of the PT are so dedicated and technically sound. I eagerly wait for the English language sections. They are wonderfully crafted. I am a teacher. I use the free material available on youtube. I am a big fan of Mr. Sandeep. I congratulate PT Education for their wonderful lessons!
- Ramashish Sharma, Bokaro Steel City, May 2017,,
PT education services helped me to enhance my vocabulary skill and confidence booster helped in keeping a track on current affairs, Sir you are like a guide to me thank you very much sir ,you are superb i never get board when i see your session .Sir you have given me a direction to approach a new way of learning as (Every wind seems to be right, if the ship does not know its direction) and you have given me the direction. PT education is a kind of revolution in education thank you very much sir ......kar ke dikhayenge
- Preksha, Jabalpur, May 2017,,
Dear sir and the whole team,its my utmost pleasure to thank you for this great booster series,it will not only enhance our vocabulary but also enrich us with a lot of extra knowledge. Hats off to you sir..Its needless to say that your way of explaining the things is one of the vital reasons to be here on Pt education. I with great excitement wait for your all upcoming sessions..please keep on coming...keep on helping u..keep on motivating us with your words of wisdom..keep on enhancing us..thank you so much Sandeep sir...I wish i would see you someday.
- Mohit Sharma, Delhi, May 2017,,
My friend had suggested me about P.T. education. I am very thankful to entire p.t. team who is giving such a good knowledge with all details and of entire world .I am very much sure that in coming days p.t. will benefit all the students who are financially weak I had requested to my ex principal of school to tell about P.T. to class 12 th students so that they can be benefited. Thank you p.t. for u efforts
- Vikal Ahlawat, Delhi, May 2017,,
Acharya Devo Bhava! One may doubt the success of Team India(hope it should thrive) but never ever Team PT under the guidance of our polymath, a walking (talking/teaching) encyclopedia-Sandeep Sir. You are the best.Fortunate enough to come across PT and dive in,to enrich ourselves. Hope you continue,we continue and all together PTzens Kar ke dikhayenge!
- Shireesha Y, Warangal, May 2017,,
Great effort, can not be described by words, My good wishes to all team members and volunteers who are giving their dedicated time in making this success.
- Deepak Kalyanshetti, Pune, May 2017,,
I am an IAS officer belonging to 1986 batch. My sons, who have completed their Engineering, are preparing for Civil Services (IAS) Examination. For enhancing their English Language skills, I was searching You Tube. Suddenly, I discovered Mr Sandeep Manudhane's lectures in You Tube. He is an exceptionally experienced and talented Speaker, who has been gifted with the ability to convey in simple expressions. His method of teaching enables Students learn as easily as fish takes to water. A serious student is not at all burdened. On the other hand, it is sheer pleasure drawing out the content from Sri Sandeep. Sri Sandeep's exceptional depth of any subject that he handles is simply superb. I wish him all Success! God bless him with his continuing efforts to enable students prepare for various competitive examinations. God bless you Sir!
- KJBV Subrahmanyam, Hyderabad, April 2017,,
My day starts with Bodhi Booster portal and day ends with PT Education Knowledge portal. Pranam Sandeep Sir.
- Mayank Mishra, Bhilai, April 2017,,
Very useful learnt a lot from here. Looking forward to learn more!
- Susanta Shaw, Howrah, April 2017,,
Helo Sir, myself Rajat Khandelwal.. I have been watching your Booster videos. you are truly amazing sir and your way of teaching is superb.. I haven't got bored by your lectures videos ... Your sense of humour is damn good sir .. and thanku so very much for providing such videos..!!!
- Rajat Khandelwal, Gwalior, April 2017,,
Good Morning Sir, I really appreciate your approach to make student dynamically talented that they cannot lag in any part of exam. I thank you and insist you to continue this vocab section.
- Yatish Sharma, Kalyan, Thane, Mumbai, April 2017,,
Nowadays, i start my day with ur quiz sessions and this give me confidence to be energetic whole day along.. Manudhane sir,आपके इस कार्य की प्रशंसा को शब्दों में अलंकृत कर पाना कठिन है ! PT की team के मेरे सभी भाई बहिनों का बहुत बहुत आभार । LOVE U ALL ❤️
- Deepak Godara, Pilibangan, April 2017,,
I am starting preprasation for UPSC. and support for PT IAS Academy I hope very positive result in futures time. thanks you all PT IAS Academy team. thank you very much sir.
