Power of 10 - Testimonials

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Avatar Dheerendra K Maurya, Lucknow, March, 2019
Exellent plateform for any competative exam i am very impressed your teaching style and staymina superb sir....

Avatar Piyush Gupta, Bangalore, March, 2019
Sandeep sir, I watched the Power of 10 session for the first time this Sunday and I regret for not following it since you started this series. Like always love your and PT team's enthusiasm and you guys are one of the biggest motivations in my life. You have taught me to be a good citizen and since you put a selfless effort in spreading knowledge and helping students/learners across the globe, I want to point out a small issue with the free availability of Power of 10 series. Sir and PT team, if I open the page when the session is available for free (say Sunday) and keep it open forever, I am always able to view the session even though it had been moved to the Premium section. The technical team can check the time of activity on the page and reload or restrict the session accordingly. Sir, you have changed the way of thinking for a lot of people. After watching your sessions I have started thinking about issues in an open minded, unbiased ways. During the sessions I always try to question the facts provided by you and the authors as well. It's a great learning and indeed a great journey sir. Thanks a lot.

Avatar Siddharth Dave, Gujarat, March, 2019
Sir after watching today's session, I became your bigger admirer.salute to your commitment.your health is a priority for all your students around the world.the reason we Miss you so much whenever you take break, is that the joy we get from learning with you is unparallel.we know your love for teaching is even bigger than our love from learning from you.we are always with you, stay healthy,stay the amazing human being you are, keep mimicking, keep singing, keep teaching others forever....

Avatar Abhishek Kumar, Kannauj, February, 2019
नमस्ते सर ,चरन स्पर्श............. आपके द्वारा प्रारभ की गई इस ज्ञान रूपी गंगा में हम लगातार डुबकी लगा रहे है,और लगातार ज्ञान रूपी स्वच्छता धारण कर रहे है जो हमको हमारे लक्ष्य के प्रति एक ऊर्जा प्रदान कर रही है/ सर, यद्यपि वर्ष 2018 अपने ढलान के ओर अग्रसर है, पर हमारी यह गंगा लगातार नई ऊचाईओ को छू रही है और आगे भी छूती रहेगी। सर आपका हमारे प्रति ये कठिन परिश्रम हमारी तैयारी में एक मील का पत्थर साबित हो रहा है ।आपके ''POWER OF 10'' के सभी sessions बहुत अच्छे है और हमारे ज्ञान को एक नई दिशा की ओर ले जा रहे है। सर आपका यह प्यार और आशीर्वाद हमेशा बना रहे जिससे हम लोग अपनी मंजिल तक आसानी से पहुंच सके/ " JAI HIND SIR" ...long live 'sir ji'

Avatar Hitesh Joshi, Badnawar, December, 2018
I just started today and i found great wisdom because the way you used to give insight is almost non comparable.thank you for all your drastic efforts and support. The only person in my short journey of learning whom I would like to give gurudakshina.

Avatar Aniket Nautiyal, Uttarakhand, December, 2018
Respected Sir and PTeducation Team, Thank you for this wonderful program POWER of Ten. All India will be thankful to you for this. It has been giving me knowledge and power in life. It will be also best to make it activity or exam oriented. With this program it feels complete for the week, with ten articles with amazing insights provided.

Avatar Dr Nikita Sharma, Allahabad, December, 2018
Namaste Sir!! It have been more than one year I am following PT education Current affair sessions, and now I follow this Power of 10 sessions also. The editorials covered here are from a variety of field, which is also a good brain exercise for me :) . I have also enrolled into Prabodhan Master Course, and I could see the change within me. Thank you so much Sir!! Jai Hind.

Avatar Brajesh Mishra, Bhagalpur, December, 2018
Probably my first testimonial on this beautiful initiative. I have written two to three on CA with PT but the remarkability with which the true Guru presents 10 beautiful editorials has forced me to invest some of my time in the praise of"The legend" and his team which works tirelessly for providing the fledgling students with great content. Sentence thora bada ho gya but every bit of it conveys gratitude and sincerity towards the PT team Thank you Sir. Sara jivan aapke "ऋणी " rahenge hum. Thank you Sir. Jai Hind. Jarur kar k dikhayenge

Avatar Sujeet Kumar Sharma, Kolkata, December, 2018
Since I've been watching your course (The Power of 10), my knowledge has increased, My editorial part has also become finer. Sir, I appreciate the way you are teaching. And I hope you will be able to keep The Power of 10 continuously. Thanks & regards, Sujeet Kumar Sharma Kolkata, West Bengal

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Mumbai, December, 2018
Dear Sir, Charan Sparsh! For me Power of 10 stands for: 1.Knowledge power to underprivileged students (As it is Awesome Free) 2. Its potential to reform degraded fragmented Indian Society (As it covers vast topics opinions by experts which we all try to internalise) 3. Women Empowerment (In every session you motivate Indian women / girls to claim their space) 4. Inflow of new thoughts to remake us 5. Summary of difficult technical editorials with key points that make these so simple (you squeeze it entirely serves us sweet juice) 6. Your Infinite energy enthusiasm which is contagious. (You are true devotee of Mahakaal). Aap ab se pehle sitaron mein bas rahe the kahi apko zameen pe bulaya gaya hai knowledge seekers ke liye.(Please sing this awesome song in your melodious voice ) 7. Your 25 years of penance which is paying rich dividend to us. 8. Quick Realisation for all Indian knowledge seekers that rapid progress in science technology is the only way forward. 9. Helping us understand difference between nationalism patriotism. 10. Opening to more joy and abundance by being pure knowledge seeker. My sincere request to Sandeep Sir: 1. Please prepare a full session on Bhagavad Gita ( A summary as it is the most complex knowledge and I cannot find anyone but you who can help all young minds to apply it in our day to day life for bringing meaning and fulfilment to our lives. I can vouch for it that it will be as popular as your Hinduism lecture. 2. A detailed session on how students can prepare well structured notes release a video on parenting as you yourself are a proud father. You once taught us that society will only change when parent will teach a male child at home to respect each every women. You have been blessed with wonderful parent too. I could not stop myself from crying when I saw you teaching us within 4 days after you lost the most wonderful lady of your life, your mother! You taught us Karma Yog there.Dandavat Pranam Jai Hind !

