IIM SureShot

Avatar Subhalaxmi Jena, Khordha, April 2018
Namaskar sir...thanks for the all beautiful and amazing kniwlekno booster session...you and your team is doing fabulous....now am preparing for UPSC and hoping to make make my parents and you feel proud as well for me....keep helping and motivating the students...thank you so much..

Avatar Piyush Tiwari, Indore, February 2018
What a wonderful journey it was! I got to learn so much. All the 35 sessions gave a lot of deep insights and the questions given at the end of every session and asked during the sessions were so good that while doing my own research I got so much more to know and learn. It was really a great learning experience for me. Always an admirer of Sandeep Sir's way of teaching. Thanks PT Team for everything! Keep bringing such courses.

Avatar Alok Sahoo, Bhubaneshwar, February 2018
First of all I am very thankful to Sandeep sir (Rishi Kannad) and Team PT for bringing such an awesome and amazing course . These 35 sessions were really amazing and full of deep insights. This course was one of the best course that I have attended so far. It helps me in understanding many of the new concepts which I have came to know for the first time. The way of teaching by Sandeep sir sir was amazing and it impresses me in such a way that it turned me into a die-hard fan of Sandeep sir. I only pray to god that -- long live Sandeep Sir!

Avatar Shrimann Shukla, Raipur, February 2018
Such a wonderful series of session by Sandeep Sir giving such insights into various different topics. There is so much change in myself after I started watching his sessions as now I have gained interested in what’s happening around. Hats off to Sir.

Avatar Om Prakash, Chandigarh, January 2018
I am very thankful to the whole PT education team for providing vast collection of information about current affairs and various important topics like economics, politics, technology etc. Thousands of students are in debt to you all for providing such sources free of cost!!! Great salute to Sandeep manudhane sir. I am very inspired by your style of teaching and involving people into the topic no matter hard it is.

Avatar Chetan Kumar, Bilaspur, December 2017
Amazing journey so far. The season on-"India own google and facebook the time has come..", is the amazing session which shook me from internal.. Enforce me think our present situation and situation in coming future.. That's very painful right now. But definitely the circumstances will change and we will bounce back.. What's we need the thinkers like you who can provoke the spit within us. Really your and your team's efforts are noteworthy for building a positive environment in our surrounding. Hats off you sir..

Avatar Naazish Barodawala, Udaipur, December 2017
IIM SureShot is what we students need at this stage where we are looking forward to get into top colleges of the country. Not only this course is helping us with the preparation of GD-PI but it is changing our perspective towards various things. It allowed me to broaden my view and see issues in different ways and that's what I love about this course. Lastly, I really wish from my heart that Sandeep Sir become our Prime Minister. You will change our India Sir, you have that kind of determination. I hope you will consider this :D

Avatar Shivam Bansal, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, December 2017
IIMSURESHOT is just chef-d'oeuvre. I have been writing notes from day 1 and now when I look back and revise notes I realize how much I have learned and feel very confident. My entire way of thinking and discussing topics with others have changed and all credit goes to Sandeep sir and his team. I am Nouveau-riche in terms of knowledge and thinking. Most important think is that you are doing without any quid pro quo. I have been following your all services like Bodhi shiksha, PTeducationHQ, Power of 10, and list go on and on. All kudos to you and Thank You will be a very very small word. All I can say that I will be very grateful to you forever and there is no way that I can repay that in my entire life. Also please pardon me for any spelling or grammatical mistakes as I my still learning from you and hopes this journey will go on and on. Thank You very very very much. Long Live India.

Avatar Tej Bahadur, Mahendragarh, Haryana, December 2017
A very warm thank you for your course. I am working professional and my shift timing and your session timing ar head wind,but don’t worry sir I managed. Till date I had not miss any session. In every session I am able explore very new world of knowledge. As in one lecture sir said if you are on right path of life you will find a guru (Teacher) who will teach you all the aspects of life which you need to know. I found my guru. I am following PT EDUCATION from September 2016. In one journey with you I did lot of change in my self . Sir always says that take part in commtes Iam not able to do the same due to my medical conditions. But till date Iam listening and watching your Shruti and vedio without fall. But I failed to not them in copy . Here is no ascuse for the same . It’s my pleasure that you and your team provide me chance to say and expres my words and feelings,which I had not done yet with anybody. Sir please take care of privacy.Thanks a lot . If there is Mistake pls ignore it.