- Kumar Prince, New Delhi, April 2017,,
I have been using your knowledge portal for long time. Its very helpful and easy to understand bcoz of bilingual and also hilarious. Now a day technology is a big game changer for youth specially you re using it for very good purpose. I am glad to be part of it and thanks a lot for doing this kind of effort for kind of people like me. I wish you do a lot of work like this to build a nation great and glorious. Jay Hind , Jay Bharat
- Ashwini Rajwansh Uikey, Bhopal, April 2017,,
I'm learning GA/GK through Confidence Booster and I'm learning words through Vocabulary Booster but most importantly, I'm learning how to be a gentleman from Sandeep sir! The lessons of life and tips which he keeps​ giving in the middle of his lectures are helping me become a decorous person. THANKS!
- Piyush Tiwari, Indore, April 2017,,
Type of teaching procedure is so good to understand.
- Raghu Nath Ojha, Balasore, April 2017,,
Dear sir first of all thank you very much for starting CB and VB series. your way of teaching is very unique which doesn't let anyone to loose attention and this is the reason i always wait for your videos. your content is really very helpful for all kinds of exams. everything is systematic and coherent. i really appreciate your hardwork, please continue further flashing your light of knowledge on us. feeling blessed.
- Nikhil Raj, Indore, April 2017,,
I just wanted to thank to PT Education and whole team. My life is quite happy, calm, and fulfilling now. I really do not think I could have achieved this without your wisdom and caring. There have been so many barriers that I have crossed with your guidance. I still have some to get over, but many of the lifelong barriers are behind me now. You have a wonderful gift, the gift of healing.
- Ravindra Kushwah, Gwalior, April 2017,,
Speechless! the excellent teaching.
- Narender Laxman Edunoori, Mumbai, April 2017,,
I enrolled for the SureShot 30x30x30 course to prepare for my GD-PI. What a course. Probably the most comprehensive preparation module I came across. The inputs were so helpful. I used so many stats and facts in my actual GDs. The best part about the module was the fact that it wasn't boring at all. In fact, it was so interesting that even my father joined me to watch the videos! Thank you so much Sandeep Sir and PT Education. I'm joining XLRI Jamshedpur and one of the reasons behind it is SureShot. All the best to all future aspirants. Hope you make the full use of courses like these. You don't come across them very often!
- Bhavya Desai, Kolkata, April 2017,,
I have appeared in 2017 competitive civil services exams of Pakistan. Sir I am greatly thankful to you for your constructive knowledgeable lectures especially at world war and multiple lectures of vocabulary. Your lectures helped me massively especially in my final days. Sir you are doing a great job and you will be always in my prayers. May God bless you and your team. Yours Sincerely Mian Furqan Niaz
- Mian Furqan Niaz, Faisalabad Punjab, April 2017,,
A very Big thank you to PT Education for providing such vast knowledge like an encyclopedia (free of cost) and special thanks to Sandeep Manudhane Sir for his teaching skills that really clears all the concepts and also motivates me all the time.
- Mukesh Singh, New Delhi, April 2017,,
Sandeep sir is the best teacher that I ever saw. He is the man of complete knowledge & also a fantastic orator with deep understanding of every issue with connecting dots and explaining every issue very simply makes him a fantastic teacher. sir, just want to say I love you.
- Babul Behera, Bhubaneswar, April 2017,,
Nice experience with PT and thanks all of them for guidance .
- Bagesh Chandra Sharma, Lucknow, April 2017,,
It is a great way to learn about topics ranging from current affairs to everything that we should know about the world history. The insights like what we have borrowed from Israel etc show the depth of knowledge we should go for. I love the way Sandeep sir relates every news to either history of the country or something that happened elsewhere. Though I am not seriously preparing for some exam, the video instills an eagerness to search for these topics. Somebody putting in so much time and dedication is simply great!!!
- Santosh Chouhan, Raipur, April 2017,,
Very Good new Initiative like a superfast news we see in morning. Quiz makes it more interesting and informative.
- Rahul Sharma, Indore, April 2017,,
I love this session. the way you are educate us is excellent... i am lucky to have you sir..i saw your many lecture and i followed you since 2 years with various platform twitter, quora and your blog bright i have read your many article as well. thank you so much for giving me learning experience like this that i never had before..sir if possible make lecture like: reasoning, maths and general science. if you have any other option to regarding this lecture....please guide me... respect your sir....
- Sushant Panka, Raipur, April 2017,,
It's very helpful and providing such a vast knowledge which is also free of cost. I had suggested this to many friends. Thank you sir for your hard efforts and I am sure many students will be successful by your efforts.