Avatar Rahul Amesar, Nashik, November, 2018
Hello, It is a wonderful one hour lecture covering every important topic. Also your method of presentation makes it more enjoyable. Thanks for all your hard efforts

Avatar Diksha Sharma, Dehradun, September 2018
Pranam sir, My name is diksha and I belong to dehradun. These sessions of ca with pt, power of 10 and other resources of Pt education are very helpful in developing a 360 degree insight of the relevant topics. I also joined TAP series which is also a wonderful source of knowledge . lastly i just wanna say that thanku so much and keep carry on this journey of knowledge and enlightenment.

Avatar Kailash Mulchandani, Ahmedabad, September 2018
Guruji pranam, apka aur pt ki team ka bahoot bahoot sukriya. Mujhe aur mere jaise kai students ko power of 10 series se bahoot labh ho rahe hai. takariban har chiz ka 360 degree view mil raha hai. Guruji ek request thi aap har lecture mai kahina kahi "CKRAJU"ji ka jikr karte hai. To humare jese students (apke "शस्त्रागार अनुगामी" jo Guruji ki har baat mante hai) unke articles pathne ki koshish krte hai, pr vo(CKRAJU) itne philosophical articles likhte hai ki jyadatar bate samjne mai dikkat hoti hai. to apse nivedan hai ki aap har power of 10 mai kamse kam 1 article CKRAJU ji ka le. aur use pure achhe tarike se samjae.. DHANYWAD

Avatar Ijya Tiwari, lucknow, September 2018
I stumbled upon Sir's video on WW 2 way back in 2014 when I had joined a public sector bank and was looking for online guidance for civil services. The way he taught was brilliant and for the first time I understood the concept of world war. Later on I purchased his video lectures and they were amazing and all inclusive. All the wisdom that I have today, I owe a large part of it to Sir. Like always, the power of 10 is also a superb series, The way he explains every article and topic and breaks it down into such minute detail is amazing. I can't really say much, just a humble Thankyou. I wish to clear UPSC some day and trust me sir you will be the only guide whose name I will be running in credits:-p. But seriously Sir, thanks a tonne. Keep making such informative stuff. You are doing a kind of social service very few people do. Charan vandana.

Avatar Deep Rajput, Kashmir, September 2018
Sir i am working in the Indian Army. I will write the MPPCS exam. I have watched your online videos. Sir your all video very nice and your teaching style is excellent!

Avatar Narendra Rajendra Pawar, Pune, September 2018
Dear Sir, Your wisdom and brilliancy has no limits in the positive sence and most of the important stuff is that it helping to the most of the helpless student across all over India.. And I am not going to lessser the value of your widespread life by my little word thank you thank you so music sir..You are inspiration..

Avatar Aishwary Upadhyay, Mirzapur, August 2018
pranam sir , this is my second testimonial for power of ten. as you guarantee that these services will open our mind it is actually 100% with me. i am follower of all the services (current affairs, power of ten , prabodhan master course TAP and other.) from the past sometimes i found about the remarkable change in my thought process . today i find myself totally different from others and i also try to practice these ocean of knowledge in my daily life. the most important change in me that now i am hungry for the knowledge and just because of you. you are just Dronachrya for us .i am also preparing for cse 2019 and it is my personal belief that i am going to crack it in first attempt . you are my guru in real sense and i follow you whole heartedly . you are just a lamp in a darkest room.thank you and your team sir.

Avatar Siddharth Dave, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, July 2018
Namaste sir, apke saath kuch share karna chahunga.sir jab se me power of 10,ca with pt,pabodhan in sabhi services se juda hu mera Jo knowledge ka horizon tha wo bahot expand ho Raha hai.jiske Karan economy Jo pehle muje bahot complex subject lagta tha wo ab bahot hi interesting lagta hai, aur aap hi ke Karan aaj mere state ke ek leading local language competitive magazine me mera essay select hua tha Jo ki economy ke upar tha!!jiski image mene share ki hai. Mujhe pata hai ye choti safalta hai pr mere liye badi hai aur apke chehre pr muskan lane ke liye kafi hai.only for you and team sir नहिं ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिहि विध्य़ते (ज्ञान से पवित्र कुछ नहीं) | Ek baat to me guarantee ke saath keh Sakta hu sir ki jitna accha kaam aap society ke liye kr rahe 'apko neend bahot acchi aati hogi '. Aur pt Ko 25 hua to wo to hamara bada bhai hua ...(ha..ha..) Jai hind

Avatar Gourav R., Bhopal, July 2018
गुरुदेव प्रणाम, सबसे पहले तो Powerof10 सत्र -1 की अनोखी यात्रा के लिए बधाई और धन्यवाद! I watched all the approx 36-38 session out of 42, and I am regular viewer all PT services and great Fan of you! Sir kindly please pardon me for writing late testimonial (किंतु season-2 के 1st session में ही आज लिख रहा हूँ) My name is Gourav, from Bhopal, completed M.Tech in 2016 from Computer Science stream and currently preparing for Civil Services and also perusing Masters of Public Administration Now comes to Powerof10- 1. Sir without any I would like to give great compliments for such a "innovative, renovation, वैदिक and बौध्दिक" names of all PT's services (इतने वैचारिक नामों वाली सुविधाएं निसंदेह कंही और देखने नहीं मिल सकती )! 2. Powerof10 में जितनी विविधता के संपादकीय आपके द्वार चयन किया जाता वो अभूतपूर्व है और ऐसी विविधता मुझे व्यक्तिगत तौर पर कंही देखने नहीं मिली .. ..It's truly like culture of India "अनेकता में एकता" where all different prospective tie in single Powerof10. 3. After watching each session I surprised to know totally new and different point of view (like Season 2 ke 1st sessions में जो Trump Liberalism वाला 3rd edit था वही देख लो) 4. This series is great to develop 360 degree holistic approach, providing new vision and teaches us pluralism. 5. Hearty thanks for continue it to Season-2, जिस खुलेपन से आप ये विविध प्रकार लेख हमारे समक्ष रखते हैं वो अत्यंत ही लाभकारी होते हैं अपने पूर्वाग्रह को तोड़ने और खुले विचारों के परवाह में! Note: In last and short "Nothing like Powerof10" and I share your words as much as possible, Please continue it! तत्काल में अपनी कोई pic नहीं थी तो temporary logo लगा kar submit कर रहा हूं, coz आज भी pic के इंतज़ार Testimonial ना छूट जाए फिर! धन्यावाद और नमन!