Avatar Dinesh Kumar, Pilani, Rajasthan, December 2017
First of all I would like to thank to you for your tremendous work. Sandeep sir you are my ideal. I am very lucky to enrol in govt exam Cracker course which is very beneficial to me. My views regarding understanding of things have completely changed after I have joined this course. Daily current nuggets, WOW and bhasa nuggets are awesome. I think teachers like you are very less in our country. Sir, you are genius you have the ability to make things easier not only for students but also for others. Thank you very much sir for your love.

Avatar Avinash Jadhav, Pune, December 2017
Few words for respected Sandip sir and PT team- 1. My life has drastically changed just because of your motivations and proper guidance which really required for any student. 2. Your hard working nature always admires and inspires. The revolution started by PT education to encouraging new youth in diversified field. I appreciate your kind support. 3. I don't think, there is any one day passes without remembering your name and listening your voice. While I was moving across the journey of education from my childhood, I have never seen teacher like you. 4. I always pray to god, inculcate at least few qualities of your personality within me. Doha from "Kabir Das" which perfectly suits your personality. Aisi bani boliye, man ka apa khoye Auran ko sital kare, aapahu sital hoye. Speak in words so sweet that fill the heart with joy, Like a cool breeze in summer for others and self to enjoy.

Avatar Sumit Pradhan, Bhubaneswar, December 2017
i am having the best experience of my life so far as i am learning everything in such a fun way. i also make an effort to pass on the knowledge gained from here and make people aware about recent happenings.

Avatar Piyush Tygagi, Ghazhiabad, December 2017
thank you sir you was giving as one of the best thing . this is increasing the capability of my self . i feel confident after that . Finally i will say thank u sir , keep Doing this for US . kar ka dekhya ga !!!!!!!!!!

Avatar Yogesh Kumar, Pathankot, December 2017
I have been learning actively from various free resources provided by PTEducation starting from free youtube lectures then bodhibooster, civils tapasya, last years sureshot sessions and now mobile learning groups.And i am saying you i have gained a much deeper grip on gk nd other knowledge fronts.Although i have prepared on aptitude front from free youtube channels and that had helped me conquer many big examinations like bank po, clerk,insurance exams, ssc cgl but this is only b'coz personally i was following Sandeep Manudhane sir as one of my life guru.Mentally now i feels more confident, encouraged, satisfied.Long live the PTEducation and free learning community!

Avatar Akash Singh, Bhilai, March 2017
What an amazing journey it was and what a great communicator Sandeep Sir is ! I got a 360 degree view on each topic discussed and that too in just 30 minutes. Great work team PT. I hope team PT will come up with more such insightful and interactive session in times to come. Thank you again !!!

Avatar Chetan kumar, Bilapur, Chhattisgarh, March 2017
Sir, the journey of the Sure shot session was amazing for me. It gave the experience of completing the first online course. Each session was designed beautifully , a lot hard work and dedication his PT team. I salute your vision . I love all the session i attempted session on the 'Brand india' I like the most. We got deep incentive on many current, global , economic issues . After knowing from the sessions the Experience of reading related articles in newspaper and magzine is really awesome and sublime I can't explain in words , and millions of thanks to Pt's team and Sandeep sir .Your teaching style is so great that it become very much difficult to be refrain from your session, i just got habitual of them. And the greater thing is that you are providing this valuable material free of cost . A lot of effort is is needed from my side to get maximum benift , and i am trying my best and certainly we will make a beautiful society in our surrounding as guidance from GURU like u. love u..

Avatar Prashant Tiwari, Pune, March 2017
Firstly from the core of my heart i would like to thanks respected Mr sandeep madhuwane sir who start such a phenomenonal workshop and still doing on like bodhisameeksha,boodibhasha,and many more. The best part of sir is they are making us how to read and really sir you acheive this .Changes which i felt after attending 30 days 1.Earlier i used to read hindu article i feel bored and not able to understand properly ,now i love to read and able to comprehend it . 2 .Connecting the dots able to connect the things and now i am using this connecting dots. 3 .Before session anything in world i say what i have to do ,now i read all Beacuse of you sir now i know if anything happens in any corner of the world it will impact us . 4.In my life first time i read economic survey book having more than 300 pages and i love to read ,credit goes to you sir because before i even never heard of this term. 5.I am able to making my own view (word limit exceed ). Thank you so much sir

Avatar Gaurav khandelwal, Jaipur, March 2017
it is amazing experience with pt sure shot team. this course enables me to get broad knowledge of different topics in very short time.