- Ashish Dahiya, Delhi, April 2017,,
Both new initiative Vocabulary Booster and Confidence Booster along with your previous initiatives like Bodhi Booster, Bodhi Saar and Knowledge Booster, are fantastic. I really enjoy all these services. Thank you so much! I love u Sir g!
- Aditya Raj, Gopalganj, April 2017,,
PT education, a portal for which i would say Wowwwwwwwww! From the time being I watched the first lecture on Youtube, I found it useful and boosted up my confidence to completely devote my time for study. Prior to this I was working as Business Analyst in Indore and parallely preparing for IAS 2018. I like the video lectures giving full explanation in proper sequence. Best lecture has been Housing Crisis, which gave me a big placement opportunity in FIIT JEE. Credit goes to Sandeep Manudhane sir for all the efforts for students like me who can not afford coaching but still wish to Do . I will do-"KAR KE DIKHAYENGE" Thank you so much PT Education team!
- Navneet Kumar, Gaya, April 2017,,
'P'lethora of knowledge 'T'opaz of wisdom 'E'legance in presentation 'D'edication prevails eternal 'U'topia of excellence 'C'ulture of sincerity 'A'roma of intellectuals 'T'ransforming lives 'I'nstinct to be triumphant 'O'ver all odds 'N'ever say 'Never'....
- Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, April 2017,,
I am feeling very excited while going through the lectures of Manudhane sir that feels like the words emerges from him and penetrate to my mind! Very fantastic way of learning I got from PT education and want to join with that as early. And the slogan "KAR KE DIKHAYENGE" is a very inspirational fabulous line......thanks sir & PT education !
- Saumyaranjan Parida, Dhenkanal, Odisha, April 2017,,
My experience is very awesome! I love the pdf files and Confidence Booster module and i hope when PT's IAS Academy is giving so much in free than they must provide general studies videos also like this. Though the videos are great but try more to make them UPSC oriented. This is great step towards needy and knowledge hungry aspirants. Thanks!
- Aditya Sharma, Gwalior, April 2017
What an amazing journey it was and what a great communicator Sandeep Sir is ! I got a 360 degree view on each topic discussed and that too in just 30 minutes. Great work team PT. I hope team PT will come up with more such insightful and interactive session in times to come. Thank you again !!!
- Akash Singh, Bhilai, March 2017
Sir, the journey of the Sure shot session was amazing for me. It gave the experience of completing the first online course. Each session was designed beautifully, a lot hard work and dedication his PT team. I salute your vision. I love all the session I attempted session on the 'Brand India' I like the most. We got deep incentive on many current, global, economic issues. After knowing from the sessions the Experience of reading related articles in newspaper and magzine is really awesome and sublime I can't explain in words , and millions of thanks to PT's team and Sandeep sir. Your teaching style is so great that it become very much difficult to be refrain from your session, I just got habitual of them. And the greater thing is that you are providing this valuable material free of cost. A lot of effort is needed from my side to get maximum benefit, and I am trying my best and certainly we will make a beautiful society in our surrounding as guidance from GURU like u. love u..
- Chetan Kumar, Bilaspur, March 2017
Firstly from the core of my heart I would like to thanks respected Mr. Sandeep Madhuwane sir who start such a phenomenonal workshop and still doing on like bodhisameeksha, boodibhasha, and many more. The best part of sir is they are making us how to read and really sir you acheive this. Changes which I felt after attending 30 days 1.Earlier I used to read Hindu article I feel bored and not able to understand properly ,now I love to read and able to comprehend it. 2. Connecting the dots able to connect the things and now I am using this connecting dots. 3. Before session anything in world I say what I have to do ,now I read all Because of you sir now I know if anything happens in any corner of the world it will impact us . 4. In my life first time I read economic survey book having more than 300 pages and I love to read, credit goes to you sir because before I even never heard of this term. 5. I am able to making my own view (word limit exceed). Thank you so much sir
- Prashant Tiwari, Pune, March 2017
It is amazing experience with pt sure shot team. this course enables me to get broad knowledge of different topics in very short time!