Avatar Anjali Kriplani, Ujjain, June 2018
Pranam Sir, i am following you from the last 5 years, when I was preparing for CAT. With your most helpful GK sessions I anyhow cracked CAT and got IMT Nagpur, now I am about to join my job from July 2018. I always enjoy your sessions (whether it is power of 10, Youtube session of day today, and even the live Sandeep Manudhane sessions.). I will try to continue watch your sessions even during my work as well. I would like to give a big salute to you and the entire PT team for having such an amazing comprehensive analysis and nurturing the required knowledge and skill in today's youth. Inculcating a biased though process in any individual is a tough process, I am very thankful to you and the team to inculcate that in me and to the 1000s of followers of you. Thank you so much Sandeep Sir and the entire PT Team (Sir, you are the precious and the rare guru of India).

Avatar Himanshu Kaushik, Ghaziabad, June 2018
hello sir, NAMASTE , I have been with you for 1 year and it seems like we met yesterday. you are fantastic and looks modern guru ji of gurukul education system. where every one wants to adopt western culture, you maintain yourself bhartiya . your determination to make us free thinker . i think now i am free thinker and my friends say - yaar ye bilkul alag baat karta hai.;-) now you like a family member and i want to connect with you and your team as whole my life . thank you very much for you and your team.

Avatar Renu, Firozabad, June 2018
Good morning sir.. I enjoyed the power of 10 session! The energy with which you taught us - really no words for that! I was thinking that I should have meet you before! It’s ok, now I am regular follower of your every lecture whether it is Power of 10 or the Youtube channel videos and daily current affairs videos.. and the whole material uploaded on your channel.. Thank you so much ...

Avatar Saurabh Kumar, Srinagar, June 2018
Sr am big fan of yours# the way you teach us that's very great and and honestly speaking, India needs that type of teacher like you, # god bless you sir may you live long life##

Avatar Roshan Kumar, Bokaro, June 2018
NAMASKAR SNDEEP SIR, its give me an immense pleasure to write something good for you and for your team. Your cosy way of teaching and extreme drudgery effort to any particular topic make the subject interesting.one question i want to ask sir whats your opinion regarding the appaling decisions taken by mr trumph thats create mayhem and foment other nations to move in the same direction like trade wars, tarrifs etc. We always talks about the danger of communist country and make strategies and engaged our total money and power....now what we will be our IR policy when a powerful democratic country started multilate to other democratic country.will democracy be in danger?the inmical tendencies of trumph pliable others to look for chinese way. once again i am greatful to sandeep sir as yours way of teaching will deveoped an independent thinking

Avatar Punit Kumar, Rudrapur, June 2018
Power of 10 Week-40 is a very enlightening session by PT's Team, I enjoyed it. Sir, I am a regular follower of Power of 10. Out of 40, I have watched 32 session religiously (missed first eight). About my experience with Power of 10: Theses sessions are really very helpful to bring an edge to my knowledge and intellect, I feel each topic is very selective, and selected across variety of subjects and diligently analysed. I found them helpful in day to day discussions, interviews and even some questions in UPSC exams can be solved directly or indirectly by little improvisation. After watching these I have developed interest towards subjects like Economics, International Relations, Politics and Advances in Science and Technology. The Most beautiful thing I liked about these session is they help us to become a responsible citizen of our nation. Team PT please keep it up for upcoming year 2018-19. Thank You so much!

Avatar Krishna Kumar Singh, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, June 2018
सर, नमस्कार में आपका शिष्य 2015 से इस ज्ञान के समंदर में गोते लगा रहा हु आपकी वजह से ये मेरा कुशक़िस्मती हाँ सर आपका मेरे जीवन प्रवेश हुआ । आप और आपकी टीम इस भारत में और ज्ञान को बढ़ाने में बहुत अच्छा काम कर रही हैा सर आप मेरे लिए चाणक्य के सामान गुरु हाँ । मैंने अपने जीवन आपसे अच्छा गुरु नहीं देखा सिर वो बात अलग हाँ सिर की में शिष्य के कर्तव्य को नहीं निभा पा रहा हु । फ़िलहाल अभी । बस सिर में अपनी बात आपके सिखाय श्लोक से ख़त्म करता हु । "गुरुब्रह्मा गुरूविषणु गुरूदैवो महेश्वर:। गुरू: साक्षात परब्रह्मा तस्मे श्री गुरूवे नमः"।।

Avatar Premjeet Kumar, Ranchi, June 2018
Pranam Sandip sir, I am your die hard fan, follower and student. Your teaching style is excellent. I am always amazed by seeing depth of knowledge in every area. I always enjoy your session. It's like eye opener after going through many Facebook and WhatsApp message. I feel like I have got broader thinking horizon of my mind. Sir, you are real guru and motivator for me. Sir, please introduce your team with us. They are also excellent.

Avatar Ankit, Sitapur, May 2018
Pranam Gurudev ,I want to thank you and your team for making such a brilliant series.i am following it since last 5 months.it has been a fantastic experience.my thinking is much improved right now.the one main thing I want to share is that since I have started learning all the resources of pt under the guidance of Sandeep sir ,my way of living life is completely changed.now I am a positive thinker ,a knowledge seeker,and hard working student which I haven't till December 2017.i want to thank Sandeep sir with my heart want your blessings for my future.

Avatar Tushar, Haryana, May 2018
Namaste sir, This is my first session of power of ten & I really enjoyed it a lot sir. Great insight. I am now preparing for govt jobs but i find it difficult to understand editorials as my English is weak. For sudents like us who can't go to coaching, teacher like you can be really helpful. प्रेरकः सूचकश्वैव वाचको दर्शकस्तथा । शिक्षको बोधकश्चैव षडेते गुरवः स्मृताः ॥

Avatar G Ajay Kumar, Hyderabad, May 2018
Sir, This testimonial is to say how you and your team have become part of life. Day and night I watch Your videos (as Iam taking UPSC self prep course from PT). I feel that i have become ekalavya sishya(one of the many) to you. Mark my words that one day you and your team will be proud of the work you are doing and the impact it has created. Let me take this chance to not only thank you and your team but also Rammohan sir. KAR KE DHIKAYENGE

Avatar Bishwambhar Banka, Madhubani/Bihar, March 2018
Awesome!! ...I didn't know how to give words for my feeling and respect for you sir and finally i am doing it today. what a great explainer you are..I anxiously wait for for your session everyday..Hats off to you sir. After starting my professional life my zeal for grasping knowledge came down to such a level that i almost lost hope to rejuvenate the same. But after i Saw your sessions i developed the appetite for knowledge once again and its growing day after day.Your session helps me a lot during informal discussions in my office. गुरुर्ब्रह्मा ग्रुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः । गुरुः साक्षात् परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः ॥ The above slok was merely a text for me a year ago but now it isn't,because i found my "GURU" thank you so much for being a guide and a wonderful teacher.