Avatar Vinayak Kumar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, March 2017
I was not able to find any reliable and concrete source to prepare for GD,WAT and PI for IIM interviews.I consider myself as one of the luckiest ones who attended the series of awesome sessions. The way Sandeep Sir teaches and make even the complex subject simple is unique. He can make bring topic interesting. I liked the way he use to describe any topic not by just telling about the topic but also by connecting different dots and answering every ifs and buts. Thank you sir for giving me this opportunity to attend the session. Regards, Vinayak

Avatar Suraj Kalouni, Delhi, March 2017
sir, the words fall short to describe your great work. as i used to zero in general awareness and current affair . but after watching bodhi saar videos since 2 months and this great sureshot gift and i use to vist boodhi booster site daily i really feel inbelievable change in my grip on issues and a clear and comprehensive perspective over different current issues. i am greatly thnkful to you and your hard working team... #hatsoff to uh and ur team

Avatar Sri Rama Chandra Murthy Vadlamani, Jamshedpur, March 2017
I am currently pursuing my MBA and am preparing for Job interviews. This total package is excellent and really gave me a lot of insights on various topics. I really salute to sir's knowledge on various topics and the way he presents. Overall it is a very good experience.

Avatar Aditya Vikram Shukla, Kolkata, March 2017
It was a wonderful experience. A wide range of topics were covered with excellent explanation. Look forward to remain associated with PT Education and learn more about various issues. Thank You!!

Avatar John Amir Himani, Gandhinagar, March 2017
It was undoubtedly one of the most inspiring and mind blowing experience for me, not only in terms of knowledge enrichment, but also for my character building and confidence boosting. Bodhibooster and such initiatives by PT education Team will surely go long way and have a tremendous impact on the minds and hearts of youth of this country, which will ultimately make the India great again. Lots of love and best wishes to Sandeep Sir and his entire team. Thanks a lot. Jai Hind.

Avatar Shubham Pacharne, Pune, February 2017
This course helped me in many ways. The knowledge which Sandeep sir has helped us a lot as he could take us through a topic within 30 minutes and we would have a fair amount of data in our database(brain). The minute details which he use to give us during the lectures helped me answer some questions in my Combined Defence Services exam as well as in Air Force Common Admission Test. I would also like to thank the live-chat team; for they cleared our queries in a friendly way. In short, we got a lot of sky-high knowledge for FREE. PT-education ROCKS! :

Avatar Ashish Agrawal, Raigarh, Chhattisgarh, February 2017
SureShot really helped me built my own perspective. I have been to 5 different interviews for different colleges for MBA program and the way theses resources helped me in GD and PI was incredible. Especially my technical aspects improved quite a lot. I could use a lot of facts to justify my answers and all these is because I have those facts thanks to the PT Education team. I watch Bodhi News also which when combined with the Sureshot really makes it a bonus. Thanks PT Education team for providing such quality services free of cost. It really meant a lot to me. Keep learning keep growing.

Avatar Vikas Joshi, Mhow, Indore, February 2017
Today, literally words are falling short to thanks the fantastic PT team and Sandeep Sir. I am a keen follower of all the happenings in the PT Universe. I am a part of bodhi family right from its inception, and its so wonderful to see my family grow exponentially. The tremendous knowledge Sandeep Sir have, is at par. For me he is my Guru , an institution in himself. Also I really appreciate the efforts of moderators during the live chats. PT's SureShot 30x30x30 is an oasis of excellence among the mediocre education system prevailing in India these days and a complete knowledge booster which will surely help the aspirants to build an overall perspective about various day-to-day happenings and to build a personality that will ensure that a candidate performs at par in their GD's, PI and in all the spheres of life. This program has helped me a lot to face top B-school's GD and PIT.hanks PT team for a commendable effort to share open portal of knowledge.Heartfelt thanks and wishes.Kudos !

Avatar Piyush Tyagi, Ghaziabad, February 2017
Firstly, i would like to thank you and your team from deep of my heart for doing such a great job for our country . From my side it was great experience. I thing i have got one of the great thing which will act as revolutionary in My self . Once again i would like to thank you .keep doing sir.....

Avatar Sachin Sharma, Chandigarh, February 2017
Bodhi booster has helped me in taking my knowledge to a next level.The knowledge revolution started by sandeep sir had surely helped many more like me . I definitely know that i will crack my gd and pi because the knowledge which sir has given us will let us fulfilling our dreams. Thanks sir for providing this .I hope that this knowledge revolution will continue like this and we will get some new things also from you



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