- Gaurav Khandelwal, Jaipur, March 2017,,
I was not able to find any reliable and concrete source to prepare for GD,WAT and PI for IIM interviews.I consider myself as one of the luckiest ones who attended the series of awesome sessions. The way Sandeep Sir teaches and make even the complex subject simple is unique. He can make bring topic interesting. I liked the way he use to describe any topic not by just telling about the topic but also by connecting different dots and answering every ifs and buts. Thank you sir for giving me this opportunity to attend the session. Regards,
- Vinayak Kumar, Mumbai, March 2017,,
sir, the words fall short to describe your great work. as i used to zero in general awareness and current affair . but after watching bodhi saar videos since 2 months and this great sureshot gift and i use to vist boodhi booster site daily i really feel inbelievable change in my grip on issues and a clear and comprehensive perspective over different current issues. i am greatly thnkful to you and your hard working team... #hatsoff to u and ur team
- Suraj Kalouni, Delhi, March 2017,,
I am currently pursuing my MBA and am preparing for Job interviews. This total package is excellent and really gave me a lot of insights on various topics. I really salute to sir's knowledge on various topics and the way he presents. Overall it is a very good experience!
- Sri Rama Chandra Murthy Vadlamani, Jamshedpur, March 2017,,
This was an owesome experience with the pt team. The sessions were true knowledge boosters for me. The way of deliverance of sessions by sandeep sir can't be better than this. Thank you PT team for doing such a exquisite work for us.
- Lalit Suthar, Ahemdabad, March 2017,,
It was a wonderful experience. A wide range of topics were covered with excellent explanation. Look forward to remain associated with PT Education and learn more about various issues. Thank You!!
-  Aditya Vikram Shukla, Kolkata, March 2017,,
It was undoubtedly one of the most inspiring and mind blowing experience for me, not only in terms of knowledge enrichment, but also for my character building and confidence boosting. Bodhibooster and such initiatives by PT education Team will surely go long way and have a tremendous impact on the minds and hearts of youth of this country, which will ultimately make the India great again. Lots of love and best wishes to Sandeep Sir and his entire team. Thanks a lot. Jai Hind!
-  John Amir Himani, Gandhinagar, March 2017,,
This course helped me in many ways. The knowledge which Sandeep sir has helped us a lot as he could take us through a topic within 30 minutes and we would have a fair amount of data in our database(brain). The minute details which he use to give us during the lectures helped me answer some questions in my Combined Defence Services exam as well as in Air Force Common Admission Test. I would also like to thank the live-chat team; for they cleared our queries in a friendly way. In short, we got a lot of sky-high knowledge for FREE. PT-education ROCKS! :
-  Shubham Pacharne, Pune, February 2017
SureShot really helped me built my own perspective. I have been to 5 different interviews for different colleges for MBA program and the way theses resources helped me in GD and PI was incredible. Especially my technical aspects improved quite a lot. I could use a lot of facts to justify my answers and all these is because I have those facts thanks to the PT Education team. I watch Bodhi News also which when combined with the Sureshot really makes it a bonus. Thanks PT Education team for providing such quality services free of cost. It really meant a lot to me. Keep learning keep growing.
-  Ashish Agrawal, Raigarh, February 2017
Today, literally words are falling short to thanks the fantastic PT team and Sandeep Sir. I am a keen follower of all the happenings in the PT Universe. I am a part of bodhi family right from its inception, and its so wonderful to see my family grow exponentially. The tremendous knowledge Sandeep Sir have, is at par. For me he is my Guru , an institution in himself. Also I really appreciate the efforts of moderators during the live chats. PT's SureShot 30x30x30 is an oasis of excellence among the mediocre education system prevailing in India these days and a complete knowledge booster which will surely help the aspirants to build an overall perspective about various day-to-day happenings and to build a personality that will ensure that a candidate performs at par in their GD's, PI and in all the spheres of life. This program has helped me a lot to face top B-school's GD and PIT.hanks PT team for a commendable effort to share open portal of knowledge.Heartfelt thanks and wishes.Kudos !
-  Vikas Joshi, Mhow, February 2017
Firstly, i would like to thank you and your team from deep of my heart for doing such a great job for our country . From my side it was great experience. I thing i have got one of the great thing which will act as revolutionary in My self . Once again i would like to thank you .keep doing sir.....
-  Piyush Tyagi, Ghaziabad, February 2017
Bodhi booster has helped me in taking my knowledge to a next level.The knowledge revolution started by sandeep sir had surely helped many more like me . I definitely know that i will crack my gd and pi because the knowledge which sir has given us will let us fulfilling our dreams. Thanks sir for providing this .I hope that this knowledge revolution will continue like this and we will get some new things also from you
-  Sachin Sharma, Chandigarh, February 2017

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