Avatar Vijay Tyagi, Ghazibabad, March 2018
परम आदरणीय संदीप सर चरण स्पर्श इसकी पूरी संभावना है कि हमारे समाज में आपके समान या आपसे बेहतर शिक्षक होंगे । लेकिन जो एक बात आपको करोड़ो में एक बनाती है, वो है शिक्षा व ज्ञान के प्रति आपका दृष्टिकोण जो ज्ञान को रोजगार पाने तक ही सीमित नहीं रखना चाहता बल्कि जीवन के प्रत्येक चरण में इसका इस्तेमाल करके देश व समाज के कल्याण की आशा रखता है। इन्टरनेट के माध्यम से आपके बोलते चित्रों ( वीडियो) के समक्ष बैठकर ज्ञान अर्जन कर रहे आपके करोड़ो एकलव्यों में मैं भी एक हूं। जो अपने जीवन लक्ष्य की प्राप्ति के लिए प्रयासरत है। तीन वर्ष पूर्व किन्ही कारणो के चलते पढ़ाई से दूर हो गया था, लेकिन आपके संपर्क में आने के बाद एक नई आशा का संचार हुआ है। आपकी राष्ट्रवाद की भावना आपके व्यक्तित्व में झलकती है। जो विचारों के माध्यम से हम तक पहुंचती है। राष्ट्र के निर्माण में एक राष्ट्रवादी शिक्षक कितना बड़ा योगदान दे सकता है, इसकी मिसाल हजारों वर्ष पूर्व हम आचार्य कौटिल्य के रूप में देख चुके है। ईश्वर से आपके स्वास्थ्य व दीर्घायु की आशा करते हुए पूरी टीम का आभार "करके दिखाएंगे"

Avatar Amit Tiwari, Southampton UK, March 2018
Respected Sir and wonderful team, Thank you so much for keeping this session free for two days. I am quite addicted now and there are so many new things to learn in each session. Sir/Team - One suggestion can we include some West articles also especially burning point is Brexit and recent Italy election where Right Wing won. This is just an idea. Sir, you are such a brilliant orator :) I can hear you until aeon, would definitely meet you sir if your busy schedule allows. Last but not least: After going through these videos I am acting quite intellectual among the friends and on social site :) and guess what it is working :) Thank you so much, Sir and Team, :) Lots of love and Care, Adios Amit

Avatar Kartik Mathur, New Delhi, March 2018
Respected Sandeep sir, your way of explaining complex geopolitical issues in a lucid manner is simply par excellence.You mesmerize the viewer with your oceanic knowledge,sharp intellect and witty one-liners.You help a student in visualizing a macro-view of the current situation thereby helping him to connect the dots and look at the larger picture rather than only the minute details.You also help develop respect for any contrarian view.My mother and i watch every session of yours and will continue to do so.

Avatar Vinay Goyal, Gwalior, March 2018
"POWER OF 10" is the amazing series to understand the lot of things, sir you explain the whole editorial as well as give us the most important thing "Food for Thought". It create the totally new perspective of every topic, and due to this, I am always trying to become an INDEPENDENT THINKER. In today's era, peoples become the like particular party member, but due to Sandeep sir, I am able to understand the things, and can criticize and praise any Government machinery at the same time. With every lecture, I am improving my knowledge. Heartly thank you to respected sandeep sir, and his entire team for great hard work , to collect the best articles and then explain gist of it such a amazing work. thanks.

Avatar Ashok Mishra, Mumbai, March 2018
I am blessed to receive a personalised encouraging note from Sandeep Sir himself. Although I am a great admirer of all PT’s study materials & lectures but lectures of Sandeep Sir is just out of this world. I am not Arjun or a “priya Sakha” for Sandeep Sir but he certainly is “Madhusudan” for many or all of us. Your respect for all religion is worth following. You always encourage us to have an open mind & your all sessions are life changing. I am committed to go extra mile to take your teachings to masses. I am following your lectures since last 5 years & because of which I have become Sandeep Manudhane for my near & dear ones which I am enjoying J. I have encouraged all my friends, family members & associates to follow your lectures. Ye baat to sach hai sir apne kaphi logo ki raat ki neend chura li hai.

Avatar Biswarupa Mohapatra, Pune, February 2018
It takes to a difference zone altogether of deep thinking, why and how things are happening around. It stimulate to ask questions w.r.t present, past and project it to the future as well.Critical mindset is all there not only to ponder over thoughts but also to write to self

Avatar Siddharth Dave, Bhavnagar, January 2018
I think power of 10 is the greatest creation of sandeep sir and team pt. It is a great mixture of current affairs and conceptual learning.it gives wide 360 degree perspective on topics.thank u so much for this and specifically providing it free for a week so everyone can learn from it .many students actually can't afford many courses but efforts like these are blessings for them. Lastly one personal request I was gonna enroll in iim sureshot course just some days ago but now it's price has been increased so it is difficult for me to enroll in it .if pt can give me discount on this course it would be really helpful.i have enrolled in year 2017 course also.earlier price of sureshot was really suitable for me .thank u.

Avatar Rohit Sharma, Jammu, December 2017
I have been following Sandeep sir since the time I was in college , not just Power of 10 but from his other sessions i have always learnt something new something which has broaden my horizon , something which has made continous reading no more boring . His word's in one of his session always remain in my back of head that be "Stithpragye" as Lord Krishna told Arjuna . Thank you !

Avatar Abhishek Gupta, Indore, December 2018
Sir, I have attended your Live Seminar around 4-5 years back, since then, i became a great admirer of you and your work:your way of thinking so to say. I Have Appeared for CAT 2017 & IIFT 2017 and expecting a good result. For GD/PI your session and your videos will prove very beneficial, i am sure about it. I want to be intellectually sound and want to know about the world as much as i can. Thank You sandeep sir..

Avatar Shivaraja Cs, Karnataka, December 2017
sir i have been unable to sleep... because of your lectures. i watched ur all lectures uploaded freely and i understood that if i purchase all your videos upsc seems to me as a a big hill. if i go without ur comprehensive lectures upsc seems to me as mount everest. please....last time when u gave offer i had not money. now i am saving money to purchase ur lectures. please if possible give once again for makara sankranti offer. i can understand ur needs also. so its my request for my guru sandeep sir [though i have never met him] Help this poor boy to the level which will not become burden for our pt's academy.

Avatar Sneha Yadav, Modinagar, December 2017
I tried learning a lot but I am emphasizing this because sir tell us every aspect and some times I am unable to remember even but learning with fun is good at least this way we can recall things and this will help us building our own aspect and that is more important rather following other footsteps try making your own so that other can follow.

Avatar Aishwary Upadhyay, Mirzapur, December 2017

Avatar Himang Joshi, Banswara Rajasthan, December 2017
Pranam Sir, First of all thanks a ton to Sandeep Sir and team PT for providing this beautiful insight every sunday morning to us. I am following and a online student of Sandeep sir from last 2 yrs and influenced and motivated by him sir give a true "Gyan" to his students and guide to build our own thoughts . Every time by listening sir it gives me sheer knowledge your every single word is knowledgeable for me sir and now i got a bad habit that without listening him i didn't get sleep ;-) Sir keep spreading the knowledge to unreached and i wish god gives more power and health to you. Once again thanks Gurudev and Team PT.

Avatar Abhishek Gupta, Gwalior, December 2017
First of all i want to say Thanks a lot sir! The sessions of Power of 10 is quite amazing and interesting.These sessions give the overview what is going in our country.these sessions help the aspirants who are preparing for various exams.All the sessions whether it is of knowledge booster,or self prep nugget or knowledge are very useful on this portal.these sessions make the things very simple and interesting, that's why i love to see these! Again i would like to say thanks a lot sir for all your efforts..

Avatar Lalit Suthar, Nagpur, December 2017
An eye opening session that was. Thank you sir for such wonderful insights. All these inputs from your team are helping us to become a better self evolved and conscious people. Being a B-school student i personally feel sad by seeing the way our academics are designed. i completely agree with you sir that Indian b- schools are completely misaligned and outdated compared to today's need of the hour. A more worse fact is that our students are happy to be in distracted state, forget about questioning the system. kudos to pt team for the work you are putting into these sessions. i always enjoy it. jai hind

Avatar Khushi Ram, Kannauj(UP), December 2017
Sir your efforts will change direction of our country .l am 100% sure that your great thoughts will create intellectual students who will give India FANG.I appreciate your team hard work.I and my family enjoy your knowledge .I am very glad to inform you that I learn a great think from you that Happiness lies in Hard work.

Avatar Shivaraja Cs, Mandya, November 2017
sir i am from karnataka. i am a school teacher. until now i never comment for any video. today is my first comment. the contents your team cover and the way you present ...super. i heartfully thank you sir for uploading freely so a poor teacher like me can b e benefitted.

Avatar Sandeep prajapat, Indore, November 2017
Truly amazing lecture that increasees your thought process, deep understanding of current affairs and a lot of useful stuff motivate your daily life.

Avatar Hrishikesh Padhye, Umaria, September 2017
गुरुदेवस्य सुमधुरम् द्विभाषा संभाषणम् , विषय-विशेष ज्ञानम् , विश्लेषण शैली: उत्साहम् चेति दुर्लभम् अस्ति । तेषाम् अपार अनुभवम् पुरुषार्थम् च आशीर्वाद रूपेण छात्राणाम् तत्ववर्धन संबंधे सहयकम् अस्ति ।। Sandeep sir’s “Twin Magic” in all the services Provided by PT family, is but an endless, intellectual “Tale of Two Languages” comprised of systematic, constructive and thought provoking discussion. Sandeep sir’s commitment to students’ welfare and education is commendable. PT’s unparalleled series of offerings including The Power of 10 happen for me, to be one of the greatest of what internet can offer.

Avatar Priya and Dinesh Parasana, Surat, September 2017
Sir, Power of 10 is thrill ride of knowledge and inspiration. it saves time of reading from many sources, provide balanced view of phenomenon take place around the world. We get great moral lessons of life. thanks a lot. - Priya patel
 अज्ञान तिमिरान्धस्य ज्ञानाञ्जन शलाकया चक्षुरुन्मीलितं येन तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः (जिसने ज्ञानांजनरुप शलाका से, अज्ञानरुप अंधकार से अंध हुए लोगों की आँखें खोली, उन गुरु को नमस्कार..) Dinesh Parasana

Avatar Suvam Dhar, Guwahati, September 2017
Sir, I would like to thank you and your team for the magnificent work that you are doing for the aspiring students of this country. Specifically speaking about the whole idea of power of 10 by civils tapasya portal, is a benchmark initiative taken by any institution. I would also like to thank all the people behind the camera, for all the hard work and dedication that they have put into this, to make the success as it is today. And I would specially like to thank Sandeep Manudhane Sir, for the selfless effort that he has put in to make the level and standard of the education system in India,far better, by making it a more a knowledge and concept intensive education, where the priority is given to the understanding of the student, then to the mark based study. Finally, I would like to conclude by thanking the whole team of PTs Education for the excellent job they are doing.

Avatar Punit Kumar, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand, September 2017
Sandeep Sir, Power of 10 is a very well arranged and analysed series. Very- very beneficial for professional like us. As I am also a teacher, it gives a deep insights into various issues and dynamics of world. The inputs from Power of 10 comes very handy in telling students various things on various events. Today when information overload is single click away from us, it becomes very essential to have a source, like you, which can provide this much knowledge in simple language. Thank You so much Sandeep Sir and Team. Keep doing it.

Avatar Anshul Sharma, Gurugram,(Haryana), September 2017
A big thanks to Sandeep Manudhane sir and his team for this excellent initiative . It was a huge headache to actually look for a quality insight into a number of newspapers and to sit with them for hours to extract crucial points. But the POWER OF 10 has made our task simpler . It's a bouquet indeed of years of knowledge , experience and wisdom stitched together in this series. Thanks for all the pain the team takes to produce the episodes every week without fail. A great service to the nation ! Regards Anshul Sharma

Avatar Harendra Kumar, Goa, September 2017

Avatar Priya Dhabhai, Surat, September 2017
Sir,,,,,,,,,,,great great and great you are in explaining the things which are so complicated for anybody to understand .....but apart from this i want to say something else which is not related to only our subjects and academ aap jese teacher agar har city me bhi ek ek ho jaye to kuch waqt baad jarurt hi nhi hogi kisi student ko ki vo editorial pdhke ye pta lagaye ki india me kya issues h ir unse kese nipta jaye ........india really need more of your version sir meri talash to puri huyi lekin abhi bhut se baccho ki baki h i wish ki koi teacher or guide ho to vo ap jesa ho thank you sir but thank you ek bhut chota word h aapke liye or is education channel k liye

Avatar Chandrabhan Silawat, Sagar, September 2017
Thanks a lot sandeep sir and pt team for supporting in such a time when i am preparing for third time for UPSC . when i started my preparation in 2015 i was absolutely blank about how to start my preparation . as soon as i joined pt education for classroom program i learnt how to prepare smartly with multi-dimentional perspective. now every time when i got demotivated honestly even though i have completed the lecture taught by sir . i again starts listening to that lecture and recharge myself . I was the person who talk to you when i was in pt education once . that day i realized the kind of energy needed to be the person like you. this initiative of "dus ka dam " i was expecting since long time and you did it surprisingly . now i am constantly following it from the day one itself . its my humble request keep doing it . we will follow it with full wisdom and action in our mind. thanks a lot sandeep sir and pt team because i personally know this requires lot of efforts.

Avatar Sushant Panka, Raipur, September 2017
My experience of POWER OF 10 is amazing.. i gradually knowing the actual India and the world. what happened, what happening, what not, where we go, where we need to go, what we are doing, what other countries doing, whole countries vision (success, failure) etc. etc. to very easily , comprehensively and smart way. Most importantly, i become a rational person. All these happened, because of Sandeep Sir and PT education team ( i can say Hardworking team). I understand what kind of hard work put by you and your team sir. Its really heartwarming for me. what ever i become in future, i never forget you and i am very lucky to have you sir.. thanks a lot.

Avatar Pankaj Singh, Patna, September 2017
Salute to whole Pteducation team for your great effort,especially to respected Sandeep sir...i am big fan of your teaching style sir which is very interesting and entertaining for me and also unique of its own kind. Power of ten is one of the best editorial analysis course i have ever found anywhere and this course says a lot precisely .I have been get used to of this course.Thanks a lot Pteducation team..ekdum dil se

Avatar Himanshu Wadhwani, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, September 2017
‘Power of 10 is the compendium of perfect analysis of selected editorials by the best teacher of this century and is one of its kind service for the learners’. Dear Sir, You are more than successful in your objective of “creating outstanding educational experiences for learners” with this service. The approach of connecting the dots to see the bigger picture of the story, with your sense of humour makes this session spellbinding. Courses at PT Gurukul such as Economic Survey Analysis and Vocab Development are undoubtedly the best courses in India. I hope your experiences of life will continue to enlighten our path through these sessions. I am indebted to you, Sir and your entire team for creating such an excellent learning platform and that too free of cost. Kar ke Dikhayenge !!

Avatar Anjali Jainani, Jaipur, September 2017
I have been part of P.T Education, Indore for Post XII Take-Off course. It was an experience through which I became a better version of myself. I still remember the way Sandeep Manudhane Sir use to deliver lectures in English class. Apart from the vocabulary, usage, grammar, he also covered topics like inflation, IVC and some quotes which motivated me to apex. "Hammer forges steel and breaks the glass" . This one made me realise how the life needs to be handled. And now after 3 years, learning Power of 10 was momentous. Also I would like to thank you for the vocab, grammar, aviator book which I got during the course, they have me to retain all the knowledge I gained from P.T. Education. I still remember the mantra, Students success.. Kar ke dikhaenge !

Avatar Ashish kathane, Balaghat, September 2017
Initially when i started preparing for a government job my only wish was to get a healthy job and discharge myself from the burden of studying and gaining more knowledge. But as i started following pteducation it was an eye opener for me.In this era of knowledge economy merely gaining knowledge is not important but to know the different aspects and right vs wrong is more important to refrain from getting biased and concluding black and white. I cordially present my gratitude to the whole team of pt education and sandeep sir for making this change and giving us a lot of good stuffs to think. Thanking you a lot...best wishes for sir and the whole team

Avatar Aishwary Upadhyay, Mirzapur, September 2017
pranam and saadar charan sgprsh sir aapko. i like most your 'this session of power of 10'.and i wait for it all the week.and i most like your another videos of youtube and .i like the session of 'HINDUISM'on youtube and i tell to other to watch that session becouse it can bring the society to know the real picture of that we blindly follow.i'm again saying that i like most and most the power of 10 and ofcourse you.thank you and give me a badhiha wala aashirwad.

Avatar Rohan Rajendra Jagtap, Nashik, Maharashtra, September 2017
"You don't go to a Guru for solace. He is not a tranquilizer-he is there to awake you" - Sadhguru The above quote fits perfectly for Sandeep sir as he always gets me to question my little knowledge by presenting a different perspective of any issue in this complex world, where any one action packs multiple spreading effects (like snooker). Of all the happiness in the world, the highest form to happiness comes from Knowledge. And what better way to start your Sunday morning with "Power of 10". Newspaper editorials can take a lot of time if we decide to read them all. Also, reading editorials only from one source can also be dangerous as it will definitely lead to intellectual poverty as we can get trapped in newspaper bias. So, reading from multiple sources becomes the Docotor's prescription. But where's the time for such Herculean task? That's where Sandeep Sir and his efficient team of PT education comes to our rescue like "Lord Hanuman" with "Dronagiri Parvat" with "10" "Sanjeevni herb" to pull you out of your intellectual poverty. This "10" Sanjeevnis provides us with all that is necessary to understand the latest happening with there reasons, perspectives and possible solutions for the same. And this comes from Multiple sources summarised and presented in bullet points form which helps us to get the crux of issue at hand. And off course it is presented by one of the best teacher, Sandeep Manudhane. So, hats of to you Sandeep Sir and Team PT for this Marvellous and Important efforts. Many Congratulations !!! Jai Hind. P. S.- On a personal front, "Power of 10" has also made me realise that I was turning into an angry person and that I should be aware of that and make proper corrections. So, Thank you again Sir and Team PT.

Avatar Rohit Joshi, Kolhapur, September 2017
Hello sir.. It is one of the best thing that I find across internet while preparing for UPSC. It is highly impossible for ias aspirants to read all newspapers on daily basis.It is Power of 10 that enables wide insight for us in such a beautiful way.. Only 1 request sir.. I can't find full sessions of old power of 10.. If u make it available that will be great for revision.. Thanks alot and keep making it.

Avatar Prince Kumar, New Delhi, September 2017
i would to be thank sir. i have been starting prepraing for civil service exam ,i am very confusing . how to started prepraing civil service. i am very respect to sandeep sir and i choose self study.but how to start self study and how to provided study material , then i start prepraing with help of pt' ias academy. firstly i had been seened pt knowegled booster series . i am very confinents . then i have been drought clear then after i have been prepreing with help of pt ias academy. they are very tredemous to provided study material. sandeep sir and t ram mohan sir both have tremodous style is good for me . i am very happy due to i offred to prepraing to help sandeep sir and all pt .ias academy members are very help full to any time and any where , sir always said all content use properly if i contain use regulary then i will definfiney crack civil service exam . i wii promise i have seured rank in future time.i would o be specail thank you sir .

Avatar Abhishek Sharma, Jaipur, September 2017
I was surfing through youtube and i saw vocab video of pt education and then i saw some of your videos i watched Hinduism full video, it was an amazing experience. Then you started this power of 10 thread there is so much to learn here. your teaching skills are great. and yes Happy Teachers day...

Avatar Shreya, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, September 2017
Sir..Your sessions are excellent...You made the subject crystal clear...It become very easy to go through any topic once I hear your session...You are superb sir .....feeling blessed to have a teacher like you...Thanks a lot sir from the depth of my heart....

Avatar Pratik JayPrakash Mishra, Delhi, September 2017
INDIA has been a land of great Guru's and teachers like Aryabhata and Chanakya, I honestly feel Sandeep Sir is none the less. Its purely because of ones long termed Education compiled with facts, concepts and thirst in all fields that gets hold over the SUBJECT and is able to co-relate with one another in extreme depth. (RARELY SEEN BY ME) Above all he is also able to deliver it with great Enthusiasm and Willingness which is truly a Bliss to INDIA and with this ONLINE portal the reach has also traveled GLOBALLY now. I was paranoid, that being in Mumbai one cant prepare for CSE, and since the examination is such a Huge one to crack, I preferred to not take any risks and travel all the way to Delhi (like most Students) I honestly want to share my experience that DELHI has nothing as compared to what is provided all at your doorstep. I am currently studying in one of the best Coaching classes in Delhi and with the crowd of 150 people all at once, with ME its extremely difficult Based on various reasons cant mention here. (I AM HONEST PLEASE DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND ME AS, NO CLASSES OR TEACHER IS BAD). I am not telling DELHI MUMBAI OR ANY STATE IS not good OR bad, neither is any class Its just that the kind of Explanation and in-depth I gained from PT-EDUCATION was a experience i never got prior in life. I hereby want to say a great great thank you to sir and every person in the PT-EDUCATION for such GREAT GREAT WORK. I haven't reviewed any classes App or anything before this, but i couldn't resist PTE. Sir we also adore your sweet jokes in middle of lecture and your optimism has led students on great hopes, Thanking you lots of love. HAPPY TEACHERS DAY. (Purely based on my experience in last 3 months and my perspective)

Avatar Drb Parasana, Surat, September 2017
જ્ઞાન ના આ પોર્ટલ પર જ્ઞાન નું મૌલિક ઉપાર્જન કઈ રીતે કરવું તેની સમજણ આપે છે. માહિતીની સાથે સ્વતંત્ર વ્યક્તિત્વ નિર્માણ માટે ની સમજ નું ધડતર એક મુખ્ય ઉપલબ્ધી છે જેનાથી વ્યક્તિત્વ ધડતર માટે જે પાયાગત વસ્તુઓ ની જરૂર છે તે બધું અહિયાં મળી રહે છે. બુદ્ધિમત્તા, સતચારીત્ર્ય, આત્મનિયંત્રણ, અધ્યયન અને સાહસિકતા ની શિક્ષા આટલું એકસાથે કોઈ શીક્ષાર્થીને એક સાથે મળી જાય આનાથી વિશેષ વ્યક્તિત્વ નિર્માણ માટે કઈ બાકી બચતું નથી. આવા ભગીરથ પ્રયત્ન બદલ શ્રી મહાગુરુ અને તેમની ટીમ ને ધન્યવાદ. ज्ञान का यह portal ज्ञान કે साथ ज्ञान का मौलिक रूप से कैसे उपार्जन किया जाए उसकी समज प्रदान करता है. ज्ञान के साथ स्वतंत्र व्यक्तित्व निर्माण के लिए जो समज का आविर्भाव विद्यार्थी को यहाँ उपलब्ध करवाया है, वह अनूठा है. विद्या के साथ सुद्रढ़ व्यक्तित्व के गठन के लिए जो ढांचिय तत्वों की जरुरत होती है जैसे की बुध्धिमत्ता, सत्चारित्र्य, आत्मनियंत्रण, अध्ययन और साहसिकता का बोध एक विशिष्ट शैली में बताया जाता है. एक विधार्थी को इतना मिल जाए उसके बाद ज्ञानार्थी के लिए एकाग्रता को छोड़ कर और कुछ भी शेष नहीं बचेगा व्यक्तित्व निर्माण और पढाई के लिए. ऐसे भागीरथी यत्न के लिए श्री संदीप मानुधने सर और उनकी टीम को धन्यवाद.

Avatar Harish Kumar, Rewari, September 2017
First of all Happy Teacher's Day sir... Proud to see teacher like u who are converting literate people into educated one that further contribute in nation building...

Avatar Jitender Kumar, Mandi, September 2017
EDUTORIAL 9 .. in this editorial author put the CSO GDP data on debate. She compared the data of the Q4 of the 2016-2017 and Q1 of the 2017-18 . it highlighted that in former real gdp down but the nominal GDP remains steady but in latter the real GDP down as well as nomonal GDP also down.By this she challenge the credibility of the GDP deflator.. she also include this the WPI AND CPI which affect the gdp deflator and question the base year choose for this.

Avatar Jitendra Rawat, Chennai, September 2017
Namestey Sandeep Sir, your knowledge about the topics makes it more interesting .i developed my newspaper reading just because of you .Now due to power of 10 i widened my power of open thinking towards any topics . Previously i thought that that i can do good to society only becoming a civil servant but anyone can serve the nation as you are doing. Thanks For this Great contribution. Jai Hind.

Avatar Shireesha Y, Warangal, September 2017
On this auspicious occassion of the Teacher's Day, I wish Sandeep Sir my heartful wishes-You are a true teacher,I came around,truely special. Teachers are real nation builders as they shape the future of every child/citizen. You are unique among them all-Technocrat Teacher-accessible 24X7-makes learning a joyful journey-assisted by a marvelous team who have caught the nerve of every aspired student's quest for knowledge/learning. You are the best Sandeep Sir.

Avatar Rahul Sharma, Indore, September 2017
Its really one of the good initiative by sir for student like me never read any article of English before this, by this power of 10 we learn the technique how to eat elephant. I learn to understand the main idea of Article.

Avatar Bhawana Mishra, Kharagpur, September 2017
I am a regular follower of all your videos since the time of Bodhi Booster. Honestly, I was never a serious learner since my childhood. But the moment I found you I gradually started to become one. I gradually started to witness change in my attitude towards study. Today I'm in graduation 1st year and in all my life and even now I never have seen a single teacher as you. You activate the thirst for knowledge in a child. You add the perfect blend of information, jokes, warnings, motivations in your video.Thank you so much. God bless you

Avatar Monoswini Das, Bhubaneswar, September 2017
Namaste, Sandeep Sir and your whole team, An Inspirer. An Empower. An Engager. These three characteristics are just a short sample of the many you demonstrate with all of your students, including me, every single day. Too often we progress through the ‘ropes of life,’ and do not invest the time to express our gratitude and authentic value for the support you so eagerly share for our growth, as not only students, but also as global citizens of society. Sir the way you explaining editorials, is making me analyse issues in a more broader prospective. your benevolence is worth saluting , the free courses for us is worth watching , am waiting for 9th sept for my enrolled govt cracker to begin. Sandeep sir am a huge fan of you and the way you teach is just amazing , worth watching for hours.As an educator, your title can ensure a role of heightening my knowledge in this field.In this competitive world where every person thinks about minting money your main aim is to deliver quality education. I really thank you from the depth of my heart for being there. You were and you will be always my inspiration. Thank you for being one of the few great teachers out there. May you inspire others to achieve the greatness you have. BEST WISHES FOR YOU AND THE TEAM OF PTEDUCATION. "I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well." Alexander the Great With gratitude, Monoswini Das

Avatar Manu Das, Damcherra North Tripura, September 2017
Guruji,thank you very much for your discussion on various educative issues onon power of 10.I watched all the thought provoking lectures of yours on PT Education site and still keep watching them to fill my mind with valuable knowledge.your lecture is so nice that I watch it every day. Gurudav,I wildly desire to meet you once in my life span to hug you and 'pair pakadke naman karne aur aapke pairope matha tekne'.I will surely come one day when I manage to earn required money to pay carfare.I will come guruji only to see u once.

Avatar Mayank Agarwal, Delhi, September 2017
It will really boost knowledge..Incredible articles with full conceptual understanding....

Avatar Dr. Anil Yadav, Mumbai, August 2017
Hello Sir, It's always great to learn from you. Power of 10 ( 10 ka dum) is truly wonderful . Very few people teach like you , You are a role model for us. No words for apriciating your efforts. Thanks a lot.

Avatar Rohit Kumar, Hyderabad, August 2017
Thank you very much sir for this wonderful sessions on editorials,before starting preparations for CIVIL SERVICES ,I was striving hard how to approach editorials and make notes out of it and most importantly how to select an editorial to go about ....but with the great effort of team PT life is being a little smooth.

Avatar Ankit Agarwal, Asansol, August 2017
Dearest Sandeep Sir, Since Dec 2014 after the CAT result came out; by chance while browsing through the YouTube I came across the Booster series of yours, and from then on, till today I am your Die hard fan. Sir, being an engineer and now an MBA student both from the elite government institutions of India, I had an opportunity to attend lectures of numerous Professors throughout my academic pursuits but sir, not even a single teacher have filled the heart to its core with the shower of knowledge and wisdom as you did. From imbibing the habit of overall development in us, to the touch of patriotism;and covering the topics right from history to the current scenario and the wisdom nugget is what separates you from other Gurus. I feel very honoured and special at the same time because I am completing my education in the era where people like you are there to guide us. Sir I salute you for the hard work you are doing for us. Yours truly Vidhyarthi

Avatar Brajesh Mishra, Bhagalpur, August 2017
Sir, aapke aur aapke team ko mera शत शत नमन.. Aap ne jo kranti laai hai thats is the best a student could have come across to. This time i was bound to write. The dedication and conviction with which you and your team are transcending students like us into the deep sunshine of knowledge is unmatchable. I am your ardent follower for 3 years aur sir dil se ichcha hoti hai ki aapke पाँव छू कर आपको प्रणाम करूं You have become a guiding source for many small town students alog with the big cities guys. Bas sir aap swasthh rahiye hamesa yahi duaa karta hoo.. And sir aapke jokes just compels even a shy student like me to laugh. U impart tremendous energy. Sab se accha baat ye hai sir ki aapka jitna bada lecture hota hai.. Maja utna hi jyada aata hai... Well, aaj k notes karne aur lecture dekhne me sir 6 hrs lag gye. But the insights you gave is jewels. Thank you so much sir. Ham jarur kar k dikhayenge.. Sadar pranaam sir.

Avatar Basant Singh Rathaur, Lucknow, August 2017
Sir big thanks to you for giving such a wide perspective in all relevant current topics. Sir your passion and hard work inspires me a lot . Thank you sir for making me unbiased towards everything. Your power 10 initiative gives whole insight of every topic

Avatar John Amir Himani, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, August 2017
Such an amazing tool to learn how to analyse the editorials. And the points which are provided are so apt for directly using them into the UPSC CSE Mains exam answer writing. We are very much thankful to Sandeep Sir and the entire team for giving us such an excellent learning source, full of insights, and that too free of cost. May God bless you all.

Avatar Yogesh, Pathankot, August 2017
I've been following PowerOf10 since its inception. And enlightenment and knowledge I've gained is tremendous. Team PT and Dir you Rockzz

Avatar Alok Sahoo, Bhubaneshwar, August 2017
Power of 10 is an awesome and mind blowing service by PT Education. The words are very simple and helps to understand a topic very easily. The stuffs which are provided in the Power of 10 are very useful and helps in better understanding and grip on a crucial topic. I am a class 11 standard student and it helps me to create a first level of basic understanding and keeps me updated what is happening around the worldwide. I am very thankful to Sandeep sir and and his team for bringing such an amazing service at free of cost. Long live Sandeep sir !



Testimonials: Power of 10 - Testimonials
Power of 10 - Testimonials
POWER OF 10 - TESTIMONIALS - Lovely people writing their heartfelt feelings :)
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